Glambert video interview on post-gay music and role modeling, how to make your own guilt-free Chick-fil-A sandwich, last known gay Holocaust survivor dies, whether Pixar’s “Brave” princess is gay, Oreo’s rainbow Pride cookie, and more LGBT headlines.

Last known gay Holocaust survivor dead at 88. Gad Beck (top photo) was a pre-World War II resistance fighter betrayed by a Gestapo spy and a post-war gay rights fighter way – way, way – before Stonewall. He died in Berlin on Sunday six days before his 89th birthday.

Oreo’s Pride cookie causes a ruckus. Less than 12 hours after going live with an ad (second photo) featuring a rainbow-stacked version of its famous product, Oreo creates a viral Facebook firestorm of shares and likes, as well as the obligitory bigots threatening to boycott. Happy Pride!

Obama Army invades Pride. The president’s re-election campaign hit Greenwich Village and a dozen other Prides hard over the weekend with hundreds of field staff slapping Obama stickers on chests and signing folks up to vote.

Fry up your own Chick-fil-A sandwich without the grief. Internet Chef Hila Johnson loves the company’s chicken sandwiches, but she isn’t as keen on its anti-gay political leanings. Watch her make her own version, the Chick-fil-Gay. Have one on a Sunday, even.

Internet obsesses over gayness of Pixar’s “Brave” princess. The film’s tomboyish main character Merida (third photo) is sexually ambiguous. Whether kowtowing to stereotypes or not, widespread discussion of the hero possibly being gay can’t hurt the movie’s bottom line.

Pentagon hosts Pride celebration Tuesday. The Pentagon Channel streams live starting at 1 p.m. with a keynote on the importance of diversity in the military followed by a panel discussion. The recorded video will be available afterward on its video channel.

Child porn arrest of gay rights activist stuns San Francisco. Police say Larry Brinkin, a prominent member of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission before his retirement, was arrested Monday on felony possession of images of adults engaging in sex acts with children as young as babies.

Adam Lambert on self Pride and gay role models. Like a lot of chart-topping pop stars, Lambert (bottom photo) says he didn’t set out to be a role model but reluctantly accepted the responsibility over time. He chats about his own Pride and how he hopes his music is “post-gay.” Watch:

Beck photo via The Daily What; “Brave” photo from Pixar; Oreo photo via AdWeek; Lambert photo from Billboard