Need Wood? Bit lip, lap bits, lil’ bit

If “There's no such thing as a stupid question,” here are three that challenge that. HIV from kissing? Crotch radiation from laptop? And "old" guys keep hitting on me. Rx: liberal application of logic.    READ MORE »

A night of queens at ‘Lookingglass’ [photos]

As if "Lookingglass Alice" doesn't offer enough twists, turns, high drama and costumes, the Alliance Theatre added its own last Thursday: A trio of drag queens fit for Queen Night.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 25 gay things to do in Atlanta today

“Glee!” Now that we have your attention, a public preview of the new season is on tap tonight, as are live shows by Danielle Howle and Rachel Sage, big gay meals, artful pursuits and much more.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Shag Jersey Boy Jason

This is one Jersey Boy we'd like to shag: Meet Jason Shagawat. Go ahead, make the jokes. But this 23-year-old aspiring model comes from the Shore and we're OK with that.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’ Tuesday: Top 9 sing the Beatles

If you watched “American Idol” last season, you'll remember that even halfway decent singers mangled the Beatles. With no expectations, Tuesday ran the gamut from boring to nearly perfect.    READ MORE »

Bravo’s Andy Cohen talks HRC-ATL and more

The biggest gay honcho at the biggest gay network—Bravo, not Logo—dishes on Kim Zolciak, Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston as he plans his upcoming Atlanta trip to the HRC Dinner.    READ MORE »

Big bonnets, big crowds at Drag Races [photos]

Some gay folks head to church on Easter, dusting off their Sunday best for the annual holy day pilgrimage. Others grab their best bonnets and hit the drag races with the Armorettes.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 25 gay things to do in Atlanta today

The LGBT ATL has something in store for you, whether you’re a business networker, a women’s basketball fan, an LGBT youth, a game player, a news junkie or a party hound.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Duncan Mais wants it gritty

British actor Duncan Mais easily draws comparisons to compatriot Jason Statham: Manly, muscular and delivered with some body hair. All in all, Mais means the Morning Fix is a twink free zone today.    READ MORE »

Fitness  |  Health  |  Hotties

Fitness: Eating your way to a hotter body

Most people, even fitness buffs, have no idea of how to eat correctly. Some think that drinking shakes or eating just protein is the way to go. Crazy diets deprive your body, so pay attention.    READ MORE »

HRC hosts Women’s NCAA Final watch party

If you plan it, they will come. A sure bet in gay Atlanta is that lesbians will turn out in droves Tuesday at Amsterdam to watch the UConn Huskies go for their seventh NCAA women's basketball championship.    READ MORE »

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Joan Garner announces bid for Fulton Commish

A longtime LGBT and community activist wants to trade her behind-the-scenes work for public office by becoming the first openly gay person elected to the Fulton County Commission.    READ MORE »

Monday: 17 gay things to do in Atlanta today

It may be harder than usual to get back into the workweek swing, but love it or not, it’s Monday anyway. Take a deep breath and dive into LGBT events planned to start your week off right.    READ MORE »

Monday: Miguel Iglesias makes a market crash

We first noticed Miguel Iglesias as he added or dropped clothes in line with the performance of the stock market. Take a harder look and you'll probably be wishing for a market crash.    READ MORE »

Easter Sunday: 14 gay things to do today

Happy Easter and Easter Drag Races Day! In addition to church, the big crowd for Drag Races moves to 10th & Piedmont this year, plus a few more of our best bets from the list.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Men and their balls at play

Men and their balls–who doesn't enjoy watching that? Photographer John Gress is a pro at capturing the masculinity and sexiness of men and their balls at play.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 23 gay things to do in Atlanta today

With such a long LGBT to-do list, we narrowed down our top picks. Queers take on National Poetry Month, “Memory Flash” is 40 years in the making, Girlyman is back and nightlife goes on and on.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Bernardo Velasco’s sizzling looks

Brazilian model Bernardo Velasco has so many different looks, it gets a little dizzying to track down his best pics. But we persevered and offer a collection of images of the 24-year-old that sizzles.    READ MORE »

Gay jocks hit the flag footbal field [photos]

The arrival of March in Atlanta means one thing for gay weekend warriors–the start of the spring sports season. And rain. But flag football enthusiasts missed that as they opened their new schedule.    READ MORE »

‘Runway’ recap: Sew many twists and returns

Thursday saw the most drama all season on “Project Runway.” Another challenge to dress Heidi Klum was a throwaway, but two switcheroos and workroom stress made for TV worth watching.    READ MORE »