PALS to unveil spokespet during Sunday event

Supporters of Pets Are Loving Support take note: There are two ways you can help the non-profit this weekend with its mission of providing care and food to our four-legged friends.    READ MORE »

May Day ‘punk raiser’ next up for MondoHomo

Forget the boring Maypoles and traditional tra-la-la. With MondoHomo weeks away, festival organizers queer it up Sunday with Mondo May Day, a last-chance teaser party before the main event.    READ MORE »

Anti-bully bill passes, goes to gov for signature

It’s OK to poke your head out from the shelter you’ve been hiding in during the Gold Dome session. Lawmakers are gone, and they actually did gay students a favor before they left town.    READ MORE »

X-tina, immigration, Elton John to Ryan White

Aguilera’s new video goes gay, Elton writes AIDS teen 20 years after death, gay-inclusive immigration reform, plus what’s gay at Department of Justice, Supreme Court and U.S. Senate?    READ MORE »

Friday: 30 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Get through work, then LGBT Atlanta is your oyster. OutlantaCon begins, “Runway” Anthony judges a fashion show, singers croon, DJs thump, plus everything from parties to politics.    READ MORE »

Friday: The new face (and body) of Wally Couto

Dirk and Wally make quite the pair. It's Belgium photographer Dirk Alexander paired with hunky model Wally Couto in a new shoot. The black-and-white results make for a beefy Morning Fix.    READ MORE »

Atlanta HRC Dinner set to dazzle on Saturday

The tux, taffeta and ticket sales are brisk for the granddaddy of gay galas. Come Saturday, the HRC Atlanta Dinner expects to top 1,000 guests and offers honorees like Bravo’s Andy Cohen.    READ MORE »

Bowling, beer & softball guys? We’re in [photos]

Sports junkies enjoy the on-the-field action the Hotlanta Softball League provides on Sundays. But fun junkies enjoy the beer busts, fundraisers and car washes that are hallmarks of the season.    READ MORE »

Tweak your geek at ATL’s 3-day OutlantaCon

Gay Atlanta's diversity reaches the outer limits, including a vibrant sci-fi/fantasy fan community that boldly goes where few have gone before: its own LGBT convention this weekend.    READ MORE »

Fundraiser boosts Action Cycling efforts [photos]

Sadly, there were no toned cyclists in Spandex nor shirtless firefighters. But there was plenty of fundraising happening at Pedaling for a Purpose to help raise money for the upcoming AIDS Vaccine 200.    READ MORE »

‘Brokeback’ Wahlberg, Prop 8, iPhone apps

Prop 8 closing arguments set, Marky Mark up for Ledger role, gay Apple apps under fire, “X-Men” Juggernaut’s leather fans, lesbian teacher sent home, Lysacek disses Weir, more.    READ MORE »

‘Runway’ diva Anthony Williams: TV and beyond

Missing “Project Runway” already? This interview with sharp-witted Atlanta contestant Anthony Williams, who will judge Friday’s Simon Fashion Bow Wow, should help ease the withdrawals.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 20 gay things to do in Atlanta today

It's been a long week. Let's make it all better with Thursday events that start the weekend early, including Uncork A Cure plus more bars, parties and functions than you can handle.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Alex Geerman’s sexy gear

Alex Geerman likes his gear–mostly of the form-fitting underwear and swimsuit variety. But this is one model who doesn't mind baring all. Not that there's anything wrong with that.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’: Top 6 shock elimination

Six became five Wednesday on “American Idol” as voters kicked another contestant to the curb, but certainly not the one we were predicting or perhaps you were expecting.    READ MORE »

PALS puts on a bingo prom [photos]

In time for prom season, Pets Are Loving Support hosted the politically-incorrect titled F.A.G.S. Prom Night Bingo to mark the occasion earlier this month. Yes, that means drag queens in prom dresses.    READ MORE »

Laura Bush, Richard Chamberlain, ‘gay dog’

Former First Lady urged W to sidestep gay marriage, classic leading man busy after coming out, Lousiana rejects adoption bill, Illinois lawmaker's same-sex union, more.    READ MORE »

Sundays turn fundays with Vicki Powell [photos]

Popular local DJ Vicki Powell is one busy woman. If she's not occupied by a triple-header of weekend events, she's planning the next FLUX or spending her Sunday on the patio of a gay-owned eatery.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Send your reputation to Slut Rehab

So you used to be a manwhore. You had your fun, but now it’s coming back to bite you in the ass, and not in a good way. First, chill. Then check out these tips on restoring your rep.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 28 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Get over the Hump Day with a toast to Phillip Rush and the Rush Center, plus lunches, sports, group chats, game nights, shows and an abundance of bar events to find your niche.    READ MORE »