Atlanta man guilty in gruesome ‘gay panic’ murder

A Fulton County jury rejected a gay panic defense from a man accused of killing another man he met for sex, instead finding him guilty of shooting the victim in the head and stuffing his body inside a car trunk.    READ MORE »

RuPaul may be holding a second Atlanta queen

Skarlet Starlet may not be the first name you think of in Atlanta drag, but if growing rumors are true, she could be the next name to bust out of the scene onto the screen on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”    READ MORE »

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Atlanta Bucks prep their rugby jocks for new season

The Atlanta Bucks taught their new recruits some basics about the sport on Saturday as the gay rugby squad prepares for its fall season.    READ MORE »

Veteran gay Atlanta editor launches online mag

Gay Atlanta’s own Rich Eldredge has reported the city's never-ending tapestry of stories for 25 years. Now he brings that experience and vision to his own media outlet. Welcome to Eldredge ATL.    READ MORE »

LGBT ally scores upset win in Georgia House race

A first-time political candidate who was outspoken in his support of LGBT issues scored an upset win on Tuesday for a Georgia House seat that includes portions of DeKalb and Fulton.    READ MORE »

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Josh McKoon escalates assault on gay marriage

State Sen. Josh McKoon can't let go of his fixation on gay marriage, so he wants to introduce another bill to make sure anti-gay conservatives like him have the protection of Georgia law to be so anti-gay.    READ MORE »

Banal bliss, glorious divorce hit gay Georgia

You've both waited for this day. After planning, hand wringing, and a historic Supreme Court ruling, you and yours can finally head to the courthouse ... and divorce that no-good horrible very bad mistake.    READ MORE »

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to get you into his briefs

He knows you’re looking, and he can’t wait for you to reach out and grab his new underwear. When the presumption comes from soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo, we’re all too happy to oblige.    READ MORE »

Gay GOP picks less gay-loving guy in House race

The Georgia Log Cabin Republicans weighed in on a key state House race and picked the less gay-friendly guy who shies away from rejecting the same anti-gay legislation the gay GOPers are fighting against.    READ MORE »

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Gay jocks take final bow before World Series

Atlanta’s LGBT softball players closed their spring-summer season much as it began – with whooping, hollering and a stocked bar. Add awards, and it’s the Hotlanta Softball League End of Season Party.    READ MORE »

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A year in the life of Atlanta’s gay teen outcast

From family rejection to an LGBT Atlanta family of acceptance, Daniel Pierce has had quite a year. In 12 months, he shot from obscurity to notoriety, from outcast to Atlanta Pride grand marshal.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta church buys new home, expands reach

Botox by bulldozer is putting pressure on gay Atlanta nightlife. But for one LGBT church, redevelopment is bringing peace, prosperity and a mortgage-free future.    READ MORE »

Meet Ted Cruz’s merry band of Georgia bigots

As U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz rolls into Atlanta this weekend, he made it clear that during his Southern swing he's surrounding himself with some of Georgia's best anti-gay trolls.    READ MORE »

Would you gel your butt to prevent HIV?

For some gay men, a condoms-every-time regimen can be a challenge. Others have a hard time popping PrEP every day. Now a butt gel wants to ease deeply into your arsenal of STI prevention.    READ MORE »

Erick Erickson: Gays ‘will breed out of existence’

Atlanta radio pundit Erick Erickson had a kiki with religious conservatives to soothe their beleaguered souls with this nugget: Don't worry about the gays winning on marriage. They'll die off and we'll win.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

The heat is on, but the LGBT events are cool. Stop simply surviving summer and thrive with shows, sports, special guests and soirees that say, “It may be scorching, but I am on fire!”    READ MORE »

UGA football gives us this sexy jock threeway

The Glory Days of UGA football are back. We're not talking pre-season rankings for the Bulldogs but the competition among three sexy jocks for quarterback. Rejoice gay fans, the sweaty muscled preseason is upon us.    READ MORE »

New apartments put squeeze on gay Atlanta bars

A developer wants to wedge a five-story apartment complex between gay bars on Cheshire Bridge Road, another step in the sterilization of the strip known for its gay nightlife and sexy parts.    READ MORE »

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Help preserve this piece of gay Atlanta ‘Legacy’

A group of Emory University scholars, alums and local activists is working to preserve a piece of gay Atlanta’s history that at times is tough to watch but should never be forgotten. You can help.    READ MORE »

Ga. makes gay marriage so wonderfully boring

The road to gay marriage in Georgia has been silky smooth since the U.S. Supreme Court ruling, a surprising twist given the state's pitched fight to keep its gay marriage bans in place.    READ MORE »