Sunday: Todd Sanfield is back better than ever

Todd Sanfield hits the cover of Aussie gay mag DNA with such regularity that it prompted us to take a deeper look. The more you look at his mix of sexy and muscle, the more you want.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 35 gay things to do in Atlanta today

The day is yours. Before it flies by, consult our list of LGBT events. Tackle issues, fight bias, or kick back with art, music, stage shows and more nightlife than you can shake your stick at.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Ben Brian’s scruffy goodness

Ben Brian meet Jeff Slater. The photographer with a knack for making good looking guys even better has struck again–this time capturing Brian’s handsome boyishness and even some of his tattoos.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta police promote lesbian to deputy chief

A popular Atlanta police veteran was promoted to deputy chief, making her the highest-ranking gay commander at a time when the agency is working to improve its relationship with the city’s LGBT residents.    READ MORE »

Big moments: Gay chorus reflects on 30 years

As Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus readies for Sunday’s sold-out Encore gala with Jennifer Holliday celebrating its 30th season, we ask members to share their favorite moments in a long history.    READ MORE »

AID Atlanta loops into an artsy evening [photos]

Even without a pool full of gay soup, AID Atlanta’s LOOP program is on to something. The major donor program for the HIV non-profit hosted another hit on Wednesday.    READ MORE »

Drew G gives ATL down and ‘Dirty Pop’ Friday

If you’ve been waiting for a DJ who bucks the system, cranks out kick-ass remixes and mashes together every music genre, DJ Drew G and Friday’s “Dirty Pop” tour stop at Heretic are for you.    READ MORE »

Friday: 34 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Thank gay it’s Friday. LGBT Atlanta turns out a slew of special events, one-night-only shows, guest stars and hot happenings to make sure you flow effortlessly from work into the weekend.    READ MORE »

Friday: Mateus Verdelho lunches in his briefs

Eating a sandwich in his briefs, wearing a little leather or wearing nearly nothing at all in your backseat, Mateus Verdelho has a look that's certain to please.    READ MORE »

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Southern Voice editor quits: ‘Bad relationship’

The editor of Southern Voice resigned on Monday, continuing a series of staff changes and problems since the paper started publishing under new owners in April.    READ MORE »

PALS Bingo indulges ‘Fetish & Fantasy’ [photos]

Pets Are Loving Support’s monthly Bingo game at Jungle caught the attention of the usual enthusiasts as well as a distinctly leather faction for the theme, PALS Fetish & Fantasy Bingo.    READ MORE »

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Georgia Equality picks its runoff candidates

Yes, political gay. You have to vote one more time. Come on, it’s a duty of responsible citizenship, even if in Georgia you’re not a citizen with the right to marry. Georgia Equality wants to help.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 29 gay things to do in Atlanta today

We’re on the hunt for your time to shine. Sparkle all day with a whole host of LGBT events on today's Gay Agenda, from after-work warm receptions to cool amusements and hot nightlife.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Size queens: asking and telling

“I was on a hookup site and hit on a size queen whose sole interest was in was the size of my member. Read my chat transcript, and tell me if I should have just told him. What are my other options?”    READ MORE »

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Gay businesses air complaints about Pride, city

Nearly 35 gay bar owners, business people and nightlife promoters aired their concerns about Pride and the city’s restrictive liquor regulations during a sometimes contentious meeting Tuesday.    READ MORE »

Robyn afterparty proves ‘Indestructible’ [photos]

Fans all keyed up after the Robyn concert at the Buckhead Theatre on Nov. 8 kept the party going by moving to Bottle Bar for the afterparty organized by local gay music monster Barry Brandon.    READ MORE »

Hotlanta Rubber’s ‘G-Man’ wins international title

Atlanta’s gay men who like things sticky and stretchy have something more to cheer about. The local rubber enthusiast group’s own G-Man was named Mr. International Rubber 2011 last weekend.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 30 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Every facet of Atlanta’s LGBT diamond shines with things to do. Fundraising? Yes. Sports and games? You bet. Community discussions? Yup. Bar nights? As if you have to ask.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Luke makes you long for college

If there's something about a cute, lean twink dressed in a Speedo and pouring water over his chest that appeals to you, then photographer Mark Edward has just what you need: Luke.    READ MORE »

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State Dems work on very own Rainbow Coalition

Days after Georgia Democrats took a drubbing–this time giving up every major statewide office for the first time since Reconstruction–the party may be seeing that the gays and other minorities can help.    READ MORE »