Surprisingly, it’s against the law to strut along Peachtree and put your junk on display in an effort to lure guys for sex. Even if you’re packing a surprise in your panties. What’s a cross-dressing hooker to do?

It’s tough for a working guy turned gal these days. An ad in isn’t quite what it used to be, competitors give up the goodies for $20, middle-aged men are trying to elbow you out and then there’s the whole “I don’t have any teeth” sales pitch for oral sex.

With that, Creative Loafing’s Blotter Diva has more on this panty bandit:

In Midtown around 4 a.m., a cop saw a woman wearing “black panties that had been pulled up into the crotch area, exposing the entire buttocks and genitalia.” The cop noted, “I had previously observed the suspect parading on Peachtree Street, circling the block and exposing her buttocks and genitalia body part in a sexual manner, while stopping three men in an attempt to solicit.”

Apparently, the cop’s eyes weren’t focused on the specifics of genitalia. When the cop got closer and asked the woman for ID, he got a surprise. Turns out, the sassy suspect is a dude. “I told [him] that it was against city ordinance to walk the streets and publicly display his genitalia,” the cop noted. The dude-dressed-like-lady hails from Horn Lake, Mo.