For the Kid’s fashionable evening [photos]

Fashion, fragrance and cocktails were the order of the night last Thursday as For the Kid in All of Us saluted its donors during an invitation-only event at Saks Fifth Avenue in Buckhead.    READ MORE »

Fitness: How to increase your bench press

So you’ve maxed out your press? Or worse, you’re having trouble getting started and no luck increasing your poundage? Don’t sweat it. Other exercises can help you get it up. The weight, that is.    READ MORE »

Lance Bass, McCain and Huckabee, Colin Ferrell

Lance Bass sponsors a gay-friendly prom in Mississippi, John McCain and Mike Huckabee sling ignorance, Colin Ferrell bashes gay bashing, “Glee” takes the gay baton and other world developments.    READ MORE »

Drag queens go to bat for charity [photos]

The athletic oval in Piedmont Park was crowded with so many drag queens and kings on Saturday that passers-by could mistake it for Atlanta Pride. Instead, they were there for softball. Yes, a sporting event.    READ MORE »

Monday: 19 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Just another manic Monday. Wish it was Sunday… but it’s not, so let LGBT Atlanta help you deal: authors, community forums, bar specials and shows from Dragamaki to Stars of the Century.    READ MORE »

Monday: Easy go lucky Roland Szegi

Call him Roly for short. Hungarian born and current New Yorker Roland Szegi is happy, smiles a bunch and can turn on the sexy so easily that good pictures aren't far behind.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 15 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Eat, drink and be Mary as LGBT Atlanta lays out a springtime picnic of activities for every ilk. Wedding Expo, performances, benefits, parties—and that’s on top of options for those who do church.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Matthew Mitcham’s funky package

Who couldn't embrace gay Olympic diving sensation Matthew Mitcham? For a while, it was sponsors. But now the sexy swimmer is getting funky, as in nailing an endorsement deal with Funky Trunks.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 22 gay things to do in Atlanta today

The LGBT world is your oyster today. Get up, get out and do Leather Pride, the LGBT Student Summit, one of three outdoor sports choices, dance and music performances, plus endless parties.    READ MORE »

Bucks close rugby season on Saturday [photos]

The Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club, working through a tough spring schedule, closes out its season on Saturday with a match and Spring Fan Appreciation Day.    READ MORE »

‘Runway’ recap: Cirque du not-so gay

A trip to Ringling Brothers fed the final challenge to see who goes to Bryant Park on “Project Runway.” Sadly, it took 12 episodes to see a perfectly stunning look. Worse, there was just one.    READ MORE »

‘Sex & the City 2,’ Mark Foley, ‘True Blood’

Marriage at home and abroad, Catholic deflection, Congressional page handler Mark Foley may run for mayor, “True Blood” shows its gay vampires, “Sex and the City 2” trailer, more.    READ MORE »

Did the Bareback Time Machine kill Chad Noel?

Chad Noel was screwing in a time machine and partying like it was 1989. He died like it, too. The recent death of the 25-year-old gay porn actor is igniting a debate on barebacking and even serosorting.    READ MORE »

Friday: 27 gay things to do in Atlanta today

So freakin' glad it's Friday. Seriously. Leather Pride, YouthPride’s Evolve!, “The Runaways” movie, Martinis & Diana, Michelle Malone and more inject an instant dose of weekend relief.    READ MORE »

Friday: Mark Wahlberg returns—with no shirt

Mark Wahlberg is back. Gays of a certain age will remember Wahlberg taking America by storm with his crotch-grabbing undies campaign. Now, he's a bit older and a little heavier, but still looking good.    READ MORE »

Friday Evolve! party helps fight youth suicide

The Bill Lowe Gallery again provides a posh setting for the Evolve! fundraiser set for Friday. An open bar, hors d’oeuvres and DJ Travis Roache provide a festive backdrop to help a serious issue.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Leather Pride whips out three-day event

Get out the straps. Atlanta joins the big boys in other cities with our first Leather Pride this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, featuring the Black & Blue Ball and Mr. Atlanta Eagle as its crown jewels.    READ MORE »

Martina Navratilova, Lady Gaga, ‘Desperate’ war

Martina battles breast cancer, Gaga supports “Lady Gay Gay” shirt-wearing teen, Sheridan says fight with “Desperate Housewives” creator is because he’s gay and she’s straight, and more.    READ MORE »

Southern Voice misses launch, aims for April 14

The launch of Southern Voice under its new owners missed its well-publicized debut on Wednesday and is being pushed back a week over concerns about producing a "quality publication."    READ MORE »

Friday rally suports Derrick Martin & drag queen

Derrick Martin, the gay teen who is taking his boyfriend to the prom, and a Middle Georgia drag queen will be at the center of a rally in downtown Macon on Friday.    READ MORE »