Congress member marries longtime partner, Google’s “Legalize Love” campaigns for global gay rights, evangelical pastor asks God for 100,000 ex gays as an AIDS cure, YouTube’s Shane Bitney Crone extends his 15 minutes, and more LGBT headlines.

Barney Frank gets married. Hurtling toward retirement in November, the first openly gay Congress member, 72, became the first sitting Congress member to marry a same-sex partner when he wed Jim Ready, 42, on Saturday in Massachusetts (top photo).

NY Court: Gay marriage caucus didn’t break rules. A state appeals court rejected a challenge to New York’s year-old same-sex marriage law Friday, ruling that closed-door negotiations among state politicians and gay marriage supporters didn’t violate any laws. Nice try, sore losers.

Google’s “Legalize Love” isn’t discriminating against the U.S. Without looking into it closely enough, an early report said that the campaign is about gay marriage but skipping it in the states. Actually, the daily graphic (second photo) won’t appear in the U.S. because it’s for countries that criminalize homosexuality.

Evangelical wants to pray away the AIDS with ex-gays. One-man freak show Lou Engle, who heads up TheCall Solemn Assemblies asked God on Sunday to turn 100,000 gay men and lesbians straight, ending gayness and therefore HIV/AIDS. Engle should sit next to Atlanta’s Lil Scrappy in AIDS 101.

Gay YouTube activist sticking to newfound guns. Shane Bitney Crone (third photo), who posted the video story of his partner’s death and an ugly aftermath since they weren’t able to legally marry, says he never intended to become a viral video activist but is committed to making the most of his public platform.

Presbyterians reject pro-gay marriage proposal. The denomination’s highest body narrowly said no to defining marriage as “between two people” instead of “a man and a woman.” In a separate vote, they also rejected an effort to overturn Presbyterian policy allowing gay preachers.

Arizona asks Supreme Court to strip partner benefits. Gov. Jan Brewer (bottom photo) says that the 9th Circuit Court and a trial court both misinterpreted the state’s equal protection clause when ruling that the law covers benefits for same-sex partners of state employees. She wants the U.S. Supreme Court to step in, leaving plaintiff couples hanging.

Latino groups launch ‘Familia Es Familia’ gay rights campaign. A group of 21 of the nation’s leading Hispanic organizations announced they’re backing a campaign aimed at greater acceptance of gays among Latinos at the National Council of La Raza’s (NCLR) annual conference in Las Vegas.

Frank photo by AP; Google graphic from Huffington Post; Bitney Crone photo by OutTake Voices; Brewer photo via Advocate