Amy Ray’s ‘Lung of Love’ to rock local shows

Amy Ray, half of local lesbian duo Indigo Girls, is putting the finishing touches on a new solo album and performing live shows this week to preview it. “Lung of Love” hits Dahlonega this weekend.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 26 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Need release? We're right behind you. Back up on this roster of relief we affectionately call the Gay Agenda of today’s LGBT events, from celebrities and contests to plays and parties and beyond.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Four guys and their brief encounters

What do you get when mixing four cute and playful guys, several pairs of underwear and a photographer? A Morning Fix full of packed pouches and overflowing junk. Oh to be the stylist on that photo shoot.    READ MORE »

King Center loses one of its gay marriage bigots

There appears to be room for only one gay marriage opponent at the helm of Atlanta’s King Center. A week after Bernice King was named CEO, her brother is out as president.    READ MORE »

Teen suicide, gay cruise survivors, Todd Glass

Parents on late son’s “pure hell,” gay couple's story from capsized cruise ship, comic Glass comes out, Santorums play victims to activists, Huntsman endorses Romney, more.    READ MORE »

MLK breakfast draws big LGBT crowd [photos]

A capacity crowd of LGBT activists and gay-friendly allies filled the social hall of a Midtown church on Monday for the 11th Annual Bayard Rustin/Audre Lorde Breakfast.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 21 gay things to do in Atlanta today

We now return you to your regularly scheduled week. If you had Monday off, the rest of us are jealous but we’re here for you. So are today’s LGBT events with a little flair for your workweek.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Jeremy a Marine who makes us proud

A strapping young Marine with pierced nipples and a tat on his bum? Yep, we’re hooked. Like any sexy Marine, Jeremy makes us proud and he proudly puts it all on display.    READ MORE »

Diego Wolf wins MSR’s Drag Race 2 [photos]

After months of competition, the finalists took the stage for the final showdown to see which king or queen would top them all to become the second Drag Race winner at My Sister’s Room.    READ MORE »

Did Bernice King just open her arms to the gays?

Bernice King, the new CEO of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center that seemingly told the gays to piss off last week, may have scratched off her scab of anti-gay views on Monday. Happy birthday, MLK.    READ MORE »

Rockstars bares briefs for MLK kickoff [photos]

With more than a half-dozen guys in form-fitting underwear, a packed crowd and thumping beats, Rockstars Production pushed its gay MLK Weekend slate of nightlife events into overdrive.    READ MORE »

A wild Wild Cherry birthday at Bliss [photos]

To grasp the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent that is gay Atlanta’s Tony Kearney, aka Wild Cherry Sucret, one need only look to his drag, stripper, cute boy birthday party last week.    READ MORE »

MLK on gay, Golden Globes, Santorum backers

Experts on how MLK would consider gay rights, gay Globes wins and moments, anti-gay groups endorse Rick Santorum, Focus on the Family's Broncos game ad, more.    READ MORE »

Monday: 16 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Happy MLK Day! Check out the annual LGBT and gay-inclusive commemorations, plus more event options that put a little gay in your day whether you’re working today or not.    READ MORE »

Monday: Latrell Spencer and his washboard abs

Photographer Rick Day could make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich look sexy. Fortunately, he's got jock Latrell Spencer and his youthful look, sculpted torso and washboard abs.    READ MORE »

Most popular Project Q posts of the week

If anything is clear in the rundown of this week's most popular posts–as clicked on by you, dear readers–it's this: You like your crime news served up with a side of abs. Mix in religion and you are hooked.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 22 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Off Monday? No Sunday wind-down for you. Working? That’s OK. There’s plenty on today's local Gay Agenda calendar to celebrate, or to keep you busy and your mind off what’s to come.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 31 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Happy weekend! Our warmest thoughts coming your way through the cold, plus details on our coziest LGBT events for today: LGBT-MLK, plays, movies and tons of one-night-only events.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Robbie Leroux is Aussie delicious

Morning Fix fans tend to like their Aussies big, beefy and sexy. So here’s Robbie Leroux working a beach look for Sydney-based swimwear label Mahjii.    READ MORE »

Man who set teen trick on fire faces new charges

Joseph Raymond Zeock likes cheap hotels and rough sex: He’s accused of setting his teen trick on fire. Now, he faces new charges for attempting to recruit other victims at a pool in Gwinnett County.    READ MORE »