Lock up ‘Your Boyfriend’ for Brushstrokes event

Writer Totally Tyler is totally insightful, and he’s the first guest of the new Brushstrokes author events at Mixx. Meet him March 22 with “Your Boyfriend & Other Guys I’ve Kissed.”    READ MORE »

Monday: 16 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Monday, Monday. Don’t get that day? Get your week started right with an LGBT injection of happenings and activities that give you something fun to look forward to.    READ MORE »

Monday: Greg Kheel’s charismatic appeal

He’s charismatic, energetic and intelligent. And Greg Kheel is pretty sexy, too. He’s traded in his Florida roots – Kheel grew up in the Panhandle – for the life of modeling and clubbing in New York City.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 16 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Rain or shine, the weekend is a good thing. Even better are gay Atlanta's options to close it out in style with LGBT shows, gatherings, bar specials and even a Whitney tribute.    READ MORE »

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Meet gay beating suspect’s douchebag lawyer

When Dorian Moragne did his perp walk into Atlanta police headquarters on Friday, he had in tow criminal defense attorney Jay Abt. If you didn’t already suspect Moragne was a douchebag, Abt will help.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 26 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Nothing quite like a Saturday. Get up, get out and do something with choices from showing your political power by day to whooping it up by night and plenty in between.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Justin Woltering’s fitness sexy

Justin Woltering knows a thing or two about fitness. He also knows a few things about packing a swimsuit and showing off all of his hard, sweaty work in the gym.    READ MORE »

What Whitney Houston means to ATL’s gay DJs

We polled Atlanta’s gay DJs for their thoughts on what Whitney Houston’s music means to them, their favorite tracks and what she means to the dancing queens she's rocked over the years.    READ MORE »

Atlanta police make second arrest in gay beating

A second suspect in the beating of a gay Atlanta man surrendered to police on Friday, leaving at least one suspect in the Feb. 4 attack on the lam.    READ MORE »

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‘Ex-gay’ survivor speaks out in Atlanta [video]

LGBT activists on Friday rallied against an “ex gay” conference in Atlanta, calling attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation junk science that hurts people struggling with their sexual orientation.    READ MORE »

KSU Pride unleashes kings and queens [photos]

Kennesaw Pride Alliance held its annual drag show Thursday to raise money for Pets Are Loving Support, give students a chance to show off, and throw down a good time.    READ MORE »

‘Modern Family,’ gay hit and run, Pat Buchanan

“Don’t Say Gay” committee warns against ABC hit, anti-gay pundit in auto collision after gay bar, Buchanan plays victim to “blacklist,” lesbians win Valentine contest, more.    READ MORE »

Friday: 23 gay things to do in Atlanta today

You’re in the final stretch. The light at the end of the tunnel glows with second-wind inspirations of today’s LGBT events. Look straight ahead and sprint to the weekend finish.    READ MORE »

Friday: Unwrap crazy hot Matt Schiermeier

Coming across fresh photos of Matt Schiermeier makes us as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning. We slowly unwrap each one with our eyes as if we were unwrapping that special present.    READ MORE »

James Anthony ready to rock gay Atlanta [video]

New York-based DJ James Anthony is ready to rock Atlanta’s gay boys–hard–on Saturday during his first-ever gig in Atlanta. Expect his A game and even a special Whitney Houston tribute.    READ MORE »

Valentine partiers toast to ‘Luv Sux’ [photos]

A little drag, a little “Vampire Diaries” dynamo and a lot of food and drink made it better that, for some, love sucks during Las Margaritas’ Valentine Luv Sux Ball.    READ MORE »

The gayest way to honor Whitney Houston

Why add voices to the cacophony of Whitney Houston remembrances when there’s really only one voice, The Voice, you want to hear? Drag entertainers know what’s up.    READ MORE »

So you think you’ve got Atlanta Pride talent

Listen up all you singers, performers and would-be Pride entertainers: The time is now to register and be considered for the stages at October’s Atlanta Pride festival.    READ MORE »

Speedo Santas deliver big present to ‘Bert Show’

The hunk-filled Atlanta Santa Speedo Run delivers big–a big crowd, scores of sexy guys and an even bigger check to charity, which they presented to Q100 radio jock Bert Weiss on Thursday.    READ MORE »

Project Mondo, gay marriage votes, Oprah

“Runway” all-star as HIV activist, states on marriage equality, Oprah mulls acting for Lee Daniels, “Don’t Say Gay” bill advances, pro poker player comes out, more.    READ MORE »