Monday: John Mayer spreads for Rolling Stone

Singer and guitarist John Mayer has never been one to mince his words. So it's of little surprise that he takes it off for Rolling Stone and disses about finding a partner, Tiger Woods and masturbating.    READ MORE »

Top 5 most popular posts on Project Q this week

A little news, a princess, Cindy McCain and a baby-getting gay couple rose to the top when we counted clicks this week. Here's our take on the Top 5 posts from the week gone by.    READ MORE »

Marcel Emerson brings steamy novel to Atlanta

Washington, D.C. resident Marcel Emerson (top) brought his sophomore novel to Atlanta last week and spiced up an otherwise routine Saturday with a few steamy passages from "Your Had Met at Hello."    READ MORE »

Sunday: 20 gay things to do in Atlanta today

God knows why we slept so late. Maybe you made it to church and could ask directly. We think on the seventh day, we rested. Luckily, there’s still plenty to do on any given Sunday in LGBT-ATL.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Cody Rhodes wrestles ‘Raw’

This one's not quite like his father. Fans of pro wrestling certainly remember Dusty Rhodes. But his rising-star son, Marietta-born Cody Rhodes, is enough to make you reconsider WWE.    READ MORE »

You said it: The week’s best reader comments

There was no shortage of feedback for this week’s Project Q posts, especially when it came to Vernon Jones, the Eagle 8, Atlanta as the gayest city, Charis changes, and our popular Morning Fix.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 24 gay things to do in Atlanta today

You made it to the weekend, and LGBT Atlanta has your rewards. “Diana” opens, art meets fashion, play dates, Sukeban 2, three popular DJs and more bar nights than you can possibly get to.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Jared Prudoff’s tri-city special

Whether you catch him in Miami, New York or Hamburg, Jared Prudoff is sure to please. And soon he'll be more than a pretty face as Prudoff wants to launch a blog with all sorts of tips on how to be him.    READ MORE »

Stunning, inspiring ‘Diana’ graces Civic Center

Don't be jealous. We've seen the exhibit you've been waiting for, and by our account, "Diana: A Celebration" opens Satuday just as modest, elegant and tasteful as the late princess herself.    READ MORE »

‘Good Boys,’ it’s true, provides scandalous story

An all-guys Catholic school, the rich and over-privileged, the hint of a sexual scandal. We're so there. And no, it's not on Bravo. This unfolds on the stage during the latest Actor's Express production.    READ MORE »

‘Runway’ recap: fashion, drama both better

If the first two weeks of “Project Runway” Season 7 are any indication, Heidi and crew are fixing what they fucked up royally last fall. Personalities are big, designs are good, and that’s the way we like it.    READ MORE »

Eagle Raid  |  Community  |  News

Judge delays trial for Eagle 8 defendants

The trial of the eight men arrested during the Atlanta Police Department's Sept. 10 raid of the gay bar has been postponed, another delay in the legal case that has entered its fifth month.    READ MORE »

Bollywood kiss, cowboy porn, ‘lesbian defense’

Friday's gay headlines see lovers, soldiers and former lesbians evading police, Bollywood's first man kiss, "Big Brother 10's" Steven doing porn, and claiming lesbianism against prostitution charges.    READ MORE »

Friday: 20 gay things to do in Atlanta tonight

Thank gay it’s Friday. In Atlanta, that means special events. Get your weekend going, from post-work mingling to dancing cheek-to-cheek, from a sexy male photo exhibit to ladies with ‘staches.    READ MORE »

Friday: Jonathan Breeze makes even milk sexy

Jonathan Breeze does many things: plays football and hockey, DJ's, tumbles around with gymnastics and lifts weights. Oh yeah, he also strips down to white briefs and pours milk over his toned torso.    READ MORE »

Charis Circle says goodbye to three staffers

A “revolution” at the feminist non-profit Charis Circle includes the departure of both co-directors and venerable Charis Founder Linda Bryant, as well as an earnest, immediate search for an executive director.    READ MORE »

News  |  Politics

Vernon Jones is back; his gay record still stinks

Vernon Jones and his lackluster record on LGBT issues is back, and the mercurial former DeKalb County CEO wants to unseat one of Georgia's most gay-friendly members of Congress.    READ MORE »

‘Caprica’ gays, White House trans, Fierstein

Thursday's gay headlines find "hostile witness" on Prop 8 stand, second trans woman in Obama administration, gays on "Caprica," Houston boycott, Harvey Fierstein in "Fiddler" and more discoveries.    READ MORE »

‘Doggies’ goes glam to raise bucks for PALS

The storylines out of Doggies on the Catwalk were almost as numerous as the crowd: Local celebs, a four-legged hero, a husky drag queen, budding fashion designers and a reality show favorite.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 20 gay things to do in Atlanta today

It was rainy night in Georgia, but no, it isn’t raining all over the world. Don’t let soggy skies dampen your good time when Star 94’s Hot Gay Joe is out, and these other events make it an LGBT-stravaganza.    READ MORE »