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Flag football jocks prep for new season [photos]

The Super Bowl is over so that must mean … more football? The gay jocks of the National Flag Football League of Atlanta prepped for the upcoming season with a skills session last weekend.    READ MORE »

Wild Cherry Sucret does the Armorettes [photos]

There’s few things that will bring Wild Cherry Sucret out of retirement and once again onto the stage with the Armorettes: A big anniversary, a big benefit or a big tribute to one of her fave dead divas.    READ MORE »

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Fulton judge rejects bond in brutal gay assault

A man accused of drugging, robbing and burning the genitals of a gay Atlanta man was denied bond on Thursday after a contentious hearing and will remain in jail for at least four more weeks.    READ MORE »

Chick-fil-A, gay Toys R Us, ‘frothier’ Santorum

Northeastern nixes chicken chain’s campus store, One Million Moms targets Toys R Us for “Archies,” Google makes “Santorum” search more graphic, Maryland legalizes marriage, more.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

It’s never too early to start thinking weekend. These are our favorite LGBT shows, parties, club nights and get-togethers Friday through Sunday. Click each one for more details.    READ MORE »

Click, vote, help Jerusalem House win $250,000

When Jersusalem House won $25,000 last June from the Home Depot Foundation with online votes, that was just the beginning. Now your clicks can nab the HIV non-profit a $250,000 grand prize.    READ MORE »

Thursday: William Levy’s sexy dance appeal

Here’s a reason to watch the new season of “Dancing With the Stars”: Hunk William Levy. We’ll show you why People En Español named him of its 50 sexiest men of 2011.    READ MORE »

CBS affiliate’s new game: Blame the Gay Victim

Douchebag attorney Jay Abt must be pretty proud of himself. He suckered LGBT activists into buying his pitch that a gay man provoked his own beating. Now, he’s got a CBS affiliate drinking his Kool-Aid.    READ MORE »

Bedlam dreams up fairy queens for MSR [photos]

Never at a loss for original party themes and names, the monthly Bedlam partiers threw down Fairy Dreams, Scheming Queens & Magic Beans on Friday at My Sister’s Room.    READ MORE »

‘Mistakes made’ in gay attack on gay beating vic

Activist whiplash sufferer Devin Barrington-Ward, sensing that his Change Atlanta jumped the shark in attacking a gay man who was beaten days after they supported him, is now eating crow.    READ MORE »

Marine kiss video, gay communion, Lady Gaga

Hear from couple in homecoming kiss photo, priest refuses communion to lesbian at mom’s funeral, Born This Way takes Harvard, Seancody’s “Danny” now “TUF” fighter, more.    READ MORE »

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Fans rally for drag legend Lily White after fire

Fans and friends of legendary drag queen Lily White are rallying around her in the wake of a fire earlier this week that destroyed her North Georgia home –and years of drag accessories.    READ MORE »

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Every Saturday’s a Hot Mess! at Mary’s [photos]

There’s always something happening at Mary’s. The East Atlanta gay bar's regular events like Big Primpin, Boys Room and Mary-oke are capped off each Saturday with a Hot Mess!    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Football jock Deric Mickens

Deric Mickens used to pack all of that muscular sexiness into a football uniform. Yes, the hunky model from Iowa is a former college gridiron jock. Cue the locker room fantasies.    READ MORE »

This is what 40 gay Atlanta bachelors looks like

Even on your best night at Blake’s, you won’t come across this many eligible gay bachelors. So we’re here to help with this collection of 40 of them all in once place.    READ MORE »

Lumberjacks do the ManShaft at Cockpit [photos]

ManShaft: Lumberjack Edition crawled out of hibernation on Saturday, turning Cockpit into a sea of lumberjack plaid, unbuttoned long johns and enough facial scruff to please most any hirsute chaser.    READ MORE »

Chris Cox throws down Jungle beats [photos]

The legendary Chris Cox, who made his name as half of the remix master duo Thunderpuss, brought his Grammy winning magic back to gay Atlanta on Saturday at Jungle.    READ MORE »

Amy Ray lets us in to breathe ‘Lung of Love’

Decatur native Amy Ray is no stranger to hard work. The Indigo Girl teased us with some solo gigs for “Lung of Love.” Now she dishes on the album and release party.    READ MORE »

Mashup madness attacks the Eagle [photos]

The Atlanta Eagle filled with dancing queens on Friday, there to enjoy the Mash Attacks! from Athens, Greece-based mashup master Robin Skouteris.    READ MORE »

Martina on ‘DWTS,’ gay porn death, sex scandal

Navratilova puts the gay in “Dancing with the Stars,” gay porn’s Roman Ragazzi commits suicide, GOP sheriff scandal round two: teen sex, Supreme Court denies NOM case, more.    READ MORE »