Friday: Pouty and pugnacious Brian Putzy

Wet or dry, briefs or jeans, pouty Brian Putzy delivers a pugnacious look that gets our weekend started on just the right note. The Philly native is new to modeling but packs quite a rookie punch.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’ Thursday: 20 becomes 16

Four more contestants were given the boot Thursday on “American Idol,” and I think the voting public almost got it right this week in the decisions on who to send home.    READ MORE »

Catholic church: Atlanta man attempts extortion

A gay Atlanta man who had consensual sex with two priests over five years, including trysts on church property, went public with the affairs after confronting officials within the Archdiocese of Atlanta.    READ MORE »

B52s frontman lays down ‘Spring Thang’ Friday

Two bingo games for PALS in one month? Yup. Besides the monthly second-Wednesday bingo, B52s singer and gay gadfly Fred Schneider hosts a special fundraising game and dance this Friday.    READ MORE »

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Two chances to sashay to Gold Dome and lobby

If you've never held hands with Jeff Graham and sang Kumbaya at the Gold Dome in Atlanta, definitely add that to your Bucket List. Better yet, join him and other LGBT activists there later this month.    READ MORE »

Kim Zolciak: No U-Haul for Tracy Young and me

We've said before that wherever Kim Zolciak goes, drama tends to follow. That's been the case this week as the gay-loving diva swats down rumors that she's sharing U-Hauls with Atlanta DJ Tracy Young.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 22 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Old friends and new people of interest. That keeps life interesting, and it keeps Atlanta’s LGBT calendar full of tried and true go-to events with some must-see new happenings that freshen up the mix.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Petr Prielozny can flex more than you

If ever there was a reason to give up sugar, it's Petr Prielozny. The New York City fitness model is a marvel of muscular definition. He didn't get that way with careless eating, either.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’ Wednesday: Top 10 ladies night

It’s a good thing contender Crystal Bowersox recovered in time to perform Wednesday on “American Idol,” or she would have been automatically eliminated. She—and the show—reaped the rewards.    READ MORE »

Positive Impact now offers free STD screenings

A grant from the Elton John AIDS Foundation now allows Atlanta’s HIV/AIDS mental health agency to add free tests for syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia to its existing HIV screenings.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Is my boyfriend a sex addict?

You wanted to crack the door open to other partners in your relationship. He wanted to blow it off its hinges. Determining whether your guy is just a whore or an addict all comes down to consequences.    READ MORE »

How gay is Atlanta? Sadly, not ‘Glee’-fully gay

Atlanta might be the Gayest City in America by some accounts. But it's not gay enough for "Glee" and you probably won't see Spencer Tunick here anytime soon shooting his iconic group nudes.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 23 gay things to do in Atlanta today

You don’t want to go home after work. From sports to bar nights to shows and a special party to benefit Haiti earthquake relief, Atlanta’s Gay Agenda offers plenty of options for your Wednesday.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Icaro Silva brings Brazil to Atlanta

You can thank Brazil for Icaro Silva. Now he's making the rounds of fashion shoots and runways in Atlanta. With those smoldering eyes and smattering of dark hair on his torso, we can't wait to see more.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’ Tuesday: Top 10 guys perform

Word came late Tuesday from “American Idol” producers that Crystal Bowersox was ill. That meant a bit of the old switcheroo: The guys performed with the girls rescheduled for Wednesday.    READ MORE »

Lovely reality show ladies break trans ground

Transgender women are finally getting their reality TV due. With no network deal yet, Atlanta-based "Boss Ladies" is receiving huge internet buzz, and “Transform Me” premieres this month on VH1.    READ MORE »

Gay attorneys, biz folks meet for drinks [photos]

There's certain to be a punchline when you mix gay attorneys with gay business people. But when the two groups mixed on Friday, it was nothing but cocktails, conversation and good times.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 23 gay things to do in Atlanta today

How Tuesday became game night remains a mystery. There are other activities, but it’s undeniable: Put on your game face for volleyball, pool, poker, Wii, plus double doses of trivia and bingo.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Andruw Barnes likes his tighty whities

Andruw Barnes likes his cars, his sports and calls himself eclectic. The Atlanta guy is also fond of working out and strutting around in tight underwear. Not that there's anything wrong with that.    READ MORE »

Perfect timing: ‘Idol’ Tim Urban takes it off

Untalented singer Tim Urban is all but off “American Idol." We expected him to go home last Thursday, but he may be around an extra week now that shirtless pics have surfaced on the internet.    READ MORE »