Wednesday: Diego Arnary’s hunky, hairy return

Model and actor Diego Arnary has been very busy increasing the temperature across the world since we first admired his hairy chested hotness. He may be even sexier now.    READ MORE »

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Gay monk puts local face on Boy Scouts debate

Emory theologian Kenneth Hosley, who was kicked out of the Boy Scouts for being gay, is providing a voice of reason to counter that Cobb County pastor spewing hate against gay scouts.    READ MORE »

New to gay Atlanta? Artists John Q want you

The ever-whirring minds at queer artist collective John Q are at it again. This time, their latest project on gay Atlanta, which if history holds means a one-of-a-kind experience, needs you.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Josh Banks and his all American charm

Josh Banks started raising eyebrows and pulses the moment he hit All American Guys. Who knew a college guy in a pair of khakis who strips to white briefs would cause such a stir?    READ MORE »

Bowling, Beer, Boys warmup for spring [photos]

Hotlanta Softball League’s Atlanta Titans know more than a little bit about beer busts, studs and shaking off winter blues. To that end, the team rolled out its annual Bowling Beer & Boys.    READ MORE »

ManShaft: Lumberjack logjams Cockpit [photos]

After plenty of buildup and a sexy manly-men tease with video and photos, Friday was finally time for ManShaft and the return of the hot, sticky party series’ Lumberjack themed event.    READ MORE »

Monday: Kirill Dowidoff brightens a rainy day

Russian stud Kirill Dowidoff has been on our radar. Another of photographer Alex Bego’s stunning discoveries, he hasn't been in the Morning Fix yet. What were we thinking?    READ MORE »

Sunday: Boray Kocoz gets Pump!ed up

From the Netherlands to New York, Boray Kocoz builds a beautiful body and a reputation for looking amazing in underwear. Gray-green eyes and pouty lips don’t hurt either.    READ MORE »

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Five gay Atlanta must-reads of the week

When a local escort bares all, Uncle Poodle is working middle Georgia Grindr, there’s an interactive map of gay Craigslist ads and Rachel Maddow is coming, gay Atlanta perks up.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Piece of the Chris Brown pie

He’s got an internationally sought face and body, and he’s even done music videos. That’s pretty much where the similarities end between this Morning Fix guy and that other Chris Brown.    READ MORE »

Georgia smack middle of Gallup’s ‘gayest states’

Polling juggernaut Gallup conducted the largest count ever on people who identify as LGBT. Some 200,000 people answered, and 3.5 percent of Georgians say they’re gay, matching the national average.    READ MORE »

LovHer/LovHim hops Jungle love train [photos]

What happens when the partiers of Bedlam and LovHer join forces? A night of togetherness that not only breaks ground but raises the roof on yet another gay Atlanta nightlife first at Jungle.    READ MORE »

Friday: Treat yourself; Nick Taylor sure does

There is no underwear, swimwear and sportswear brand that knows its audience better than Teamm8. The Australian marketing geniuses push the envelope again with Nick Taylor.    READ MORE »

A map of gay ATL’s Missed Connections spots

Where gay men cruise in Atlanta–in public, face-to-face and without Grindr–is pretty fascinating. And hilarious. So we created an interactive map of the M4M Missed Connections on Craigslist.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Just when you think you can’t take another minute of the workweek, the Gay Agenda of Atlanta’s LGBT events swoops to the rescue with weekend events to bring your sparkle back.    READ MORE »

Big Gay Games offer a collegiate bend [photos]

You really haven't done the Big Gay Game Show until you've experienced a black drag queen holding a "Crackers" sign. Or a porn star stripping off his shirt. But that's the fun of the monthly charity event.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Chad Hursty is willing to trade

Dedicated to fitness his whole life, Aussie trainer and construction worker Chad Hursty brings his work ethic and positive attitude to modeling. He’s also offering up trade.    READ MORE »

How to dress like a sexy ManShaft Lumberjack

Oh, daddy. It's time to prepare yourself for some hot Lumberjack realness ahead of Friday's ManShaft. We've settled on our favorite looks to give you a taste of what to expect (and wear).    READ MORE »

A gay escort in small town Georgia tells his story

With a recent Facebook post, a 24-year-old student outside Atlanta came out. Not as gay but as a special friend. A companion for hire. An escort. He won't be slut-shamed and isn't shy talking about sex.    READ MORE »

12 reasons to see Rachel Maddow in Atlanta

Bookish lesbian hero Rachel Maddow is coming to Atlanta, titillating progressive fans who who wonder which anti-gay wingnut she'll take down next. Careful, though. She might be packing heat.    READ MORE »