Sun sets on Pride, Starlight Cabaret stars shine

As the sun went down on another Atlanta Pride and visions of drag queens danced in their heads, the masses migrated toward the festival’s main stage for the annual Starlight Cabaret.    READ MORE »

Hecht slams Olens for defending marriage ban

Gay marriage supporting Democrat Greg Hecht came out swinging at his opponent, Attorney General Sam Olens, for stubbornly refusing to drop his defense of Georgia's gay marriage ban.    READ MORE »

BJ Roosters delivers gay porn treats for Pride

There were jocks aplenty, gay porn hotties and even the beats of Chi Chi LaRue to spice up BJ Roosters during its big Atlanta Pride party on Saturday.    READ MORE »

Jungle dances shirtless into Pride weekend

It’s just not Atlanta Pride for some gays until they’ve dumped their shirts and taken to a thumping dance floor. Cut to the scene on Friday at Jungle, where scores of dancing queens did just that.    READ MORE »

Meghan Trainor celebrates that ‘bass’ at Pride

Rising pop singer Meghan Trainor delivered "All About That Bass" to Atlanta Pride on Saturday as a large crowd packed the meadow at Piedmont Park.    READ MORE »

MSR parties blow doors off Pride weekend

Consider the bar reset for how big Atlanta Pride can be for the lesbian contingent. East Atlanta’s women’s bar pulled out all the stops on guests, space and scope to redefine what Pride means.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Pride Kickoff swims with the fishes

Each year on Pride Friday, local LGBTs don their gay apparel and make Georgia Aquarium the biggest gay bar in town for a few hours. And so began the fish tale of Atlanta Pride on Friday.    READ MORE »

Erick Erickson blames ‘fat lesbians’ for Ebola

WSB troll and chief extremist at RedState Erick Erickson is back with another gay slur, this time blaming "fat lesbians" for snatching federal dollars from Ebola research.    READ MORE »

Atlanta man stabbed during Tinder hookup

An Atlanta man cruising Tinder for a gay trick was stabbed, locked in a bathroom and robbed when the two men moved their meetup from a fast food restaurant to an apartment.    READ MORE »

19 lovers and haters and signs of Pride, oh my!

Signs that it’s Atlanta Pride Weekend are everywhere, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. A deluge of people are busy putting their issues in writing and serving it on a stick. Let’s look.    READ MORE »

Gay marriage gets pre-Pride toast at W Midtown

With a powerhouse gay Atlanta DJ, a sassy drag queen and some musical talent, HRC Atlanta joined with W Atlanta - Midtown on Wednesday to help kick off Atlanta Pride.    READ MORE »

Are gay Pride festivals still necessary?

My phone has been blowing up. “Are you going to Atlanta Pride?” I almost want to announce, “No, I’m going on a mountain hike.” Of course I’m going. But what purpose does it serve?    READ MORE »

Drew Sebastian adds porn sizzle to Atlanta Pride

Porn hunks always add sizzle to Atlanta Pride. So it's little wonder that gay porn hottie Drew Sebastian is bringing his toys, gear and some treats to the festival this weekend.    READ MORE »

Atlanta drag queen shot to death in Cobb home

A longtime metro Atlanta drag queen was shot to death in her Cobb County home, allegedly killed by her partner who then fled the state and was later arrested in Tennessee.    READ MORE »

Chi Chi LaRue porn storms Atlanta Pride

Legendary porn director, DJ and drag queen Chi Chi LaRue just can't quit gay Atlanta. She returns for a weekend of work that will make your Atlanta Pride even better.    READ MORE »

The five simplest Pride dos and don’ts ever

Rules for Atlanta Pride generally make it better. And you think you know them. Do hydrate. Don’t smoke. Do bring supplies. Don’t bring your dog. Here are the easiest guidelines easily forgotten.    READ MORE »

Best gay Atlanta Pride things to do this weekend

Your rainbow moment is finally here. Here’s everything you need to know about Atlanta’s gayest weekend. Don’t just stand there; let’s get to it. Hit the park; there’s nothing to it. Pride.    READ MORE »

Tyra Banks helps Emory bro fix his gay problem

In an episode dripping with homophobia, the one hunk you'd expect to be in the thick of it on "America's Next Top Model" actually uses it to repair his douchey Emory frat bro image.    READ MORE »

29 types of hunks you’ll be thirsty for at Atlanta Pride

Daddies, twinks, and guys-next-door. You love them all, and they'll each leave a mark on Atlanta Pride. It’s so much to handle that it’s best to steel for it now with an ab-licious preview.    READ MORE »

Fenuxe faces two lawsuits over $215,000 debt

A judge threw out the bitter, rapey rebuttal of Fenuxe to a lawsuit from a former advertiser while the gay Atlanta glossy also faces two new lawsuits over a $165,000 loan and $50,000 in credit card debt.    READ MORE »