Atlanta rapper T.I. says ‘gays too sensitive’

Atlanta rapper T.I., done with his stint at a halfway house, apparently now has time to take aim at the gays, saying they are “too sensitive” and that “if you can take a dick, you can take a joke.”    READ MORE »

Monday: 13 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Rainy days and Mondays don’t have to get you down. Even as the world goes back to work, gay Atlanta works up events to relieve those post-holiday doldrums.    READ MORE »

Monday: Vinicius Goulart packs his Speedo

Winter's barely got its start and already we're thinking of summer and Speedos. Maybe it's the packed red one of Vinicius Goulart that has us daydreaming.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 18 gay things to do in Atlanta today

It’s been a great long weekend. Keep up the pace with LGBT Atlanta’s stage shows, game days and bar specials designed to stretch out the holiday as far as it will go.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Samuel Iwaniak bares it in the woods

When Samuel Iwaniak decides to hang in the woods with a few buds and show off the latest from Banglads, it's going to make for one sizzling photo shoot.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 21 gay things to do in Atlanta today

We now return you to your regularly scheduled weekend. Tune in to LGBT events that provide daytime distractions all the way through to shows and parties that only come out at night.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Lonnie White is approachably sexy

Orlando model guy Lonnie White has that appealing mix of approachability and hotness that gives you just enough hope that he might talk with you in the bar.    READ MORE »

Friday: 20 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Hope you saved room. Shop ‘til you drop or avoid the maddening crowd, then take advantage of shows, parties and more as the LGBT-ATL cranks its post-Thanksgiving calendar.    READ MORE »

Friday: Kerry Degman works the basics

Kerry Degman is perfectly fine when paired with a friend. But when this sizzling hot model plays all by himself, it’s even better. Jeans and no t-shirt? That’s definitely his ticket.    READ MORE »

Thanksgiving: 10 gay things to do in ATL today

Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s face it. A lot shuts down today, but you don’t have to. Here’s our holiday to-do list for those looking for diversions and those who’ll need a big ol’ break.    READ MORE »

‘The X Factor’: Two turkeys get fried

In the sprit of Thanksgiving, The X Factor moved to Tuesday and Wednesday this week to avoid giving the country indigestion and also to unceremoniously dump two contestants.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Philip Muscato’s sweet, sexy self

Philip Muscato's sweet, pouty lips and that lean, muscled torso make for the perfect package. We're not sure what this sexy guy is modeling, but do we really need to know? Exactly.    READ MORE »

Baldwin bill, Prop 8, Jewish equality, gay MLB

Lesbian House member proposes federal gay partner benefits, court adds judge challenge to Prop 8 appeal, HRC’s Jewish Organization Equality Index, baseball adopts gay non-bias clause, more.    READ MORE »

Gay police advisory board picks Melissa Carter

The LGBT advisory board for Atlanta police added a little star power to its roster: They picked up Atlanta’s favorite underemployed lesbian, Melissa Carter, to fill a vacant slot on the nine-member panel.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 28 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Long weekend ahoy! Whether you’re off today or have to work, do what you need to do, then get out there and kick-start your holiday with our LGBT Thanksgiving Eve events.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Patrick Manos sexes up winter

There's something sexy about a muscular guy wearing a heavy coat and not much else. Maybe it's the Vin Diesel thing from "XXX." But Patrick Manos shows it works oh so well.    READ MORE »

Melissa Carter is gayer than Mary Norwood

You can’t help but pinch the cheeks of Mary Norwood and give her a hug for trying. The gay-loving politician without an office tried to jumpstart her public service, but was flatly denied. She’s not gay enough.    READ MORE »

Gay survival guide to Thanksgiving Weekend

The long weekend is nigh, but at Thanksgiving, you can to blunt the impact of family annoyance with a gay perspective on getting through it, including staying put for LGBT special events.    READ MORE »

A lotta drag, flesh for pageant charity [photos]

It was a blast from the past with an eye toward the future when scores of contestants and performers filled the lineup of the Mr. David & Miss Originality Pageants to raise funds for two HIV charities.    READ MORE »

Signorile to HuffPo, Romney pledge, plea deal

Pundit named Huffington Post “Gay Voices” editor, Mitt Romney promises constitutional ban on gay marriage, California classmate killer cuts plea deal, Google raises trans benefits bar, more.    READ MORE »