Mom, girlfriend charged in killing of 4-year-old

A 28-year-old Clayton County woman is charged with killing her girlfriend's 4-year-daughter by beating her in the head, while police say the girl's mother also played a role in the child's death.    READ MORE »

You glow girl! MSR works Pride weekend

My Sister’s Room knows how to light up the night on any given Saturday, but the lesbian bar’s girl power increases exponentially when it combines Black Gay Pride weekend with a glow party.    READ MORE »

Heretic kicks it up a notch for Labor Day bash

DJ Alexander knew that the dancing queens didn’t have to work on Monday, so the Cuban stud brought his A-game to Heretic on Sunday to give the bar’s annual Labor Day Blowout an edge    READ MORE »

Black Gay Pride brings Pure Heat to Piedmont

If it’s one thing you can count on to deliver huge crowds during Black Gay Pride in Atlanta, it’s the tried and true parties for every L, G, B and T. If it’s another, it’s the newer Pure Heat festival.    READ MORE »

Dragon*Con takes its mayhem to the streets

From fantasy hunks to guys in drag, from sci-fi dead-ringers to fun fakes, and from hokey themes to serious commitments, the costumes did not disappoint during Sautrday’s Dragon*Con parade.    READ MORE »

21 ways we love weather hunk Rob Marciano

Move over, Sam Champion. Or at least sit tight. We need a moment with our original Atlanta weather stud, Rob Marciano. The smiling brunette beefcake is returning to his first love and gunning for Champion’s job. Sort of.    READ MORE »

DJ Tony Moran wants you to ‘Take It All the Way’

DJ Tony Moran kicked gay Atlanta’s ass at Peach Party to open a summer of dance parties. Now he’s back on Saturday at Jungle to close out the season like no else can.    READ MORE »

Falcons coach spews gay slur on ‘Hard Knocks’

The Atlanta Falcons began this season as the first stop on the NFL’s new LGBT respect training program. But they couldn’t make it out of preseason without a coach calling a player a “jailhouse bitch."    READ MORE »

Adore thrills ‘Drag Race’ fans at Jungle

Adore Delano blew into Atlanta on Wednesday to join the queens of Fantasy Girls and join one of the competitors she bested on Season 6 of "RuPaul's Drag Race."    READ MORE »

Cop arrested for gay sexting with underage teen

A senior sheriff's department commander in metro Atlanta was arrested on Tuesday after allegedly gay sexting with an undercover police officer he thought was an underage teen.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Labor Day cranks up the gay. See what our people are up to, not just in the long weekend of events, but in extra-gay annual fests like Black Gay Pride, Dragon*Con and Decatur Book Fest.    READ MORE »

Gay marriage in Ga. would bring $78 million boost

A new study says thousands of gay couples in Georgia would marry in the first year that same-sex marriage is legal, providing an economic boost of more than $50 million to the state's struggling economy.    READ MORE »

Marietta not happy with recognizing gay marriage

Marietta is being forced to be nice to gay couples who work for it, but only when one-half of the couple dies. Still, even that's too much for a guy named Thunder and his City Council colleagues.    READ MORE »

9 ways to make this your gayest Dragon*Con ever

The diversity of gay Atlanta always reaches the outer limits. With a vertiable local gay multi-verse to explore over Labor Day Weekend, one goes where no other has gone before: Dragon*Con. Here’s what takes it to the great gay beyond.    READ MORE »

John Rocker back as sexier, still stupid ‘Survivor’

Professional angry man, homophobe and former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker will soon be back on TV, shirtless and hanging out with an equally muscled gay couple. This will so turn out well.    READ MORE »

Henry’s whips out its Big Deck anniversary party

As much as the deck, dining and drinks are entrenched as staples in gay Atlanta, it’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since Henry’s claimed its piece of gay 10th Street for its very own.    READ MORE »

Big Willie’s tasty sass booted from ‘MasterChef’

Big Willie's run of camp, class and tasty cuisine came to an end on Monday, meaning Fox's "MasterChef" lost its last openly gay competitor and its biggest personality.    READ MORE »

Gay-owned bars get $274,000 to fluff their facades

Two gay-owned businesses finding success putting the eclectic back in Edgewood Avenue are getting $274,000 in grants to fluff their facades to help pretty things up along the corridor.    READ MORE »

Camp queens strut for a crown in East Atlanta

Campy queens from the Hotlanta Softball League strutted their gown-clad stuff on Saturday as they fought – OK, drank – their way to the crown.    READ MORE »

Out on Film bares its full ‘Bad Ass Gay’ movie lineup

That sound you hear like a freight train hurtling nearer is Atlanta’s LGBT film festival. After some teases, Out on Film’s full roster is out with trailers, special guests, local flavor, our shortlist of must-sees and a little something for everyone.    READ MORE »