Gay basketball fans in Atlanta have had little to get excited over since the arrival of Dominican (and former Gators) hottie Al Horford in 2007. But the Hawks hunk factor is about to get a needed boost. Welcome to the ATL, Kyle Korver.

The taller Ashton Kutcher lookalike brings his shooting skills to a Hawks bench being rebuilt by new GM Danny Ferry. Even at 31, this guy’s got game.

And he’ll grab the gays, too, with his shaggy brown hair, biceps made for a tank top, sexy smile and all around Midwestern appeal.

OK, lesbians. You’ve got the Atlanta Dream. Thankfully for gay ballers, we’re getting Korver. Our one beef with the pro jock? Not enough shirtless pics for a proper introduction from the Morning Fix. You’ve have to settle for a shirtless locker room interview (below).