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Atlanta loses longtime activist Ed Scruggs, 80

LGBT activists and veterans joined in grieving the death of Ed Scruggs (photo) at a Nov. 18 memorial service that honored the man’s decades-long service to his country and to gay rights.    READ MORE »

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Using holiday eating to your body’s advantage

You know you want to do it. You know you're going to do it. It's what makes the holidays the holidays. Eating piles of holiday food will happen. Here’s how to do it free of guilt.    READ MORE »

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Reed, Norwood exchange barbs over gay issues

Kasim Reed will head to the heart of the gayborhood Wednesday to respond to charges from LGBT supporters of Mary Norwood that his lack of support for marriage equality is an insult to gay families.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 18 gay things to do today

If you’re off work already, congrats! If you’re driving, condolences. Tradition dictates that if you're in town, you must get up, get out and do something at one or more of these events.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Edílson as our Brazilian ‘Dream Boy’

His name is quite a mouthful, but we're willing to try: Edílson do Nascimento Azevedo. Fans make it easier by just calling the 23-year-old Brazilian "Dream Boy." We agree.    READ MORE »

Thanksgiving Eve tradition: DJs and dance floors

Change may be 2009’s theme, but the long-held Atlanta tradition of partying hard the night before Thanksgiving continues with DJ beats at Heretic, Jungle, Opera, the Eagle and Bodyshop.    READ MORE »

Eagle patrons file federal lawsuit over raid

Some 19 people detained during the Eagle raid fired back Tuesday, filing a federal lawsuit against the city, its police chief and four-dozen officers claiming violations of federal and state laws.    READ MORE »

Glambert and Gaga duke it out for gay dollars

After two of the most memorable appearances on Sunday’s American Music Awards, Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga are among the biggest—and gayest—new releases this week.    READ MORE »

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Perimeter College holds anti-hate rally Tuesday

LGBT students at Georgia Perimeter College/Clarkston are mad as hell, and they're not going to take hateful slurs scrawled last month on their interactive art installation for Coming Out Day.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 16 gay things to do today

The Eagle lawsuit against the city means you need somewhere to talk about it. Fourth Tuesday Dinner returns, Yoga by Yolo, Simone Bell Meet and Greet, author Larry Corse and more.    READ MORE »

City, police to face lawsuit over Eagle raid

A national gay legal group is joining with an Atlanta attorney to file a discrimination lawsuit against the City of Atlanta and a handful of police officers for the controversial raid at the Eagle in September.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Nicholas Lemons makes us pucker

Oh, how we love a little ink on our guys. Or in the case of Nicholas Lemons, a lot of ink placed strategically along one of his muscular arms.    READ MORE »

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Court: Cobb lesbian’s murder conviction stands

The Georgia Supreme Court on Monday upheld the conviction and life sentence given to Baretta Harold Pierce, a lesbian who killed the 4-month-old baby of her partner in 2005.    READ MORE »

Adam Lambert tops big gay gasps on AMAs

With a new album finally on the streets, the buzz about Adam Lambert is still more about his ability to make headlines. Sunday’s charged American Music Awards performance helps--sell records.    READ MORE »

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Reed, Norwood in heated fight for LGBT votes

The battle between Mary Norwood and Kasim Reed for LGBT votes has hit a fever pitch. A week that included back-to-back gay fundraisers ended with back-and-forth verbal sparring in a debate.    READ MORE »

Monday: 21 gay things to do today

Don’t lament the end of the weekend. Hit the ground running, then celebrate at these events that let you be you. Movies, plays, politics, sports, and bar theme nights are just rewards.    READ MORE »

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SoVo, David owners collapse with $15M debt

The collapse last week of the nation’s largest publisher of gay newspapers–including Southern Voice and David magazine–came amid more than $15.35 million in debt that touched all facets of its business.    READ MORE »

Monday: Levi Johnston gets nearly nude

To see or not to see has been the question surrounding Levi Johnston and whether his johnson will surface in the infamous Playgirl shoot. It doesn't. But you should still gawk at what he does offer.    READ MORE »

Who’s your pick for ‘Sexiest Man Alive’?

There's a gay or two among People's picks for "Sexiest Man Alive." And even if there wasn't, clicking through their lineup was enjoyable. But we want to know: Who's your pick when it comes to a sexy man?    READ MORE »

Gay ATL candidates get Victory Fund shout-out

With little more than a week until Election Day II in Georgia–yes, Mary, you have to vote again Dec. 1–gay candidates are looking for any edge they can use to get their LGBT supporters to the polls.    READ MORE »