Atlanta Field Day doles out record charity cash

A crowd of hundreds of gay jocks, couch potatoes and weekend warriors tossing eggs and working hula hoops can make an $85,000 difference. How’s that for an Atlanta Field Day with a purpose?    READ MORE »

It’s tradition: Gay Atlanta’s Thanksgiving Eve

The long weekend is upon us, and you might need to buffer family annoyances in advance with some gay. Stay put on Wednesday for gay Atlanta’s parties, shows and special events.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Shaggy blond and sexy Parker Hurley

We’ve done smoking hot actor, artist and nerd Parker Hurley with buzzed hair and tats. We thought there was nothing better. Until he let that blonde hair get shaggy. Hurley has amped up the sexy.    READ MORE »

Ria’s goes from failed health report to reality TV

How do you overcome a failed health inspection? If you’re lesbian chef Ria Pell, you make the most of an appearance on “Chopped.” (And you pass your re-inspection with flying colors.)    READ MORE »

Gay federal HIV chief quits job and Atlanta

The gay chief of federal HIV efforts and part-time Atlantan, Kevin Fenton, will soon no longer call this city home. He quit the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention to return to Merry Old England.    READ MORE »

Madonnarama waited on … Madonna [photos]

Only one thing can keep a Madonna party waiting, and that’s the gay icon herself. While thousands anxiously swarmed the concert revving up for Madonna, others did the same at Madonnarama.    READ MORE »

‘Heroes’ unveils some sexy superheroes [photos]

Atlanta artist Philip Bonneau unmasked his latest assemblage of slick, high-end re-imaginations of famous characters with a big gay twist to a big gay crowd on Friday.    READ MORE »

AIDS Walk shoots for $1M as teams pass goals

The walking and running are done, but Atlanta's AIDS Walk still hopes to hit $1 million for the first time in several years. Teams like Positive Impact are doing their part by busting goals and setting records.    READ MORE »

Monday: Beefy delight Lucas Malvacini

Whether he’s outdoors and splashing around a beach or cuddling with us on the couch, title-holding sex god Lucas Malvacini delights with his beefy torso. Here he is to dazzle the Morning Fix again.    READ MORE »

Five gay Atlanta must-reads of the week

Keeping up with every twist and turn in the LGBT-ATL is harder if it’s not your fulltime job. It’s ours, and we have your back. Catch up on this week's most popular gay news, community and pop culture posts.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Isaac Way’s amazing abs

Fitness trainer Isaac Way knows his way around a gym. Better yet, he knows how to strip down and show off those muscles on the beautiful beaches of Honolulu.    READ MORE »

Philip Bonneau unmasks ‘Heroes + Villains 3’

Gay Atlanta loves us some photographer Philip Bonneau. And he loves us right back with “Heroes + Villains 3,” the latest installment in his series that re-imagines famous characters with a big gay twist.    READ MORE »

Chick-fil-A’s really your favorite chicken chain?

Atlanta’s chicken chain that loves to hate the fruitcakes gave the finger to its gay haters and now, Chick-fil-A’s supporters are doing the same by naming it America’s favorite chicken chain. Yummy!    READ MORE »

‘Faggy’ yogurt, cuz you’re a little homophobic

Who cares that it’s really pronounced "fa-yeh"? The answer is no one in a video spoof by gay comedian Ian Aber and the comics of Laughing Skull Lounge. Check out this sartorial sendup of Fage yogurt.    READ MORE »

Lesbian cop’s stolen booty gets her indicted

A lesbian former DeKalb cop was indicted for receiving an outdoorsy lesbian’s dream: a boat, ATVs and fishing equipment. But the booty was apparently stolen by her partner’s son.    READ MORE »

Win-win: Gay Atlanta’s Bestest revealed [photos]

After two weeks, some 1,000 votes, heated bar wars, write-in challengers and a fun party for the whole queer village, our first Bestest of the Best of Gay Atlanta finally has its winners.    READ MORE »

Shot fired as WNBA lesbians spat in Atlanta

Think your breakup was bad? Not like this: Lesbian pro basketball player Chamique Holdsclaw allegedly poured gas into her ex’s car, smashed windows and fired a shot to try and ignite the gas.    READ MORE »

Georgia GOP seeks out more cray cray anti-gay

Anti-gay batshit crazy plays well in the Georgia GOP, so why not try and pad your roster with a designated hitter like Allen West. That’s what Sue Everhart says.    READ MORE »

Top 10 funny write-ins for gay Atlanta’s Bestest

We’re excited to announce Project Q’s Bestest of the Best of Gay Atlanta winners during Thursday’s Bestest Bash. RSVP to join the party, but not before you get a load of some off-the-wall ballot answers.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

You’ve been waiting all week, you thought it would never get here, but the weekend doesn’t disappoint. Weigh your options to put some gay into your Friday through Sunday with Atlanta’s LGBT events.    READ MORE »