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Fall softball kicks off with T-Dance [photos]

Southern Softpaw League jump-started the fall softball season with a Sunday beer bust. No reason to break a bottomless beer tradition that players are as committed to as the game itself.    READ MORE »

Big stars to little, Atlanta Pride sets its lineup

Sure, Atlanta already hosted this Pride and that one. But there’s one more and Atlanta Pride unveiled its full entertainment lineup. Pop, hip-hop, dance and a sexy shirtless guy who plays the guitar.    READ MORE »

Lesbian wants all of Atlanta to eat her sausage

Delia Champion has made some tasty biscuits in her day. And now the lesbian restaurateur is grabbing her chicken sausage with both hands and making it grow so more Atlantans can taste a mouthful.    READ MORE »

That gay prom kid now backs Emory’s Chick-fil-A

Take it from the Atlanta high school student leader who was sacked for wanting a more inclusive prom: Booting Chick-fil-A from Emory’s campus over its anti-gay work amounts to censorship.    READ MORE »

DJ Roland Belmares beats down Heretic [photos]

After setting summer on fire at the annual Joining Hearts, Roland Belmares made his triumphant return to gay Atlanta with a one-night-only set for the dancing queens at Heretic.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Guys With iPhones and sexy chest hair

Guys With iPhones don’t often have chest hair to show off. But when they do, it amps up the sexy of their toned torsos, muscled pecs and tight abs. Here's a closer look.    READ MORE »

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Savannah celebrates a wet 13th Pride [photos]

Wet but still proud, a steady crowd of people enjoyed Savannah Pride on Saturday despite an even steadier stream of late-afternoon storms that drenched the outdoor festival.    READ MORE »

Chick-fil-A an irritant to Emory’s gay campus

Emory’s slap on the wrist to Chick-fil-A since the Atlanta chicken chain dissed “arrogant” LGBT activists isn’t enough for some students, who are organizing efforts to boot the company from campus.    READ MORE »

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Cotillion tries on Hollywood for size [photos]

Sparkles, beads and sashes. Oh my! The men of Atlanta Cotillion made evening gowns part of Saturday’s pre-ball party to raise excitement for next weekend’s annual Cotillion ball.    READ MORE »

Filmmaker seeks a few good, hairy Atlanta men

When gay former Atlantan Christopher Hines went into filmmaking, he opened a Pandora’s Box of documentaries on gay men and body image. He’s back and on a hirsute pursuit for Logo.    READ MORE »

Monday: Tyler Scott fills out his swimsuit, jock

Heard of “1313: Hercules Unbound!”? Neither have we. But tucked inside this yawner is Tyler Scott. This hunky actor packs quite the superhero punch. He looks pretty good in a swimsuit and jock, too.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Dane Goodwin’s hairy sex appeal

Tall, dark and sexy Dane Goodwin has what it takes to go all the way. At 6’2” with dark brown hair, blue eyes and a hairy chest, we’d certainly go all the way with this sexy South African.    READ MORE »

Five gay Atlanta must-reads of the week

Quick and easy? You got it. Here are our top five posts of the last seven days, served up in digestible morsels in case you missed them during your busy week. Access to the full scoop, too.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Shaggy rugby jock Stuart Reardon

Pro rugby jock Stuart Reardon got all shaggy-haired sexy for his latest batch of photos that leave little of the hunky, muscular athlete to the imagination. And that’s the way we like him.    READ MORE »

Atlanta’s federal pen not the place for gay sex

Cellblock sex fantasies make for good gay porn. They don’t make for good times for Lewis Jackson, a physician at the federal pen in Atlanta who's accused of turning medical exams into oral sexcapades.    READ MORE »

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Pre-events let you to ‘Stride Into Atlanta Pride’

Before you hit Piedmont Park for the 2012 Atlanta Pride festival, Pride has plans for you. Ramp up your excitement for the big gay main event with Stride Into Pride happenings.    READ MORE »

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Reed’s gay marriage fumble cost him DNC role?

Mayor Kasim Reed’s reluctance to evolve into supporting gay marriage, unlike President Obama, may have cost the campaign surrogate a speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention.    READ MORE »

Flip through your official guide to Out On Film

How can you tell that Atlanta’s LGBT film festival is fast approaching? The Out On Film program is out. View it page-by-page here to psyche up for the annual gay movie showcase.    READ MORE »

Gays go Grindr wild at Democratic Convention

Young gays, old gays and drag queen gays converged on Charlotte this week for the Democratic National Convention. Sure, they listened to some speeches. At least when they weren’t burning up Grindr.    READ MORE »

Friday: The Brazilian appeal of Gustavo Schmitt

Gustavo Schmitt with his muscular frame spread across a couch is the only reason you need to spend the weekend inside with this hunk. Mister Brazil 2011 is also a law student, so he’s smart and sexy.    READ MORE »