White House in Atlanta: LGBT AIDS conference

The Obama administration is headed to Atlanta. An LGBT themed conference at Morehouse focuses on engaging gays about HIV/AIDS strategy, and they want your input on the agenda.    READ MORE »

Monday: Lucas Malvacini snug and sexy

Lucas Malvacini has worked his briefs on the beach and teased us with his outdoor appeal. Now the Mister Brazil champion cuddles on the couch. Oh to be that couch.    READ MORE »

That’s a big gay Easter bonnet, MISTER [photos]

What’s the Easter holigay without some big gay bonnets? Exactly. So the MISTER Center hosted a bonnet competition on Saturday to provide the judgment you’d expect from this holiday weekend.    READ MORE »

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The most popular Project Q posts of the week

From true-life crime and unsolved mysteries to polarizing cultural issues and gays just wanting to have fun, here are the news and views that caught your clicks in the last seven days.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Dylan Scott shows off the muscle

Dylan Austin Scott stacks those muscles most any place he can find room. The 23-year-old Los Angeles model is pretty fond of showing them off, too.    READ MORE »

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Found On Grindr: Creepy, funny and random

When author Totally Tyler hit Mixx Atlanta with Brushstrokes last month on his book tour, he also screened a hilarious slideshow of real Grindr finds, and we asked him to share it with you.    READ MORE »

Atlanta cops want to pre-party with you Saturday

Give Atlanta police some credit. They really do want to hear from LGBT residents. But they still have a few things to learn. A meet-and-greet on Saturday evening of the Easter holigay? Really.    READ MORE »

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Gay Atlanta ex-doc prefers Astroglide, teen sex

A federal court upheld the 27-year prison sentence doled out to a gay HIV-positive Atlanta man and former doctor who favored Astroglide, hooking up in his car and sex with teen boys.    READ MORE »

New Scissor Sisters song kicks off Easter [video]

While you were sleeping, Scissor Sisters returned to the scene with “Only the Horses.” The gay-fronted band debuted the track on BBC Radio and dropped the lyric video at the same time.    READ MORE »

Don’t flip out. Wig Out! to help out MondoHomo

Everything’s more fun with a wig on, so dust off that Afro, throw on that Halloween mullet—or you know, unlock your climate-controlled wig vault—and let MondoHomo’s Saturday Wig Out fun begin.    READ MORE »

Friday: Gabriel Goldberg’s sexy manwich

Photographer Gabriel Goldberg throws one hell of a pool party. Stocked with ab-rich hotties, Goldberg shot this playful poolside fun and wasn’t shy about putting his men in close contact with one another.    READ MORE »

Meet the new gay bestie of NeNe Leakes [video]

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” are seldom without a gay sidekick. So when NeNe Leakes packed her bags for L.A., gay assistant Andre Terrell was beside her. Or at least close behind with the luggage.    READ MORE »

Big carrots and the gayest Easter pun yet

The gays in Atlanta will turn most any special occasion into a holigay. Let it fall on a Sunday and even better. What with pastels and bonnets, Easter is no exception. So let the gay Easter puns begin.    READ MORE »

Now that’s love: ‘Ballad’ of Psychic TV rocker

If it weren’t true, the love story behind “The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye” might seem more like a Pedro Almodovar film. The documentary on the transformation of a musical pioneer opens Friday.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Pride opens grand marshal nominations

Think past June and Atlanta Pride’s as-yet-unannounced slate of Stonewall events and focus instead on the big, gay Pride parade on Oct. 14: It needs some grand marshals, y’all.    READ MORE »

Edie Cheezburger tops Dragnique 3 [photos]

What started with nine ended with one on Wednesday as the third season of Dragnique capped its run at Jungle with a batch of duets and then head-to-head competition among the four finalists.    READ MORE »

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DJ Vicki Powell works the man’s den [photos]

Vicki Powell worked her DJ magic in the man’s den on Saturday, taking over the DJ booth of Cockpit for a guest appearance in the south Atlanta gay bar.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Happy Easter/Passover Weekend! Even if you don’t have Friday off, there are plenty of options to squeeze into your schedule with this list of our favorite LGBT shows, parties and fundraisers.    READ MORE »

Thursday: The 20 sexiest guys of Tom Cullis

Photographer Tom Cullis not only selects guys that exude a raw sex appeal, he puts them in scenes that crank up the heat. We celebrate his hot guys by picking 20 of our favorites.    READ MORE »

Say hello to Project Q Atlanta’s new features

We rarely toot our own rainbow colored vuvuzela around here. But we’ve made some improvements to Project Q Atlanta in the last few weeks and think it’s about time we formally introduce them.    READ MORE »