It takes a while to raise $1 million to fight HIV, so organizers of the annual AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run are getting started. A pair of good sneakers and $10 gets you in. Registration is now open, so get to it.

The event is set for Oct. 21 and provides a perfect opportunity to do something meaningful after you spend a weekend earlier that month getting drunk for Pride. Besides, almost everyone does it. More than 12,000 people registered for the walk last year, helping to raise in excess of $1 million, and another 1,400 people laced up for the 5K run.

“AID Atlanta commemorates its 30th anniversary this year,” Tracy Elliott, executive director of AID Atlanta, says in a prepared statement. “With this milestone comes the hope that we can continue to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in Atlanta and the responsibility to do as much as possible to prevent this epidemic from growing. Every participant in AIDS Walk helps us in our mission to save and transform lives.”

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s the question still on our mind: Will Dan Cathy, captain of the Anti-Gay Death Star known as Chick-fil-A, show up again?

You can register here.