Watch Lambert’s “Outlaws of Love” about anti-gay adversity, rainbow rains down on Romney, Washington state clears way for gay marriage, “Moms” want JC Penney to fire Ellen, Madonna talks gays and Gaga, Prop 8 trial tapes, plus more LGBT headlines.

Gay activists glitter-bomb Romney. It rained rainbow-colored sparkles on the GOP frontrunner in Minnesota on Wednesday (top photo). Afterward, one organizer of the action said, “Just as we stand against economic inequality, we stand against the inequality faced by those of us in the LGBT community.”

Washington state Senate passes gay marriage. With a sure-bet in the house and a promise from the governor to sign it into law, Washington looks to be a shoo-in to become the seventh state with full marriage equality. A separate measure to put the issue before voters was defeated, but opponents promise another bill that would challenge the gay marriage law at the ballot box.

Advocate gets exclusive gay Madonna interview. In a cover story (middle photo) just before her new dance single release and Sunday Super Bowl performance, the icon discusses her latest projects, her support of gay sexuality at the height of the AIDS crisis and comparisons to Lady Gaga’s gay fan base.

Court: Public doesn’t have right to see Prop 8 trial tapes. San Francisco’s 9th District Circuit Court decided not to unseal recordings of the historic federal proceedings that ended with California’s gay marriage ban being declared unconstitutional. The court says the decision does not affect its pending, separate ruling on whether the judge properly struck down the law.

One Million Moms to JC Penney: Fire Ellen. The subgroup of the anti-gay American Family Association blasted the department store chain for hiring the talk show host as spokesperson. Apparently, according to One Million Moms, Ellen Degeneres is gay.

Lesbian former state senator in another custody battle. Former North Carolina lawmaker Julia Boseman already lost a custody fight with a former partner over a child, and is now suing a second former partner for joint custody of a different son. She says they are co-parents of the two year old.

Christian group calls for boycott of Starbucks over gay marriage. USA Christian Ministries says that the coffee chain’s backing of gay marriage in Washington “angered Christians” and that “Romans 1 explains Starbucks hates God.” Throw in some bad statistics to their full statement, and it’s a party.

Adam Lambert’s “Outlaws of Love” is ode to LGBT struggles. Saying that “acceptance” is a key theme in all of his songwriting, the singer (bottom photo) adds that the song from his upcoming “Tresspassing” album is specifically about how anti-gay adversity makes LGBT life more difficult. Here he is performing the number:

Romney photo by AP; Madonna cover by the Advocate; Lambert photo from RCA Records