Viral equality, anti-gay calendar, Tenn. bullying

Watch college's “Equality and Love” video, “Sissy” cartoonist defends calendar, gay teen suicide engages county, Republicans vie for “most conservative,” “Rachel Zoe’s” Brad, more.    READ MORE »

Need a handyman? Craigslist gays can help

It’s a tough economy out there, so some entrepreneurial gays are turning to Craigslist listings in Atlanta as a way to get work. In their underwear. Or less.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 26 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Hump Day is still a big mile marker, even on a short workweek. Get yourself up and over it with a helpful shove from today's Gay Agenda schedule of local LGBT events.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: The return of pouty Ryan Bertroche

Farm boy Ryan Bertroche is toned and pouty, which is why he’s traded life on the farm for packing briefs, playing soldier and posing for photos in ways that would make the folks back home blush.    READ MORE »

Atlanta up for Best Pride City in the world

After ups and downs as the Gayest City in America, Atlanta is a finalist in the annual Best of Gay Cities poll, this time with Atlanta Pride as a Top Five nominee up for your vote.    READ MORE »

Newt Gingrich teaches Anti-Gay Extremism 101

Just how much does Newt Gingrich detest LGBT equality? He’s a former college professor in Georgia, so let’s put it like this: He could teach a course called How to Be An Anti-Gay Extremist.    READ MORE »

Taylor Lautner, gay Nixon scandal, DOMA tax

“Twilight” star’s fake coming out, book says Nixon hid affair, gay married couples screwed at tax time, gay company sinks to Jerry Sandusky low, new anti-gay Ron Paul revelation, more.    READ MORE »

Don Lemon sexing Dustin Lance Black? Hardly

Who’s plowing Don Lemon, the attractive Atlanta-based CNN anchor that’s been making his own headlines since coming out? One urban gossip site says it’s someone other than his longtime boyfriend.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 22 gay things to do in Atlanta today

If you’re just getting your head back in the post-holiday game, join your regularly scheduled LGBT week already in progress. Check in with today's Gay Agenda events calendar.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Thibaud Tauru’s sexy chaos

French model Thibaud Tauru enjoys a little chaos. You know the kind: A little leather, gloves, maybe even a riding crop to smack his meaty frame. Don’t act like you don’t know what we’re talking about.    READ MORE »

George Michael, ‘gay robot,’ Lambert regret

Singer’s homecoming, Bachmann’s unique gay rights protestor, Adam Lambert on vodka and jetlag, Ron Paul’s anti-gay past, cardinal attempts to squelch KKK comment, more.    READ MORE »

Monday: 15 gay things to do in Atlanta today

It’s the slow rollout from Christmas into New Year’s. Whether you’re already back at work, hardly working, or still off today, there’s something for you on today’s Gay Agenda calendar.    READ MORE »

Monday: Nathan Nowak works his briefs

English lad Nathan Nowak is a happy-go-lucky guy who just happens to have a muscled frame that looks good only in underwear (and less).    READ MORE »

Sunday: Unwrap Marcelo Daleva for Christmas

The weather outside is a little frightful, so how about a little–ok, a lot–of Brazilian model Marcelo Daleva to make Christmas a little more cheery. Unwrap that.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 21 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Whether you’re last-minute shopping, wrapping presents or ignoring the whole mess, there are lots of options for how to spend your Christmas Eve Saturday in the LGBT-ATL.    READ MORE »

Bliss strippers, beauties mix for charity [photos]

Naked guys and drag queens can make for an interesting mixture. But Bliss Atlanta offered just that on Wednesday as it introduced the queens who will soon host charity nights at the Midtown strip club.    READ MORE »

Five Christmas gifts for you naughty gays

You’ve waited until the last minute to finish your Christmas shopping. Now you’re left wondering what to get for that naughty gay friend. You know, the one from Grindr that likes his holidays naughty.    READ MORE »

All ye faithful: Hanukkah and Christmas services

For some in LGBT Atlanta, the holidays aren’t just about presents and parties. For them, gay and gay-inclusive congregations offer Hanukkah, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services.    READ MORE »

‘The X Factor’: And the winner is…

After three months of competition, it came down to the final three – Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik and Chris Rene – battling it out to become the first winner of “The X Factor.”    READ MORE »

Friday: 23 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Your holiday weekend starts now. Not off work yet? Don't fret. There are plenty of LGBT events on the Gay Agenda waiting for when you’re ready. Jump in any time.    READ MORE »