Joining Hearts guys grab their hoses [photos]

The boys of Joining Hearts grabbed their hoses and got soaking wet on Saturday, but all of the suds, studs and sex appeal was for a good cause: The non-profit’s charity car wash.    READ MORE »

WSB: Neal Boortz out, anti-gay Herman Cain in

The sometimes offensive, but often Libertarian on the gays WSB radio host Neal Boortz is retiring. But the station is handing his mic and national megaphone to Herman Cain's anti-gay express.    READ MORE »

YouthPride still closed, calls cops for giggles

YouthPride’s chief ridiculousist Terence McPhaul was too busy calling the cops on a reporter than opening the LGBT youth group. The organization, set to re-open Monday, remains closed.    READ MORE »

Monday: Joe Manganiello’s sexy on display

Big. Dick. Richie. Because Joe Manganiello isn’t hot enough. He’s among the cast of stud strippers for “Magic Mike" and covering the U.K. edition of Men’s Health with the muscled sexy we've come to expect.    READ MORE »

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Bucks win trophy at gay rugby championships

Forgive the Atlanta Bucks rugby squad for being slow starters. The gay jocks opened the Bingham Cup with losses but turned it on to capture the Shield division of the gay rugby world championships.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Patrick Hollensteiner realizes fantasies

Austrian model Patrick Hollensteiner knows how to work it. Whether you like him rough or slick, just point a camera at him, and he does whatever you want. This time, with video.    READ MORE »

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The most popular Project Q posts of the week

Relive it or catch up. From crime and punishment to pop culture and politics, these are the news, entertainment and nightlife posts that drew the most reader attention in the last seven days.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Maximilian and his mighty abs

Coming across lean and muscled Maximilian rowing a boat on a secluded lake clad only in skimpy underwear has got to be the start of a personally satisfying fantasy.    READ MORE »

Will you dance ‘The Gay Betch’ this weekend?

Your Gay Agenda is packed this weekend with chances to dance your gay hustle across Atlanta. But before you hit the clubs, you’ve got to learn how to dance. The Gay Betch, anyone?    READ MORE »

ATL lesbian takes on gay bar’s bachelorette ban

Opinions flow when it comes to straight girls in gay bars. But one gay Atlantan has a warning for L.A.’s Abbey for banning bachelorette parties until gay marriage is legal: Choose your words.    READ MORE »

It’s raining (famous) men in ‘Magic Mike’ [video]

It's almost time to see Channing Tatum’s real-life stripper story on the big screen. While we wait, watch him, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello and Alex Pettyfer tease us.    READ MORE »

YouthPride is closed, but where is it moving?

YouthPride’s bombastic leader, Terence McPhaul, doesn’t like to answer questions. Instead he threatens lawsuits, hides in elevators and now, kicks a reporter out of the same facility he's supposed to vacate.    READ MORE »

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Never, ever put the ex’s puppy in a hot oven

When relationships end, the breakups sometimes go badly. Clothes get bleached, emails get hacked, wallets get stolen and the cops get called. But never ever hurt the ex’s dog. Got that, Gary Moore Jr.?    READ MORE »

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Atlanta among CNN ‘best’ underwhelming Prides

There’s a lot for Atlanta gays to be proud of, Atlanta Pride is one of them, and the world should take note. But there’s a hidden gotcha in CNN’s "Best picks around the world celebrating Pride."    READ MORE »

Friday: Stone cold sexy Florin Dobrin

Florin Dobrin is a show stopper when he’s shirtless and in jeans. Strip this Romanian hunk down to white briefs and his sex appeal goes off the charts.    READ MORE »

Hate crime charge next in Atlanta gay beating?

As his client stumbled through pleading guilty to beating a gay man, attorney Jay Abt was talking to say that the U.S. Attorney is about to bitch slap his client with a federal hate crime charge.    READ MORE »

Big Wig IV tips: Go big or go home [photos]

Size matters to Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus, at least it does on Saturday, when the popular Big Wig fundraiser returns with its annual hairy proposition. We gather pics with helpful hints.    READ MORE »

DJ Jay McCracken takes over for a night [photos]

Lust object DJ Jay McCracken missed Atlanta so much that he returned from his new home of Los Angeles on Friday to host Take Over and get his DJ on again.    READ MORE »

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Heretic hits summer with sudsy benefit [photos]

Heretic blasted off into summer on Sunday with some hunks in swimsuits, drag queens in a sudsy pit, a foam party, gay jocks and lots of music. Summer kickoff indeed.    READ MORE »

Booty quest ends badly again on Cheshire Bridge

The problem with partying with your pants off is, well, your pants are off and that attracts the cops when it happens on Cheshire Bridge. The story of a booty call gone bad in Midtown’s red light district.    READ MORE »