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imageBishop Eddie Long has brashly posed in front of a bathroom mirror in both orange and black muscle shirts. Now he’s taken to wearing a white one to church.

That special scene came Tuesday when long appeared at his empowerment service at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia. He didn’t reference the sex scandal that’s engulfed him and the 25,000-member church. But he did spend the evening dressed in a white muscle shirt, gray vest and slacks.

Let’s see if he sends a photo of that to any of the young men under his charge in the allegedly sketchy LongFellows Youth Academy. That’s the organization named in three of the four lawsuits filed against him by young men saying the anti-gay megapastor coerced them into sex.

It’s been a minute since we last looked at the Long scandal. So let’s catch up on the latest developments:

I’m David, not Goliath. Really. Or why I’m the victim here: “Everybody knows your business ... your pain is for somebody else’s gain.”

imageThat’s right, you’re Goliath: Gay Rev. Dennis A. Meredith, pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Atlanta, takes to YouTube to challenge Long to “tell the truth.”

This is what anti-gay hypocrites do: Before he became famous (and rich), he married Dabara S. Houston in 1981 and separated a few years later. She claims “cruel treatment” and that Long has a “violent and vicious temper.” Long’s attorney says it’s bunk. Long later remarried and then, in 2004, led a march in downtown Atlanta against same-sex marriage. Because it’s OK for allegedly straight folks to threaten the sanctity of marriage by getting divorced, but not OK if gays want the same opportunity.

Do something a guilty person would do: Ask the DA not to prosecute two men accused of breaking into Long’s office. One of them later files a lawsuit alleging Long of coercing him into sex.

Do something an arrogant, self-absorbed man would do: Wear a muscle shirt to church after photos of you dressed in similar attire surface because you sent them to young men who later accused you of coerced kissing, massaging, masturbating and oral sex.

The power of friends: Long, with an extensive track record of showering DeKalb County’s elite with gifts and support, won’t face a criminal probe from DeKalb police and the county’s DA. The DeKalb sheriff, who’s affiliated with Long’s church, has publicly supported the embattled pastor.

Say one thing, do another: Long’s lead attorney, Craig Gillen, blasts the attorney for the four men accusing Long of sexual misdeeds for trying the case in the media. And then he trys the case in the media.

More victims: Gay CNN anchor Don Lemon, while interviewing three members of Long’s church, came out as an abuse victim on live TV. (It wasn’t Long.)