When you’re a teen struggling with your sexual orientation in southeast Atlanta, it definitely gets better when you’ve got an older sister ready to kick some ass on your behalf.

A 15-year-old on Hank Aaron Drive was getting harassed by other teens in the neighborhood, “being picked on because of his lifestyle by other kids.” Sadly, neighborhood bullies targeting the gay kids are nothing new. But the reaction of this teen’s sister is refreshing.

The troubled teen’s 19-year-old sibling had enough one afternoon, so she jumped at the chance to take action. And on her way to no doubt engage the girlfriend of one of her brother’s bullies in a constructive dialogue about the harmful effects of their harassing, she picked up her wingwoman and they headed to a neighboring building in the apartment complex.

Oh yeah, did we mention wingwoman came armed with a bat? She did.

So the picked-on teen, his big sister, her sister’s friend and the bat arrived at the neighbor’s place ready to rumble and deliver some street justice. But the teen’s harasser was nowhere to be found. The cops? Yep, they were on hand but no arrests were made.

This items was taken from an incident report filed with the Atlanta Police Department on July 17.