Pride weather: Wet Sat. gives way to sunny Sun.

The forecast for this weekend is a little frightful, but should give way to sunny skies on Sunday for the annual Pride parade, which steps off at 1 p.m.    READ MORE »

Friday: Mario Lopez as Halloween dominatrix

The return of Mario Lopez to "Nip/Tuck" provides perfect fodder for Pride-O-Ween. His appearance as a dominatrix scores the right mix of makeup, costume and muscle we hope to see this weekend.    READ MORE »

Aquarium bathes Pride kickoff in rainbow colors

Months of anticipation and a week of LGBT people jumping on board in the name of Pride culminate at Friday’s official Atlanta Pride Kickoff Party at the Georgia Aquarium.    READ MORE »

Kim Zolciak pleases the gays at Blake’s

Kim Zolciak hit Blake's again and this time, she left the drama behind. And pardon us for this, but she wasn't even "Tardy for the Party." It was a bit tough to pick her out in a crowd of drag queens, though.    READ MORE »

We know Anderson Cooper’s a giant ‘mo

When you're gay news hunk Anderson Cooper and your primetime show is dragging down CNN's ratings, what do you do? Bunk up with your muscular man friend in a $3,200-per-night hotel in India.    READ MORE »

Gay U.S. attorney, Michael Buble, Mel B

Thursday's world headlines leave us wondering: Should we laugh, cheer or cry? Mel B on a Spice Girls reunion? Yea! Michael Buble gay? Ha! Marriage opponents and nay sayers? Boo.    READ MORE »

Dial down the rhetoric over Pride grand marshal

The rhetoric surrounding Dani Lee Harris, the LGBT liaison for Atlanta police, as a grand marshal for Sunday's Pride parade is getting red hot. And the grandstanding is getting a little out of hand.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 26 gay things to do today

All aboard the Pride train. Venues and organizers are tripping over each other to make this the gayest week of 2009. Today's top picks include Pride art, sports, politics, parties and fashion.    READ MORE »

Outwrite event offers a Bo Dixon for all seasons

Thursday brings a chance that many bear lovers have been waiting for--a chance to get up-close and personal with beefy former Colt model Bo Dixon and have him sign his sexy new calendar.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Sid James as a sexy British expat

We can just imagine how sexy Sid James sounds with his British accent. With those looks and chiseled body, a sultry accent adds frosting to an already scrumptious cake.    READ MORE »

How can you resist an art show with ‘Only Dick’?

People celebrate Pride in so many ways. At a time when we're extolling the virtues of lesbian and gay unity, the W Midtown opens an exhibit Thursday that's decidedly one-sided.    READ MORE »

Adam Lambert’s new album cover: Xanadon’t?

The early reviews are decidedly mixed for the cover of Adam Lambert’s debut CD. Some ask if we’re reliving ‘80s mistakes, but others assert that it’s all that bad that makes it oh-so-good.    READ MORE »

PALS bingo Strides Into Pride tonight

Pride and Halloween collide on Saturday, but what better way to get a sneak peek at the parade of costumed queens sure to be out than with a special edition of PALS bingo tonight?    READ MORE »

What to wear: butch, sexy, funny costume ideas

With the full pressure of Pride-O-Ween, it’s not enough to just do drag or slap on military duds this year. We want your ideas to make it perfectly gay, and offer a few kick-start suggestions.    READ MORE »

Simone Bell’s campaign cash advantage

Simone Bell, who could make LGBT electoral history on Tuesday, hit the final days of her state House campaign in strong shape. But gay activists say now is not the time to rest.    READ MORE »

Bea Arthur, Charlize Theron, Arlen Specter

What makes Wednesday's headlines so gay? Bea Arhur wills $300K to gay youth, Charlize Theron's lesbian kiss, NFL heroes, Maine marriage, and Arlen Specter flips on gay marriage.    READ MORE »

Emory’s gay lovefest continues with Alice Walker

Those gay-loving progressives at Emory are up to their liberal loving again. The Decatur school of the rich and well-to-do is hosting a gaggle of leftist icons that would make Rush Limbuagh wet his bed.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 24 gay things to do today

Two-dozen gay events–Pride Week is definitely here. Singer-songwriters at Eddie’s, Atlanta Pride fundraising, ‘Torah Queeries,’ two plays, and the return of Charlie Brown’s Cabaret.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Teutonic twink Karl Nesseler

In the disposable world in which we live, the demand for the next fresh face is a constant. New York photographer Joseph Bleu understands that and consistently delivers.    READ MORE »

‘Carnevale’ postscript: Memorable event indeed

When you throw a party so spectacular that it blows out the power of one of Atlanta's historical markers, all that's left to do is apologize to the well-costumed queens who paid $65 to $100 per ticket.    READ MORE »