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Bell, Wan wink at history in scoring LGBT wins

For Alex Wan, it’s back to work at a non-profit. Simone Bell hopes to relax while watching “Elizabeth.” That’s how Tuesday's two gay candidates will spend the day after their historic victories.    READ MORE »

Meredith Baxter, Grady Sizemore, new gay mayor

Wednesday's headline ramble, including but not limited to: 'Family Ties' mom comes out, MLB slugger controversy heats up, DC passes gay marriage, and the youngest gay mayor in the U.S.    READ MORE »

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Simone Bell, Alex Wan celebrate victory [photos]

Simone Bell and Alex Wan spent their evenings huddled with supporters at election watch events in Candler Park and Midtown. As results trickled in, the buzz turned to excitement and eventually celebration.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 17 gay things to do today

Number 1 gay thing to do is celebrate the historic elections of gay candidates Alex Wan and Simone Bell. While they prepare to get to work, let’s get to Wednesday events in the LGBT ATL.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Jimmy works a uniform fetish

Do hot models make the uniforms or do the uniforms make the sexy guys even sexier? It's a question worth pondering as you gaze at Jimmy, who can work a look in uniform and most anything else.    READ MORE »

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Live blogging Election Night in Atlanta

It's all over but the counting. And waiting. And watching. We're live blogging runoff election night with a gay twist. Join us for news, photos, your comments and more as we watch and react with you.    READ MORE »

Month-long ARTvision benefits Positive Impact

World AIDS Day marks not only an revitalized awareness of the disease, but it’s also the day Atlanta’s annual ARTvision online art sale begins its part in the fight.    READ MORE »

Follow Project Q for election night coverage

Cheer, jeer or be indifferent. But once the clock strikes 8 on Election Day, it's all over but the reporting. That's where we come in. Follow us tonight for election coverage with a queer twist.    READ MORE »

Marriage mayhem, Gay Days sex, trans issues

Tuesday's gay headlines include marriage marriage everywhere and not a drop to drink. Also: Gay Days security having sex, trans cop in Salt Lake, and trans law in Cleveland.    READ MORE »

Dwight Eubanks on fashion, fun and the future

The second season of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" has wrapped, but the indefatigable Dwight Eubanks carries on. He's over the top, flamboyant and unapologetic, and that's why we love him so.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 25 gay things to do today

Election Day and World AIDS Day make it a big Tuesday in LGBT Atlanta. Vote, commemorate, gun for Simone Bell and Alex Wan victories, and more make a full day.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Why the gays now love Grady Sizemore

Oh, to be Grady Sizemore's tea cup. The Indians slugger, armed with a cup and an iPhone, did what so many other well-manscaped men do: Click naked pics and send them to a special someone.    READ MORE »

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Norwood v. Reed in gay stump speeches [video]

Everything's done but the voting. So before you do that, take a look at the gay stump speeches of Mary Norwood and Kasim Reed, who have been crisscrossing Midtown to make their mayoral pitch.    READ MORE »

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Gay activist backs two in East Point runoffs

Don't feel too bad if you didn't realize there are two races in East Point among the runoff elections Tuesday. The Atlanta mayor's race, after all, has sucked nearly all the oxygen out of the political atmosphere.    READ MORE »

ATL organizers step up World AIDS Day events

World AIDS Day commemorations may be nearing 25 years, but Tuesday’s Atlanta events show up in an unprecedented number that attack the pandemic from all sides.    READ MORE »

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Wan makes closing pitch to LGBT supporters

Alex Wan made his closing argument to about three-dozen LGBT voters and supporters on Sunday, two days before his Atlanta City Council runoff with Liz Coyle.    READ MORE »

The gay case for Mary Norwood as ATL mayor

"Just like Mary has always been there for me, she’s always been there for all of us–working for our dignity, our families, our neighborhoods and our equality. I know as mayor, she’ll continue this fight."    READ MORE »

Rick Warren, trans sports writer, FBI stats

Gay headlines Monday find Pastor Rick Warren "staying out of" gay issues, L.A. Times' trans sports writer's probable suicide, FBI keeping track, and a new disease among HIV+ gay men.    READ MORE »

Monday: 19 gay things to do today

Don’t let a rainy day or Monday get you down. ATL's Gay Agenda invites you to hit the town for “Another Gay Movie” and bar nights, or settle in with “Same Gender Loving Expressions” radio.    READ MORE »

Monday: Marcus Hedbrandh loves his music

Roam the streets of Amsterdam and you might come across the likes of Marcus Hedbrandh. That's where the 24-year-old model was first discovered and now we get to enjoy all that is him.    READ MORE »