Thursday: 26 gay things to do in Atlanta today

You’re the real guest of honor as the LGBT ATL welcomes Sugarland and Katie Herzig, prepares for Cyndi Lauper, dances with DJ Lydia Prim, and celebrates one of our own’s Dirty 30.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Daniel’s unshaven sex appeal

With a hairy chest, sparkling blue eyes and a muscled frame, what more do we need to know about Daniel? Not much, which is good thing because that's about all we can offer on this model.    READ MORE »

Judge strikes down Prop 8, but stays ruling

A federal judge in San Francisco struck down California's voter-approved Proposition 8 on Wednesday afternoon, ruling that gay men and lesbians have a constitutional right to marry.    READ MORE »

Ziegler: It’s my party and I’ll give if I want to

Justin Ziegler has seen his name attached to lots of LGBT causes in his relatively few years on the scene. True to form, his Very Dirty 30 Birthday on Thursday benefits AID Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Miss New York, Kagan nod, Prop 8, Gay Games

Miss America contestant's pro-gay platform, Elena Kagan confirmation hinges on LGBT issues, 2014 Gay Games remains in Cleveland, Prop 8 decision highly anticipated, more.    READ MORE »

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Rally! How we love a good Midtown protest

Oh, how some Atlanta gays love a Midtown protest. With a California judge expected to announce his Prop. 8 decision within hours, LGBT do-gooders are making plans for a 6:30 p.m. rally.    READ MORE »

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Updates: Norwood, arrests, cruisy death, HIV $

Mary Norwood admits it's over, the teens busted for beating a gay pastor charged as adults, N.J. sheriff halts cruising sting after Atlanta man's death, and dollar for dollar, four local HIV groups score big.    READ MORE »

Hotlanta Softball cooks to close season [photos]

With weeks of games, a campy pageant, a tournament with a sexy side and their list of World Series competitors all behind them, the Hotlanta Softball League called an end to its 30th season.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Is the sex I like risky business?

“I’ve been hooking up with this guy and having awesome sex. We both have boyfriends but play on the side. Should we ditch the condoms?” Someone else wants to know about risks in oral sex.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 25 gay things to do in Atlanta today

It’s all downhill from here. Nudge yourself over the Hump Day and coast into LGBT events from movies, dinners and discussions to game nights, dance parties and variety shows.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Keith’s abs take over New York City

Fitness buff Keith makes the mean streets of New York City his own private gym. With more than 2.5 million views of his ab video on YouTube, it apparently works for the 25-year-old.    READ MORE »

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Gwinnett police arrest gay group’s president

An Atlanta man who is president of a gay business group and supporter of an HIV charity was arrested in June and remains in a Gwinnett jail on charges that he stole a vehicle from his former employer.    READ MORE »

Hello, Dali. High triumphs with Atlanta exhibit

Salvador Dali and his art have always challenged critics, thinkers and art historians. Now the High takes on and conquers a rethinking of the latter half of the artist's career in “Dali: The Late Work.”    READ MORE »

Wet Demons wash up for World Series [photos]

It felt more like an episode of "Baywatch: The Gay Edition" than a fundraiser, but with an event called "Shirtless, Soaking Wet Wet Demons Car Wash" you know the $10 will be worth every penny.    READ MORE »

Gayer ‘Glee,’ Mexico marriage, Pregnant Man 3

Cheerios to kiss in new “Glee” season, court could reverse Mexico City’s gay marriage law, trans woman rejected from emergency room, trans man delivers third child, more.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta HIV groups get share of $42M in grants

Four metro Atlanta HIV agencies are among the 133 community-based organizations awarded $42 million to help boost their HIV prevention efforts among gay men and other at-risk populations.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 27 gay things to do in Atlanta today

If living well is the best revenge, avenge yourself with LGBT events that are good and gay: Good food, good friends, good deals, good shows, good drinks and good times. It’s all good.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Abercrombie & Fitch brings sexy back

Famed photographer Bruce Weber and Abercrombie & Fitch are back after a 7-year break with a sexy and playful–and quite gay–A&F Quarterly. Lots of chests, 15 bare butts and 16 shots of nearly full frontal.    READ MORE »

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Eagle raid inspires fetish fair, gay legal group

The nearly year-old police raid of the Atlanta Eagle has gone from a local flashpoint of anger to a national point of inspiration for a fetish fair and a fundraising tool for a gay legal group.    READ MORE »

‘Modern Family,’ gay China, Anne Rice

Look for a gay wedding on ABC’s sleeper hit, Houston mayor includes the “g word” at Shanghai World Expo, “Vampire” author leaves church over gay issues, Jerusalem Pride sours, more.    READ MORE »