Biography rekindles Mick Jagger-David Bowie romance, gay Catholic priest comes out as married to a man, states’ rights at center of Supreme Court DOMA challenge, Episcopals first with gay marriage blessing, and more LGBT headlines.

Gay Catholic priest: I’m in a non-celibate marriage with a man. An American living in London, Bernard Lynch (top photo, right) married Billy Desmond (left) 14 years ago and admits it in a new book. He expects excommunication now, after a career of defying other Catholic doctrines in the interest of gay rights. Elsewhere in Catholicism, priest who denied a lesbian communion is ousted.

Episcopal bishops approve gay marriage blessing. An official prayer service that blesses same-sex weddings makes the denomination the first in the U.S. to fully embrace church-sanctioned gay unions. Bishops also affirmed transgender clergy ordination.

Book claims David Bowie had an affair with Mick Jagger. Picking up on an old gender role stereotyping rumor from the ‘70s, former wife Angie Bowie alleges in the controversial new bio “Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger” that the two straight rockers (second photo) “were really sexually obsessed with each other” and arranged trysts.

Gay rights, states’ rights align in DOMA challenge. In a rematch between the lawyers in the recent landmark Supreme Court healthcare case, the justices will consider whether the feds should recognize legal marriages in states that allow them without considering whether individual states must recognize each others’ marriage laws.

“Gossip Girls’” Sebastian Stan talks gay “Political Animals.” The actor (third photo) plays the gay bad boy son in the highly anticipated USA miniseries debuting July 15. It also stars Sigourney Weaver, Ellen Burstyn and James Wolk and features a cameo by Vanessa Redgrave as a lesbian judge.

Washington gay marriage supporters raise nearly $1M in one month. In a campaign to convince voters to uphold the state’s gay marriage law, opponents of a referendum to overturn the law report $952,000 raised in June. Gay marriage foes have reported $135,000 so far, though their June numbers haven’t yet been released.

American Family Association continues to defy logic. Wingnut AFA spokesperson Bryan Fischer (bottom photo) says gay AIDS activists against barebacking want gay sex re-criminalized. Fischer agrees with them in his premise because homosexuality is a “menace to public health.”

One gay man charged in another’s killing in gay beach resort getaway. Rehoboth Beach is reeling after a bartender was charged with vehicular manslaughter of a vacationer riding a bicycle in the wee hours of July 1 as well as fleeing the scene of the accident.

Lynch-Desmond photo via Daily Mail; Bowie-Jagger photo from Hollywood Gossip; Stan photo from Out; Fischer photo via Think Progress