Police raid club; this time, drugs are found

The Atlanta Police Department, stung by publicity over its tactics in raiding the Eagle last month, seemed to get it right Saturday when they busted a strip club. Meaning, this time, officers actually found drugs.    READ MORE »

Dwight’s home fit for a ‘Housewives’ queen

Dwight Eubanks does everything over-the-top. Whether it's as the gay sidekick on "Real Housewives of Atlanta" or in his eclectic home, he goes big or not at all. Six turkeys at Thanksgiving? Check.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 15 gay things to do today

Easy like Sunday morning. It’s an attitude we want to last the whole day. Slow it down, choose your method of relaxation or recreation, and click on your favorite options for the details.    READ MORE »

A Morehouse Man? Not in heels or a dress

In a move to quash even partial cross-dressing at Morehouse College, an “Appropriate Attire Policy” was released at the college last week with “five students who are living a gay lifestyle” in its sites.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 28 gay things to do today

Saturday kicks the gay into high gear. Political candidates, treehuggers, an alternaqueer rock show, the L5P Halloween Parade, a DJ double-header, a dirty dozen of bar events, and so much more.    READ MORE »

Roland Belmares wields a double-headed disco

We always love a man who knows how to use his toys. But DJ Roland Belmares’ return to Atlanta at both the Heretic and Bodyshop in one night proves this guy has stamina, too.    READ MORE »

Trees Atlanta hopes to draw some gay huggers

Trees Atlanta, which has put more than 75,000 trees in the ground across metro Atlanta, appeals to an important constituency: tree huggers. But Danny Roberts (photo) wants to change that.    READ MORE »

‘Don’t Label’ the bands at Ides of Pride

"Don't Label It!" continues to bring diverse people together, this time for Saturday afternoon’s Ides of Pride outdoor concert to rock a pre-festival celebration that benefits girls who wanna rock.    READ MORE »

Condoms get a little less irritating at AIDS Walk

The answer to that itchiness, dryness and even burning you might feel during those, um, intimate times with your man of the moment might just be in Duluth and not the doctor’s office    READ MORE »

Friday: 22 gay things to do today

Thank gay it’s Friday, and thank gay Atlanta for tonight's options you can dream about while you work. Click the links for detailed entries on sports, galas, artists and cocktails to look forward to.    READ MORE »

Mary’s calls all ‘Queers, Beers and Rears’

We’d all like to think we are as cool as the guys at Mary’s. But let’s face it, no matter how much you say, “We partied like rock stars,” this East Atlanta bar actually does it-–all the time and again on Friday.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Storm finds middle of pack at Gay Bowl

The Atlanta Storm finished in the middle of the pack at Gay Bowl IX, falling short of the gay flag football team's expectations of making a run at the championship.    READ MORE »

Kim Zolciak swats Jonathan Jaxson—again

We have a love-hate relationship with Kim Zolciak and her on-again, off-again gay publicist Jonathan Jaxson. We love it when they get into a cat fight and hate it when they act like reasonable adults.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Ruggers bare their bums for charity

Oh, those frisky college ruggers. To raise money, each year the rugby team for Sheffield Hallam University bares all to raise a buck. And now they are teasing us with treats from a recent photoshoot.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 26 gay things to do today

Make your Thursday gayer. Record “Project Runway,” because you’ll be busy with meet & greets, concerts, discussion groups, movies, and hey, you look like you could use a drink.    READ MORE »

‘Best Project Runway moment ever’? We’ll see.

Only dogs and gay men could hear the piercing squeal when a preview video was released for Thursday’s episode of “Project Runway.” Yep, Bob Mackie and Christina Aguilera (photo) on the same show.    READ MORE »

Atlanta’s size queens just love Jamie Foxx

To say Jamie Foxx unveiled the Full Monty is a bit of an understatement that does his, well, endowment a bit of a disservice. But it's apparently brought him new gay fans in Atlanta. Size queens, anyway.    READ MORE »

A filmmaker, rabbi and some gays walk into a bar

What happens when a filmmaker, a rabbi, two pastors and some gays get together? Dialogue, of course, and that's exactly what Georgia Equality had in mind.    READ MORE »

‘A buck in the bucket’ to keep Pride alive

COMMENTARY: “Tighten your belt” quickly became the official mantra of 2009, and non-profits felt the pinch. Atlanta Pride was no exception, calling for help even as they roll up their own sleeves.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Joel West can work those looks

We like our men versatile and for that, there's Joel West. He can hug a punching bag and look like the jock we all crave or slip on some glasses, slick back the hair and play that sexy geek.    READ MORE »