Friday: Chris Beaudry is a natural beauty

We don't know much about Chris Beaudry, but we know this: Gaze at his photos for a few minutes and you're hooked by his natural beauty and ripped body. His stare and those abs get you every time.    READ MORE »

All dressed up for Saturday’s Cotillion ball

With six months worth of lead-up events and individual debutante fundraisers behind them, Saturday’s Atlanta Cotillion IX all-out drag ball is coming at Atlanta like brides at a one-day dress sale.    READ MORE »

News  |  Politics

GOP’s Mike Jacobs enjoys gay support [photos]

Mike Jacobs, a Democrat turned Republican who supports LGBT issues, worked Tuesday to remind gay voters that he’s been there for them in the hopes that they will turn out for him on Election Day.    READ MORE »

Teen death, Wyo. marriage, Katy Perry, kiss cam

Indiana student kills himself over bullying, gay Wyoming couple drops suit against state, Katy Perry “punishes” old crush with “Ur So Gay,” Obama's new gay appointee, MLB fans want gay kiss cam, more.    READ MORE »

‘Secret Origins’ of our gay comic geeks column

Welcome to the first edition of Wonder Geeks, your semi-regular guide to all things gay and geeky. We’ll be sharing what’s hot in the world of comics, video games, action figures—you know, anything geeky.    READ MORE »

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Gay dad wages Google war on Nathan Deal

Nathan Deal made gay Georgians and a group for LGBT youth a target during his successful primary campaign. Now a gay father and attorney is returning the favor.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 27 gay things to do in Atlanta today

What to do, what to do... First check today's LGBT events calendar, then you'll have an idea for what comes next. Options abound for cocktail hours, performances, parties and bar nights.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Has the pool ever looked this good?

Fantasies for many a gay man begin and end in the locker room. So kudos to photographer Magí Torras and a new spread for Revista Must for capturing the essence that fuels those special moments.    READ MORE »

Our milestone is your Project POP Happy Hour

It’s been quite a road since a local sports blog expanded to become Project Q Atlanta. Two years later, we need a drink. Friday’s Project POP celebrates your role in our success and is a benefit, too.    READ MORE »

Jane Lynch on Ellen, Fla. adoption, Victory Fund

“Glee” star credits DeGeneres, governor considers letting Florida’s gay adoption ban go, wins for gay primary candidates, lesbian arson victims need help, Tea Party tweeter resigns, more.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? If you like it put a ring on it

I want to try a cock ring, but I don’t know what to buy or how to put it on. It’s all so confusing. How do you decide between leather, metal, or Velcro? And how do I determine what size to get?    READ MORE »

Field Day takes us back for a cause Saturday

Remember your favorite day in elementary school? Well, Field Day grows up on Saturday with three-legged races, tug-o-war, egg tosses and a dozen more just-for-fun events to benefit CHRIS Kids.    READ MORE »

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Loaf: Reed, police must work with Eagle study

With a citizen oversight board now turning its attention to the role of Atlanta police supervisors in the Eagle raid, Creative Loafing on Wednesday urged Mayor Kasim Reed and his police chief to cooperate.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 30 gay things to do in Atlanta today

What's in store in LGBT Atlanta? There’s one good way to find out. Click your choices to get times, details and maps, even set personal reminders for today’s workouts, games, shows and parties.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Romancing Zack Jonathan Vazquez

Zack Jonathan Vazquez knows how to work the runway, sport some fashionable briefs, look sultry for the cover of a romance novel and even flex enough to be the pitchman for a national gym chain.    READ MORE »

Craigslist: Find your escorty massage elsewhere

For gay guys who like to end their sexual encounters by leaving cash on the nightstand, you’re screwed. Figuratively, not literally, and you have Craigslist to thank for it.    READ MORE »

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Memphis fugitive hiding in ATL trans circles?

After 10 weeks on the run, a Memphis man with a long wrap sheet who escaped jail on July 7 may be in the comfort of Atlanta’s “high transgender community where they can blend well,” cops say.    READ MORE »

Nate Berkus, Senate DADT vote, George Michael

Oprah alum premieres talk show, Senate to vote on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” sperm donor stalks lesbian mom, singer faces jail, feds extend leave to gay workers, anti-gay Tea Party tweets, more.    READ MORE »

How to open your eyes to international travel

You know the phrase: Just do it. It’s a marketing catchall, but it’s never more important than now if you’re considering travel to one of the many international LGBT events that always fill the calendar.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 30 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Do you know where you’re going to? Head toward today’s LGBT events for the star power of Adam Lambert and Terry McMillan plus gatherings for politics, business, socializing, partying and more.    READ MORE »