Win tickets to Fringe Festival with gays in tow

Atlanta Fringe Festival opens Wednesday at multiple venues with a devotion to underrepresented theater, including LGBT shows, and a chance for you to win tickets.    READ MORE »

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FCKH8’s ode to the gay marriage haters [video]

Gay marriage is all the rage this week. Joe Biden. President Obama. North Carolina. Now a Mr. T lookalike spreads the gay marriage gospel for the activists at FCHK8. Spread the gayness, fool!    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Ab rich aspirations of John Koney

Tampa guy John Koney fancies himself an electrical engineer. We fancy the 22-year-old with as little clothing on as possible to show off the athletic attributes that will take him far.    READ MORE »

Pooches pose for PALS at Pet Cotillion [photos]

The annual Pet Cotillion fundraiser for Pets Are Loving Support went to the dogs on Sunday, with 17 four-legged heart-tuggers vying to become this year’s spokespet.    READ MORE »

Ben Cohen lends jock power to ATL screening

Ben Cohen–yes, that former pro jock and current sexy cuddle bear–returns to Atlanta next month to add a little star power to a movie screening and an issue he’s become known for–gay equality.    READ MORE »

Las Margaritas hosts big Cinco holigay [photos]

If there’s a way to turn a Cinco de Mayo celebration into a holigay, it’s going to happen at Las Margaritas. Balloons, masks, drag and singer Brie all made appearances at the event on Saturday.    READ MORE »

Dan Savage debate, JFK honors, gay Olympian?

“It Gets Better” founder accepts NOM debate challenge, Iowa gay marriage justices get Profile in Courage Award, U.S. gymnast comes out as Olympics qualifying nears, more.    READ MORE »

HRC gala dresses up for equality fundie [photos]

With a 25th anniversary theme of Be Part of Equality, HRC Atlanta donned tuxes and gowns for its annual dinner with a sold-out event packed with political and celebrity guests.    READ MORE »

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Biden ‘absolutely’ goes for gay marriage [video]

The Obama campaign let Vice President Joe Biden loose on the Sunday talk shows. Of course he made news and overshadowed the president’s re-election kickoff with this: Gay marriage for everyone!    READ MORE »

Monday: Jerry Conrad sets off the woof alert

If there’s a polar opposite of sexy twink Tanner Dillon in the Morning Fix, it’s New York daddy Jerry Conrad. Hairy, beefy and in his late 40s. Can we get a woof in here?    READ MORE »

A ManShaft-sized tease for Cockpit brawn [video]

As you decide which jock strap you’ll be sporting for ManShaft: Sports/Jock Edition, the manly men party released their promo spot for the event. It’s a tease of the fun yet to come.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Long live the men of ‘Game of Thrones’

We have loved them and even lost some of them, but our obsession with the “Game of Thrones” men continues unabated. Even if you love the plots, you’re also tuning in for those flashes of manflesh.    READ MORE »

The most popular Project Q posts of the week

Our top 10 attention getters of the last seven days. Catch up on what caught more clicks, from gay Atlanta news to big LGBT event previews, from entertaining videos to politics and infighting.    READ MORE »

Saturday: The intense sizzle of Hiago Paulino

Jeans to briefs to nearly nothing, Brazilian model Hiago Paulino sizzles. That lean and muscled torso combined with the intense look from those brown eyes makes it work for the Morning Fix.    READ MORE »

Found on Grindr: Dos, Don’ts and love quests

When Rihanna sang, “We found love in a hopeless place,” she was singing about Grindr. Yes, it draws voyeurs and horny gays, but it also attracts guys who, deny it or not, are looking for love.    READ MORE »

Theatre in the Square alums ‘betray’ gay founder

As Marietta settles into the demise of Theatre in the Square, former staff and board members who declined a grant to save it want another one to open a new theater without gay founder Palmer Wells.    READ MORE »

‘Housewives’ puts end to Faggot-gate [video]

Bravo’s head gay Andy Cohen tried to put an end to Faggot-gate in the finale of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion triology. Did it work? Gay-slurring Marlo Hampton seemed almost, well, contrite.    READ MORE »

Sexy brothers, ‘ex-gays’ cancel, Tea Party ally

Super gay celebrity siblings list, disinterest kills Exodus “Love Won Out," GOP freshman lonely in congressional gay rights, Romney wanted to keep gay staffer, North Carolina marriage, more.    READ MORE »

Tyra Sanchez on oral sex and buddies [video]

Think you know Tyra Sanchez? The Atlanta drag queen and “RuPaul’s Drag Race” winner dishes up surprises about sex skills, cuddle buddies, a celebrity fascination and sleeping with women. Women!    READ MORE »

Comic James Adomian ready to make you laugh

Politics, corporate greed and riffs on his gay life are just some of the skewers that comedian, impressionist and actor James Adomian wields in his standup act that hits Atlanta this weekend.    READ MORE »