Out & Equal toasts workplace equality [photos]

The gay business group Out & Equal did what business folks do after the work day ends–cocktail and enjoy conversation–during its Networking for Equality last Friday at Amsterdam.    READ MORE »

Win free any-time tickets to High’s Dali exhibit

While most people's thoughts of Salvador Dali go directly to images of melting clocks, the High Museum’s “Dali: The Late Work” aims to change that, and we aim to get you into the exhibit for free.    READ MORE »

FBI, DA say no hate crime charges for Marines

The FBI and the DA in Savannah have both decided against pursuing the June beating of a gay man by two Marines as a hate crime, leaving in place misdemeanor charges for the alleged assailants.    READ MORE »

Fashion Cares goes high for HIV charity [photos]

Fashionistas and fundraisers for HIV and breast cancer converged high up in a Midtown skyscraper for the fashion swank-fest known as Jeffrey Fashion Cares on Monday.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 26 gay things to do in Atlanta today

The anticipation for the long weekend is building. Before it becomes a frenzy, the LGBT-ATL kicks you off right with cocktail hours, Black Gay Pride openers, Latin Night, stage shows and theme parties.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Dallas Logan makes sexy get sexier

Take sexy men and make them even sexier–that's the approach of photographer Dallas J. Logan. With Black Pride opening in Atlanta, he's the perfect guy to provide a Morning Fix for the occasion.    READ MORE »

Stars shine for ‘huge’ Atlanta Black Gay Pride

It’s not your imagination. Atlanta’s annual Black Gay Pride celebration over Labor Day weekend is bigger than ever. In The Life Atlanta credits new partnerships for some 70 events through Tuesday.    READ MORE »

Bucks tackle basics with Rugby 101 [photos]

With the start of their six-game fall season just a few weeks away, the Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club took to the pitch Saturday for its Rugby 101 clinic.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? HIV victim or HIV idiot?

Getting angry about friends who contract HIV is one thing, but writing them off for lapses in judgment is another. Why is it so hard to get some gay men to wear condoms?    READ MORE »

Double-dose of DJs delights at Jungle [photos]

A duo of powerhouse DJs is bound to make for a night of dancing with cocktails. That was the scene Saturday at Jungle when Lydia Prim and Don Bishop celebrated their 25 years of spinning.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 30 gay things to do in Atlanta today

No day but today. Make the most of it with LGBT gatherings that glance back and look ahead. Kick off Black Gay Pride, and enjoy concerts, game nights, theme parties or many more opportunities.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Nick Gruber as Calvin Klein’s boy

Meet Calvin Klein's new boy toy, 20-year-old Aaron Skyline. No, that's his porn name. Nick London? No, that's his Model Mayhem profile name. Nick Oo? That's his handle on Facebook.    READ MORE »

Get to know the ‘A-List’ gay reality series cast

After more than a year of speculation, stops and starts, Logo debuts its gay “Real Housewives” takeoff in October, and the cast list is out—um, released. Meet the men you're sure to know better soon.    READ MORE »

Community  |  News

Gay Atlantans plan protest for Target, Best Buy

The heat felt nationally by Target and Best Buy from gay shoppers irked with the retail giants comes to Atlanta on Saturday with a protest at the Edgewood Retail District.    READ MORE »

Eagle Raid  |  Community  |  News

Atlanta police name gay advisory board members

Atlanta police on Tuesday announced the nine members of its gay advisory board, putting in place a panel the agency hopes will help improve relations that soured in the wake of the Eagle raid.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 29 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Do you hear what I hear? Sure, it’s the weekday call of what must be done, but in the distance is a more pleasing sound: the voices of today's LGBT events that sing, inform, support, inspire and tantalize.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Brock Harris is built to perform

With a name like Brock Harris, you might think this 22-year-old cornfed guy from Oklahoma dabbles in adult performances. You'd be wrong, but he does perform–he's a musical theater major, after all.    READ MORE »

Novel steams up Olympics-era gay Atlanta

There are probably as many gay takes on the 1996 Olympics as there are LGBT people who lived here at the time. Elliott Mackle had a birds-eye view and uses it as a backdrop for “Hot Off the Presses.”    READ MORE »

News  |  Crime

Atlanta man gets 30 years in gay panic killing

An Atlanta man received 30 years in prison on Monday for killing his friend after he made unwanted sexual advances as the two did drugs together in a Midtown apartment 18 months ago.    READ MORE »

Atlanta teams strike out at Gay World Series

So much for the hopes of the eight men's teams of the Hotlanta Softball League that spent a week in Ohio earlier this month chasing a Gay Softball Word Series title. A three-year drought continues.    READ MORE »