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Georgia lawmakers prefer gay on the down low

If Georgia lawmakers get a whiff of the word “gay,” it spells certain death to legislation at the Gold Dome. It’s no wonder, then, that down low is always the way to go at the State Capitol.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Film Fest’s dirty-hot gay ‘Men’s Room’

The emotionally charged short film “The Men’s Room” gets its world premiere during Atlanta Film Festival’s LGBT shorts screenings. The trailer teases explicit themes of public sex.    READ MORE »

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Amsterdam sows seeds for volleyball [photos]

The 20th Hotlanta Classic volleyball tournament was more than serves and spikes. After a Saturday of sweat and net, a party for the visiting teams took over Amsterdam.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Niccolas De Lucca bares it all

We love it when fans of the Morning Fix tip us to guys they’d like to see featured. That’s how we came across Brazilian stud Niccolas De Lucca, who bares it all–really–for his G cover shoot.    READ MORE »

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Drag legend Lily White suffers heart attack

Atlanta drag legend Lily White suffered a heart attack Monday, just 10 days before scores of entertainers and friends hold a benefit to raise funds for her after her home was destroyed in a fire last month.    READ MORE »

Vote ATL faves into RuPaul’s ‘All Stars’ show

If you agree that Atlanta queens didn’t get a fair shot on “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” here’s how you can see them sashay down the runway in “All Stars: RuPaul’s Drag Race.”    READ MORE »

A job at $70K and help fight HIV in Georgia

It’s no secret that Georgia’s fight against HIV is just a mess of underfunded messiness. And your unemployed ass needs a job. Why not pair the two together and pick up a cool $70K a year?    READ MORE »

Rachel Maddow, gay DNC policy, ex-gay ‘junk’

How Rachel Maddow was outed, Democrats push Obama on party platform, NARTH’s “junk science” exposed, Iowa lesbian for Congress, Rosie O’Donnell disses Kirk Cameron, more.    READ MORE »

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Hotlanta Classic spikes 20th anniversary [photos]

With names including DC Penetration, Pittlanta Wet Dreams and Baltimore Creaky Beavers, you know it had to be the gay Hotlanta Classic hitting the courts of Georgia Tech over the weekend.    READ MORE »

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Outwrite site won’t be bigger, better Blake’s

From books to booze, but not a bigger and better Blake’s. The space formerly known as Outwrite will host what the owners of Gilbert’s hope is their expanded bar.    READ MORE »

Joe Gauthreaux beats Heretic into fever [photos]

DJ Joe Gauthreaux’s highly anticipated return drew more than Atlanta’s dancing queens to Heretic on Saturday. His presence also created a class reunion for gay circuit DJs.    READ MORE »

Monday: Juan Esteban packs some sexy briefs

When Juan Esteban pulls on some sexy briefs, it’s best remembered in photos. Lots of them. With abs. This sexy Colombian is back in the Morning Fix.    READ MORE »

The best Project Q comments of the week

You love leaving comments on our posts, especially when they’re about Pasha Nicole, Outwrite, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" and Anderson Cooper. Here’s the best of the best from the week gone by.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Get stuck alone with Anthony Parizot

Anthony Parizot makes the thought of being all alone not nearly so lonely. Something about those swarthy good looks and his penchant for showing off makes us crave a stay-cation.    READ MORE »

The most popular Project Q posts of the week

The last seven days drew your attention to courtrooms, bedrooms, dance floors and picket lines. How do we know? Your clicks. These are the stories that got the most this week.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Joshua Kloss is back in briefs

Joshua Kloss is like the Morning Fix gift that keeps on giving. We first met him as he thumbed for a ride–shirtless. Now, he’s packed into some briefs and pitching sexy underwear.    READ MORE »

Marlo Hampton continues gay apology tour

Most arrested member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Marlo Hampton, hosts a gay event Saturday and continues her apology tour for an anti-gay slur during a recent episode of the show.    READ MORE »

Joe Gauthreaux’s sexy beats hit Atlanta [video]

Chuck E. Cheese busboy turned DJ powerhouse Joe Gauthreaux hits Atlanta on Saturday, ready for a fun crowd, an intimate dance space and a return to his favorite haunts.    READ MORE »

Hot mess: ATL gay video site’s ‘horrible’ launch

If you missed the launch of the online gay video network GSN101 with “The Gay Tweet Reader” show, you’re not alone. By their own admission, you didn’t miss much.    READ MORE »

Anderson Cooper, gay New Republic, Ellen wins

Cooper “ghost tour” drips gay innuendo, gay Facebook co-founder buys the New Republic, One Million Moms gives up Degeneres fight, confab on homeless LGBT teens, more.    READ MORE »