imageAfter a January announcement that Blake’s would no longer host the Armorettes’ Sunday shows, heads spun and tongues wagged. But the end of that short-lived stay led to a reunion with Burkhart’s starting this week.

“Our show this week—‘A Homecoming Revival’—tells you how we feel about it,” says Chip Pecchio, aka Armorette’s co-chair Ally “Queered Al” Yankovic (photo). “It’s like going home again. We are just so happy to be back at Burkhart’s.”

It was only 14 months ago that the camp drag crazies with the big fundraising hearts left Burkhart’s after five years for Blake’s in a surprise move. While there, the Blake’s Sunday shows went from weekly to bi-monthly, but the return to Burkhart’s puts them back on a weekly schedule, Pecchio says.

With their namesake bar the Armory now long gone, Burkhart’s is the ideal location.

“Burkhart’s is just a great fit,” he says. “There’s a familiarity there. Our crowd, our fans love Burkhart’s, and Burkhart’s wants to give back to the community, which is the reason we exist, so it works out for everyone.”

The Armorettes recently celebrated their 32nd anniversary of raising money for HIV charities through their shows, raising some $2 million in that time for the Armorettes PWA Fund. In addition to the Sunday shows, the troupe’s monthly Backroom Burlesque, which bid farewell to Armorette Bumblebee ToonaHead last week, will continue unabated at Heretic.

“We’re excited for the bars, the customers, ourselves a most of all the charities we support,” Pecchio says. “We’re just looking forward to getting back there and putting on a great show.”

The re-staging of the Armorettes at Burkhart’s comes two months after former Armorette and longtime drag performer Mary Edith Pitts departed the bar and her regular namesake shows.