Retired rugby jock Ben Cohen has done a lot in Atlanta for the sake of his anti-bullying foundation: Selling his underwear, posing for a calendar, warming up a gay rugby squad and now, running the Drunken Sailor during a gay charity event.

That was Cohen on Saturday, dressed in shorts and a StandUp Foundation t-shirt and trying not to over strategize his approach to the egg toss during Atlanta Field Day (view photos). That jock’s competitive spirit never dulls.

It’s no wonder then that Cohen took the first leg of the Drunken Sailor relay (video above). Or it could be the practice he’s got downing a pint or two during his stops in Atlanta. On Thursday, he headlined a fundraiser at a posh Buckhead furniture store. After his Drunken Sailor, he took part in another foundation fundie at an upscale Midtown gym.

Don’t worry if you missed him. Cohen will be back next month for Atlanta Pride. He’s a grand marshal, after all.