Monday: Texas-sized Tyson Ballou

Tyson Ballou is such a successful supermodel that we're not sure how he's been missed in the Morning Fix. Or how he gets away with working a runway in a bikini and backpack. But it works.    READ MORE »

Police: Marines beat gay man in Savannah

Two Marines were jailed and later released on misdemeanor battery charges early Saturday in Savannah after they allegedly beat a gay man they say winked at them.    READ MORE »

Photography of the flesh at pb&j gallery [photos]

The gay-owned pb&j gallery in Kirkwood explored photography of the flesh when it opened "Body + Space" earlier this month with an event that included several artists with work in the exhibit.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 20 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Besides two-dozen church services, gay Atlanta brings on softball, the end of LeatherFest, brunch, pool party, plays, James Earl Hardy and more to close out your weekend.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Dylan Rosser’s Dirty Dozen

What's better than one guy for the Morning Fix? Twelve. That's right, from Mike (our fave) to Hugo, Jared, Sam and Levi (no, not that one), we've got 12 guys thanks to Dylan Rosser's model search.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’ makes summer hotter—and gayer

Any cross-section of Gleeks and fangbangers is probably queer. As finales give way to summer limbo, that subset and more LGBT fans rabidly welcome a gayer-than-ever “True Blood.”    READ MORE »

Saturday: 32 gay things to do in Atlanta today

LGBT Atlanta outdoes itself with beer busts, LeatherFest, Premiere Party, country dances, Wild Cherry’s swan song and visiting DJs on top of even more options. Too much. Seriously.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Sean Sullivan closely cropped

We're not sure which Sean Sullivan we like best–long and shaggy or short and cropped? Either way, this model delivers the goods in a way that pleases us.    READ MORE »

Cowboys go urban with PALS Bingo [photos]

Cowpokes and cowgirls came out Wednesday to enjoy Urban Cowboy Bingo with Pets Are Loving Support and pay a little homage to the 30-year-old flick starring John Travolta.    READ MORE »

Saturday’s World Cup of beer and boys

What’s better than a big gay beer bust on Saturday afternoon? How about two? Double your pleasure, indulge yourself in the World Cup, and help Hotlanta Soccer and Hotlanta Softball's Wet Demons.    READ MORE »

Tonys, Iceland marriage, Prop 8, lacey drawers

Profiles of Wolfe Video founder and Tonys host Sean Hayes, Iceland approves gay marriage, no cameras in Prop 8 closing, and “lacey-drawered” military men make headlines.    READ MORE »

Review board: Discipline two cops in Eagle raid

The vindication of the Eagle 8 continued Thursday as a review board recommended sanctions against two officers involved in the raid and sustained a complaint that one man was falsely arrested.    READ MORE »

‘This Is It!’ It’s curtains for Wild Cherry Sucret

When Tony Kearney decided it was time for Armorette Wild Cherry Sucret’s final curtain call, it wasn’t enough to retire. He had to kill her. Cherry goes out in style Saturday.    READ MORE »

Friday: 31 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Flew by or dragged on, the workweek is almost over, and not a moment too soon. In fact, just in time for LeatherFest, Jewbilee, Jewel, and more. Your weekend starts here.    READ MORE »

Friday: Diego Gasques’ international flair

With the opening of the World Cup today, and with Brazil always a favorite to win it all, we went there to find Diego Gasques. He delivers the international flair that makes the Morning Fix so much fun.    READ MORE »

Pink Cadets cross line with beer bust [photos]

The Pink Cadets of the Hotlanta Softball League know how to do at least one thing well: Organize an event and throw a party. They play softball pretty well, too, leading their division with a 9-1 record.    READ MORE »

Saturday’s Premiere Party looks good in white

Plans for CHRIS Kids’ annual Premiere Party soiree are set, and the final touches are being placed on twhat organizers say is truly a family affair to benefit homeless youth.    READ MORE »

Corporate Atlanta doesn’t love gays that much

Gay corporate drones toiling away in your “Dilbert”-like existence, consider this: The global giant in Atlanta that employs you may not like you as much as you think.    READ MORE »

Ain’t too proud to beg: vote us ‘Best of Atlanta’

The individual campaigns are in full swing for the finalists in the GA Voice’s "Best of Atlanta" survey. We are proud to say that Project Q Atlanta made the Top 3 in the Best Blog category.    READ MORE »

Prom royalty, trans passports, corporate equality

Gay friends win prom king and queen, new policy to change U.S. passport gender, IBM and Google top gay-friendly global companies, Prime Minister to host LGBT reception, more.    READ MORE »