Sexy gay goblins raise charity cash [photos]

Cocktail the evening away, show off your abs and raise cash for a charity? It’s a trifecta of goodness that must mean it’s the Halloween holigay. Welcome to Gays & Goblins 5.0.    READ MORE »

The Other Show christens Jungle’s new lounge

When Edie Cheezburger took the Dragnique crown, gay Atlanta found a star. On Friday, Jungle debuts Cheezburger’s fresh drag concept The Other Show in its new Jungle Room.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Nathaniel Sherman’s dreamy appeal

Small town guy Nathaniel Sherman has big time dreams. The sexy model and actor appeared in the CW dud “Remodeled,” but Sherman can’t be blamed for that. Just look at that chest.    READ MORE »

Kasim Reed seeks to silence gay sex rumors

Mayor Kasim Reed sicced a GOP attorney on a website to quash comments alleging he's either a manwhore who likes watching lesbian sex or a guy interested in gay sex on the down low.    READ MORE »

High school jock jailed after shower sex assault

What’s a 17-year-old jock at a prestigious private Atlanta high school to do when he's feeling horny, all-powerful and forceful? Hit the showers and sexually assault a teammate. Then go to jail.    READ MORE »

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Dancing dead haunt Heretic Halloween [photos]

Take some zombies. Mix with steam punks, 18th century aristocrats, gladiators and assorted spirits. Shake it with DJ Mike Pope until you have the Night of the Dancing Dead party.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Andrew Corvin packs a sexy punch

What do we know about Andrew Corvin? Not much, other than this: He’s muscled, can go street tough or swimsuit sexy, and his junk nearly bursts off the page for his new DNA photo shoot.    READ MORE »

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Baton Bob’s snappiest courtroom retorts [video]

Drag street performer Baton Bob went to TV court, up against a designer who says Atlanta’s gay Ambassador of Mirth wronged him. She won the case but he won the day with the snappiest quips. Werq!    READ MORE »

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‘Ghosts’ camps up Halloween holigay [photos]

From Halloween sluts to superheroes, Honey Boo Boo and more, the gays did what they do best on Friday: Camp it up for a Halloween charity event with a cause.    READ MORE »

Gods & Monsters at Jungle’s Halloween [photos]

With sexy DJ Seth Cooper, all you can do is hold on tight. Such was the case on Saturday, when he took over a costume-packed dance floor at the Gods & Monsters bash.    READ MORE »

Atlanta’s gay lawyers award legal eagles [photos]

The sharp LGBT legal minds of the Stonewall Bar Association of Georgia looked sharp, too. The group honored some of the best and brightest at its 18th annual awards dinner.    READ MORE »

Monday: Fernando Amancio’s burly appeal

If there’s a word to describe Fernando Amancio, it’s this: burly. As in, “I want to curl up beside that muscular, hairy-chested, burly lumberjack of a jock spotted in the gym today.”    READ MORE »

Sunday: Eliad Cohen beefs up your gay-cation

A beach in Israel. An Italian piazza. A party in Brazil. Beefy model, actor and now entrepreneur Eliad Cohen wants you to tag along and uses that hairy body to entice us all to Gay-ville.    READ MORE »

Five gay Atlanta must-reads of the week

Workweek keeping you from keeping up? Settle in for a few weekend minutes to catch up with the LGBT news and gay buzz in the most talked-about posts of the last seven days.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Eric Turner is a muscular show-off

Fitness trainer, model and all around sexy guy Eric Turner likes to spray himself down in the kitchen sink, snap sexy pics of himself with his iPhone and just show off the results of those hours in the gym.    READ MORE »

Fantasy Girls mentor Dragnificent duets [photos]

Two great tastes that taste great together. Jungle’s house queen Phoenix brought her shows into one on Wednesday as the Dragnificent competition collided with the monthly Fantasy Girls.    READ MORE »

Chick-fil-A thrives, gives finger to gay haters

All that huffing and puffing and protesting about Chick-fil-A’s anti-gay donations has amounted to … a bump in business for the Atlanta chain. Chew, swallow and digest that, LGBT protesters.    READ MORE »

Halloween Slut is as easy as 1, 2, 3 [video]

We told you what not to wear, and that easy-out costume list still stands. But showing off that hard-earned body never goes out of style. Take off your shirt, and let’s get down to business.    READ MORE »

Friday: Sexy DJ Seth Cooper back in Atlanta

We like it when sexy guys and their abs hit the DJ booths in Atlanta. So we’re pleased to welcome lean, toned and sexy Seth Cooper back to the city and the Morning Fix.    READ MORE »

Gay-owned MetroFresh expands horizons, space

Always looking to the next move in his sandwich empire master plan, gay actor-turned-restaurateur Mitchell Anderson pounces on the chance to double his Midtown Promenade flagship.    READ MORE »