Sunday: 17 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Just your speed. Sunday is as active or as relaxed as you want to be, and today’s list of LGBT events follows suit: gear up for softball opener, or downshift with brunch, parties and more.    READ MORE »

Sunday: College boy Cody Connor goes vintage

Cody Connor works hard and plays hard. And yet, he still finds time to work with photographer Jay Diers in a shoot that makes him–and even a refrigerator–look a little vintage and super sexy.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 31 gay things to do in Atlanta today

As the day warms up, so does the Gay Agenda calendar of LGBT events. Heat up your plans with sports, cookouts, shows, appearances, and more nightlife than you can shake your stick at.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Soccer jock Lance Parker

Soccer jock Lance Parker likes to be in his uniform almost as much as likes to do without. And without, there's chest hair, muscles and usually a photographer around to capture it all.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’: Results turn Top 12 to Top 11

Another contestant was sent packing on Thursday’s “American Idol” results show, but not before the requisite Ford video, a slightly improved group number and a smattering of “Idol” drama.    READ MORE »

Friday: 29 gay things to do in Atlanta today

You always think it won't get here, but then tried and true, Friday comes through yet again with a locked and loaded calendar of LGBT events to kick off your weekend.    READ MORE »

Friday: Bad boy Ben Brian

Ben Brian first appeared on the Morning Fix radar with some scruffy goodness. He's back, this time with images making you wonder where's this guy been all of my life?    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’: Top 12 songs from their birth year

Three steps forward and one step back. That’s the best way to describe Wednesday night’s “American Idol,” where some singers were finally fitted with ear monitors and sang more "in the tune ballpark."    READ MORE »

Sid Shier brings Tennessee Williams back to life

Sid Shier has been away from the stage, but the openly gay acting veteran comes back with a bang as iconic gay playwright Tennessee Williams in the play “Confessions of a Nightingale.”    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Limp love life on antidepressants

I’m in love with my boyfriend, but the lack of sex ever since he went on antidepressants is killing me. Why is his drive so low and his tire so flat? More importantly, what can we do about it?    READ MORE »

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HRC to honor two Atlanta activists at gala dinner

Two Atlanta LGBT activists–one who advocates on HIV issues and the other who works for the inclusion of gays into the military–will be honored next month during the Human Rights Campaign’s dinner.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 28 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Pot of gold? Pish. Whip out this pot-full of today's LGBT events that would make any leprechaun green with envy and happens to come at the end of a much gayer rainbow.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Muscular magic of Matthew Smith

At a strapping 6'2", Matthew Smith strikes quite a figure. Put him in a low-riding swimsuit or even lower-hung jeans and with the work of photographer Allen Zaki, it's just muscular magic.    READ MORE »

Lesbian seeks Savannah City Council seat

Civic leader and retired health administrator Pam Miller wants to become Savannah’s first openly gay City Council member. She is running for the District 4 seat against its first-term incumbent.    READ MORE »

Hooch sees doubles for tennis tourney [photos]

Mother Nature delivered the goods exactly when the Atlanta Team Tennis Association needed it: Last weekend for its annual club championship that brought 85 players to center court.    READ MORE »

Men of Leather party kinks up Jungle [photos]

Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2010 Chandler Bearden hosted the Men of Leather Party at Jungle to help locals gear up for the 2011 International Mr. Leather competition with an Atlanta Kinkster contest.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 24 gay things to do in Atlanta today

The week is a long and winding road with an incline. Get over the Hump Day with a little help from the equally long and winding, but so much more fun, Gay Agenda calendar of LGBT events.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Furry, muscled Matthew Herrick

Furry. Taut. Muscled. All solid descriptors for model and actor Matthew Stephen Herrick, a 26-year-old Pennsylvania native and former track and field jock who now cuddles up with pup Billie in L.A.    READ MORE »

Hotlanta Softball warms up with tourney [photos]

With start of the Hotlanta Softball League season just days away, the gay league’s HitMob pulled together about a dozen teams on Sunday for its Warm Up Tourney.    READ MORE »

Anniversary lifts LGBT church picnic [photos]

The gay-founded, LGBT-welcoming Gentle Spirit Christian Church added a picnic to its weekly “Church Without Walls” Service on Sunday to celebrate the congregation’s 13th anniversary.    READ MORE »