Chick-fil-A not so much for the married gays

Shocking as this might seem given Chick-fil-A's "heartfelt hospitality," but if you're a married gay, the Atlanta-based restaurant chain and its marriage retreat center don’t want anything to do with you.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’: Wednesday’s Milwaukee auditions

We’re tuned into the “’American Idol two-hour event.” Our ongoing mission: to seek out new freaks, hold out for the real contest, and boldly go where every “Idol” open audition has gone before.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 29 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Does the end of the week leave you sluggish? Re-energize yourself as the weekend approaches. Get your blood pumping with local LGBT events in arts, sports, community and nightlife.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Matt Morgan and his Georgia parts

Matt Morgan’s passion is fitness, and it shows. Despite filling out his swimsuits in a most bootylicious way, this Georgia guy makes it a mission to work his abs and all of his muscled body parts.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Bucks scrum through Rugby 101 [photos]

The Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club brushed off the dust from their cleats on Saturday, taking to the pitch for Winter Rugby 101 and walking new recruits through the basics of the sport.    READ MORE »

Ladystache gives Bellissima good face [photos]

Ladies, is your top lip boring and hairless? Are you too pooped to pop? DJ Vicki Powell provided the cure at Ladystache 3 on Saturday at Bellissima, where women donned mustaches and grooved.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Going down: safe oral with HIV

You’ve been adamant that man-to-man oral sex will not lead to infection. Well, if you’re so sure about it, answer me this: Would you personally go down on a guy that you knew was HIV positive?    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 29 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Don’t look at it as a workday. Look beyond the daily pressures and gaze into the shiny local LGBT events on today's Gay Agenda, from sports to forums, games to shows and beyond.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Lucas Malvacini’s outdoor appeal

Nature–or the back of an SUV–never look as good as when Lucas Malvacini is in them. Splash a little water down the Brazilian model's chest and, well, it's a winning combination.    READ MORE »

Southern Voice may resurface in early February

If you’ve been on a Southern Voice death watch, consider this: The once weekly mainstay of gay readers, missing since December, will return just before Valentine’s Day. Love that, naysayers.    READ MORE »

Feel pretty: ‘West Side Story’ opens in Atlanta

As far as classic musicals go, “West Side Story” is up there with the greats. A touring version of the musical slides into the Fox Theatre Tuesday with gay performers ready to talk up the show.    READ MORE »

‘Drag Race’ recap: Ho, ho, ho it up, ladies

Just when we thought the holiday madness was behind us, “RuPaul’s Drag Race 3” brings it all flooding back with 13 new contestants and an oddly timed Christmas-themed debut.    READ MORE »

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Roseanne Barr delights in Atlanta [photos]

Author, award-winning actress and ground-breaking “domestic goddess” Roseanne Barr delighted fans during an Atlanta stop last week, dishing about going green, hemp, gay siblings and menopause.    READ MORE »

Oscar nods, gay faves, and predictions to win

The Oscar nominations are in, and lesbian dramedy “The Kids Are All Right” will duke it out with heavyweights “The Social Network” and “The King’s Speech” at this year’s Academy Awards.    READ MORE »

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FBI: Hate crime charges unlikely in Atlanta arson

The FBI has launched a preliminary inquiry into the suspected arson at the home of a Carroll County gay man, but the case is likely to remain with the local sheriff’s office, authorities said.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 27 gay things to do in Atlanta today

You work hard. So do the planners in LGBT Atlanta. They make sure you have lots of events on the daily Gay Agenda that are just warming up when you’re ready to wind down.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Chad White swaggers back

We can never get enough of top model Chad White. Thanks to talented photographer Gregory Vaughn, we have new reasons to gawk at this former jock and and his masculine swagger.    READ MORE »

Doggies on Catwalk raise PALS funds [photos]

Doggies on the Catwalk strutted its stuff on Friday to benefit Pets Are Loving Support. The annual fundraiser features models and canine freinds on the runway in fashions by Urban Couture students.    READ MORE »

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Metro Atlanta gay man threatened, house torched

Vandals threatened a gay man in Carroll County on Saturday by throwing a rock wrapped with anti-gay slurs through a window and then, hours later, apparently setting his home on fire.    READ MORE »

GLAAD defends AJC as media award nominee

GLAAD stood by its nomination of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as one of its nominees for the GLAAD Media Awards, defending the paper for its “dozens of positive and fair LGBT articles.”    READ MORE »