‘The X Factor’: The finalists are revealed

Viewers chose one of the songs they wanted to hear the Final Four sing this week in the much-hyped Pepsi Challenge. And obviously, the viewers were locked in some kind of ‘90s time warp.    READ MORE »

Friday: 24 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Friday Friday Friday! No, not that annoying teenager’s stupid web video. Something that doesn't suck instead: Today's calendar of Atlanta’s LGBT events kick starts your weekend.    READ MORE »

Friday: Stefan Gatt is jocklicious sexy

A real-life jock turned model. Stefan Gatt isn’t one of those muscled guys who tries to play athlete in photos. This guy grappled in college. You know, all that sweaty sexiness locking horns with other guys.    READ MORE »

RockStars turns Red for toy party [photos]

With their hunks hitting the pool for Black Gay Pride and going Underworld for Halloween, did you really think RockStars Production would sit out the holigays?    READ MORE »

Comment of the Day: Poster Hut’s demise

It’s finally over. But with the reactions from you, dear readers, you’d think the parking lot of Poster Hut was crammed full and the cash registers were ringing like church bells on Sunday.    READ MORE »

Santa dons his gay apparel for bingo [photos]

The holidays burped all over Babes in Toyland Bingo on Wednesday, giving the monthly fundraiser a hearty helping of Santas, drag queens adorned in red and even a Grinch.    READ MORE »

My Sister’s Room lets patrons in on sale [photos]

Saturday wasn’t just show time with Charlie Brown at East Atlanta’s lesbian bar. The annual Toy Drive Party was also time to lift the curtain on My Sister’s Room's ownership transition.    READ MORE »

Gay Golden Globes, GOProud, lesbian tackle

Awards season opens with LGBT-friendly nods, gay conservatives shake up board, lesbian pins down heckler for cops, Virginia allows gay adoption ban, school outs teen to parents, more.    READ MORE »

Athens gay man beaten on downtown street

A gay man in Athens was beaten and knocked unconscious early Wednesday after he yelled back at two men across the street who called him a “homophobic slur."    READ MORE »

Thursday: 30 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Thirsty Thursday. Quench that craving for LGBT things to do today by lapping up Atlanta events on today’s Gay Agenda calendar, from lectures to late night, from performances to parties.    READ MORE »

Heretic celebrates 20 years of nightlife [photos]

Two nights to celebrate its 20th anniversary wasn’t enough, so the Heretic cranked it up for one more on Monday to thank its customers and give a nod to the holiday season.    READ MORE »

Et tu, gays? HIV stigma still isolates gay men

Recent studies show healthcare workers and American consumers hold alarmingly outdated fears of HIV-positive people, but the latest one says gay men also reject their poz brethren.    READ MORE »

Joining Hearts wishes for toyful holiday [photos]

You might be all about that massive hunkrific pool party fundraiser in Piedmont each July, but the volunteers from Joining Hearts do their charity thing year-round. On Sunday, they put on their Santa hats.    READ MORE »

Transgender twin, Amber Heard, gay chatline

Teen daughter and identical twin brother, lesbian actress slams closeted actors, Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer accidentally promotes gay sex line, GOProud darling considers Libertarians, more.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 31 gay things to do in Atlanta today

You can't peter out now. Atlanta’s daily calendar of LGBT events sure doesn't. Keep up the pace and keep your week moving along with a wide variety of invigorating options.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Jason Borish is fitness perfection

Whether Jason Borish is stripping down outdoors or pumping up shirtless in the gym, this Ohio guy knows how to flex his stuff in that special way.    READ MORE »

Discovery of Atlanta man’s remains lacks closure

The remains of Atlanta musician, masseur and go-go dancer Steven Marchi are sitting in a forensics lab for positive identification, but the case may never bring closure to his family and friends.    READ MORE »

CNN sponsors Johnny Weir’s Atlanta booty call

How is it that the flamboyant queen that everyone knows is gay but struggles to come out lands a sexy foreign boyfriend as soon as he does? Ask Olympic skater Johnny Weir when he’s in Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Gay sailor returns, Gene Robinson, Defense bill

Navy reinstates gay linguist, gay bishop blasts Rick Perry, Congress strikes anti-gay language from military budget, post-“gay” penguins, Ed Koch backs lesbian for NYC mayor, more.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 23 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Workday schmirkday. It’s always a good day to check in with the Gay Agenda calendar for LGBT events. Click through and work some you time into your busy schedule.    READ MORE »