Trying to make a buck as a homo hustler in Atlanta is tough. The economy stinks, pushing even guys their 40s to turn tricks, the going price for oral is a paltry $20 and competitors will toss in booty to close a sale. And there’s undercover cops.

That was the case earlier this month when an undercover Atlanta police officer took to Myrtle Drive in southwest Atlanta looking for a good time. Except his version of a good time involves handcuffs – stay with us here – and a jail cell. Yeah, the arrest thing wipes out the allure of the kinky cuffs. Sorry.

So the vice cop comes across a 44-year-old man, who quickly hops into the undercover police car. Then the conversation goes something like this: Cop says he’s out and about trying to get some head. (Aren’t we all!) The suspect says that’s OK with him and directs him to a nearby parking lot.

Now let’s deal. The cop says yeah, he wants the blowjob but only has $20 on him. (Planning ahead and hitting the ATM ahead of cruising would avoid this very situation.) But the ever accommodating sex worker says $20 will do. Those magic words prompt the vice cop’s friends – otherwise known as the takedown team – to suddenly appear and pull out the cuffs. Not in the kinky good sort of way.

The suspect’s purse and umbrella were turned into evidence at the Atlanta City Jail. At least there wasn’t a panties surprise, too.

This item was taken from an incident report filed with the Atlanta Police Department on July 18.