When your relationship goes sour, you’ve got lots of options for an amicable end. But as a northwest Atlanta gay couple learned, a shotgun and some flip-clops should not be breakup essentials.

This young couple, working through their breakup, have their own rooms but share a common door. One of the men had been asking the other to borrow $50. On Saturday morning, the ex overheard his chubby former partner say in his outside voice to someone on the phone, “If he doesn’t give me the $50 then I’m going to burn his shit, fight him and whoop his ass,” according to an Atlanta Police report obtained by Project Q.

Puffed up from the call and ready for a face-to-face to open his can of Whoop Ass, the chubby gay stormed into his ex-boyfriend’s room, escalated his request for the $50 and showed off his accounting skills in the process. “I came in here earlier and looked through your pay stubs. I saw that you just got paid $475 on this past Friday. Let me hold $50.”

No ma’am, the ex said.

And then things took a turn for the worse. The chubby ex went to his bedroom, grabbed his shotgun, kicked open the door between the two rooms and aimed the weapon at his former man. “If you bring anyone here, a friend, a boyfriend, your brother or whoever then I have a bullet for their ass.” The chubby ex “kept holding the black shotgun to my chest and then towards my head.”

Somehow, the calmer of the two men managed to call the cops and the chubby ex fled with the shotgun. When he’s located – it shouldn’t be too difficult; he fled wearing sweat pants, flip-flops, carrying a shotgun and described by his ex as “stocky/chubby” – he faces aggravated assault charges.

Breaking up is hard to do. It’s even tougher when you and your ex share a place. But never, ever should the split go so badly that it involves the dog, bleach, theft or the cops. You probably shouldn’t date people from Alabama, either.

This item was taken from an incident report filed with the Atlanta Police Department on July 15.