If you’re a guy trying to sell your sex skills to another guy, it’s probably best not to undercut your oral talents even if your BJ is a bargain. Guys love their oral. Probably best not to make the pitch to an undercover Atlanta cop, either.

The Blotter Diva from Creative Loafing picks up on this comparison shopping by a vice officer:

On a recent evening, an undercover cop says he met two male prostitutes with two very different pitches. First, on Collier Road, a 22-year-old man reportedly flagged down the undercover cop and said he is good at “everything” and his price — $60 — includes oral and anal sex. The man said his oral sex is so good, you’d think that he didn’t have any teeth. The undercover cop took him to jail on solicitation charges. The man’s pink purse (with a knife inside) was turned in to police property.

Hours later, the officer was stopped by a 23-year-old man with less confidence and a lower price. The man offered “everything” for $40. He said he would try to “deep throat” the penis, but he’s not very good at “deep throat” techniques. The cop arrested him, and his black purse was turned in to evidence. Perhaps the more savvy hooker could give him some BJ lessons.

Apparently, times aren’t as tough for guys turning gay tricks as they were last summer. Then, the going rate for oral was $20.