The bears and those in hirsute pursuit hit the Heretic in full force on Saturday for a double-dose of DJ magic and the club’s second Bear Invasion.

Atlanta DJ Sean Mac warmed up the crowd, with Bryan Reyes headlining the fun night, a remix of Bear Invasion’s premiere at Heretic in early May. Big muscles and big beats. Sounds about right.

Reyes says he enjoyed his swing through Atlanta.

Thank you thank you THANK YOU everyone who came out last night to Heretic for BEAR INVASION ATLANTA at Heretic. It was AMAZING to see everyone jumping and having a blast… Sean Mac, Johnny Biggers, and I greatly appreciate the support. Again Thank you!

Heretic keeps the music thumping for Labor Day Weekend. On Friday, it’s DJ and producer Eddie Martinez with local favorite Lydia Prim getting the night started. On Sunday, DJ and remix artist Alexander lands at the club.

Photos by Rory Evans