Aiden Shaw’s ‘Sordid’ porn life comes to Atlanta

When adult film superstar Aiden Shaw hits Outwrite on Tuesday with "Sordid Truths: Selling My Innocence for a Taste of Stardom,” we’ll hear first-hand about London’s steamy underbelly.    READ MORE »

Houston mayor, TV greats, GuysWithiPhones

Our ramble through gay world headlines fetes Houston's gay mayor, misses gay TV characters, catches Disney star with iPhone, sees possible e-marriages, and always more legal wrangling.    READ MORE »

Clayton panel: Fire teacher over student threat

The 33-year-old Clayton County teacher who allegedly tried to hire a student to kill another he believed to be gay is on the verge of losing his job at Mundy's Mill High School.    READ MORE »

Monday: 23 gay things to do in Atlanta today

There are legal adults born when Heretic opened. Their 18th anniversary party celebrates, and the other gay bars give you reasons to stop by early, stay awhile or be late in the morning.    READ MORE »

Monday: Clark Mallon minds the Gap

You may know him from his Gap ads last year or his dubbing as an Eastern Dandy. But either way, we enjoy it when his images find their way in front of us. Who's that guy? Clark Mallon.    READ MORE »

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Santas in Speedos run for charity [photos]

More than 170 gay and straight scantily-clad holiday revelers ran through Virginia-Highland Saturday to raise money–and a few eyebrows–for charity as part of the Atlanta Speedo Santa Run.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 21 gay things to do today

It’s Sunday in the South. Atlanta’s gay agenda conservatives are so afraid of: go to church, eat brunch, tour decorations, see a Christmas play and watch football. Check, check, check.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Matt Wood’s sun kissed smile

Think of San Diego, and a certain lifestyle comes to mind: Sun, fun and hot guys. And what better way to think of San Diego than with a guy named Matt Wood.    READ MORE »

PushPush offers a break from holiday stage fare

Finding non-holiday related gay/lesbian fare during the Yuletide season isn’t easy, but PushPush Theater has a trio of attractive offerings by Five Lesbian Brothers and Edward Albee.    READ MORE »

Lilith Fair, Levi Johnston, lesbian teacher ‘romp’

Ramble through gay headlines to find Tegan & Sara in Lilith Fair lineup, Levi's gays, two naked teachers, the California Assembly's gay leader, Rick Warren on Uganda, and a gay soldier who told.    READ MORE »

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Bucks dress up for Miss Ruck & Maul pageant

The Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club, their fall season now complete, trade their uniforms for drag for the annual bawdy Miss Ruck and Maul fundraiser and benefit Saturday night.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 38 gay things to do today

Holidays ramp up Atlanta's Saturday with seasonal soirees like the Santa Run and Gay Men's Chorus concert, special guests like DJ Tony Moran, Barry Brandon and Girlyman, plus weekly favorites.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Stay warm with dudes in long johns

With the weather outside so frightful, we dug into a Morning Fix that will keep you warm and probably a little tingly inside, too. Snuggle up to our men in long johns and stay warm.    READ MORE »

Girlyman shows local musicians some love

Two Atlanta-area performances by the alterna-queer phenom band Girlyman offer audiences a little something extra: opening acts by local favorites Lucas Mire and the Wayne Fishell Experiment.    READ MORE »

Richie Arpino’s men look better in black & white

Get the Richie Arpino treatment and you're guaranteed attention, whether it's for great hair or seductive photos. Just ask the men who make the cut for his annual charity publication.    READ MORE »

Heretic reinvents Thursdays with Papi’s help

Atlanta's gay nightlife is about the new and fresh. Add in a little Latin spice and you might just have a hit on your hands. So hope the promoters of Papi's Cafe Con Leche.    READ MORE »

Rihanna & Megan, Elton & Judy, Austrian unions

Take a walk through Thursday's gay headlines and find Rihanna's girl-crush on Megan Fox, John and Garland topping gay icons of all time, Austria's approval of gay unions, and so much more.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 25 gay things to do tonight

If your weekend sometimes starts on Thursday, this month LGBT Atlanta swears you to it. Holiday parties, a live music showcase including Guyton Maurice, DJ Tye and more tonight make sure.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Daniel Radcliffe’s ‘sexy’ nude scene

Daniel Radcliffe rose to fame with "Harry Potter," then broke his safe mold by baring all in a play and getting gritty in a book. Now, he's blending both worlds by going buff in the next chapter of the film series.    READ MORE »

Tickets: A little holiday spirit, ‘Scrooge’ style

The campy, giddy holiday fare from Varla Jean Merman and the cast of "Scrooge in Rouge" hit Atlanta last week. Now, we've got a pair of tickets for the Thursday and Friday shows to give away. For free.    READ MORE »