Monday: 16 gay things to do in Atlanta today

No matter how you felt when you woke up, you’ll get through Monday just fine. Even better if you take advantage of LGBT-ATL events from art to sports, drag to “Drag Race,” feminism to party boys.    READ MORE »

Monday: Daren Kagasoff likes briefs over boxers

Chances are that you won't see these shots on "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." That's where Daren Kagasoff plays actor, a decidedly different take on these new pics in his briefs.    READ MORE »

Top 5 most popular posts on Project Q this week

A little news, a princess, John Mayer as our Morning Fix (photo), a gay not-so-Super Bowl ad and gay couples and their open relationships rose to the top when we counted clicks this week.    READ MORE »

You said it: The week’s best reader comments

No hold-back on the feedback for Project Q posts this week, especially when it came to another YouthPride ousting, the Eagle 8, crime stories, “Idol” recaps, and UGA’s peanut butter covered fan.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 17 gay things to do in Atlanta today

The sun breaks through the clouds like a divine directive: Get off your butt, get out of the house and get with your gays, whether it’s at a house of worship or one of the Churches of the Poison Mind.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Daniel Nunez and his Bronx charm

Daniel Nunez is a sizzling mix of Puerto Rican and Dominican ancestry but combines it with an edge that only being born and bred in New York City can provide. Ah, the things the Bronx can do for us.    READ MORE »

‘Pop’ stars mix with ‘Coke’ heads for art opening

A packed Midtown art gallery provided the setting Friday for the catchy and playfully sinister work of artist Greg Mike, who was on hand for the opening of his "Popstars & Cokeheads" exhibit.    READ MORE »

Art auction provides boost to two AIDS agencies

Who says people don't buy art during a recession? You could hardly tell on Thursday as Cable Positive helped raise $8,000 for two AIDS agencies during an auction at a Buckhead gallery.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 24 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Don’t let the weather get in the way of all that’s in store: Casting for an LGBT dating show, Miss Gutterball, two Stone Mountain getaways and non-stop nocturnal pleasures.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Ryan Holbert’s a twink with ‘tude

Ryan Holbert is a lean twink model with a lot to say. Not that we mind, but we tend to like the sexy quiet types for our Morning Fix. He's our exception and one that comes with a little attitude.    READ MORE »

Low-key reception launches buildup to HRC gala

The Atlanta chapter of the Human Rights Campaign kicked off the buildup to its gala dinner in May with a reception Thursday in Midtown in which organizers announced the theme and a special guest.    READ MORE »

In a name: ‘Popstars & Cokeheads’ opens Friday

Leave it to Kai Lin Art Gallery, the gay-owned art space that draws the cool boys, to feature exhibits like this one, which features works as catchy as the show’s name.    READ MORE »

Open marriage, trans rape, gay Super Bowl ad

Gay marriage vs. monogamy, NFL player accused of forcing himself on a trans woman, CBS declines gay ad (we have the video), and the rest of Friday's gay headlines.    READ MORE »

Is girl-on-girl action cheating on my husband?

Leave it to the Sexorcist–otherwise known as gay sex advice columnist, author and blogger Michael Alvear–to tackle this question in his weekly Loaf column: Is girl-on-girl infidelity really cheating?    READ MORE »

‘Runway’ recap: Draped disaster, Black Thursday

Thursday’s “Project Runway” episode reminds us how far we have to go in Season 7 with 13 contestants still in it to win it, including all of Team Gay—and how far we’ve come from last year.    READ MORE »

Friday: 21 gay things to do in Atlanta today

We have you covered for weekend kickstarters, whether it’s—literally—pop art, shaking up Shakespeare, couples dance lessons, “Sabbath of Song,” or moving your milkshake to a DJ.    READ MORE »

Friday: Ben Pamies provides the pleasure

When your "special skills" include being a former pro baseball jock and an All-American swimmer while packing a 6'2" and 190-pound frame, then we can talk. Meet Ben Pamies, who's all that and more.    READ MORE »

Gay supper swaps beds for tables in downtown

The first time around, it was dinner in bed. On Tuesday, it was tables–30 of them, in fact–as the Big Gay Supper Club took on a downtown restaurant for its monthly gathering.    READ MORE »

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Eagle 8 trial postponed until March 11

The on again, off again trial for the Eagle 8 is off–again. The eight men arrested in the Sept. 10 raid on the Midtown gay bar won't get their day in court until mid-March.    READ MORE »

Obama, ‘Mad Men,’ Allen Ginsberg biopic

State of the Union reactions, de-gaying “Mad Men,” first look at “Howl” biopic, Prop 8 testimony ends, getting naked for equality, HRC tops Haiti donors and more Thursday gay headlines.    READ MORE »