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Former Blake’s doorman Phil Hickman dies at 64

A longtime gay resident of Atlanta and well-known former doorman at Blake's, Phil Hickman, was found dead in his Midtown home late last month with a plate of food and his dog Cricket nearby.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 26 gay things to do in Atlanta today

It’s your day. Time to take a breath, kick back and make plans with our full Gay Agenda. From fun in the park to fun in the dark, from day into night all the way to dawn.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Michele Graglia as the Italian special

Italian model and New York hottie Michele Graglia didn't start in modeling. In fact, the 27-year-old and his piercing brown eyes joined the family business selling flowers and greens.    READ MORE »

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Gays caught in crossfire of ‘Screen’ melee

Let’s do the math: 10,000 people show up for a movie in Piedmont Park and there’s no on-duty cops. A few hundred gays gather for a protest and scores of police in paramilitary gear are there.    READ MORE »

Saturday events draw DJs, dudes and dancing

It's been a month since Vicki Powell’s first FLUXdeluxe two-day party and Jay McCracken’s Bear Saturday. It's time again for special events that bring on the beats, boys and beverages.    READ MORE »

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$10,000 reward offered in missing gay man case

Investigators in an Atlanta suburb searching for a gay man who vanished in September hope a $10,000 reward might provide some clues in the disappearance.    READ MORE »

Nation’s power centers hot for Grindr [video]

Two enterprising young female Washington Examiner reporters went looking for gay male sex at the White House, Pentagon and the Capitol. Their Grindr app didn't disappoint.    READ MORE »

Gay trio strums their stuff at ATL stop [photos]

Three gay singers walk into a straight bar in Midtown ... and rocked it. You thought this was the start of a mediocre joke? But it happened Wednesday when the Big Spring Tour stopped in Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Friday: 32 gay things to do in Atlanta today

A short workweek doesn't make Friday any less sweet. Taste the rainbow of fruit-flavored events that LGBT ATL has planned: Art, sports, concerts, theater, contests and parties.    READ MORE »

Friday: Weekend jocks rejoice for Rob Thwaites

What with the weekend on the horizon, what better way to motivate you part-time jocks for your shot at glory than with Rob Thwaites stripped down and sporting some athletic gear.    READ MORE »

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Staunch LGBT volunteer Greg Barrett dies at 43

UPDATED | June 4, 4:40 p.m.: Services are scheduled to honor Greg Barrett, a tireless volunteer for Pride, AGMC and AIDS Walk, who died Thursday.    READ MORE »

OurSong co-ed gay chorus promises the moon

With summer officially around the corner, Atlanta’s gay and lesbian chorus OurSong delivers an appropriately timed tribute to the moon in its “Lunar Essence” summer concert.    READ MORE »

Obama: To hell with oil, it’s Pride month, girl

The gays are good for votes and campaign cash. And now President Obama can use us as cover during June, the month when gays dance in the streets and get Pride-ful. Except in Atlanta.    READ MORE »

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Atlantan Darian Aaron closes popular black blog

Darian Aaron grew increasingly frustrated over the lack of positive stories about black LGBT people, so the Atlanta resident created Living Out Loud. Now, Aaron is bringing his award-winning blog to a close.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 22 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Like a freight train only without the havoc, here comes today’s LGBT event list full of a little something for art lovers, trans teens, film fanatics, internet gamers and more.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Campus cutie JD Sullivan

JD Sullivan reminds us of the campus cutie we longed for in college: Energetic, eager to learn, an ethnic mix and unafraid to show off all of the good stuff in a gay sort of way.    READ MORE »

Outwrite multiplies Thursday by ‘Butch Factor’

While Christopher Hines is in town putting the finishing touches on his new film, he stops at Outwrite Thursday to sign DVD copies of his 2009 feature “The Butch Factor.”    READ MORE »

Photo: Painting graffiti hate in Cabbagetown

Maybe they had enough of MondoHomo's alternaqueers. It could have been one renovated bungalow too many. But someone delivered a simple, if unoriginal, slur on a wall in Cabbagetown.    READ MORE »

‘Mo Media: What the gay pubs offer this week

The gay glossies go with a beachy, summer flavor while the papers tackle the Atlanta Police Department’s latest LGBT liaison. But that’s not all, so we take a look to help you cut through the clutter.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Reporting for cleanup duty, sir

Tops beware: some bottoms aren’t ready for what you’re offering. Two letters this week need to know how to ask, suggest and flat out say that he needs to clean up before you can say “bottoms up.”    READ MORE »