Come with Jason Walker, ‘Leave It All Behind’

Gay dance music fans are no strangers to Jason Walker, former protégé of Junior Vasquez. After a two-year hiatus, he’s been busy growing and talks all about it as his first indie album releases.    READ MORE »

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Friend, family say slain club owner wasn’t gay

The shooting death of a gay club owner and party promoter on Wednesday continues to draw widespread media attention, with two outlets reporting that Durand Robinson wasn’t gay.    READ MORE »

Friday: 35 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Day breaks on our Friday state of mind. See the light and bask in the Gay Agenda calendar of Atlanta’s LGBT events. Network, worship, party, see a show, catch a concert, or indulge a fetish.    READ MORE »

Friday: Andrei Vishnyakov’s natural work

Russian photographer Andrei Vishnyakov has a knack for capturing the beauty of men while they enjoy the beauty of nature. So if you want to frolic in the woods or the water, he's our guy to capture it.    READ MORE »

It’s rubber, we’re glued to SE Rubber Weekend

Rubber enthusiasts rejoice. Hotlanta Rubber wraps Southeast Rubber Weekend tight and makes it stick on Friday and Saturday with the Mr. Southeast Rubber title on the line.    READ MORE »

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AV200 celebrates its ‘vaccine soldiers’ [photos]

Organizers of AIDS Vaccine 200 continue to show that if you pair your cause with a fun–some riders may even say daunting–event, the donations will come even in a recession.    READ MORE »

Ken Mehlman, Jennifer Aniston, ‘Jersey’ boys

Former RNC chair and Bush reelection chief comes out, “Friends” star does gay and full frontal, Pentagon to meet gay soldiers’ partners, “Jersey Shore” guys get stuck, new Lutheran group, more.    READ MORE »

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Police use LGBT liaison in club owner’s death

UPDATED | 12:42 p.m. Atlanta police continue to investigate the shooting death of black gay club owner and party promoter Durand Robinson and have involved the department’s LGBT liaison in the case.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 30 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Well, well. Look who’s here. It’s Thursday all done up in her best LGBT events. Looking good with fundraisers, author Blane Bachelor, comic Jen Luna, and other specials that put the gay in your day.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Tyler Lough’s sultry smile

Wet, dry or somewhere in between, 24-year-old model Tyler Lough is a former college jock and looks the part whether in briefs, swimsuits or spread on a bed with a sultry smile.    READ MORE »

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Owner of gay club Traxx killed on Atlanta street

An owner of the popular black gay club Traxx Atlanta was shot and killed early Wednesday on a street in southwest Atlanta, according to police and media reports.    READ MORE »

Lesbians cheer on Dream during benefit [photos]

Lesbian fans converged Sunday for the Atlanta Dream’s last regular season game, which also served as a benefit for one gay non-profit with members of two other LGBT groups also on hand.    READ MORE »

Nepal Pride, ‘Witt Standard,’ Wyoming marriage

Air Force major finally heads to court to test “Don’t Ask” standard named after her, Nepal hosts its largest Pride ever, LGBT swim from Long Island to Fire Island, Wyoming’s gay marriage ban, more.    READ MORE »

If stuff you like is on this list, you’re so gay

Skinny jeans, V-neck t-shirts and guys who watch “Steel Magnolias” are all gay–and thanks to you queers and your gender-bending approach to life, the American man is being ruined.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? My penis is prettier than me

Do you think it’s "slutty" to hook the boys by showing them the goods upfront then trying to convince them that I'm worth dating, even if I'm not an Abercrombie model?    READ MORE »

Foam pit + pool = AIDS Walk fundraiser [photos]

Fundraisers for HIV charities take on many forms, from men dressed as debutantes for the Atlanta Cotillion to pool parties and a foam pit. Yes, a foam pit–in the suburbs.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 31 gay things to do in Atlanta today

The world is your oyster, and today’s extra-juicy batch of local events lets you find a pearl. “Pageant” opens, Joan Garner celebrates, the B52s and Blondie rock, and Gilbert’s turns 10, just to start.    READ MORE »

Meet the men who would be queen of ‘Pageant’

Few places appreciate pageants like the deep South. “Pageant: The Musical” opens Wednesday at 14th Street Playhouse and pays loving homage to the beauty competitions gay men treasure.    READ MORE »

Gay artist turns bandit signs into Roadside Haiku

You’ve seen bandit signs—the kind you read without even meaning to at red lights. Now artist John Morse makes you take a second glance at promises to “Cash Now” and “Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days.”    READ MORE »

Jungle hosts inspired Madonna Rama [photos]

When there's an extravaganza to be had, it's not a big leap to assume that the gays, Madonna and Lady Gaga are involved. The three forces came together for Jungle's birthday bash for Her Madge-esty.    READ MORE »