The five simplest Pride dos and don’ts ever

Rules for Atlanta Pride generally make it better for everybody. Do hydrate. Don’t smoke. Do bring supplies. Don’t bring your dog. But here are the easiest rules that can be most often forgotten.    READ MORE »

Out on Film growls to a festival close [photos]

Out on Film closed its eight-day, 25th anniversary festival with a growl on Thursday, thanks to a theater full of bears, cubs, director Doug Langway and actor Gerald McCullouch.    READ MORE »

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Cookoff bash makes Ria’s Bluebird sing [photos]

Despite the name, no pants were actually doffed at the annual Pants Off Dance Off anniversary party for the lesbian-owned eatery Ria’s Bluebird. It was better. Can you say rib cookoff?    READ MORE »

Friday: Will Fennell’s hairy sex appeal

If you’re going to be a beauty expert, it can’t hurt to offer up sex appeal and a hairy chest. That’s Will Fennell, a gay guy and grooming expert for “Aussie Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."    READ MORE »

Atlanta’s gay sugar daddies are in demand

Atlanta may not be the gayest city in America, but it compares pretty well when it comes to kinky size queens looking for a sugar daddy to dish out the cash to your unemployed, mooching gay self.    READ MORE »

The best Atlanta Pride things to do this weekend

From officially sanctioned events to unofficially balls-out fun, the big gay annual Atlanta Pride means that there is only one thing to do. And by one thing, we mean dozens. Here’s the rundown.    READ MORE »

Got Leche? does Pride with diva double dose

How do you amp up a weekly party that can include “RuPaul’s” divas, pop singers and go-go boys? If it’s gay Latin night Got Leche?, go even bigger with pop singer Sonia Madoc and queen Yara Sofia.    READ MORE »

‘BearCity 2’ closes Out On Film with Project Q

Director Doug Langway thought his original “BearCity” might be popular, but he needed to see for sure. He did. Now the sequel to Out On Film’s most successful movie ever hits with Project Q.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Wet and sexy Leonardo Marques

With a lean torso, dark hair and a look that burns right through to your erogenous zones, Leonardo Marques makes us pine for warm weather that gets sex gods like him to strip and splash in the pool.    READ MORE »

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Pissed PETA to protest Atlanta Pride party

Whiny whale lovers PETA, sensing that lesbian Jane Lynch is beloved but not listened to, is now calling Atlanta Pride misogynistic for ignoring their calls to move Friday’s kickoff party.    READ MORE »

GLAAD fetes celebs at Atlanta gala [photos]

At its annual fundraising fandango, the Atlanta chapter of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation celebrated some of its heroes in its ongoing role as LGBT media watchdog.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta Pride toasts its big gay festival [photos]

If softball players and swim jocks can do it, then why not the organizers of Atlanta’s big gay Pride festival? So they pulled out the kegs, shot glasses and Jell-O shots for a beer bust benefit on Saturday.    READ MORE »

Joe Manganiello pumps iron with Atlanta’s gays

Move over, weather hunk Rob Marciano. There’s a sexier, newer guy in Atlanta, working out with the gays and giving them something fresh to gawk at: “True Blood” hottie Joe Manganiello.    READ MORE »

Chris Crocker booted from gay Georgia film

It may have seemed at first like an interesting casting choice to put drag teen turned porn star Chris Crocker in a movie comedy set and shooting in Georgia, but the director thought better of it.    READ MORE »

Coco Peru has ‘Trick’ up her sleeve in Atlanta

Drag legend Coco Peru has never performed in Atlanta, but that all changes this week. Two appearances start with director Jim Fall and a Wednesday Out On Film screening of “Trick.”    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Justin Chase shows off his abs

Fresh faced with a body built by the gods, Justin Chase shows that well-pumped, bootylicious goodness can come out of Mississippi. Now Chase has packed up his abs and moved to L.A.    READ MORE »

Fenuxe scrubs gay bar jab from Pride issue

Fenuxe magazine tried to walk back a takedown of Atlanta gay bars by pulling the piece from some print issues but stopping short of apologizing for calling the bars a “disgusting” heap of shit.    READ MORE »

Halcyon’s rockin’ return to MSR [photos]

East Atlanta’s lesbian bar gave a warm welcome back to the lesbian musical duo Halcyon on Saturday with a crowded house of rowdy fans of more than 20 years of the band’s signature songs.    READ MORE »

ManShaft turns Cockpit blue collar [photos]

ManShaft loves to tease us but when it comes time for another edition of the manly men party, this occasional event always delivers. Hey there, Blue Collar/Truck Stop Edition.    READ MORE »

Joining Hearts gives big: $250,000 [photos]

It might not have been as rowdy as its namesake pool party, but Sunday's Joining Hearts check presentation party is what the organization and a year of lead-up events were really all about.    READ MORE »