Dykes march to their own beat for Pride [photos]

More than 100 people–a crowd of mostly women but joined by a few men–took part in the Dyke March Saturday during Atlanta Pride and sprinkled some activism into the weekend festivities.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Bucks tackle Bishop Eddie Long

Bishop Eddie Long took a shower with the Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club on Sunday during the Pride parade. Figuratively, of course.    READ MORE »

Jungle takes Pride kickoff into the night [photos]

For hundreds of people, the official Pride Kickoff on Oct. 8 just wasn’t enough without an afterparty. Jungle was more than happy to oblige, plying revelers with cocktails and dancing for hours.    READ MORE »

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Flaming Sugarbakers kickball with Pride [photos]

There's the kickball you remember from days on the playground. And then there’s the kickball from the Order of the Flaming Sugarbakers. That’s what unfolded inside Piedmont Park Saturday during Pride.    READ MORE »

Aquarium makes for fishy Pride opening [photos]

More than 4,000 people sold out the Georgia Aquarium on Oct. 8 to kickoff Atlanta Pride. DJs Martin Fry and Scott Anthony put the event to a beat, and the marine life provided the backdrop.    READ MORE »

Monday: 19 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Pride’s a memory, but LGBT Atlanta keeps going strong. Take a collective sigh as things get back to normal, but our daily calendar reminds us that there are always ways to bring friends together.    READ MORE »

Monday: The hunks of Atlanta Pride 2010

Hunks–shirtless, fully clothed, in pairs or by themselves–are a staple of the Atlanta Pride Festival. They were there in force over the weekend, thanks to moderate temperatures and plenty of sun.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 36 Pride things to do in Atlanta today

Sunday in the park with gays. Of course, Pride Sunday means the big parade. Click for one-stop shopping with all the other don’t-miss Pride and Pride-adjacent events from morning to late-late night.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Ty-Guy is the guy for us

Sexy and smooth takes the day with Tyler Kenyon, a former jock turned business management major turned model. Friends call him Ty-Ty; mama calls him Ty-Guy. Mother knows best.    READ MORE »

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Kimberley Locke brings pop to Pride [photos]

Singer and former "American Idol" contestant Kimberley Locke closed out Atlanta Pride on Saturday, delivering a 30-minute set that energized a sea of people in the Meadow of Piedmont Park.    READ MORE »

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Pride Saturday: A park of thousands [photos]

Thousands of people crowded Piedmont Park Saturday for the opening day of Atlanta Pride, basking in sunshine and moderate temperatures while enjoying food, entertainment and a marketplace.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 41 Pride things to do in Atlanta today

Your all-day, all-night options for Pride Saturday are right here. Ladies with an attitude. Fellas that are in the mood. Don’t just stand there. Let’s get to it. Hit the park. There’s nothing to it. Pride.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Sun-kissed Christopher Salomon

With blond hair and blue eyes, it's no wonder that Danish model Christopher Blom Salomon makes a splash in the U.S. modeling industry. The guy screams holiday edition of the A&F catalog.    READ MORE »

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Pride Planner: Saturday to-do list options abound

With Friday nightlife at a frenzy and more than 40 Saturday LGBT events on the Gay Agenda, maybe a little planning can help. Go with the flow, but make sure not to miss your faves with this list.    READ MORE »

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Reed: Ready to get my Pride on [video & photos]

Mayor Kasim Reed hosted his first Gay Pride Reception atop the roof of City Hall on Monday, pledging to continue the “full partnership” he wants to enjoy with the city’s LGBT residents.    READ MORE »

‘Runway’ recap: Pajama party trudges up past

As we hurtle toward the finish line, “Project Runway” makes time for a pajama fest with little fashion merit other than to promote Heidi Klum’s activewear perfect for the cast of “Jerseylicious.”    READ MORE »

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Say it with us, Atlanta police: It’s d-y-k-e-s

Gee thanks, gays. You, your trio of parades and marches and the big party in the park this weekend are totaling screwing up traffic. Atlanta police offer their own solution.    READ MORE »

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Pride Weekend playlist gets you in the mood

Pride is upon us, so get your tunes in order to set the mood for this most festive of weekends. Some of today’s hottest dance tracks make our list alongside remixes of artists performing at Pride.    READ MORE »

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Loaf: Yeehaw for a redneck Pride parade

Those urban, gay-loving sophisticates at Creative Loafing might just have a point: Wouldn't a Pride parade in rural Georgia do more for the LGBT cause than marching through the gay ghetto on Sunday?    READ MORE »

Friday: 33 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Pride peppers the calendar as official and unofficial events kick off the big weekend. Not to be outdone, every other faction of LGBT Atlanta keeps up its regular pace to put a lot of gay in your day.    READ MORE »