Monday: Erasmo Viana shows off his briefs

The Morning Fix first caught up with Brazilian hottie Erasmo Viana after his long, sweaty workout. He's cleaned up now, laying around and showing off his briefs and abs.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 16 gay things to do in Atlanta today

It's a good day to be you. Just look at all the LGBT events that gay Atlanta rolls out just for your enjoyment. Whether you come out early and/or stay late, there’s something to do on the Gay Agenda.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Daniel Garofali simply sizzles

Any way you photograph Daniel Garofali, the results simply sizzle. Rip off the shirt, flex the biceps and this guy turns it (and us) on. It's no wonder he makes a return to the Morning Fix.    READ MORE »

Two arrested at Blake’s; police abuse alleged

Two people were arrested early Saturday after an apparent fight at Blake’s, with a witness saying Atlanta police officers called patrons “sweetie” and “princess.”    READ MORE »

Saturday: 24 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Hello, Saturday, with your comely LGBT-ATL events. Go on and tempt us by working that Gay Agenda calendar of yours. With irresistible gatherings, parties and concerts, resistance is futile.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Roger Frampton as sexy guy next door

British model Roger Frampton knows how to work that sexy guy next door image. That serious look can only be matched by his serious sex appeal.    READ MORE »

Which mayor isn’t supporting Freedom to Marry?

Scores of U.S. mayors, including some from the largest cities in the country, stood together to support gay marriage. Guess which Southern mayor wasn’t holding hands with them?    READ MORE »

Tour new love nest of Eddie Long’s ‘Wildchild’

Make believe recording artist and short-distance sprinter Centino Kemp, the “Wildchild” of Megadaddy Bishop Eddie Long, got paid for being bad and now is taking up residence in a new home.    READ MORE »

Sexual Side Effects shoot ‘Aurora’ video in ATL

It was a nippy but productive couple of early mornings for Atlanta’s own queer-inclusive rockers The Sexual Side Effects as they took to the streets and a soundstage to shoot the video for “Aurora.”    READ MORE »

Tracy Morgan, gay diapers, GLSEN report

“30 Rock” sends up Morgan’s anti-gay rant, preacher says gay men tear through rectum stitches to get more booty, elementary-level bullying stats, Santorum's Focus on Family endorsement, more.    READ MORE »

Friday: 22 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Friday state of mind. It’s time to get ‘er done or blow it off, because you have LGBT things to do. Instead of watching the clock, check out the events gay Atlanta has waiting for you.    READ MORE »

Friday: Andy Speer’s masculine appeal

Whether Andy Speer is working South Beach or a cover shoot for a magazine, this lean and muscled guy is scorchingly hot. Few clothes and nearly see-through briefs don't hurt.    READ MORE »

Magnetic Fields single teases ATL stop [audio]

Buzz is already swirling over the return of ‘90s original alteraqueer band The Magnetic Fields. Listen to their single “Andrew in Drag” here and get the scoop on their tour backing a new album.    READ MORE »

Candidate Keisha Waites does charm offensive

Keisha Waites went on a charm offensive this week hoping to convince skeptics that this lesbian community activist is more than the sum of her eight defeats.    READ MORE »

Neil Patrick Harris, gay license plate, GLAAD

Coverboy NPH on life, love and marriage plans, Indiana LGBT specialty plates, Rick Perry backs Gingrich, GLAAD’s Media Award noms, state gay marriage rifts, more.    READ MORE »

Kasim Reed leans on gay rabbi for invocation

Before Mayor Kasim Reed delivered his State of the City address to a crowd of hundreds on Thursday, he leaned on a gay rabbi to deliver the invocation.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 25 gay things to do in Atlanta today

You're getting through the week just fine. But you can do so much better than fine. Kick it up a notch with the suggestions from the Gay Agenda as we roll out today’s LGBT events.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Dmitriy Tanner is Marine tough

Jeremy, our Marine Morning Fix on Tuesday, sparked such an enthusiastic response that we’ve brought you another: Dmitriy Tanner. This Russian born, American bred hottie will make you salute. Again.    READ MORE »

Outwrite prepares for ‘Last Tango’ on 10th Street

Last call at Outwrite’s iconic Midtown location isn’t set in stone. But the LGBT store is preparing for its “Last Tango” that will bring together several authors for their final appearance at the store.    READ MORE »

Cracker Barrel founder remembered best as bigot

An obituary in the New York Times always means you were somebody. But when it leads with “fought a losing battle to discriminate against gay employees,” it’s not so flattering.    READ MORE »