READ MORE | Do Toy Party fabulous. Don’t Toy Party mess.

Toy Party founder Alex Wan was so enthusiastically talking up the Toy Party he founded a decade ago that he nearly uttered “half-assed” on a local morning TV show on Monday. That would have made the gay Atlanta City Council member blush.

But Wan checked himself, paused with a laugh and replaced “half-assed” with “half-way” in this quip to “Atlanta & Company” host Christine Pullara: “Well, we don’t do anything half-way.”

When it comes to Sunday’s Toy Party, Wan is exactly right. The biggest gay charity event of the holiday season is a four-hour party with a purpose that draws thousands and brings in even more in donations and toys for needy children across metro Atlanta. There’s a reason why Project Q readers named it Bestest Benefit in the recent Bestest of the Best of Gay Atlanta.

Wan’s exuberance for the event he created with friends in 2003 came through in Monday’s interview. Besides his near miss half-ass, watch in the video above as Wan sprinkles his comments with “pretty fantastic,” “precious” and tips about the big gay charity event. And don’t worry, wine served at the Toy Party is better than the cheap stuff at Wan’s house.