Monday: The rugged appeal of Carlos Brazil

We've been on a football fantasy of late, so imagine our squeal of delight in finding Carlos Brazil. The rugged and muscular Barcelona model looks the part when he straps on the pads and gear.    READ MORE »

LGBT breakfast part of MLK holiday events

The commemoration of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday in Atlanta on Monday will be a decidedly lower-key affair than a year ago, though there's still a popular LGBT breakfast to mark the occasion.    READ MORE »

Giddy gay guide to very ‘Gleeky’ Golden Globes

The Golden Globe nominations and Sunday's show pluck the strings of our truest gay hearts, and if it’s wrong to be beside ourselves about Awards Season, we just don’t want to be right.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 16 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Sunday is for hangin’ with the people you choose—whether it’s church, brunch, band practice, football, two TraxxGirls MLK parties, the “Good Boys & True” gala, or the Armorettes 31st Anniversary.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Michael Radon is Big Apple perfection

There's something that drives us crazy about a shirtless model who puts on athletic equipment and parades around for the camera. Sure, we know it's a farce. But it's a hot farce nonetheless.    READ MORE »

Breaking up is hard to do (when cops are called)

A stolen wallet, a love letter left on the car windshield, a trespassing warning, a call to 911–this is definitely not a lesson in how to win back your boyfriend.    READ MORE »

You said it: The week’s best reader comments

No one held back in their comments this week on Project Q posts—especially when it came to U.S. Rep Phil Gingrey, a fired Clayton teacher, "Idol" or "Biggest Loser" trainer Jillian coming out.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 24 gay things to do in Atlanta today

MLK Weekend means so much more in the historic ATL. Special events all weekend are just part of the LGBT mix of events for every fancy that let you indulge yourself and relish your friends.    READ MORE »

Saturday: A slab of Kobie beef

We tripped over Tyson Kobie the other day and thanks to a little "research," we uncovered so much more about the 25-year-old model and fitness buff. Here are our pictorial results.    READ MORE »

‘Shakespeare Follies’ ain’t your same old Bard

Take 20 of Shakepeare’s most famous works, turn them on their ear with a modern comic twist in a loungey, interactive atmosphere, and you’re in for a real treat from Odd Man Out Theater Company.    READ MORE »

Stalkers take note: The Loaf wants your crushes

You know you lust after that waiter hottie, the bombshell at your favorite retail outlet or that seductive babe in the apartment down the way. Now turn that crush into something useful.    READ MORE »

Win tickets as our princess to see ‘Diana’ exhibit

We know you're a VIP. Or at least we know you think you are, so we want to treat you like one. So here's your chance to attend next week's VIP reception for "Diana: A Celebration."    READ MORE »

Friday: 22 gay things to do in Atlanta today

With so many special events, it’s anything but same-ol’-same-ol’ tonight. Dancing, religious services and two new theater productions fall in alongside a fashion show and the kickoff of MLK Weekend.    READ MORE »

Friday: Cristiano Ronaldo’s battle of the bulge

Cristiano Ronaldo has swapped his little white shorts for something even sexier: new briefs from Armani. Now we know why the 24-year-old Portuguese balller's been doing all those sit-ups.    READ MORE »

More leather than lace at PALS bingo

There was more leather than lace, but a festive crowd of about 300 people packed the monthly bingo fundraiser on Wednesday for Pets Are Loving Support.    READ MORE »

Catholic school boys, sex, lies and videotape

Like the lead in his play “Good Boys & True,” gay playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa attended an all-boy Catholic school, yet no scandals marked his stay like they do in the Actor’s Express show.    READ MORE »

Clayton sacks teacher over alleged gay threat

Randolph Forde's teaching career in Clayton County ended Tuesday, three months after he was arrested for allegedly putting a hit on a student he thought was gay.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 16 gay things to do in Atlanta today

If your social schedule has a few gaps, LGBT Atlanta is ready to pencil in suggestions that reach all five senses—and even the sixth. Self-help, politics, sports, arts and nightlife that includes a DJ battle.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’: Wednesday’s Atlanta Auditions

Two more hours of "American Idol" auditions Wednesday, but with a decidedly familiar locale: Atlanta. A lucky few made it before the judges, including Mary J. Blige, on the top floor of the W Hotel.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Mimo likes to be remarkable

With a butt that is heavenly and abs made of steel, Mimo is clearly the sexiest graphic designer we've ever seen. He also models, dances and creates his own workout videos.    READ MORE »