Trey Toler back to binging on gay comedy [video]

Gay Atlanta funnyman Trey Toler returns to the stage Tuesday, but not before dishing about the show, opposing fat marriage and what he will do for gay fans who follow him Outside the Perimeter.    READ MORE »

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That gay landmark in Marietta? Not anymore

The gay-owned Theatre in the Square, once the target of Cobb County’s anti-gay bigotry, is now dead, the victim of a tough economy and fundraising that couldn’t keep up with demand.    READ MORE »

Gay couple wins 11Alive dream wedding

Ronnie Mallette and Brent Ferricci tied the knot on Sunday as the hands-down winners of 11Alive’s WOW Wedding contest. It was a big day for them, as well as voters that supported them.    READ MORE »

Drag queens ‘Chow Down’ on Chick-fil-A [video]

Monday was a big day for Willam Belli. Even as his drag slam of Chick-fil-A to Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On” went viral, he was the subject of the most surprising “RuPaul’s Drag Race” ever.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Thierry Pepin’s pick me up sexy

What’s Thierry Pepin been up to since we snagged him in a video stripping down to his briefs? The Canadian hunk continues to bare his best assets, of course.    READ MORE »

Will this Eagle raid shitstorm go away now?

Three lawsuits, a bunch of Atlanta police misconduct, some reforms and $1.475 million later, Mayor Kasim Reed, the city and its LGBT residents might just be done with the botched Eagle raid.    READ MORE »

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Titans warm up with bowling, beer, boys [photos]

There’s a couple of things the Atlanta Titans do well off the field: Wash cars with strippers, drink beer and bowl. The gay Hotlanta Softball League team did a couple of those on Sunday.    READ MORE »

Miss Gay Georgia crowns three queens [photos]

Pageantry took center stage as drag queens competed for a triple crowning and a berth to national competitions during Miss Gay Georgia USofA on Thursday.    READ MORE »

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Jimmy Carter takes gays to Sunday school

At 87, Georgia’s own former president is still kickin’ it with God in his Sunday school class. Gays and marriage are on the curriculum as he pitches his new book about the Bible.    READ MORE »

Gay football jocks toast St. Patty’s Day [photos]

The green was as ever-present as the bottomless margaritas on Saturday. For a bunch of partying gay jocks, isn’t that about right for an afternoon doing duty as St. Patty’s Day and a blast of Spring?    READ MORE »

Bitch serenades MSR’s St. Pat’s bash [photos]

The artist known as Bitch fiddled while My Sister’s Room burned at fever pitch Saturday. The St. Patrick’s Day party featured the musician and all the gay green of the holiday.    READ MORE »

Monday: Sean Patrick Davey’s ginger appeal

There’s something about ginger hottie Sean Patrick Davey. He’s built tough and sexy, which helped make him one of our top Morning Fix posts last year. He’s back and looking better than ever.    READ MORE »

The best Project Q comments of the week

You love leaving comments on our posts, especially when they’re about a drag legend, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and gay sports. And we love reading them.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Lucas Fernandes works a pair of jeans

When you’re as built and beautiful as Brazilian model Lucas Fernandes, all you need to get our attention is to pull on a pair of jeans then pose like you’re struggling to get out of them.    READ MORE »

The most popular Project Q posts of the week

Big gay drama of the real, self-induced and made-for-TV kind drew LGBT Atlanta to our top stories in the week gone by. Revisit or catch up on the hottest topics of the last seven days.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Adam Coussins’ abs do all the talking

British model Adam Coussins goes simple for sexy in a new set of photos. He lets the chest hair, abs and ripped chest do all of the talking. No fancy sets and no overworked photography.    READ MORE »

‘Housewives’ continues ‘faggot’ debate [video]

Never mind Marlo Hampton’s gay apology. Now, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” sidekick has to explain that she yelled “faggot," apologized for it, lied about it and apologized again. We're confused too.    READ MORE »

Andy Cohen’s ‘RHOA’ reunion Blake’s break

What’s a fab gay TV executive to do after a long day of recapping all the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” drama with the ladies? Do not pass “Go.” Head directly to Blake’s on the Park.    READ MORE »

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Pastor rants about gays in Georgia House [video]

Take a breath, Rev. Tony Byrd. Your minutes-long rant before Georgia lawmakers was so quick and breathless that we almost missed your inclusion of gay marriage among the evils facing America.    READ MORE »

A superhero birthday bash made for BJs [photos]

If you own a popular gay bar with go-go boys, how do you celebrate your birthday? Costumes and masks–of course!–and they filled BJ Rooster on Thursday for Bobby’s Superhero Birthday Bash.    READ MORE »