Ellen vs. Simon, Letterman joke, Tiger Woods

What do you get when Degeneres dishes dirt, Prop 8 is broadcast, Letterman pisses off trans activists, and Tiger is–allegedly–having man sex? It's Thursday's gay headlines.    READ MORE »

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Georgia Equality raising cash for lobby efforts

Georgia Equality is in a full-court press to raise $10,000 by Jan. 15 to help fund its lobbying efforts at the Gold Dome, which sees the return of state lawmakers on Monday.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 15 gay things to do in Atlanta today

It’s colder than two queens after the same man, and snow is a distinct possibility. Warm up with basketball or dancing, huddle up with the Crimson Tide, or settle in for game night.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Sing us a song, Quentin Elias

Our Morning Fix gets a bum rap for being home to lean, hairless models. We just deliver what the gay boys ask for–and recently, there's been some rumblings for a little beef. Quentin Elias helps us deliver.    READ MORE »

Smashing cars, breaking sobriety on Cheshire

If your conversation with a cop includes a slurred phrase that begins, "Seriously, Officer," you can bet it won't end any better than it started.    READ MORE »

Twitter war, female bashers, male prostitutes

Topping gay news Wednesday: Rhode Island couples get funeral rights, celebrities take arms in Neil Patrick Harris-John Barrowman viral battle, women commit hate crimes, and legal man-whores.    READ MORE »

HGTV moves sexy John Gidding to Atlanta

It’s been almost two years since HGTV tried out “Designed to Sell” in Atlanta with the swoon-worthy gay designer John Gidding. Now the host has relocated here for a “Curb Appeal” spin-off.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 20 gay things to do in Atlanta today

The daze of the first post-holiday week may make Hump Day feel extra liberating. Reward yourself with LGBT events like bowling, games, karaoke and new nightlife twists.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Jake Pavelka as our ‘Bachelor’

ABC, already gaining traction among the gays for its parade of hotties on "Cougar Town," certainly picked well when the network tapped Jake Pavelka as its guy for "Bachelor: On the Wings of Love."    READ MORE »

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Reed pledges action if city at fault in Eagle raid

Mayor Kasim Reed pledged to take “appropriate action” if an ongoing investigation and lawsuit shows that the police department acted inappropriately during the raid at the Atlanta Eagle.    READ MORE »

‘Sordid’ cast brings variety to Shores franchise

Del Shores and Jason Dottley, collaborators on the TV version of “Sordid Lives” and a real-life couple, could practically call Atlanta a second home. They return this week with “A Sordid Affair.”    READ MORE »

Tila’s fiancée dead, James Dobson, ‘Sparticus’

Tila Tequila paramour and out heiress Casey Johnson found dead, "Sparticus" finds its gay, James Dobson finds another microphone, and "anti-gay" is the world headlines word of the day.    READ MORE »

Simone Bell hosts re-election fundraiser Tuesday

Simone Bell, fresh from taking office as the state's newest lawmaker, now faces the reality of politics: raising money and re-election even though she hasn't yet cast her first vote in the Gold Dome.    READ MORE »

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City Council sends Eagle resolution to committee

The Atlanta City Council voted Monday to send a resolution apologizing to the patrons and employees of the Eagle over the bar’s September raid to a committee for further study    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 22 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Kick it up or bring it down a notch. Tuesday sees the celebration of Simone Bell and Twelfth Night, Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl at Woofs, and game-play for the fit and not-so fit.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Jeremy is no amateur player

We're all for local guys making it big. So when we came across 25-year-old Jeremy's spread from talented photographer Ethan James, we took note. Several notes, in fact.    READ MORE »

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LGBT rarely mentioned at mayoral inauguration

After a campaign season in which gay issues often grabbed headlines, there was little talk of LGBT issues during the inauguration Monday of Mayor Kasim Reed and Atlanta’s other elected officials.    READ MORE »

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Now, you can call him City Councilman Alex Wan

Alex Wan made history Monday, becoming the first openly gay man on the Atlanta City Council, though the moment was eclipsed by the pomp and circumstance of a new mayor taking office.    READ MORE »

‘Shank’ director talks about gays in gangs

One of the jewels at last year’s Out on Film festival was the gangland movie, “Shank.” Now that the film is out on DVD, we offer this interview with its talented 21-year old director and its co-writers.    READ MORE »

Neil Patrick Harris, gay panic, trans appointee?

Monday headlines: TV actors’ twitter war, ex-marine claims sexual assault led to stabbing, HIV travel ban lifted, and is Amanda Simspon actually Obama’s first trans appointment?    READ MORE »