Wednesday: 25 gay things to do in Atlanta today

The weather may be appropriate for post-election doldrums, but life goes on. Grab an umbrella, steel your resolve and forge ahead into a Gay Agenda calendar of LGBT events full of possibility.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Craig Ramsay can work us out

The great thing about the yummy gay sidekick on "Thintervention" is that he often struts around without a shirt. Craig Ramsay even doffed underwear in what's becoming TV's best booty moment.    READ MORE »

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Gay Dems say vote for our guys, gals [photos]

By now, you’ve figured there’s an election, right? In the build up, Atlanta Stonewall Democrats hoped to make your choices a little easier with a candidate mixer.    READ MORE »

Gay Men’s Chorus welcomes Jennifer Holliday

How can you have an encore before you even begin? When “Encore” is a swanky 30th Season gala reception with Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus and Broadway legend Jennifer Holliday, that’s how.    READ MORE »

When will it Reign on Midtown’s nightlife?

The story of Club Reign in Midtown is a tale of bureaucratic red tape, liquor licenses and infuriated neighbors complaining with a twinge of racism. All that so the gays can get crunk one night a week.    READ MORE »

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Eagle attorneys: City won’t produce the boots

The legal back-and-forth over the Eagle raid continues, with attorneys for the men in the botched police action saying the city continues to gloss over its charges of deleted and disappearing evidence.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 29 gay things to do in Atlanta today

The number one thing you can do today is vote. After that, the LGBT-ATL lets you take the day in any direction you choose: business mixers, group chats, game nights, karaoke and more.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Daniel Garofali gets roughed up

Aussie model Daniel Garofali can take it from warm and sexy bathing suits to sultry moves on the dance floor and even gritty, rough action in the ring, making him a champ in our eyes.    READ MORE »

Eddie Long denies charges; wants suits dropped

Speaking of Bishop Eddie Long and his alleged gay sexcapades, our anti-gay megadaddy hometown preacher spoke out on Monday: Your honor, it wasn't me.    READ MORE »

Megadaddy Eddie Long: Sperm, dirty men & gays

Bishop Eddie Long likes to wear his muscle shirts to church, talk about the proper place for sperm and see dirty men. Is it any wonder some anti-gay pastors took to the State Capitol to call for his head?    READ MORE »

Reading list: Books on teen bullying and suicide

The suicide of Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi was a tragic close to a highly publicized month of gay teens taking their own lives. LGBT novelists have long tackled the issue in their books.    READ MORE »

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Judges aplenty join Stonewall for dinner [photos]

A room full of some 200 LGBT attorneys, gay-friendly judges and judicial candidates and not one lawyer joke? That was the scene Thursday for the 16th Annual Stonewall Bar Association Awards Dinner.    READ MORE »

Real Housewives’ Kandi Koated ‘Leave U’ video

Monday means “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and this week, it also means we have the video for the first single—sexed up with Pooch Hall and Von—from Kandi’s new album due to drop on Dec. 14.    READ MORE »

Monday: 18 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Landing after Halloween Weekend may make Monday even tougher than usual. That’s why our daily calendar of LGBT events might come in extra handy on this All Saints Day.    READ MORE »

Monday: Steven Didas a man of many talents

Steven Didas has plenty of special skills–probably just not the ones you were thinking of. Even so, the looker can climb rocks, box, play foortball and do his own stunts. Interested yet?    READ MORE »

Sunday: 20 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Happy Halloween! Many people already ghosted and goblin’d until the sun came up, but Sunday keeps the LGBT events going with special performances, themed shows and costumed get-togethers.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Chris McNally works his briefs

Black and white photos tend to treat Chris McNally pretty well. Or it could just be how well he packs his white briefs. Or the blue ones. Even the black. You can thank photographer Paul Reitz for all of this.    READ MORE »

Halloween hotlist: dance singles monster mash

It's Halloween people, so you know I have some frightfully good dance music lined up to put a beat on your parties, trick-or-treaters, or just your scary self.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 37 gay things to do in Atlanta today

All the buildup to Atlanta’s big gay Halloween crescendos tonight, and there are plenty of LGBT events planned that let you celebrate the weekend any way you see fit. Consult our list.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Admiring Drew Van Acker’s ‘tower’

Drew Van Acker's versatility is to be admired: From college jock with theater classes on the down low to getting shot by Bruce Weber and going the A&F route, this 24-year-old is getting some attention.    READ MORE »