Smoke at Atlanta Pride? That’ll cost you $1,000

Alex Wan, the lone gay on Atlanta City Council, really doesn’t want you smoking inside city parks. Now, thanks in part to his efforts, lighting up will cost you up to $1,000 in fines or six months in jail.    READ MORE »

AID Atlanta leader quits to join Jerusalem House

A top AID Atlanta official tapped to help lead the non-profit in the wake of its executive director resigning last month talks to us about his decision to also leave the HIV agency.    READ MORE »

Sharon Needles coming back to Atlanta for more

After confrontations with protestors, firing back at her haters and delighting gay fans despite it all, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” queen Sharon Needles is back for more in a return engagement at Jungle.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Guys With iPhones in just their shorts

A sweaty jock with his shirt stripped off in nothing but shorts, putting his rippled chest on display. Classic male form. So we turn to Guys With iPhones to fuel our athletic fantasies and they deliver.    READ MORE »

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Lesbian cop in DeKalb jailed in theft case

A lesbian commander with DeKalb police was jailed on Monday after a contentious court hearing in which she was accused of letting stolen property collect at her Clayton County home.    READ MORE »

Georgia trans man comes out during AMC show

This is definitely not “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” AMC’s north Georgia-based reality show, “Small Town Security,” premiered on Sunday and dove right into the thick of transgender Lt. Dennis Croft.    READ MORE »

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Murs to Atlanta’s Lil Scrappy: I kissed a boy

Los Angeles rapper Murs has a message for Atlanta Hip-Hop artist Lil Scrappy’s toxic homophobia: I kissed a guy and I think I liked it. And he put his gay smooch in a video.    READ MORE »

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Softball ends. How else? With beer bust [photos]

Following a “last official” beer bust and a “final” regular season one toasting the Gay Softball World Series, Sunday found Hotlanta Softball League’s “Absolutely Last Extra Inning Beer Bust.”    READ MORE »

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House race goes anti-gay in north Georgia

Two conservatives in a Georgia congressional district are slugging it out to prove who is zanier. What’s in their crosshairs? Gay marriage. Because this state is so close to finally endorsing it.    READ MORE »

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CDC targets Atlanta’s HIV stigma, apathy

Coming soon to billboards and MARTA buses in Atlanta: A campaign to fight the stigma that fuels HIV. And this campaign features at least one familiar face: "Housewives" gay bestie Dwight Eubanks.    READ MORE »

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Madonna: Over it? ‘Turn Up the Radio’ [video]

It’s not easy being Madonna. With the paparazzi in her face and fans crowding vintage convertibles, there’s hardly time to think of an original theme for a new song in her hit factory.    READ MORE »

Monday: ‘Lick’ Steven Dehler, Montana Volby

Beefy boyfriends Steven Dehler and Montana Volby aren’t shy when it comes to pouring their muscles into swimsuits and underwear to pose for the camera. Even better, Dehler likes to “Lick.”    READ MORE »

Sunday: Thiago Barreto gets playfully sexy

Playfully sexy Thiago Barreto draws you in with his curly black hair and facial scruff. What happens next keeps you coming back: Chewing on his shirt before ripping it off to reveal his muscled chest.    READ MORE »

Five gay Atlanta must-reads of the week

You can’t always make time to stay up on Atlanta’s LGBT news, events and watercooler-worthy buzz. That’s OK. Here’s a rundown of our five most-popular posts that got readers talking this week.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Felipe Alencar gets soaking wet

Felipe Alencar enjoys bending his athletic body around furniture, stairs and pretty much anything else to show off his muscular beef. At least when he’s not splashing around getting soaking wet.    READ MORE »

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‘Ultimate bullies’ get 5 years for anti-gay beating

Men who attacked a gay Atlanta man while yelling gay slurs received a stiff prison sentence on Friday, despite efforts by attorneys to invoke a gay panic defense and dismiss the attack as a fight.    READ MORE »

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Gay groups split over picks in Atlanta races

Two gay political groups firmed up their endorsed candidates for the July 31 primary, but Georgia Equality and Atlanta Stonewall Democrats passed over LGBT incumbents and gay challengers.    READ MORE »

State reps duel for attention in gay beating case

The race of two Georgia lawmakers fighting for re-election turned into a distracting sideshow on Thursday during the sentencing hearing of three men who beat a gay Atlanta man.    READ MORE »

Jungle ready to Spark your Sat nightlife [video]

Need a little spark added to your nightlife? Late-night veterans Brent Star and DJ Christopher Kind light the match for you with the second installment of Spark on Saturday. Here’s a video preview.    READ MORE »

Friday: Julian Soto likes to flex his biceps

Fit and athletic, Julian Soto packs quite a punch. There’s his gorgeous body, sexy face and penchant for stripping down and flexing his muscles. No wonder he competes for Best Model of the World.    READ MORE »