Scissor Sisters ‘Any Which Way’ we can [video]

While gay Atlanta readies itself for Saturday’s Scissor Sisters concert, we take a break from all other things LGBT to revel in the band’s latest video, “Any Which Way.” Join us, won't you?    READ MORE »

‘Runway’ recap: Hats off to the mad hatter

Living up to the wildly creative hats of Philip Treacy is an intimidating challenge. A few of this week’s “Project Runway” designers live up to it, most peter out, and some suffer epic failure.    READ MORE »

The Marys turn out for Mary’s Madonna [photos]

When Madge celebrates a birthday, the gays squeal with delight. They also party like it's their own celebration and the scene last Saturday at Mary's was no exception.    READ MORE »

Gay chamber honors life work of Charis founder

When Linda Bryant started the lesbian feminist bookstore Charis Books & More in 1974, she probably wasn’t’ thinking that her impact there would garner a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010.    READ MORE »

Friday: 31 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Let your Friday flag fly. If that means same-sex Tango, Community Awards Dinner, Mr. Eagle Cock-Tells, or an LGBT No Pants Foam Party, so be it. Those and more for your consideration.    READ MORE »

Friday: Andres Sanchez makes fitness look easy

He's got the face, the body and the look. That's Andres Sanchez, a 28-year-old model and fitness trainer who now calls Boston home. Has a cup of coffee every looked that good in the morning?    READ MORE »

Football beer busts for Gay Bowl trip [photos]

The National Flag Football League of Atlanta, which recently closed out its spring-summer season, did what many jocks do to celebrate the off-season: Drink beer. But this beer bust had a good cause.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Pride rolls out Pride weekend nightlife

The Atlanta Pride festival is never just a weekend in the park. Nightlife makes sure there is no rest for the weary. The official lineup includes three huge throwdowns this year.    READ MORE »

Superfraiche delivers night of pop [photos]

Deliver on your promise of providing a “sweet & crunchy goo of glossy pop hotness,” and Monday's otherwise lackluster gay nightlife scene just got a lot more interesting.    READ MORE »

Getaway dreams with your own Fairy Godmother

If dreams really do come true, then Barnsley Gardens’ Fairy Godmother makes it happen. She and the gay-friendly resort’s staff invite you to dream big then surpass expectations.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 26 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Amped up for the weekend? LGBT Atlanta doesn't make you wait. Hit the ground running with happy hours, game nights, performances, or theme parties with you written all over them.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Give us s’more, Russell Sammut

Is Russell Sammut an otter or a cub, or somewhere in between? Either way, the 24-year-old easygoing model shrugs off the pressure to shave, trim and go hairless. And for that, we cheer him on.    READ MORE »

News  |  Crime

Atlanta FBI on hunt for camp drag bank robbers

We've seen some messy drag queens in our day, but two Atlanta bank robbers armed with guns are putting a new spin on camp drag. Now they've caught the attention of the FBI.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Measuring up and blowing down

Answers to “Is there a safe, proven way of enlarging my penis?” and “How do I tell somebody they smell like they just rimmed a dozen dirty bungholes after smoking a pack of cigarettes?”    READ MORE »

Dr. Laura says buh bye to Atlanta radio

Radio talk maven Dr. Laura, who recently softened her anti-gay tirades, is giving up her show at year's end, leaving fans on Atlanta's WCFO 1160 AM without their dose of righteous indignation.    READ MORE »

‘Unsinkable’ offer for free Debbie Reynolds tix

Whether you think of Princess Leia’s mom, “The Unsinkable Molly Brown,” or a consummate Hollywood hoofer, six decades of entertainment in one little body are headed to Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 27 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Do what you need to do, then be sure to check here for what you might actually want to do. LGBT events include business, sports, chats, games, live music, parties and shows.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Kedo kicks our kinetics in gear

Give yourself a one-word moniker and you better have the brawn to back it up. That's Kedo, a 22-year-old Arizona guy who's motivated to get his modeling career in order.    READ MORE »

Eagle Raid  |  Community  |  News  |  Politics

City settles rogue cop suit; is Eagle case next?

Four years and nearly $5 million later, Mayor Kasim Reed and the city tried this week to move past a lawsuit over rogue cops, a settlement that hints at how a lawsuit over the Eagle raid may unfold.    READ MORE »

HRC rebuff swells gay bullseye on Target’s back

Gays targeting Target is a donations drama that just keeps on giving. Now the retail giant draws the ire of HRC as ads for more boycotts, rallies and cries to block new stores heat up.    READ MORE »