Gay partners “perfect match” in more ways than one, “X Factor” audition includes tearful coming out by former Britney Spears duet partner, Abercrombie & Fitch model sues over masturbation photo shoot, Rutger roommate out of jail early, and more LGBT headlines.

Rutgers roommate leaves jail early. With time for “good behavior,” the already-light 30-day sentence for gay suicide victim Tyler Clementi’s convicted spy-cam roommate was reduced to 20 days. Dharun Ravi (top photo) left jail on Tuesday.

Increasing number of hospitals protect gay patients, families. An HRC survey out Tuesday reports 95 percent of hospitals include sexual orientation in their non-discrimination policies, 80 percent include gender identity, and 65 percent mandate visitation rights to same-sex partners. See which Atlanta hospitals rated a perfect score.

Gay man gives partner a kidney. Turns out the perfect match between Joshua Taylor and Ryan Doughty (second photo) meant more than being compatible in their relationship. Taylor gave a piece of himself in an April transplant that not only saved Doughty’s life but strengthened their bond, the men say.

NOM declares war on General Mills. The Minnesota-based company came out against a proposed state ban on legalized same-sex unions, and the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage retaliated by refusing to eat Cheerios and Yoplait.

Abercrombie model says told to masterbate for camera. Benjamine Bowers (third photo) is suing both the clothing company and a modeling agency. Bowers says the photographer wanted a “relaxed” look on his face, so he should get naked and take himself in hand. What’s more, the model did it. Apparently, he regrets it now. For a closer look, Bowers hotness graced our Morning Fix.

Montana Republicans give up push for gay sex ban. The state party wanted to keep the old state law against gay sex on the books for old times’ sake and include it in their official platform years after sodomy laws were struck down nationally. They finally voted to shut up about it at last weekend’s annual convention.

Britney Spears’ emotional gay “X-Factor” reunion. While taping the second season of Simon Cowell’s competition show, a contestant who the singer and new judge (bottom photo) knew a decade ago stepped onstage. He came out as gay, crying that she might not accept it. She did. It’s unknown whether the audition will appear on the fall broadcast.

Anti-gay marriage funds way ahead in Washington. The bigots who got the state’s approved gay marriage law to the ballot box for an attempt to overturn it have about $1 million raised. Gay activists fighting the measure have about $120,000 so far.

Ravi photo by CBS; Taylor-Doughty photo via Advocate; Bowers photo from Abercrombie & Fitch; Spears photo via Hollywood Gossip