Tracy Young: What it feels like for a girl DJ

Among the handful of female DJs that have broken the male-dominated category of gay circuit legend, Tracy Young is one of the most highly regarded. She’ll show us all why at Jungle Saturday.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta gays give big kiss to Chick-fil-A [photos]

Same-sex couples crowded a corner outside a Chick-fil-A in Decatur on Friday, kissing their way through a protest of the Atlanta-based chain’s recent diss of gay marriage and “arrogant” activists.    READ MORE »

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Cobb man backs Chick-fil-A, ‘faggot’ marriage

Chick-fil-A’s diss of gay marriage also served as an invitation for the cranks to crawl out from under their rocks. Meet Cobb County's Jim Mize, who’s armed with a video camera and plenty of opinions.    READ MORE »

Atlanta gay couple kiss-starts Chick-fil-A protest

As gays across Atlanta prepare to kiss their way through Chick-fil-A protests on Friday, a lesbian couple beat them to it by laying down a same-sex smooch and capturing it in a touching photo.    READ MORE »

Friday: The jocks of Team USA

Think about the hot muscled jocks of Team USA and who comes to mind? Danell Leyva, Troy Dumais and Ryan Lochte. But there’s so many more shirtless Olympians to enjoy.    READ MORE »

East Atlanta’s Flatiron fires back at Chick-fil-A

Fed up with the outpouring of support for Chick-fll-A’s anti-gay attitudes, the partly gay-owned Flatiron Restaurant & Bar offered up its response, East Atlanta style. Which means quirky, smart and fun.    READ MORE »

Five tips to better gay dating at 40, 50 & beyond

Dating can be a minefield for just about every gay in the crayon box, and it comes with new issues as we get older in an often ageist gay culture that can value youth over experience.    READ MORE »

Here’s why Atlanta gays won’t boycott Chick-fil-A

Huff, puff and bloviate all you want about Chick-fil-A’s ramblings against same-sex marriage and gays. But there’s one sure-fire reason the gays won’t boycott the chain and its anti-gay flavored food.    READ MORE »

Chatting up a Midtown hustler gets you busted

When cruising for a trick on the streets of Midtown, just talking with a sex worker can lead to trouble. Not for the homo hustler but for you. Damn those cops and their prying eyes.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

You work hard for the money all week. Spend some on your well-earned downtime with Atlanta’s LGBT events set for Friday through Sunday guaranteed to help you get your gay on.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Danell Leyva’s nearly nude pics

When U.S. gymnast Danell Leyva isn’t busy winning a bronze medal at the Olympics, the muscled stud is sending nearly nude pics with his phone. His favorite? White trunks and no shirt.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Target, unlike Chick-fil-A, embraces gays

Target, no longer facing gay consumers and their protest signs in Atlanta, wants to play gay wedding planner and provide some corporate inclusivity. So take that, Chick-fil-A.    READ MORE »

Emory chides Chick-fil-A, KSU wants eviction

Two Atlanta college campuses stepped into the fray over Chick-fil-A’s diss of “arrogant” gay activists, with Emory chiding the company while some students at Kennesaw State want the chain evicted.    READ MORE »

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4 of 7 gay candidates win elections in Atlanta

Four of seven gay candidates facing races on Tuesday won, including one seeking a judicial post, though Georgia’s caucus of LGBT state lawmakers shrunk and gay men faced a tough time.    READ MORE »

Mark your calendar with Atlanta ‘Dirty Boys’

Think kink. That’s how to measure a year each month and on every page of a new 2013 calendar of Atlanta’s gay leather men and more local studs of other fetishes in the Dirty Boys Calendar.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: U.S. dive jock Troy Dumais

Sexy U.S. diver Troy Dumais has been packing his Speedo for the Olympics since Sydney in 2000. With the confidence of a veteran and the sex appeal of a toned jock, Dumais scores gold with us.    READ MORE »

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Burglars steal two dogs from Atlanta gay couple

When does a burglary get personal? When you steal two dogs from the home of an Atlanta gay couple that loves them like they are their own children.    READ MORE »

‘Modern Life’ gays embrace TV celebs [photos]

What makes a book signing by HGTV sweetheart Sabrina Soto so gay? How about Atlanta’s “Better Mornings” hunk Brandon Rudat and a gaggle of other gay cuties at gay-owned Bobby Berk Home?    READ MORE »

Help two Georgia gays get to Democratic Mecca

Gay bloggers and political power couple in the making Dustin Baker and Brett Johns are heading to Mecca for Democrats next month and need your help for their trek from Athens to the Queen City.    READ MORE »

Marietta Rainbow Fest puts on a show [photos]

OTP Pride kicked into overdrive on Saturday as hundreds took part in an all-day celebration to close out the four-day Marietta Rainbow Fest 2012 with a party and performance at LeBuzz.    READ MORE »