Sunday: 16 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Sunday isn't as Sunday-ish when you have Monday off. After gay-friendly church this week, check out all that LGBT Atlanta has planned, from MondoHomo to parties like the Club Q all-nighter.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Score with a spread of soccer studs

With the World Cup kicking off next week, Junior Magazine cashed in: A spread of sexy studs playing the sport shirtless and on the beach. That's the way to hook the gay fans.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 24 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Hello, Saturday. You look nice today. Thanks for the LGBT Atlanta events to choose from. We'll start with the MondoHomo, options buffet as a main course and About Face contest for dessert.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Dylan Kozyra and his colorful eyes

Dylan Kozyra wants to clear up any confusion about his eyes: They are a mixture of blue, grey and green naturally, but lighting can change them. Fine with us. We don’t mind gazing at them adoringly.    READ MORE »

Gay chamber networks in Kirkwood [photos]

The Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce took its 4th Friday Networking roadshow to Kirkwood, cozying up into the comfortable confines of a furniture and home accessories showroom.    READ MORE »

Pink Cadets workin’ it at the car wash [photos]

The Pink Cadets, one of the newest and quickly becoming one of the funnest teams of the Hotlanta Softball League, stripped grime off cars and the shirts off their back for charity.    READ MORE »

No indictment for ex-teacher in hit-for-hire case

A grand jury Wednesday found no probable cause against former Clayton County School teacher Randolph Forde, who was accused of hiring a hitman for a student he allegedly taunted as gay.    READ MORE »

Hot list: Memorial Day’s hottest dance tracks

Summer doesn’t officially begin until June, but Memorial Day is when the party begins. In honor of your beach trip, pool party, or whatever you’re doing, here are tracks to make a hot weekend even hotter.    READ MORE »

Queers delight with MondoHomo launch [photos]

The grassroots queer fest MondoHomo kicked off five days of DJs, drag, burlesque, politics, slam poetry, theater and more on Thursday with a visual arts show and spoken word performances.    READ MORE »

Friday: 25 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Finally! Your long weekend is here or just hours away. Check out LGBT Atlanta's events for today and tonight. Stage, music, art, and did someone say wet t-shirt contest?    READ MORE »

Friday: Craving Ryan Craven’s Texas twist

We like guys from Texas almost as much as Southern boys. That brings us to Ryan Craven, a student at Texas A&M University. He's sexy enough that the school uses him in its marketing campaigns.    READ MORE »

Joan Rivers, ‘Don’t Ask’ votes, Elton John

Queen of Mean dishes on gays, impending Congress votes as conservatives freak out, Elton defies protests to play Morocco, study finds 61 percent of gay men reticent to hold hands, more.    READ MORE »

Hotlanta Softball’s 30th season rolls on [photos]

Though you won't find the jocks (and jockettes) of the Hotlanta Softball League on the fields this weekend–it's a big gay holiday, after all–or next, they return June 13. Take a look at what you can expect.    READ MORE »

The long wait for ‘Sex and the City 2’ is over

It may indeed be the most anticipated film of the summer, but aside from its fab foursome, cameo appearances and gay sensibility, “Sex and the City 2” is heartbreakingly neither fresh nor funny.    READ MORE »

Perdue to sign anti-bullying bill into law

Legislation to toughen Georgia's law against bullying in schools is expected to be signed into law Thursday during a ceremony at the Gold Dome in downtown Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 23 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Everybody’s thinking one thing: Get me to the long weekend. MondoHomo. New art. Networking. A foam party? Oh yeah. Those are on the list of tonight’s events to start your Memorial Day holiday early.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Matthew Goodman’s Alabama charm

The next time you're in Birmingham, give a shout to Matthew Goodman. You know we favor Southern boys for the Morning Fix and Goodman shows why: rugged physique and flirtatious charm.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’ finale: And the winner is …

Five months and more than 40 columns later, this is the last recap for the suckfest known as “American Idol 9.” Some of you thought I was bitchy and grumpy, but thanks for sticking with it to the bitter end.    READ MORE »

MondoHomies gotcha covered this weekend

The organizers of MondoHomo continue to build on their grassroots queer fest with this year’s Memorial Weekend alternaPride arts, culture and social justice fandango. Hold onto your hats.    READ MORE »

Cynthia Nixon, Prop 8 cameras, ‘Ask, Tell’

“Sex and the City” star pushing to be legally wed in Big Apple, judge considers televising closing arguments, DADT repeal appears near, and spy jailed for telling secrets to his lover. More.    READ MORE »