Two gay groups back Amir Farokhi’s council bid

If you wondered whether endorsements from Atlanta-based gay rights groups are coveted by candidates, take the case of Amir Farokhi's bid for the Atlanta City Council At-Large Post 2 seat.    READ MORE »

Hotlanta Volleyball leagues serve up fall season

Recreational and advanced players in the Hotlanta Volleyball Association are already smoking up the courts on Tuesdays and Fridays for their fall season of league matches.    READ MORE »

Graham Norton, Barney Frank, Westboro

Headlines: Gay Marine billboard destroyed, "Torchwood" pride, Graham Norton (photo) cracks on lesbians, Barney Frank's "Left-handed Gay Jew," and a court win for Westboro Baptist Church.    READ MORE »

Monday: UT’s Mavericks get muddy

There's nothing quite like a bunch of muddy Mavericks. Some students, and a lot of studs, at the University of Texas at Arlington gathered Friday for their annual dose of the Oozeball Tournament.    READ MORE »

Monday: 16 gay things to do today

After a whole day trying to get the work-week started, put some gay into your Monday. Movies on the patio, poker, sushi, Chris Glaser (photo), and several options to drown your Monday miseries.    READ MORE »

Sex in a bar?: OK for ‘drunk-ass adults’

Two out of three adults in Atlanta say it's OK to have sex in a bar, preferably in the bathroom and probably only if you're drunk. Too bad the Atlanta Police Department doesn't agree.    READ MORE »

Launching E. Lynn Harris’ posthumous book tour

A collection of authors, friends and family of author E. Lynn Harris joined together Tuesday to launch the national tour for "Mama Dearest," the 12th—and final—novel from the gay Atlanta author.    READ MORE »

Anne Fauver finally speaks out—about old taxis

Anne Fauver, who has yet to speak out publicly about the Sept. 10 police raid at the Eagle, did find an issue important enough for her to discuss with the public: Taxi cabs trolling Atlanta's streets.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 17 gay things to do today

Don't start thinking about Monday. Sunday won't let you. Eat brunch, go to PALS Rubbing Noses, Fall Ball opening day, Armorettes 30th Anniversary (photo), and bars that can't let the weekend go.    READ MORE »

Rub noses – and elbows – to benefit PALS

Pets Are Loving Support, an Atlanta organization that helps the ill and elderly keep their pets, brings back its popular Rubbing Noses event on Sunday at Lambert Place.    READ MORE »

Armorettes look back, forge ahead after 30 years

How do you measure 30 years? How much have you learned? How many friends have you gained or lost? That’s the Armorettes thinking as they plan their 30th anniversary show on Sunday at Jungle.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 23 gay things to do today

Make Saturday gay all day and all night. Family conference, Southern Comfort, Softpaw softball, women's rugby, Castleberry Loft Tour, granola girls and DJ Joe Gauthreaux (photo) are all in the mix.    READ MORE »

Gay Dems back Reed, four gay candidates

A group of gay Democrats backed Kasim Reed's mayoral bid Friday, endorsing the former state senator along with four openly gay candidates in race across metro Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Harlequins prep for last home matches Saturday

Rugby fans, take note: You've got one more chance to see the Atlanta Harlequins play during their fall season. It's Saturday—rain or shine.    READ MORE »

30 day reprieve for Ryan White funding renewal

The CAEAR Coaltion, a national HIV/AIDS advocacy group, announced Friday that a U.S. House resolution extends the deadline that threatens funds for AIDS services through the Ryan White Act.    READ MORE »

Food, politics on menu in Atlanta’s District 6 race

The event was classic retail politics in a race that is anything but typical. So it goes on the campaign trail for the District 6 post on the Atlanta City Council.    READ MORE »

Prop 8, federal protections, X-Box, teacher porn

Headlines to make your head spin: Even as Calif. moves to overturn Prop 8, Maine uses the tactics that got it passed. Also: House moves on federal gay protections, anti-gay U.N. and "Gay Tony" (photo).    READ MORE »

Friday: Omer Berger as the dessert course

With summer over, does that mean we can finally let loose, eat that dessert and not worry about stuffing our junk into a square cut and going poolside? Ok, maybe not.    READ MORE »

Friday: 18 gay things to do today

Friday is so gay that it has to change outfits four times and gather its own host committee for Brie and infighting before you get to enjoy all the many-splendored events.    READ MORE »

Vandy Beth Glenn goes to Washington (video)

Vandy Beth Glenn took her story of transgender discrimination in Atlanta to Washington, D.C. on Wednesday as part of a Congressional hearing on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.    READ MORE »