Kai Lin brings crowd to its ‘Zenith’ [photos]

A large crowd of hipsters, gays and art lovers gathered for Friday's opening of "Zenith," the latest exhibit at Kai Lin Art. The show includes the nature- and cosmos-inspired works of six artists.    READ MORE »

Atlanta vet argues ‘Don’t Ask’ on eve of vote

With a vote expected Tuesday on the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," gay Atlanta attorney and former Army major Jeff Cleghorn took to the airwaves to debate the measure with a retired general.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 31 gay things to do in Atlanta today

It's Take Charge Tuesday. You may not be able to control everything, but you can be the master of LGBT events with places to watch “Glee,” discuss issues, play games and see performances.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Play time with Nick Wolanski

He's a fitness model. He's a DJ. He's a free spirit. And strap on some sports equipment, and Scottish guy Nick Wolanski is a muscular 24-year-old in need of some play time.    READ MORE »

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What’s role of new cops advisory board? [video]

Several of the nine members of the Atlanta police LGBT advisory board discussed their vision for the new panel during the group's first meeting on Monday. Hear what they had to say in their own words.    READ MORE »

‘Shakespeare Follies’ ain’t your granny’s Bard

Take some of Shakepeare’s most famous and infamous works, inject them with modern comic twists and an interactive atmosphere, and the return of “Shakespeare Follies” is the theater treat we all deserve.    READ MORE »

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Police advisory board urged to take action

The reconstituted LGBT advisory panel of the Atlanta Police Department met for the first time Monday, spending 90 minutes sifting through organizational tasks and hearing from gay residents.    READ MORE »

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Court: Cobb lesbian murder conviction stands

The Georgia Supreme Court rejected the arguments of a Cobb County lesbian convicted of murdering her partner on Monday, unanimously upholding her conviction and life prison sentence.    READ MORE »

Monday: 19 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Monday, Monday, don't get that day? Well, you do have to look at it, but we recommend looking even closer at all of the LGBT events that make the beginning of the workweek so much prettier.    READ MORE »

Monday: Jingle and tingle for Zeb Ringle

Zeb Ringle is fresh from Los Angeles, or at least that's the way we like to think of this talent. He sizzles when he's dry, but hose him down with a little water and he really gets our temperature rising.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 23 gay things to do in Atlanta today

If you can read this, you’re too close—to finding out all that the LGBT-ATL has to offer. Pull a little closer and click through to outdoor fun, indoor dances and Sunday specials to round out your weekend.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 31 gay things to do in Atlanta today

The weekend couldn't come fast enough. Now slow it down, savor every moment, and relish every option. Atlanta Cotillion Ball, arts, sports, parties, shows, plus a long and winding bar calendar.    READ MORE »

Saturday: BVB works the Bone Wear

Brandon van Bergen helps us celebrate one last splash of summer. The South African guy models Bone Wear and really, do we need to say more than that?    READ MORE »

Jerusalem House readies for Carnevale [photos]

With just a few weeks to go before its signature fundraiser, Jerusalem House built a little anticipation by toasting its patrons and hosting a silent auction on Thursday.    READ MORE »

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Georgia Equality puts target on Nathan Deal

Nathan Deal’s brand of anti-gay campaigning during his GOP gubernatorial campaign continues to generate blowback, this time from Georgia Equality who is urging people to vote against him.    READ MORE »

‘Runway’ recap: Jackie O no to Jackie O my god

We’d never think that inspiration from the clean, simple, iconic style of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis would create such a fashion cluster. But save for a few, this week’s “Project Runway” designers implode.    READ MORE »

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Police LGBT advisory board to meet Monday

The Atlanta Police Department’s new LGBT advisory board will meet for the first time on Monday, the start of a panel that the agency hopes will help improve relations with the city’s gay residents.    READ MORE »

Friday: 30 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Well hello, Friday. Seems like forever. Show us your Gay Agenda of LGBT events, from happy hours that POP to arts that inspire, from High Holy Days to more bar events than we can possibly handle.    READ MORE »

Friday: Chris Beaudry is a natural beauty

We don't know much about Chris Beaudry, but we know this: Gaze at his photos for a few minutes and you're hooked by his natural beauty and ripped body. His stare and those abs get you every time.    READ MORE »

All dressed up for Saturday’s Cotillion ball

With six months worth of lead-up events and individual debutante fundraisers behind them, Saturday’s Atlanta Cotillion IX all-out drag ball is coming at Atlanta like brides at a one-day dress sale.    READ MORE »