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City returns Eagle 8 bail – four months later

A few days after the co-owner of the Eagle went public with his complaint that the City of Atlanta hadn't returned bail money for the Eagle 8, city officials called to say his check was ready.    READ MORE »

Hot singles for your Joining Hearts Weekend

The weekend is upon us, so whether you’re hanging inside, lounging in the pool, or headed to Joining Hearts 23, here’s a playlist packed with sonic goodness for your weekend.    READ MORE »

Enrique Iglesias, priests gone wild, Choi ousted

Enrique flirts with George Lopez, Italian mag releases video of alleged priest sex, posterboy Dan Choi gets his discharge, and did Christopher Reeve and Casey Donovan have an affair? More.    READ MORE »

Underwear fashion show for charity? We’re in.

No one throws a birthday benefit for HIV/AIDS quite like Mary Edith Pitts. Saturday’s underwear show and a souped-up Sunday Spectacular are topped only by Pitts’ fundraising goal: $60,000.    READ MORE »

GA Voice, Fenuxe party throwdowns [photos]

Whether it was the swag bags dished at the Fenuxe party or the awards doled out at the GA Voice celebration, most everyone who attended the two events walked away with something.    READ MORE »

Friday: 30 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Thinking Friday? Perfect. So are we, and so is our chock-full calendar of LGBT events. From happy hour to closing time, from concerts to stage shows, you’ve got Friday covered.    READ MORE »

Friday: Muscled and mohwaked Nuno Branco

You might not know it from his tough-guy photos, but Nuno Branco is an interior design student, too. Whatever, that just messes with our bad-ass fantasies spurred on by his muscled bod and mohawk.    READ MORE »

Joining Hearts Weekend ready to throw down

In its 23rd year, Joining Hearts is ready to set the parties-with-purpose standard once again with Saturday’s main event, plus more pre- and after-parties than you can handle.    READ MORE »

Win free Kathy Griffin tickets from Project Q

What’s better than Kathy Griffin's Aug. 14 return to Atlanta at the Fox? For fans of the no-holds-barred comedian, the only way to top it is to attend for free. Allow us to assist.    READ MORE »

Comment of the Day: Who loves a twink?

He's young and you're old(er). Our Need Wood? column about minding the age gap in gay dating provoked lots of reaction with some swearing off the twinks while others say they're so on board.    READ MORE »

Sara Gilbert, Dustin Lance Black, ComicCon

CBS ignores “Roseanne” actress’ orientation in talk show promo, “Milk” Oscar winner’s next projects, bartenders told “No shirt, no service,” and how gay is ComicCon? More.    READ MORE »

Variety is the spice of the latest music releases

If you’ve been in the mood for some new electro/ blues/ orchestral/ retro/cabaret, you’re in luck. New albums bring variety from big names, emerging stars and and old friend or two.    READ MORE »

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Mary Norwood sues for Fulton ballot access

Mary Norwood, apparently bothered that attention shifted this week to candidates actually on the ballot, filed a lawsuit Thursday to continue her quixotic bid for the Fulton County Commission.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 21 gay things to do in Atlanta today

You look especially nice. Shame to waste it on your coworkers. Show it off at today’s LGBT events. Meetings, discussions and of course, more than a little something for the party people.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Jared K. provides a mouthful

Jared Koronkiewicz can wow you with his long-haired surfer looks or his trimmed and preppie underwear model look. But with a name like Koronkiewicz, he's sure to provide a mouthful either way.    READ MORE »

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Police kill Atlanta man in cruisey N.J. park

An unarmed married Atlanta CEO was shot and killed in a New Jersey park known for gay cruising after an officer says he struggled with the man and feared for his life.    READ MORE »

So is Atlanta one of the gayest cities or not?

After being named the Gayest City in America by a magazine in January, an actual scientific study doesn’t even put Atlanta in the Top 20. We feel pretty gay, but is either very accurate?    READ MORE »

Tel Aviv tourism, Dan Choi again, Memphis beat

Plan your next gay getaway to Israel (or Argentina—you decide), “Don’t Ask” posterboy’s latest arrest, risky sex linked to childhood abuse, non-discrimination clears hurdle in Memphis, more.    READ MORE »

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SoVo entertains idea of selling to GA Voice

Atlanta’s two LGBT newspapers, which have competed with one another since their launches a few months ago, are now discussing the possibility of the GA Voice buying the Southern Voice name.    READ MORE »

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Two lesbians to compete in Fulton runoff

Two lesbians will face one another in a runoff for the District 6 post on the Fulton County Commission next month, after a slim 168 votes separated them in the primary election on Tuesday.    READ MORE »