Weird Cooper “ghost tour” clips drop gay innuendos, gay Facebook co-founder snatches up the New Republic, gay bar refuses service to women, national confab on homeless LGBT teens, One Million Moms gives up Degeneres fight, and more LGBT headlines.

One Million Moms concedes JC Penney-Ellen Degeneres fight. Monica Cole, director of the anti-gay group that boycotted the department store for hiring Degeneres (top photo) as a spokesperson, says it’s time to move on. Duh.

Homeless youth next battle for gay equality. An estimated 20-40 percent of homeless youth are LGBT, compared to about 5-10 percent of overall youths identifying as L,G, B and/or T. Most because their parents kicked them out. The Obama administration takes the issue head-on at a Friday conference in Detroit.

State investigates Chicago gay bar for banning women. A sign at Wang’s in Boystown reads “Men only after 11 p.m.” The two-year-old policy has about a dozen Yelp complaints, but a national spotlight put the Illinois Department of Human Rights on the case.

Anderson Cooper’s ghost tour drips with gay innuendo. Amid rumors that the veteran newsman and fledgling talk show host (middle photo) will officially come out to help his new show during May sweeps, un-aired footage “leaks” of a psychic giving his apartment a “spiritual appraisal.” Aside from “masculine” ghosts that “jab at each other,” she tells Cooper that he’s been “putting something off.”

Pope condemns marriage equality in speech to U.S. bishops. The pontiff says they must defend the country against the “powerful” gay forces that are attempting to “redefine marriage.”

Election year brews five bruising state marriage showdowns. If you haven’t been paying attention, a tidy breakdown sums up how North Carolina, Minnesota, Maryland, Maine and Washington are taking marriage equality to the polls with bitter fights expected.

Gay Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes buys The New Republic. Not only did the mobile media guru, former Obama campaign aide and marriage advocate (bottom photo) lay down cash for the biggest stake in the liberal magazine standard, he becomes its editor-in-chief with the goal of broadening its online product

Notre Dame faculty senate passes two pro-gay resolutions. Members of the faculty overwhelmingly backed student-senate votes to support a campus gay-straight alliance as well as a university policy to ban discrimination based on sexual-orientation at the school.

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Degeneres photo via GLAAD; Hughes photo by Wall Street Journal; Cooper photo from “Anderson”