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Hey gay shoppers: Target, Home Depot under fire

Two corporate titans that the gays are fond of–so much so that they get the monikers Tar-gay and Homo Depot–are drawing fire, one for its gay ways and the other for backing an anti-gay candidate.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 26 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Tuesday somehow became Game Night in LGBT Atlanta. Plenty of other events invite you to eat up, listen up and even show up the talent competition.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Guardino as locker room eye candy

James Guardino is one reason why Undergear's website is so enjoyable. The New York City model pitches their stuff, plus a whole lot more on runways across the globe.    READ MORE »

CDC ranks Atlanta No. 8 in U.S. HIV/AIDS cases

Atlanta ranks eighth among the nation’s metro areas in its ratio of HIV infections to overall population, according to the locally-based CDC. Gay and bisexual men remain the largest risk group.    READ MORE »

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Marietta Rainbow Fest draws a crowd [photos]

Hundreds of people enjoyed the first-ever Marietta Rainbow Festival on Saturday, an effort by organizers to show that the infamously anti-gay suburb is softening its image.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: Sunday, Bloody Sunday

If some audiences are squeamish about how gay “True Blood” is this season, creators even the playing field by prioritizing gore over gay so everybody feels a little queasy.    READ MORE »

Monday: 19 gay things to do in Atlanta today

You have a lot on your plate. Let gay Atlanta help lighten the load with these meets, greets, games and gatherings that offer something to look forward to at the end of a long day.    READ MORE »

Monday: The hunks of Joining Hearts

You couldn’t turn with your Grey Goose cocktail in hand on Saturday without bumping into a shirtless hottie. There they were in the VIP area, the dance floor and the pool deck.    READ MORE »

Sold-out Joining Hearts packs Piedmont [photos]

Thumping beats from DJ Roland Belmares as you approached Piedmont Park’s pool. The crowds surrounding the registration booth. The shirtless gays. It couldn’t be anything other than Joining Hearts.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 15 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Wish it was Sunday. That's my fun day. Wait... It is! LGBT Atlanta makes plans using our Gay Agenda events calendar, from brunch and parties to weekend-extending club nights.    READ MORE »

Sunday: The male forms of Imagen Arte

Sometimes one guy just isn't enough. Maybe it's our Joining Hearts hangover and spending so much time with so many hot guys, but this Morning Fix needed an added boost.    READ MORE »

Atlanta gay chamber lets its hair down [photos]

Think business networking mixers are stuffy and a little dull? That wasn't the case at a Virginia-Highland business on Friday when a gay business group settled in for its monthly 4th Friday Networking.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 28 gay things to do in Atlanta today

We’d say turn up the heat, but that’s a given. Triple-digit fun comes by way of LGBT Atlanta. Underwear show? Yup. Marietta Pride? You bet. Joining Hearts? More than you know.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Leandro Okabe is a beautiful blend

Leandro Okabe is a blend of Japanese-Brazilian flesh that is certain to heat up an already scorching Saturday. His Facebook page says his relationship status is complicated. No doubt.    READ MORE »

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City returns Eagle 8 bail – four months later

A few days after the co-owner of the Eagle went public with his complaint that the City of Atlanta hadn't returned bail money for the Eagle 8, city officials called to say his check was ready.    READ MORE »

Hot singles for your Joining Hearts Weekend

The weekend is upon us, so whether you’re hanging inside, lounging in the pool, or headed to Joining Hearts 23, here’s a playlist packed with sonic goodness for your weekend.    READ MORE »

Underwear fashion show for charity? We’re in.

No one throws a birthday benefit for HIV/AIDS quite like Mary Edith Pitts. Saturday’s underwear show and a souped-up Sunday Spectacular are topped only by Pitts’ fundraising goal: $60,000.    READ MORE »

GA Voice, Fenuxe party throwdowns [photos]

Whether it was the swag bags dished at the Fenuxe party or the awards doled out at the GA Voice celebration, most everyone who attended the two events walked away with something.    READ MORE »

Friday: 30 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Thinking Friday? Perfect. So are we, and so is our chock-full calendar of LGBT events. From happy hour to closing time, from concerts to stage shows, you’ve got Friday covered.    READ MORE »

Friday: Muscled and mohwaked Nuno Branco

You might not know it from his tough-guy photos, but Nuno Branco is an interior design student, too. Whatever, that just messes with our bad-ass fantasies spurred on by his muscled bod and mohawk.    READ MORE »