Armorettes seek campy ‘pests’ for Miss Barfly

Look out. The Miss Barfly Pageant–one of the most irreverent, therefore one of the most beloved–Armorettes events is coming. This year, the camp contest for a cause brings a Pest Control theme.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Jonas Sulzbach spreads it so sexy

Jonas Sulzbach hasn’t stopped packing swimsuits, briefs and so much more since he captured the Mister Brazil World crown a few years back. Talk about award-winning assets.    READ MORE »

Gather ye for Gay Day at Renaissance Festival

How can you make the annual Georgia Renaissance Festival even gayer? Make it official! RenFest’s Gay Day invites your costumed revelry on Sunday during this year’s weekend fairs in Fairburn.    READ MORE »

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Hotlanta Softball quenches its thirst [photos]

There was music, raffles, Jell-O shots, gift cards and much madness during the Mudcats beer bust on Saturday at Frogs. Would you expect something less from an event called the Thirsty Games?    READ MORE »

Mrs. Obama hugs it out with Georgia Equality

The trip down to Hinesville, Ga. on Friday was “definitely worth the drive” from Atlanta when it resulted in a hug from the First Lady, says Jeff Graham, executive director of Georgia Equality.    READ MORE »

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Drag-clad jock supporters go for a jog [video]

You can’t really appreciate gay rugby players jogging in drag unless it’s slowed down and set to music. So we present the Atlanta Bucks and their supporters at the start of the Purple Dress Run.    READ MORE »

My Sister’s Room shows off Raw Talent [photos]

Gay Atlanta knows where lesbians go for nightlife, and My Sister’s Room knows how to keep them coming back. Last week’s kickoff of Raw Talent 5, will keep ‘em coming all summer.    READ MORE »

Monday: Bo Roberts gets poolside sexy

How do you ratchet up the appeal of model Bo Roberts? Besides stripping him down and splashing him with water, you can remind us that he’s a former jock otherwise known as a cage fighter.    READ MORE »

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Trout trades Speedos for beer kegs [photos]

The Atlanta Rainbow Trout dried off and spent a Sunday afternoon out of the pool to raise funds for the gay Speedo-clad league during a beer bust at Cowtippers.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Undressing the men of ‘The Avengers’

Next week, we get Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner in their “Avengers” garb. Good excuse to take them out of costume.    READ MORE »

The most popular Project Q posts of the week

You clicked ‘em. We counted ‘em. Readers hit these stories more often and made them the most visited on our site this week. Catch up on the conversation or look back at the week in gay Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Saturday: The full basket of Adam Von Rothfelder

What’s a sexy and muscled former MMA fighter to do? Ask Adam Von Rothfelder, who is strutting his sculpted self in a new campaign for Baskit Luxe. And he fills that basket up.    READ MORE »

Found on Grindr: Desperately seeking three-way

A new trend on Grindr is couples looking for a third. Grindr isn't just for cheaters and married men anymore. A plethora of horny gay couples are logging on seeking meat for their man-wich.    READ MORE »

Cheated on queens: Your bitter anthem [video]

Rejoice, bitter queens. You have a new voice. Darren Criss as Blaine delivered the takedown on Tuesday’s episode of “Glee” that empowered every queen who’s faced a cheating boyfriend.    READ MORE »

This gay author blows a clarinet in public [video]

K. Murry Johnson wasn’t joined by any black gay vampires, but the Atlanta author did break into a clarinet ditty on Thursday before signing his new book for fans.    READ MORE »

Positive Impact party honors 19 years [photos]

Atlanta’s HIV/AIDS mental health agency kicked up its heels Thursday at Party With Impact. The annual fundraising soiree drew in a crowd with noshes, cocktails, mixing and mingling.    READ MORE »

GlitterBomb! ATL puts the queer into May Day

The radical queers of GlitterBomb! ATL are back in time for May Day. On Tuesday, the social justice group adds some grassroots sparkle to Georgia Latinos’ May Day Rally and the May Day Festival.    READ MORE »

Time to rally behind gay Georgia lawmakers

The July 31 ballot box is around the corner, meaning all four of Georgia’s openly gay legislators and a new hopeful are up for voter vetting. State Rep. Simone Bell is first out of the gate with a fundraiser.    READ MORE »

Friday: Atlanta guy Travis Scott Schrimsher

Sexy Atlanta guy Travis Scott Schrimsher is a superhero and eligible bachelor who enjoys letting it all hang out–chest hair, too!–in front of a photographer.    READ MORE »

Five things about DJ Chad Jack at Jungle

Before you strap on your dancing shoes for Saturday’s gay dance party at Jungle, we thought you should get to know more about Chad Jack, the DJ that loves Atlanta and we love right back.    READ MORE »