My Sister’s room sold to popular emcee, partner

Popular emcee Chase Daniels has been a fixture at East Atlanta lesbian joint My Sister’s Room for years. In a few weeks, you can call her and partner Jami Siden the new owners.    READ MORE »

Monday: 17 gay things to do in Atlanta today

The beginning of another workweek doesn’t mean you can’t include some fun and community in your schedule. You won’t mind scratching some of these LGBT events off of your to-do list.    READ MORE »

Monday: Scruffy and sexy Marlon Teixeira

As much as Marlon Teixeira sexes up everything he does, it’s been quite some time since we’ve focused on the sexy Brazilian getting soaking wet in the Morning Fix.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 22 gay things to do in Atlanta today

December to remember. It’s not a sales event. It’s how the gAy-TL does the holiday seasson: Every day and all month long. Find the seasonal fare on tap for a memorable Sunday.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Calvin Martin’s badonkadonk appeal

Dress him up or dress him down, but Calvin Martin’s mixed race sexiness shines through. Maybe it’s the pecs or it could be the abs. That badonkadonk doesn’t hurt, either.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 32 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Happy International Human Rights Day, and welcome to your weekend. LGBT Atlanta rolls out the red carpet for seasonal fare, special guests, art openings, and one-night-only celebrations.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Matthew Cadigan makes twinks proud

When Matthew Cadigan flexes, twink lovers rejoice. This model with his thick hair, intense look and lean body proves that something sexy can come out of New Jersey.    READ MORE »

Hey Heretic, how’s it feel to turn 20?

It’s not the trendy gay club of the moment. It’s the Heretic, where you check your attitude at the door and your shirt at the dance floor. It’s an approach that’s worked for 20 years.    READ MORE »

Fit to be tied: How to rock the gay bow tie

You don’t have to look far to see that gay Atlanta fully embraces the recent bow tie trend of recent years, so we tie one on with a local fashion gadabout to see how it’s done.    READ MORE »

What’s with Atlanta’s cross-dressing robbers?

It’s tough out there for bank robbers. With the economy in the crapper, their trade is becoming popular, forcing wannabe John Dillingers to find a niche to make them stand out. In Atlanta, that means drag.    READ MORE »

Perry parodies, Prop 8 appeal, Rutgers plea

Watch video responses to Rick Perry’s anti-gay ad, appeals judges grill Prop 8 challengers, Tyler Clementi’s roommate declines plea deal, gay marriage plaintiff dies, more.    READ MORE »

YouthPride wants $50,000 or it may close

Just a few weeks after a public squabble between YouthPride and LGBT activists over the plight of homeless youth, the non-profit is sounding alarms that its troubled finances could force it to close.    READ MORE »

Varla Jean dishes on ‘The Book of Merman’

Look for rowdiness as the inimitable, statuesque drag goddess Varla Jean Merman comes to town this weekend with “The Book of Merman,” opening Friday at Actor’s Express.    READ MORE »

‘The X Factor’: Dramatic dance hall daze

Weak dance songs and boring personal songs dominated this week’s “X Factor,” but it was dumbass judge Nicole Scherzinger who made all the headlines with an elimination miscalculation.    READ MORE »

Friday: 29 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Thank Gay It's Friday. Whether you’re hard at work to finish or you've already checked out mentally, click through to see tonight's LGBT events that await.    READ MORE »

Friday: Radek Kruczek is gridiron ready

When jocks with bodies like Radek Kruczek pull out their grid iron kit, the results go something like this Morning Fix: jocktastically sexy.    READ MORE »

Atlanta companies falter in ranking of LGBT love

A few high-profile Atlanta companies with strong reputations for gay-inclusiveness failed to get a perfect score on a new ranking of how they address LGBT workplace policies, benefits and consumers.    READ MORE »

Candace Gingrich no longer apologist for Newt

Candace Gingrich-Jones, it’s time to be quiet. It wasn’t too long ago that the lesbian Gay Inc. activist called gay critics of her half-brother bastards. Now she says she’s voting for Obama next year.    READ MORE »

Teen suicide, gay exile, Gaga White House

Bullied teen takes own life, gay married couple leaves U.S. for healthcare, Lady Gaga meets with Obama staff on bullying, other DADT analogies Rick Perry considered for ad, more.    READ MORE »

Stylish gay art makes your holidays pop [photos]

Gay artist Paul Wolski likes to put a little pop in your life and he did just that with a stylishly gay–of course!–event Wednesday that included a drag queen emcee and an Atlanta celeb or two.    READ MORE »