Sunday: 18 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Ugh. Our head hurts from Saturday in the LGBT-ATL. Don’t mix liquors. We may feel like that Johnny Cash song, “Sunday Morning Coming Down,” but here are Sunday's gay events coming up.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Thomas Ryan delivers the drinks

If you like your drinks served with a pound of flesh, then track down Thomas Ryan the next time you're in Fort Lauderdale. He slings drinks in the Florida city and does so with a good bit of brawn.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 33 gay things to do in Atlanta today

It’s hard to know where to begin. Well, not at today’s six-venue pub crawl; that’s easy. And not if you like roller derby, social justice, beer busts and dancing. In fact, just start your Saturday right here.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Ayden Christiansen likes it muddy

Ayden Christiansen from the tiny town of Sharpsburg, Ga. likes the mud. So much, in fact, that he likes rubbing it on himself while he's wearing skimpy underwear. That's just how they roll in Sharpsburg.    READ MORE »

Now something different for your Saturday

An afternoon pub crawl is a rarity in its own right for gay Atlanta, but that’s just one of the fresh or special events set for Saturday that will shake up old ideas for a new time in the old town.    READ MORE »

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Pearl Day debt to non-profits impacts Gaydar

Months after underwhelming crowds dinged the financial hopes of Pearl Day last September, organizers have yet to pay the three non-profits they partnered with the $9,000 they promised to deliver.    READ MORE »

Friday: 24 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Rain comes and rain goes. But like Celine Dion’s “Titanic” song, the Gay Agenda events calendar goes on and on (and on). Friday’s listings take you from dinner and drinks through to the arts and parties.    READ MORE »

Friday: Martin Pichler’s a sporty show off

It's that time of year when gay jocks start emerging outdoors. With flag football kicking off Saturday, we found Martin Pichler as a suitable sports-themed Morning Fix to help get you in a sport frame of mind.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’ Thursday: America’s Top 12

“American Idol” pours on the schmaltz like no other, and Thursday night’s elimination of four more contestants was no different. The opening montage was like a student film, but we have a Top 12.    READ MORE »

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Eagle 8 gets its day in court [photos]

Months after a controversial raid at the Atlanta Eagle, the eight men charged during the incident received their day in court Thursday. View photos from the trial as it progressed.    READ MORE »

Anti-bullying bill tabled in state House Thursday

After only about 45 minutes of debate Thursday, the state House tabled a bill to prohibit bullying in Georgia schools. Georgia Equality and its lobby partners expected a vote and for the bill to pass.    READ MORE »

Another one bites the dust: Paris Decatur out

Just nine weeks after the Bodyshop and Stage Door hosted their last hoorahs, the lesbian-owned Paris Decatur announces that it’s out of gay Atlanta’s nightlife picture at the end of the month.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 24 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Dig into this list for more activities than you can shake your stick at. Eagle Day, networking, theater, movie night, nightlife and the mother of all drag shows, three Miss Gay Georgia USofA pageants in one.    READ MORE »

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All but one of Eagle 8 cleared in trial Thursday

UPDATED | 6:43 p.m. An Atlanta judge capped a crumbling case against the Eagle 8 on Thursday, handing down not guilty verdicts to three men still facing charges from the Eagle raid last September.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Peel back David Pare

Pennsylvania native Drew Pare is as delicious as a juicy piece of fresh fruit. What, with a name and body like that you thought we'd resist the urge for cheap and fruity puns? Really?    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’ Wednesday: Top 8 Boys’ Night

After an eye-roll inducing opening with dramatic lighting and Miss Seacrest inspecting the troops, the Top 8 boys got down to business on “American Idol” and actually did a better job than the girls.    READ MORE »

Get into it: Keeping up with DJ Vicki Powell

A triple header weekend proves how high the demand remains for DJ Vicki Powell, who throws down her own brand of musical magic at Aurum Thursday, Bellissima Friday, and Mixx on Saturday.    READ MORE »

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Anti-bully bill faces Ga. House vote on Thursday

Political conspiracy theorists take note: The same day that LGBT activists went to the Gold Dome to lobby lawmakers, a bill to toughen Georgia's anti-bullying law cleared a key hurdle in the House.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? How to conquer Hot Guy Phobia

You see him. He’s so sexy. You can’t bring yourself to look at him for very long, much less talk to him. Instead of sneaking glances and going home alone, picture him as a doorway.    READ MORE »

FLUX wakes up Whiskey Park [photos]

We've got nothing but love for DJ Vicki Powell. The lesbian shares her love of music in a way that pleases Atlanta crowds and puts a spin on events that keeps things fresh. In a word, she's FLUX.    READ MORE »