B52s Kate Pierson comes out for ‘Mister Sisters’

You know from the get-go that there’s something beautiful and queer about a new song by a founding member of the iconic Georgia party band The B52s. Watch the new video by Atlanta’s own Kate Pierson.    READ MORE »

AID Atlanta: #PrEPworks and we’re using it

When it comes to the little blue pill, gay men are in a house divided. Amid controversy over using HIV drug Truvada as an HIV preventative, AID Atlanta comes out in favor of it and adds the pills to its arsenal.    READ MORE »

Grindr adds trick timer to get you laid quicker

Grindr wants to make it as simple and speedy as ever to get you laid. So they're revamping the app to provide bigger photos and a trick timer so you know exactly how long until you get laid.    READ MORE »

‘Gay mafia’ bullying homophobic Atlanta fire chief

Anti-gay troll Erick Erickson has taken up for Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran, who was suspended last week for his book that calls gays "vile" sexual perverts who dishonor God.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

The holi-gay kicks into overdrive as signature LGBT events line up to celebrate the season. Toy Party, Lost N Found Holiday and Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus are just the tip of the big gay iceberg.    READ MORE »

Sam Champion is too fabulous for winter hats

When gay Atlanta weather daddy Sam Champion stares down winter weather, he'll pull on double mittens, double socks and a scarf. But definitely not a hat, so stop pestering him about it on Twitter.    READ MORE »

DJ Micky Friedmann brings sexy back to gay Atlanta

We like men. A lot. Duh. And when it comes to men we like, DJ Micky Friedmann rides high and hunky near the top of our list. Now the international beat master and gay sex symbol returns to spin Atlanta into the wee hours.    READ MORE »

All of Atlanta has just three gay married couples

Come on, queens. Our Facebook feeds are full of your wedding announcements and photos. Surely more of you can represent in a citywide contest better than the measly three so far in #AJCweddings.    READ MORE »

Atlanta guys put the South in ‘Sexiest poz guys’

Busting down barriers has long been a part of Craig Washington’s charm. Now the career activist with gay and AIDS causes close to his heart breaks HIV stigmas on a new list with a new twist.    READ MORE »

Atlanta marks World AIDS Day with stirring vigil

People impacted by HIV gathered for a touching commemoration on Monday during a World AIDS Day event in Atlanta's Historic Fourth Ward Park.    READ MORE »

Obama: Keep fighting for AIDS-free generation

President Barack Obama marked World AIDS Day on Monday by thanking people on the frontlines of fighting the disease and by urging others to achieve an AIDS-free generation.    READ MORE »

Joining Hearts draws a crowd to Heretic on Thanksgiving Eve

Of the many things gay Atlanta can be thankful for each year, an expanded party schedule when a day off pops up is on the list. On Thanksgiving Eve, that always includes a Heretic event.    READ MORE »

Gays come out for Thanksgiving Eve Turkey Ball

Before there was turkey and dressing, there was the Turkey Ball and undressing. Ten Atlanta made sure that Thursday’s holiday was preceded by a Wednesday holi-gay for those in town for Thanksgiving.    READ MORE »

Learn secrets to this gay Atlanta fitness success

Kayt Wolfe is in the business of building confidence and healthier lives. But first she had to start with her own, launching a fitness journey that took her from overweight smoker to clean-living woman.    READ MORE »

Georgia Equality calls on Reed to sack fire chief

The leader of a statewide LGBT equality group says Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran should be fired over anti-gay passages in a book he wrote.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta bar closes to change into restaurant

The scruffy, attitude-free zone known as gay bar Cockpit in southeast Atlanta is no more. The fun space that paraded burly ManShaft men in front of firemen stationed next door has closed.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Whether you’re looking to get your gay on before or after you strap on your Thanksgiving feedbag, LGBT Atlanta has you covered. Get a gander and let the long holi-gay weekend commence.    READ MORE »

Only 3 in 10 HIV-poz people have virus in check

Just 3 in 10 people with HIV have their virus under control, a troubling number showing the challenge facing health officials who want to expand treatment to poz people as a way of slowing new infections.    READ MORE »

12 sexy shower selfies soap up for a cause

Jack Mackenroth knows the way to gay men’s hearts. The model, activist and former “Project Runway” designer challenges you to strip down in a steamy campaign to clean up HIV’s dirty stigma.    READ MORE »

Atlanta fire chief says gays ‘vile’ and ‘dishonor God’

Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran calls homosexuality “the opposite of clean,” compares it to bestiality and sexual perversion, and says it dishonors God in a religious book he wrote.    READ MORE »