Buckhead business group backs Alex Wan

Alex Wan, showing he's tapped into a base larger than just the gay residents of District 6, received the backing of an influential Buckhead business group to help fuel his runoff with Liz Coyle.    READ MORE »

It’s Jonathan, Miss Jaxson if you’re nasty

Our love-hate relationship with self-important gay PR flak Jonathan Jaxson is a complicated affair. We hate seeing him craving for attention, but love mocking him at every twist and turn.    READ MORE »

Monday: Pretty boy Parker

We know this about Parker Gregory: The Houston native has modeled for some of the clothes we like and looks even better when he's paired up with other guys we like. His bum's not bad, either.    READ MORE »

Monday: 17 gay things to do today

Just another manic Monday? Don’t sweat it. As the day settles down, LGBT Atlanta peps up with plenty to ease your mind. “Connie and Carla” and other remedies are among our Monday favorites.    READ MORE »

Santino Rice, from ‘Runway’ to zombie porn

“Project Runway’s" Santino made an impression with bizarre fashions and an impression of Tim Gunn, but filed under “way more disturbing” is his cameo in a new one on us: gay zombie porn.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Channing Tatum is back—with no shirt

When Channing Tatum isn't working on his big guns or posing for GQ, he makes movies. Not very good ones, mind you, but who notices when he strips off the clothes. And he's doing it again in "Dear John."    READ MORE »

Sunday: 17 gay things to do today

Wish it was Sunday; that’s my fun day. Wait, it is! Plenty for you and your friends, from brunch and matinees to the wrap-ups of the Queer Lit Fest and Charis’ birthday, plus festivities into the night.    READ MORE »

You know you like ‘Tardy for the Party’

We love a good drag queen diva and that's why we can't stop talking about Kim Zolciak from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." The season ended Thursday, but it's like the gift that keeps giving.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Splish splash, it’s Joseph Sayers

Joseph Sayers has put it all out there for A&F Quarterly. You know, the mag that was soft core porn and sold youthful clothes that eventually found themselves on the backs of 40-year-old queens.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 26 gay things to do today

It's You Time. Join the literati at the Queer Lit Fest and Charis birthday bash, eat and drink up at Parties With Impact featuring Alexis Vear, or tell Mr. DJ you want to dance with your baby.    READ MORE »

Parties With Impact shares its sweet success

Positive Impact already wins our hearts with a mental-health approach to HIV/AIDS. But if the way to your heart is through your sweet tooth, Saturday’s dessert reception is truly a recipe for success.    READ MORE »

Gay Games tour stops in Atlanta tonight

If you ever wanted to get drunk with a bunch of gay jocks, tonight is your night. Gay Games VIII organizers are in Atlanta today to promote the 2010 event and recruit. You know how the gays love to recruit.    READ MORE »

Andre De Shields ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ on ATL stop

It's a busy time for award-winning actor Andre De Shields. There's his Sunday romp through the Pride parade in a sizzling pink suit, his comedy at the Alliance and now more exposure in a national paper.    READ MORE »

South Park, WWE’s Chris Jericho, Wash. wins

Friday's roundup of gay headlines includes another row between gay activists and "South Park," wrestler Chris Jericho caught on video, and voters approve unions in Washington state.    READ MORE »

Friday: Igor Rosa provides all that you need

Some days you just need a fix of flesh without all of the fussy details. And since it's Friday, you've got a little extra time at work to play out your own fantasies, anyway. To help, we present Igor Rosa.    READ MORE »

Friday: 22 gay things to do tonight

Some have said they plan to sleep until Sunday to catch up from the Pride/ Halloween/ Election madness. The Gay Agenda has other things in store, starting tonight. No rest for the wicked.    READ MORE »

Steve Brodie wants to party like it’s 2005

To the victor belong the spoils and to the loser? Snark. Steve Brodie, the gay man who nearly dethroned Anne Fauver in 2005, placed fourth this time, leaving some scratching their heads in disbelief.    READ MORE »

‘Runway’ reveals finalists as gay love blossoms

UPDATED | Friday, Nov. 6, 1:04 p.m. Way more interesting than the final challenge toward Bryant Park on "Project Runway" is the romance of Wesley Nault and Daniel Feld from last season.    READ MORE »

Norwood or Reed to get a boost from the gays?

Two gay candidates could help draw LGBT residents to the polls for the Dec. 1 runoffs and the two mayoral candidates left standing may duke it out for those votes.    READ MORE »

Will police stonewalling impact Eagle probe?

The Atlanta Police Department won't cooperate with an oversight panel probing alleged misconduct involving a lesbian couple, which could portend how a probe into the Eagle raid unfolds.    READ MORE »