Jilted lesbian pulls gun over Cheetah lap dance

We’re familiar with creepy Atlanta strippers. But creepy customers? Hell hath no fury like a pistol-packing lesbian scorned by a female stripper at the Cheetah.    READ MORE »

First cut: Sing For Your Life Top 12 [photos]

The debut of Atlanta's gay-organized and queer inclusive Sing For Your Life reality-style competition got underway at Jungle on Thursday with the Top 12 unplugging for the Stripped challenge.    READ MORE »

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Gay supporters to rally for stabbing suspect

An Atlanta drag queen is helping rally support for Luke O’Donovan, who is charged with stabbing five people in a fight during a New Year’s Eve party after he was called an anti-gay slur.    READ MORE »

Friday: Seth Fornea’s big, beefy new year

If you didn’t spot ginger hottie Seth Fornea in gay Atlanta in 2012, you just weren’t doing it right. He kicks off 2013 with just as lasting an impression as he made at his “Rough Gods” Atlanta debut.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

What’s that sound growing closer like a freight train? It’s Atlanta’s gay weekend hurtling toward you. Don’t get out of the way. Jump right in the path of these Friday through Sunday LGBT events.    READ MORE »

Gay redneck Uncle Poodle: I’m HIV-positive

Gay redneck Lee Thompson, the Georgia man who became a pop culture sensation last fall as Honey Boo Boo's Uncle Poodle, lets loose with another revelation: He’s HIV-positive.    READ MORE »

Anti-gay ATL rev pulls out of Obama ceremony

The conservative Atlanta pastor tapped to deliver the benediction at President Obama’s inauguration has pulled himself out of the ceremony as criticism mounts over his anti-gay sermons.    READ MORE »

Clashing queens work a con at Ponce nail salon

A queen’s gotta get her nails did, right? Right. But have a better exit strategy than scampering out the door in your white jeans without paying, stealing the owner’s phone and sprinting down Ponce.    READ MORE »

Oscars: Handicapping Hollywood’s gayest night

As expected, the gay-penned “Lincoln” is the most-nominated movie in this year’s Oscar field. Nominations were announced Thursday morning for the gay awards lovers’ extravaganza set for Feb. 24.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Greg Remmey just gets sexier

Unlike his rookie days, Greg Remmey does way more than take his shirt off and mug for the camera as a fresh face. That was then, and we fell for him. Now he knows how to work that body.    READ MORE »

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Clicktivism: Vote AID Atlanta and Rush Center

The LGBT organizations that call the Rush Center home and AID Atlanta both need your help in an online contest for much needed technology upgrades to keep up their LGBT do-gooding.    READ MORE »

Weird Science 4: Atlanta back in ‘Gayest Cities’

There are lots of ways to calculate and accurately determine that Atlanta is indeed among the Gayest Cities in America. But for the fourth year, the Advocate has no idea what methods those might be.    READ MORE »

Kasim Reed fights gay marriage ‘flip-flop’ label

You’ve got to chuckle at how gay marriage, and his handling of the issue, has vexed Mayor Kasim Reed. He evolved into supporting it, only now to be called a flop-flopper and ignite a Twitter war.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta gay bar bomber writing autobiography

Anti-gay serial bomber Eric Rudolph, who bombed an Atlanta gay bar in 1997, is penning an autobiography and in a cruel twist, is forcing a law enforcement agency that tracked him to now help him.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Nick Youngquest is ‘always nude’

The rock-hard assets of former pro jock and forever LGBT ally Nick Youngquest are well known. If you haven’t had the pleasure, let us introduce you via his latest gay magazine spread.    READ MORE »

How to score free condoms in gay Atlanta

A reader asked us a pretty simple question: Where can I go to get free condoms in Atlanta? Turns out that’s not such an easy question to answer. So we dug in to unwrap this mystery.    READ MORE »

‘Biggest Loser’ trainer – not Bob – as gay parent

Two years after Jillian Michaels said she could fall in love with a woman, her “Biggest Loser” return finds the new mom talking freely about her partner, her kids and seeing Madonna with Bob.    READ MORE »

Drag queen scams dude with delicious flair

Meeting someone online carries with it a treasure trove of risks. Like the person might enjoy Red Lobster and Golden Corral. Or they steal your credit cards. Or the new girlfriend is really a drag queen.    READ MORE »

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Decatur gets first-ever lesbian mayor pro tem

Lesbian enclave Decatur now has something that might help boost its embarrassingly-low score on a recent LGBT ranking: It’s long-serving Queen Dyke, Kecia Cunnigham, is now mayor pro tem.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Scruffy, sexy Tom Bull lets it hang out

There are plenty of runways and photos featuring superstar model Tom Bull in really nice clothes. None of those are in our collection of Bull sporting just his scruffy, hairy and rugged sex appeal.    READ MORE »