Thursday: Matthew Mitcham’s new look

We never tire of seeing Matthew Mitcham, the gay Olympian who's become a darling of LGBT media since he took diving gold last year. Now, photographer William Yang reveals him with a twist.    READ MORE »

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Simone Bell becomes newest state rep [video]

Simone Bell’s historic campaign for the state House came full circle Tuesday when Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Carol Hunstein issued her the oath of office. Watch the video.    READ MORE »

These last-minute gifts are your best option

It’s Christmas Eve, and you still have Christmas shopping to finish. We’ll blame you later. In the meantime, here’s a list of gift ideas from music to calendars to random eclectic items.    READ MORE »

In the spirit with Christmas worship services

It’s not all presents and parties. For some in LGBT Atlanta, there is a very specific “reason for the season,” and gay-inclusive congregations offer them Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services.    READ MORE »

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Cash crunch pushed SoVo owner to shutdown

Top executives with the parent companies of Southern Voice and David struggled to keep the publications operating leading up to last month’s collapse, but ran out of cash to keep the doors open.    READ MORE »

‘Gleek’ ally, Tila Tequila, gay rugby reflections

What do you get when Gareth Thomas is still gay, "Glee" star Matthew Morrison never was, Tila Tequila is lesbian again and a "fugly" lawsuit always was? It's Wednesday headlines.    READ MORE »

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Simone Bell takes office, cements historic role

Simone Bell's historic campaign for the state House came full circle Tuesday when Ga. Supreme Court Chief Justice Carol Hunstein issued the oath of office, formally making Bell a state legislator.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 21 gay things to do in Atlanta today

If you're done shopping and wrapping, here’s plenty to do until the Big Day. If you’re not, here are several excuses to talk it out, think about it and put it off just a little longer.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Oh, Marcello!

There's something about the mix of water, blue skies and low-slung jeans that make most any guy sexy. Well, a set of washboard abs doesn't hurt, either.    READ MORE »

East Point protects gay, trans employees

A unanimous East Point City Council on Monday expanded the city's nondiscrimination policy to include gays, just a few weeks after voters rejected two LGBT candidates.    READ MORE »

Can four out designers save ‘Project Runway’?

When “Project Runway” jumped networks, the show tanked in Season 6 with uninspired designs and contestants. Meet the gay designers—and one curious Atlantan—who hope Season 7 fares better.    READ MORE »

All-star women make ‘Nine’ worth seeing

Gay director Rob Marshall (“Chicago”) has become the go-to man of sorts for adapting stage versions of popular musicals for TV/the silver screen, so we're eagerly awaiting his take on “Nine.”    READ MORE »

Tom Cruise, Dustin Lance Black, Gay ‘Sherlock’

Perennially dogged Tom Cruise sued by alleged gay lover for wiretapping, studio execs think Downey's 'Holmes' is too gay, and Dustin Lance Black battles a 'gay bashing' college.    READ MORE »

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SoVo owner lost $195K a month before collapse

When the parent companies of Southern Voice, David magazine and a handful of other LGBT publications collapsed last month, they did so bleeding more than $195,000 a month.    READ MORE »

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Fake baking gays to face 10 percent tax

Gay boys beware: Get your tanning bed fix for the winter soon, as the health care legislation moving through Congress will leave you feeling a bit burned.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 20 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Quit playing games with our hearts, but other game play is wholeheartedly encouraged. Among many events, your gay Tuesday sees sports, pool, cards, bingo and even truth or dare.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Scott Herman wants a fitness empire

Our fetish with Scott Herman is made worse by his fetish with form-fitting briefs, boxers and jock straps. The former "Real World" contestant wants to build a fitness empire one ab at a time.    READ MORE »

Anderson Cooper’s big gay New Year’s Eve show

CNN, its prime-time ratings sinking faster than a season of "Project Runway" on Lifetime, is turning to the gays for help. The network is planning the gayest New Year's Eve show ever.    READ MORE »

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Gay paper’s editor quits after lying about past

It seems that in gay newspapers, as in fashion, one day you are in and the next day you are out. That's the storyline at Atlanta Free Press, which is stumbling out of the gate in the race to replace SoVo.    READ MORE »

Ricky Martin, gay rugger, Avatar star, Asher Roth

Sam Worthington wore a g-string before "Avatar" (no homo), H-town getting with the gays while an Evangelical church likes the queers, too, and Martha Stewart marries us. That and more in our news wrap.    READ MORE »