Thanksgiving victim disavows earlier statement, Kevin Clash accusers detail encounters as puppeteer preps for court, “General Hospital’s” new nurse Felix and Marvel’s renewed Wiccan-Hulkling romance, Supreme Court on DOMA and Prop 8 gay marriage cases, and more LGBT headlines.

Accusers detail sex with Elmo puppeteer. Kevin Clash’s camp is silent as it prepares for court battles after three young men say he had consensual sex with them but they were underage. Two of the accusers Sheldon Stevens and Cecil Singleton (top photos, left-right)  aren’t as mum: Meth, alcohol, making out and taking virginity.

Beaten Alabama lesbian now disavows statement released on her behalf. While Mallory Owens (second photo) recovered from a Thanksgiving Day beating by her girlfriend’s brother, an attorney put out word that Owens’ accused attacker was stalking her family. For the first time in her own words, Owens says much of that statement is false and now admits she and the girlfriend’s drugs and prostitution probably prompted the beating. The attorney quit. Drama.

Supreme Court to hear gay marriage cases. In what some gay advocates are calling a best-case scenario, the U.S. Supreme Court announced Friday that justices selected cases that try both the federal DOMA law and a challenge to California’s Prop 8. The DOMA case is that of Edith Windsor, the lesbian widow denied federal inheritance tax equity when her wife died. The Prop 8 case hears appeals to earlier rulings that the California’s voter-approved gay marriage ban is unconstitutional. Also read excellent analysis of the possibilities.

Gay duo “core romantic couple” of new “Young Avengers.” Marvel does it again. When last we met Wiccan and Hulkling (third photo), they were just one of the crime-fighting team’s couples to watch. In the new “Young Avengers” series hitting stores next month, they’re the main item.

White House holding on ENDA executive order. Press Secretary Jay Carney on Tuesday put to bed wide speculation that a “not at this time” decision in April might mean “after the election” to finally put Employment Non Discrimination in place. Nope. He said the administration prefers the legislative push that got DADT repealed.

Travel alert: Meningitis outbreak among gay men. New York and San Francisco health officials have issued a warning of a small but concerning uptick in meningococcal disease in gay men and are recommending vaccinations.

“General Hospital” debuts stereotypical gay male nurse. The introduction of Felix Dubois played by actor Marc Anthony Samuel (bottom photo) didn’t win many points with gay soap fans this week. To establish his homosexuality, Felix whips out a lipstick to touch up a straight woman. Subsequent flitty one-liners didn’t help.

Maine city to open early for gay marriages. Washington and Maryland are already in full swing. Now city officials in Portland, Maine, announced that clerks offices will open at midnight on Dec. 29 to hand out marriage licenses and hitch gay couples awaiting the state’s new law that takes effect that day.

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Owens photo by WALA; Stephens-Singleton photos from Daily Beast; “Young Avengers” image via Marvel; “General Hospital” photo from ABC