imageTuesday’s gay headlines bring on revitalized marriage and adoption talk, another anti-gay slur and bashing, and American fear of male sexuality. On the lighter side, the Kardashians and Dolly Parton show big love for their gays.

Conservative NH blogger apologizes for anti-gay slur against state DNC chair

California activists begin Prop 8 repeal campaign

Adam Lambert (top photo) on male sexuality: Gay men scare Americans

Arrest made in slaying of gay teenager in Puerto Rico

image Help for gay caregivers who look after the elderly

The Kardashian sisters (bottom photo) defend gay rights

The dark side of Mormon Church support for gay rights in Salt Lake

Florida Democratic gubernatorial hopeful says she favors gay adoptions

Utah Log Cabin Republicans working with governor to draft two gay rights bills

Dolly Parton loves her gays, and here’s the CNN video to prove it: