Glambert fronts Queen in concert video, Facebook adds same-sex icon options to married status, 11 pro-gay U.S. House members, Truth Wins Out poster child sues for sexual abuse, Microsoft’s Gates donates big for marriage equality, and more LGBT headlines.

Police: Student manufactured anti-gay threats to herself. Alexandra Pennell (top photo) has been expelled from Central Connecticut State University and barred from state universities for five years. Police say she spray-painted slurs on her dorm room door, then slipped threatening notes under her own door after reporting the “crimes.” She also stands charged with eight felonies for fabricated evidence and 16 misdemeanors for lies to police.

Two Illinois clerks defy state’s attorney, want to defend marriage ban. After a Chicago city clerk being sued for discrimination and his state’s attorney agreed with 25 plaintiff couples that Illinois’ ban is unconstitutional, two small-town clerks and a big-city law firm quietly filed to defend the law.

Facebook adds gay-married icons. In its ever-growing repertoire of Timeline graphic accessories, the social network added icons of two grooms and two brides for partnered users to select for their relationship status. The upgrade came just in time for gay Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes’ wedding (second photo) on Saturday.

Microsoft bigwigs donate big to save gay marriage in Washington. Kingpin Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer each donated $100,000 to the campaign to keep the state’s gay marriage law, which is being challenged at the polls in November.

“Ex-ex-gay” activist sues cousin for sexual abuse. Gay Orthodox Jew Chaim Levin (third photo), who told his “cure” therapy story in Atlanta (video) for a Truth Wins Out protest, filed suit in Brooklyn on Tuesday alleging that Sholom Eichler assaulted him weekly from 1996-1999, starting when Levin was 6 years old.

The 11 most pro-gay U.S. Reps. Yup, Atlanta’s John Lewis is included in the roundup of all Democrats, but interestingly, Tammy Baldwin is the only one of four openly gay House members to make the list. Mmm Kay… Whatever. The list follows up a roundup of seven anti-gay Republicans.

Partners of gay Knights may get honorary titles. The British Parliament is considering reforms that include the same recognition for gay partners and straight male husbands of Dames that are given to straight spouses. The potential Lady David Furnish must be so excited. Oh, just a Lord. Oh well.

Adam Lambert fronts Queen. On a mini-tour coming nowhere near you, the Glam One takes a break from his “Trespassing” promos to sing classics like with surviving members of the legendary rock band. That includes this “Bohemian Rhapsody” Ukraine performance (bottom photo) to benefit an AIDS charity in a double-bill concert with Elton John. Watch:

Pennell photo by Hartford Courant; Hughes photo from Facebook; Levin photo by Project Q Atlanta; Lambert photo via YouTube