‘Idol’ alum Kimberley Locke to headline Pride

In keeping with an apparent theme from last year’s appearance by Blake Lewis, Atlanta Pride announced Thursday that another “Idol” finalist will take the stage on Pride Saturday this year.    READ MORE »

What does your gay cruise site say about you?

There's a never-ending supply of virtual gloryholes out there to get your gay on, from the dominant Manhunt to newcomer Grindr. But what does your hookup site say about you? Here's a handy guide.    READ MORE »

Gay activist shows turning 30 is so dirty [photos]

When some people stare down the prospect of turning 30, they wonder if their gay life is over. Not Justin Ziegler, who corralled drag queens, four guys in their briefs and scores of friends for a fundraiser.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 27 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Drumming your fingers muttering “What to do, what to do…” Get somewhere with the Gay Agenda of LGBT event options that take you from happy hour through to the late show.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Tommy Tucker comes to your rescue

When fitness coach Tommy Tucker isn't writhing around on the floor during his latest lower body workout, he's strapping on a helmet and looking like the firefighter you wish would come to your rescue.    READ MORE »

Queer Lit Fest cues up dirty dozen for benefit

October’s annual Atlanta Queer Literary Festival is just around the corner, but the fun and fundraising starts Thursday as a dirty dozen queer of musicians and comedians perform at Eddie’s Attic.    READ MORE »

Photos of Elton John as the singing sell out

Part-time Atlantan Elton John scored big bucks for singing at the wedding of anti-gay blowhard Rush Limbaugh. Now, the pics have surfaced showing just how happy John looks to be a big gay sell out.    READ MORE »

Drag mauler, marriage mayhem, Jason Bateman

Same-sex unions in Mexico, Costa Rica, Washington and California. Jason Bateman shutters “his” gay porn site, New York cop shoots girlfriend, and club kid bites off guy’s ear. More.    READ MORE »

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Backpack in Park scores record donations

Hundreds of metro Atlanta students who headed back to school this week did so well stocked with supplies donated at the gay organized and gay favorite 5th Annual Backpack in the Park earlier this month.    READ MORE »

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Handel concedes anti-gay gov’s race to Deal

Right about now, you gotta think Karen Handel wishes she still had her day job. She conceded a slim loss on Wednesday and since she quit her job to run for governor, now what's she going to do?    READ MORE »

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Time to call her Commissioner-elect Joan Garner

Fulton County voters take note: You just delivered the county commission's first openly gay commissioner, helping Joan Garner come from behind to dispatch now eight-time loser Keisha Waites.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Why’s he online if he’s in love?

“He spends his spare time checking out guys online. He swears it’s just to kill time, but I find it hard to believe you’d check your inbox every night if you were truly in love. Help!”    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 26 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Daily grind is a state of mind. Attitude adjustments available at all the LGBT events Atlanta has to offer, from special guests like Alison Arngrim to monthly specials like PALS Bingo and beyond.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Derek Richardson gives good face

Derek Richardson hasn't landed an agency to rep his modeling efforts just yet and we can't figure out why. The 6'1" New York area stud shows well in jeans, briefs and even what we call gay office attire.    READ MORE »

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Clips from Atlanta’s little anti-gay rally [video]

There was a rally in Atlanta on Saturday against gay marriage with the gays outnumbering the anti-gays 10 to 1. We brought you the details and photos on Sunday; now we've got the video outtakes.    READ MORE »

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Nathan Deal even pisses off queer climbers

The anti-gay tone of Nathan Deal's GOP gubernatorial campaign has earned him a rebuke from a member of his own party. Now, he's even enraged a usually docile group of queer climbers.    READ MORE »

Attn. shoppers: Target’s gay problem gets worse

Somewhere in Minneapolis, public relations honchos are rubbing their foreheads. If an anti-gay political donation wasn’t enough, a look at Target’s president and two VPs just made things worse.    READ MORE »

Jamie Foxx, JetBlue kiss-off, Governator love

Schwarzenegger wants gay marriage now, actor's latest gay rumors, NFL player apologizes for gay comment, NOM outnumbered again, and JetBlue flight attendant quits with flair for drama, more.    READ MORE »

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Attacked gay pastor joins Reed at rec center

The gay pastor who was attacked and robbed at gunpoint last month in Piedmont Park stood with Mayor Kasim on Tuesday to deliver the invocation as the city re-opened several recreation centers.    READ MORE »

Whoa, Nellie! Alison Arngrim brings on ‘Bitch’

She may not have been the star, but the only reason to watch "Little House" was Nellie Oleson. The woman who played her brings “Confessions of a Prairie Bitch” to Outwrite Wednesday.    READ MORE »