Sexy gay Atlanta designer reveals his bodies of work

We’ve drooled over Robert Sepúlveda Jr., and as the dreamy designer readies his high-end home fragrance line RSJ|Collection, our fascination with him rises again. Now, if only his Instagram was scratch ‘n’ sniff.    READ MORE »

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Coke gives anti-gay RFRA supporters heartburn

Have a Coke and a smile, gays. The Atlanta beverage giant finally came out against a 'religious freedom' bill, the self-inflicted defeat of which has made some of its anti-gay supporters frown.    READ MORE »

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Gay Atlanta man chases down his home invader

After hanging out with a half-dozen friends, a gay Atlanta man found an uninvited stranger walking into his Midtown home late Saturday night. What happened next was just bizarre.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta Easter Weekend

In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, you’ll be the grandest lady in the gay Easter parade. Or not. Maybe you’ll be the queen one of these other amazing LGBT Atlanta events. Your call.    READ MORE »

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Ding-dong! Georgia’s anti-gay RFRA bill is dead

The sponsor of Georgia's controversial 'religious freedom' bill says the measure is dead for this legislative session. That's the second consecutive year that the anti-gay bill has flamed out.    READ MORE »

Now gay Atlanta has its very own out pro athlete

Move over, Brittney Griner. There’s a newly out basketball lesbian in town, and she’s all ours. Atlanta Dream star Angel McCoughtry officially came out on Instagram to decry anti-LGBT discrimination.    READ MORE »

Trixie Mattel dolls up weekday drag in Atlanta

One original queen, one shocking elimination, and a few Atlanta favorites sprinkled with some “RuPaul” sisters all led up to Tuesday’s raucous Atlanta debut for Season 7 “Drag Race” contestant Trixie Mattel.    READ MORE »

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Gay Atlanta rallies to demand lawmakers kill anti-gay bill

With cries of 'Not in my name, not in our name, not in God's name,' more than 150 LGBT activists, progressives and faith leaders marched around the State Capitol on Tuesday to denounce the anti-gay 'religious freedom' bill struggling to survive.    READ MORE »

You can help this Grindr movie come to life

If you’re one of those film buffs who rolls his eyes at documentaries, this project might change your mind. How’d you like to see a gay movie about a real-life Grindr hookup? Thought so.    READ MORE »

Southern fitness trainer has all the right moves

There’s something about a Southern boy that tickles your special place just a little more. Maybe that’s why we love Drew Ater. Nah. When it comes to this Savannah charmer, it’s about those muscles.    READ MORE »

Blake’s erupts with RuPaul afterparty fun

The “Drag Race” hold on gay Atlanta reached new heights when the show’s spinoff “Battle of the Seasons” hit town. To top it off, the Willam Belli Shafterparty brought the frenzy to a crescendo.    READ MORE »

BJ Roosters parties hard with its neon balls out

Four DJs, a neon dance space and special performances turned BJ Roosters into a costumed pit of glow-in-the-dark craziness on Saturday.    READ MORE »

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Opposition rallies to keep anti-gay bill dead

Dead or sort of alive, Georgia's anti-gay 'religious freedom' bill continues to spark controversy, business opposition, threats about it impacting Atlanta's Super Bowl bid and a march by opponents on Tuesday.    READ MORE »

Friends party for Joining Hearts hero in need

Another sunny gay Atlanta Sunday Funday? Yes please. Friends and camaraderie? Definitely. Fundraising cocktails when you’re in dire straights? When you’re Ben Hadsock, that’s what friends are for.    READ MORE »

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Anti-gay bill sponsor: ‘We are going to prevail’

The Georgia lawmaker behind an anti-gay 'religious freedom' bill pledged to resurrect the legislation a day after his stunning defeat at the hands of three fellow Republicans.    READ MORE »

You’ll have better sex if you watch more porn

You may already know that the South loves its gay porn. Come to find out, that’s a very good thing for your sex life, from drive to physical arousal to endurance as you give and get. Science says so.    READ MORE »

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Anti-gay bill suffers near fatal blow in state House

A last-ditch effort to add LGBT protections to an anti-gay 'religious freedom' bill passed the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, prompting Republicans to table the controversial proposal.    READ MORE »

Clubesque puts Vegas into gay ATL stripper party

BJ Roosters is about to go all Vegas on your ass. Atlanta’s Clubesque show troupe descends on Saturday to turn a gay neon stripper bash into a showstopping extravaganza, and you’re invited.    READ MORE »

Everyone on ‘Drag Race’ hates Violet Chachki

Gay Atlanta's latest queen combatant on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' isn't playing nicely with the other contestants. But no matter as she keeps wowing the judges.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Are you tired and listless? Too pooped to pop? Step right up to the Gay Agenda, where the LGBT-ATL feeds you a cure. Down a heaping spoonful of these gay events, parties, concerts and games.    READ MORE »