Thursday: 22 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Countdown to the weekend. Bide your time, or consider starting a little early with today's lineup of local LGBT events that send you hurtling into Friday without watching the clock.    READ MORE »

Newt Gingrich meets his Atlanta marriage bigots

If you’d like to see the face of Georgia’s leading marriage bigots, look no further than a high dollar fundraiser Wednesday in Atlanta for the state’s long-lost conservative marriage whore, Newt Gingrich.    READ MORE »

Queen of queens: Win tickets to Lisa Lampanelli

Comedy’s Queen of Mean Lisa Lampanelli isn’t slowing down. The author, comic and equal opportunity offender is balling up barbs to hurl on Saturday at Cobb Centre, and we’re giving away tickets.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Going down road of oral sex risk

Like a good erection, it keeps coming up: Debate over whether oral sex is safe sex, or still a major risk to HIV infection. Another doubter must mean that it’s time to go down that road again.    READ MORE »

Gays plan protest of Chick-fil-A event in Atlanta

Some Atlanta LGBT activists, stuffed full with the homegrown homophobia of Chick-fil-A, are aiming to show the fast-food giant their indigestion with a little grassroots activism on May 6.    READ MORE »

Georgia’s AIDS drug program sees budget cut

The waiting list for Georgia’s program that supplies AIDS drugs–already the second-highest in the U.S.–didn’t get the financial help this week that AIDS activists had hoped would come from lawmakers.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 25 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Big to-do list? You may have to hump it to get over Hump Day, but start scratching things off and make room for today's LGBT-ATL events: PALS Bingo, community meetings and more.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Doug Peaney’s blond and built

If you hadn't noticed, Doug Peaney spends some time in the gym. The 24-year-old likes to pump up some muscles. Better yet, he likes to show them off in ways that work with his blond hair and blue eyes.    READ MORE »

‘Drag Race’ recap: Make dat money, queens

When it comes to money, there’s a line between “enough” and “too much for your own good.” So it goes on “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” where the Top Four gold-dig toward the finale in a Make Dat Money Ball.    READ MORE »

From death to DVD, Wild Cherry Sucret returns

Former Armorette Wild Cherry Sucret always goes big–in life, in death and now, even in the after-life. You can never keep a good queen down and this one has taken on a new life thanks to Amazon.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 24 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Another day, another dollar? Make more than that out of your day with help from the daily Gay Agenda. Check our LGBT events calendar for ways to make a little Tuesday go a long way.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Alioth Garcia tugs on his wet tee

What troubles us about Alioth Garcia is that we can't find more photos of the sexy model. Yes, there's the wet t-shirt ones, some tugging on undies, others in a skimpy swimsuit. Ok, maybe that is enough.    READ MORE »

Toasting and playing ball with the Titans [photos]

Here’s the thing about the Hotlanta Softball League season: The teams take their games seriously, but some are better than others at the off-the-field fun. Count the Atlanta Titans among them.    READ MORE »

Get to know TransQueer Nation’s Tristan Skye

What makes Atlanta’s Tristan Skye tick? As a leader among the next generation of trans folks and the founder of TransQueer Nation, he takes us deeper into his past and looks ahead at fatherhood.    READ MORE »

Melissa Carter celebrates radio farewell [photos]

Powerhouse lesbian radio personality Melissa Carter spent Saturday night amongst fans and friends during an evening with a split purpose: bid her a fond farewell and fundraise for her charity.    READ MORE »

ATL Cotillion launches season at Saks [photos]

The gentlemen debutantes known as Atlanta Cotillion began their months-long fundraising season with Cocktails at Saks on Thursday, where they got a private peek at Saks’ Men’s Store.    READ MORE »

Monday: 20 gay things to do in Atlanta today

You have the power to face down Monday. Grab control of the week with the help of an LGBT event lineup that lets you stare down Monday until it submits to your idea of how it’s gonna go.    READ MORE »

Monday: ShaTarr fulfills your jock fantasies

California personal trainer ShaTarr Oxendine makes for a jockular Morning Fix. He likes to strap sports gear onto his muscular frame and parade around in a snug jock. Don't we all?    READ MORE »

Sunday: 19 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Wish it was Sunday ‘cause that’s your funday? Done. In fact, there’s even an event called Sunday Funday among today’s diverse lineup of LGBT gatherings and happenings. Check ‘em out.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Dmitriy Tanner’s lean, edgy appeal

It's a grungy Sunday for the Morning Fix. Dmitriy Tanner works business casual, briefs in a kitchen and–the model standard–swimsuits on a runway. He's got a lean, muscled torso and a look with an edge.    READ MORE »