Whistle-blowing gay street performer Baton Bob has pointed his baton at a petty criminal with multiple arrests as the man who shouted anti-gay slurs and death threats at him during a confrontation last week.

Baton Bob, Bob Jamerson when not in his majorette drag, took to social media Wednesday to say who he believes was behind the June 13 altercation near the intersection of Cheshire Bridge and LaVista roads.

Greetings My Dear Fans,.....AN-UPDATE…..The perpetrator that verbally assaulted me the other day has an arrest record. He has been charged with a felony in 2005 for entering a car. I Googled his name: Johnny F. Mathis and his arrest record and mug shot shows up. He frequently hangs out at the Chevron Station and The Landmark Dinner at LaVista Road and Cheshire Bridge Road. The Atlanta Police are still looking for him, so I can prosecute!!!.....Respectfully, Baton Bob

Mathis has been arrested at least five times in Fulton County, with incidents ranging from a 2005 arrest for criminal trespass – one of three on a similar charge – to a theft by receiving stolen property charge in 2008 and an arrest last year for theft by taking, according to Fulton County Jail records.

Atlanta police were called to the scene of the June 13 attack, but Baton Bob had already left to return to his nearby home. He has said he’s been confronted by the same man several times.

An LGBT liaison officer later urged Baton Bob to file a police report about the incident, which he did on June 15. The report is not yet publicly available, according to an Atlanta police spokesperson.

The altercation didn’t stop Baton Bob from performing. He returned to the same intersection a day after the incident and is preparing for a one-man show on Aug. 10. “The Myrtle Hat Tour” is set for the Garden Tent at Park Tavern in Midtown.