VIDEO | Drag-clad jock supporters go for a jog

The queens clad in purple worked their looks on Saturday as the 6th Annual Purple Dress Run walked, jogged and bar hopped its way through Midtown.

The annual trek raises funds for the Atlanta Bucks Rugby Club, which is preparing for the Bingham Cup in June. A portion of the proceeds will also support Lost N Found, a non-profit that provides shelter for homeless LGBT youth. Final numbers aren’t yet available, but organizers said on Saturday the tally raised was nearing $10,000, which would set a new record for the run. The event kicked off at Mixx and ended at the Eagle with stops in between at Joe’s and Blake’s.

Looks ranged from trampy to campy, sundresses to full gowns. There were wigs aplenty, a one-piece swimsuit and even a half-dozen men as babies in purple onesies handing out diapers full of candy. No doubt that some missed that last look in our advice on how to make it work at the Purple Dress Run.