Coop suspects gay men as “The Bachelor,” Georgetown readies for openly gay student president, 3,000-year-old reliefs show fluid sexuality, gay EMT and Eagle Scout killed on job, gay proms and anti-gay prom reactions, and more LGBT headlines.

World’s oldest porn shows bisexuality, possibly trans shamans. The Kangjiashimenji Petroglyphs (top photo), 3,000-year-old bas-relief carvings in the remote Xinjiang region of northwest China, show “the earliest—and some of the most graphic—depictions of copulation in the world.” And that includes same-sex activity as commonplace and figures that have both male and female characteristics.

Missouri teen allowed to bring boyfriend to prom. Stacy Dawson (second photo) threatened to sue for the right to attend when the school board refused to revisit a policy that “girls invite boys, and boys invite girls.” A day after the letter of intent to pursue legal action, the line – originally written to make sure same-sex friends, assumed straight, didn’t go as “dates” to avoid an upcharge – was removed from the handbook and Dawson told to bring whomever he wants.

Turkey wants its adopted kids back. The country’s government announced a campaign to retrieve Turkish children adopted by Christian families, and wants to begin with kids of gay adoptive parents. Three cases have been filed, including one of a 9-year-old boy who has lived with his lesbian mothers since he was six months old.

Indianapolis mourns gay EMT. An ambulance carrying 24-year-old Timothy McCormick (third photo) was struck by a vehicle of an allegedly drunk driver on Saturday, killing him. Flags in the city are at half-mast honoring the man who also got national attention in 2011 with an “It Gets Better” video introduced with “I am an Eagle Scout, college student, and professional EMT living in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am a gay American adult.”

Georgetown nears election of first gay student president. Nate Tisa hasn’t won yet, but the student Senate speaker is the frontrunner. Tisa is a little aghast that only one other Jesuit school in the U.S. has elected a gay student body president but blames straight male-centric Catholic culture that he says is changing.

“You Have A Purpose” videos mimic “It Gets Better.” In response to an Indiana teacher saying gays have no purpose in her support of a straight-only prom, a new Facebook page is dedicated to the idea of videos encouraging gay teens. No videos about the prom controversy or the teacher’s statement are accepted.

Anderson Cooper suspects “The Bachelor.” Before he and guest host Regina King can show a funny clip of some female idiots vying for the affections of this season’s male idiot, Coop (bottom photo) and a gay daytime sidekick joke that the silver fox would make about as real, and gay, a “Bachelor” for the ladies as some of the men who’ve actually been featured. “Isn’t that bachelor checking out [‘Bachelor’ host] Chris Harrison?” Cooper quips.

Alaska House Republicans laugh at thought of gay marriage. In light of a poll showing 67 percent of state voters favor civil unions or domestic partnerships for gay couples even though it is expressly forbidden in state law, a reporter asked the state House GOP caucus if a change was due. The response is spontaneous laughter, so also don’t look for LGBT inclusion in hate crimes, housing and employment laws either. Watch:

Petroglyph illustration from Huffington Post; McCormick photo via WTHI; Cooper photo from YouTube; Dawson photo via NBC News