Recovering the ‘lost’ issue of David magazine

The abrupt shuttering of David magazine came so quickly this week that the next issue of the nightlife magazine was produced but never printed. But the lost issue has emerged online.    READ MORE »

Friday: 25 gay things to do today

A Friday for every bent. Politicos rally for early voting, and activists gather for Transgender Day of Remembrance. Artfags indulge themselves. Rockers swoon. Oh, and we drink.    READ MORE »

Friday: The jocks of Atlanta’s flag football league

The flag football season is over, but you can enjoy these jocks month after month. The Atlanta league picked 12 of its hotties, stripped them of their shirts (and more) and put them in a 2010 calendar.    READ MORE »

Georgia Equality works to rally vote over 2 days

If you haven't heard, there's another election and this one takes place in 12 days. So Georgia Equality is working to rally gay voters to the polls and build support for two LGBT candidates on the ballot.    READ MORE »

Chaz Bono, Mary Cheney, Adam Lambert

Thursday's gay headlines include Chaz on his transition, Mary's new baby, Adam as poster child, TV's new lesbian, marriage mayhem, and um, oops: Did Texas accidentally ban all marriages?    READ MORE »

Princess diaries: Diana exhibit set for January

You may act like a princess, but she really was one. Atlanta gets the royal proof when “Diana: A Celebration” brings 150 artifacts from the life of the late Princess of Wales to the Civic Center.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 21 gay things to do today

It’s almost Friday, so the gay agenda calendar of events is heating up. Meet Alex Wan, sway with Barry Brandon, speak out with Kimberly Dark, or hobnob with businesspeople and night owls.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Arthur Sales can sell us anything

When you're in a campaign called Butch, you know it might be something that piques our Morning Fix interest. Luckily for us, Brazilian model Arthur Sales doesn't disappoint.    READ MORE »

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Ga. Safe Schools reacts to Clayton charges

A statewide coalition against bullying in schools joins the fray of reactions as Clayton County schools and sheriffs investigate allegations that a high school teacher threatened a gay sophomore.    READ MORE »

Chamblee OKs protections for gay city workers

The DeKalb city of Chamblee scored one for its gay employees Tuesday. But for transgender folks, the municipality had this to say: Better luck next time.    READ MORE »

Frontal assault: Levi’s johnson not in Playgirl

All the hype, all the rumors alongside all the tongue-wagging and promises ultimately didn’t result in Levi Johnston baring the Palin grandbaby maker in his Playgirl shoot. Foul!    READ MORE »

Larry Johnson, Gay MMA, German spies

We can't make this stuff up. Wednesday's headlines include German agent and lover in spy trial, NFL's Larry Johnson is employed, Salt Lake is gay friendly, and Stephen Colbert's 'gay zombies' video.    READ MORE »

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Developing: Final day for SoVo, David

UPDATED | 3:44 p.m. Former staffers of Southern Voice and David magazine arrived to clean out and clear out of their former workplace Wednesday, two days after the publisher collapsed.    READ MORE »

LGBT activist Glen Paul Freedman backs Reed

With the potential for the votes of Atlanta's LGBT population to play a pivotal role in the mayor's race, there's this interesting twist: Longtime LGBT activist Glen Paul Freedman is backing Kasim Reed.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 18 gay things to do today

We can’t decide whether to ask “Is it Wednesday already?” or “Is it only Wednesday?” But the conundrum won’t leave you questioning what to put on your to-do list. Check out these options.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Renato Ferreira works a wet t-shirt

Ponder this question: Do the talents of a photographer make Renato Ferreira hot or is it the wet t-shirt stretched across his muscled torso? Either way, we win.    READ MORE »

Wan gets bipartisan backing from gay groups

We won't tell if you won't. But gay Democrats joined with gay Republicans–we don't know who crossed party lines first–to back Alex Wan's bid for the District 6 seat on the Atlanta City Council.    READ MORE »

Clayton teacher accused of terror on gay student

As Clayton County schools looks into allegations that a teacher took out a hit on a gay student and the teacher awaits possible grand jury charges, a Tuesday disciplinary hearing was postponed.    READ MORE »

Necessary Luxuries: Topher’s new beginning

In his own unique style, longtime David Atlanta columnist Topher Payne reflects on the loss of the magazine and its sister, Southern Voice, and how much it means for everyone to connect.    READ MORE »

Adam Lambert, Kardashians, Dolly Parton

Tuesday's gay headlines bring on revitalized marriage and adoption talk, another anti-gay slur and bashing, and more. On the lighter side, the Kardashians and Dolly Parton love their gays.    READ MORE »