An afternoon of beer, boys and Demons [photos]

With squirt guns, beer pong, music and a few shirtless hotties, the Wet Demons softball team did what they do best off the field: throw a fundraiser that's both packed and a good time.    READ MORE »

Gaga game, Boy Scouts trial, Blackhawks Pride

Gaga stirs up Yankees-Mets, World Cup inspires lesbian players, family leave for gay workers, Stanley Cup in Pride parade, gay Boy Scout testifies, CNN spotlights gay dads, more.    READ MORE »

SouthEast LeatherFest spanks Decatur [photos]

You might not consider downtown Decatur as the Southeast's epicenter of leather and BDSM culture. But for a few days earlier this month, it was exactly that.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 29 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Whether you’re playing politics or board games, serving up dinner or volleying the issues, laughing out loud or singing out proud, LGBT Atlanta has just the place for you.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Union Jack wants this dance

If you can't tell from all of his muscles, Jack Jefferson has enjoyed life as a gymnast. It's brought him all sorts of wonderful opportunities and helped when he shipped off to dance college.    READ MORE »

East Point goes gay for the Possums [photos]

Hundreds of people helped raise thousands of dollars for two LGBT non-profits during a drag extravaganza on Saturday in East Point, making the burb the gayest place in Atlanta–at least for a few hours.    READ MORE »

Vanessa Carlton, smalltown gay, ‘Real L Word’

Singer says she’s bisexual, film from hometown story, reviews on “The Real L Word,” youth homelessness study, LGBT headline Obamarama, and is Beatty-Bening offspring FTM?    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: Gays, who’s coming to dinner?

The plot barely moves in this week’s “True Blood,” but creator Alan Ball gets his gay in edgewise with the introduction of the Vampire King of Mississippi and his consort.    READ MORE »

Outrage greets ‘Rick & Bubba’ diss of Gay Pride

The Alabama-based hosts of radio program “The Rick & Bubba Show”–which airs in Atlanta on ratings leader WSB Radio–have enraged gay listeners with their criticism of June as Gay Pride Month.    READ MORE »

Monday: 17 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Think of the beginning of the workweek as any other beginning – a chance to make the most of it. Go get paid, then do you by catching a movie, bar night, discussion group or a show.    READ MORE »

Monday: Taylor Lautner’s ablicious calling card

As the buildup to the June 30 release of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" continues, we're happy to do our part: First Kellan Lutz spreads for Men's Health; now Taylor Lautner works it for GQ.    READ MORE »

Bucks Rugby finds tough going at Bingham Cup

Atlanta's gay rugby squad struggled in its early matches at the Bingham Cup in Minneapolis, but entered tournament play as the No. 1 seed in the Bowl/Shield Tournament on Saturday.    READ MORE »

Beating victim to skip rally; denies using slur

A 26-year-old gay beating victim in Savannah won’t attend a rally in his honor on Sunday, a day after details emerged about charges he faced in a road rage incident earlier this year.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 16 gay things to do in Atlanta today

And you were there… and you, and you! There’s a little something for everybody on the Gay Agenda. All the LGBT-friendly churches, plus 15 more ways to get with your gays today.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Rick Day’s World Cup players

The fascination across the globe with the World Cup inspired us to search long and far for a soccer-inspired Morning Fix. Thanks to photography, his balls and his "Players," we found just the fix we need.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 33 gay things to do in Atlanta today

The weekend is so sweet. Taste the rainbow of fruit flavors that make up this list of parties, performances, gatherings and commemorations. Your Stonewall Week starts here.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Willing for Abel Ljoka?

Willing and Abel? Maybe so for Argentinian model Abel Ljoka. The way he packs his briefs, wrestling gear, jeans and pretty much anything else pulled onto his body makes us want to know.    READ MORE »

Second gay attack alleged in Savannah

A second gay man in Savannah is stepping forward with details of an alleged attack, though the victim has not reported the months-old incident to police.    READ MORE »

‘Real L Word,’ Fla. adoption, Cary Grant outed?

Florida governor sows his Independent oats, lesbian couple wins family discount at gym, reviewing Showtime’s new reality series, and oops, did Betty White just “out” Cary Grant?    READ MORE »

Flag football revs up to crown champion [photos]

The National Flag Football League of Atlanta continues its push to the end of the spring season on Saturday with its second round of playoff games.    READ MORE »