Saturday: Brandon Espy’s crackle and pop

Brandon Espy provides all of the snap, crackle and pop you need for a lazy Saturday morning. The 22-year-model makes Rice Krispies look so sexy that we want a big mouthful right now. Of the cereal, silly.    READ MORE »

Take off your shirt and kiss against homophobia

International Day Against Homophobia hits Atlanta full force this year with three related gatherings. The Global Kiss-in on Saturday is just a warm-up for a Monday march leading up to the big event.    READ MORE »

American Eagle, trans ENDA, Rainbow Sash

Retailer must nix gender attire policy, Barney Frank won’t leave the T out of ENDA, gay Catholics plan Pentecost protest, married lesbian couple fights state over child’s birth certificate, and more.    READ MORE »

A dream weekend for lesbian sports fans

Lesbian sports fans take note: This is your weekend. Atlanta's four professional women's sports team–yes, four–host home games this weekend. Dust off your foam hands and get ready.    READ MORE »

Saturday’s leather, Levis and bears. Oh my!

Three events make sure this isn’t just another Saturday night. DJ Blaine hosts Bear Saturday, the Panther Leather/Levi anniversary weekend, and Mr. Atlanta Eagle hosts his IML fundraiser.    READ MORE »

AID Atlanta honors allies in HIV fight [photos]

AID Atlanta threw a party on Thursday and honored several people and groups for their work in battling HIV and caring for people who live with the disease.    READ MORE »

Friday: 28 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Friday. It does a body good. We'll see that and raise you a ton of events to start your weekend right. Art, theater, special guests, happy hours and parties for every man, woman and you, child.    READ MORE »

Friday: Jesse Metcalfe and his pecs hit the ATL

Jesse Metcalfe hits Atlanta on Saturday and while his career hasn't gone much of anywhere since he was a sexy lawn guy on TV, he's still smoldering hot. Here's a look to prime your pump.    READ MORE »

Doug Sturgess finds beauty through camera lens

The beauty of the world through a camera lens attracted Doug Sturgess to his craft and now the gay photographer is showcasing his work–Atlanta landmarks to muscled torsos–in an exhibit this weekend.    READ MORE »

Kai Lin Art invites you to bask in ‘afterglow’

With several talk-of-the-town openings since its debut last year, Yu-Kai Lin and his Kai Lin Art space are ready to wow you again with the four-artis “afterglow” show opening on Friday.    READ MORE »

‘Sex & the City’ bingo draws beauties [photos]

Beauty queens, drag queens, a political candidate, an actress and a musician walk into a gay bar. No, seriously, it's not the start of a Wanda Sykes joke. It happened on Wednesday at a bingo benefit.    READ MORE »

Topher Payne hears the echo of ‘Beached Wails’

Before he was a veteran Atlanta playwright, Topher Payne opened his first play “Beached Wails” in the ATL back in 2002. Payne and Stage Door Players dust off the cobwebs and re-open the play Friday.    READ MORE »

Lady Sovereign, Miley ‘Shank,’ Puerto justice

Rapper comes out, 99 years for killer of Puerto Rican teen, Miley gives gay choreographer a lap dance, another fishy “ex-gay” minister, lesbian Utah legislator to lead South Carolina gay group, more.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 18 gay things to do in Atlanta today

At a loss? Let the Gay Agenda make a few suggestions. Free HIV tests, professionals let their hair down, AID Atlanta Honors, women’s culture chat, and nightlife from after-work to the wee hours.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Noah Mills makes our ‘Sex’ better

Say buh-bye to Jason Lewis and the sexy full frontal of Gilles Marini. "Sex & the City 2" presents Noah Mills. And if he's hot enough for Samantha, he's definitely good enough for us, too.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’: Top 3 finalists revealed

Wednesday’s big “American Idol” news was that Elton John turned down a $33 million offer to take Simon’s place next season. Since I’m bitchy, snarky and grumpy, I’d be happy to do it for a million.    READ MORE »

Alex Wan and his City Council sticky wicket

Alex Wan, who vanquished a handful of rivals last year to become the only openly gay member of the Atlanta City Council, now faces the reality of governing and a grumpy press irked by a council vote.    READ MORE »

AID Atlanta Honors awards presented Thursday

It’s fancy and it’s pricey, and we’re not just talking about your exquisite taste. AID Atlanta shows its good taste Thursday as it recognizes people in the fight for people living with HIV.    READ MORE »

Laura v. W, trans slashing, pope mea culpa

Violent knife attack on UC student, Laura Bush parts ways with W. on gay marriage, pope blames church for its scandals, Congress nears DADT repeal, and updates on ongoing sagas.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Don’t be a three-way third wheel

Two letters this week remind us of the golden rule: check yourself. Listen to the man in the mirror when it comes to three-ways, and ask the same guy what he thinks butch and femme are.    READ MORE »