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Gay-inclusive Actor’s Express pleas for life

The gay artistic director of the LGBT-inclusive Actor’s Express made an impassioned plea Wednesday for donations to save the theater from “a true life or death moment.”    READ MORE »

Need Wood? How much is too much semen?

Two questions this week about ejaculate. Oh, the places gay men’s minds go: If you’re not concerned about a lower volume of semen on one hand, you’re worried about its carb count on the other.    READ MORE »

Anti-gay flap doesn’t nick Atlanta’s Chick-fil-A

Has Chick-fil-A, the Atlanta-based company that’s the second largest chicken chain in the U.S., been hurt by the flap over its anti-gay approach? Some $3.58 billion in sales says no.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 30 gay things to do in Atlanta today

You're still the one. Don't lose yourself completely working for The Man. Answer to your own calling for at least part of the day with these LGBT events where you’re in charge.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Ronnie Kroell bares his accessories

Ronnie Kroell has been on our radar since his bromance on "Make Me A Supermodel." It didn't hurt when he bared all for Playgirl and now, the gay model is out with new shots for a Versani campaign.    READ MORE »

Peanuts parody imagines gay teen Charlie Brown

When “Dog Meets God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead” opens at Fabrefaction Theatre Company on Thursday, don’t look for the cuddly cartoon characters you know from Peanuts specials.    READ MORE »

‘Drag Race’ recap: Celeb Snatch Game returns

Celebrity impersonations are drag's bread and butter, so it feels so right to bring back last season’s game show spoof Snatch Game with the "RuPaul's Drag Race" girls serving famous faces.    READ MORE »

Turner rejects calls for Eagle punishments–again

Atlanta police Chief George Turner again rejected calls to punish officers in the botched Eagle raid, saying an ongoing–and lingering–internal investigation into the matter would be compromised.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 28 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Another day, another dollar? You've earned more than that. Find your just rewards among today's long list of LGBT events, from dinner and drinks to community chats and more gay gatherings.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Adam Joseph’s All-American charm

After a few days of international flavor in the Morning Fix, we offer this dose of All American directly from the Midwest: Adam Joseph. The athletic 25-year-old is looking to break into modeling.    READ MORE »

Armorettes buzz bye to ‘BumbleBee’ [photos]

The Armorettes bid farewell BumbleBee ToonaHead, on Saturday during a special edition of their Backroom Burlesque show at Heretic as the performer leaves Atlanta for Florida.    READ MORE »

Dragnique finale crowns Janelle Brooks [photos]

What started in January with seven up-and-coming drag performers ended on Friday by crowning Janelle Brooks as the winner of the reality TV-styled Dragnique competition.    READ MORE »

Turner rebuffs LGBT call for Eagle punishments

Atlanta police Chief George Turner brushed off a request from his own LGBT advisory group to take action over the botched Eagle raid, saying doing so now would interfere with an ongoing probe.    READ MORE »

Monday: 20 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Whether you have President’s Day off or not, let’s count the ways that today’s LGBT events make it better with community meetings, “RuPaul” parties, games, shows, bar nights and more.    READ MORE »

Monday: Soccer jock Bronil Koochoie

Follow this happy trail across the globe: Bronil Koochoie was born in Iran, is of Assyrian descent and was raised in the U.S. All of that makes for a sexy look for this pro soccer jock turned model.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 17 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Oh, how we love a Sunday. Nothing you have to do, but plenty you might want to do. Today's LGBT calendar takes you from brunch through afternoon pastimes to late-night weekend wind-downs.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Rishi Idnani’s got abs for miles

Rishi Idnani's abs are so cut that you could grate cheese on them. The aspiring New York model can play jock, swimsuit model or pretty much whatever you might need.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 25 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Weekend time! The world is your oyster, and the LGBT pearls of the day are yours for the taking. Get up, get out and do theater, comedy, lounges, dance floors and drag shows on today’s calendar.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Tim Perry models consistency

The thing about Tim Perry is consistency. The U.K.-turned-Aussie model consistently makes fitness his passion and it shows. That's what hitting the gym five or six times a week will do for a guy.    READ MORE »

Bedlam’s all hands on deck at MSR [photos]

The queer hipster party Bedlam took a sailor turn at My Sister's Room last week with plenty of costumes, live performances and even a few shots.    READ MORE »