‘Hey, girl, hey!’ to Fringe Fest performer [video]

Even before he hits the Atlanta Fringe Festival in May, it’s time to give some big gay love and a warm welcome dripping with Southern hospitality to spoken word and storyteller Les Kurkendaal.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Thomas Martin likes his abs

Thomas Martin is exactly the type of guy you’d like to bump into at the gym. And from the looks of this muscled hunk, he spends plenty of time in there sculpting those biceps and abs.    READ MORE »

Prom provocateur Reuben Lack soldiers on

Nevermind that 12-page ruling that says his case doesn’t show “a substantial likelihood of success,” metro Atlanta prom equality advocate Reuben Lack and his attorney will soldier on.    READ MORE »

Is CNN’s Don Lemon really a big gay racist?

When CNN Atlanta gay Don Lemon isn’t getting the gay love, being lusted after, going on holigay, writing a book or sexing up muscle men, he’s apparently a big fat racist. Geez, everyone’s a critic.    READ MORE »

Gay Inc. finally discovers Trayvon Martin case

Cynics might call it a shrewd move. Critics may ask why it took so long. And cheerleaders will laude 20 LGBT groups joining together Monday to call for action in Trayvon Martin's killing.    READ MORE »

DJ Tony Moran lays down Jungle beats [photos]

Nothing packs ‘em in quite like a legend or a fundraiser. Shirtless dancing queens and painted drag queens got both on Saturday at Jungle for gay DJ Tony Moran’s return to Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Fenuxe pimps its bachelors for charity [photos]

Fenuxe auctioned off its 10 Best Gay Bachelors on Saturday with the help of drag queens, delighting a crowd of gay men and helping to raise $17,000 for AID Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Obama evolution, gay stroke, therapist suicide

President's predicted post-election marriage support, man says stroke turned him gay, self-help author on gay aging takes own life, increased LGBT alcoholism and mental health risks, more.    READ MORE »

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Why can’t all gays have a mom like this? [video]

If your mom is as articulate and passionate about LGBT equality as Alice Hoagland, then give her a hug. If not, listen to the mother of slain rugby jock Mark Bingham counter Carson Daly’s stupidity.    READ MORE »

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Johnny Weir liked it so ‘put a ring on it’ [video]

When Olympian Johnny Weir married his Atlanta attorney boyfriend late last year, not only did he get a husband, he got arm candy to brag about at awards shows. We’ve got video.    READ MORE »

Monday: DJ Dave Picard rocks his sexy

A DJ who can rock us while sexing us up always catches the eye of the Morning Fix. So it should be no wonder that we snatched up swarthy DJ Dave Picard.    READ MORE »

Sunday: Out in the work shed with Quentin

The Texas charm of Quentin isn’t lost on us. This sexy Austin boy is a real-life handyman, so it’s just natural that these shots catch him in a shed surrounded by the tools of his trade.    READ MORE »

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The most popular Project Q posts of the week

From a local company’s zero-tolerance to a gay Atlanta family at the White House, from a student’s lawsuit to gays in springtime, these are the hot topics that drew your clicks this week.    READ MORE »

Saturday: Kevin McDermott’s sexy friends

Talented photographer Kevin McDermott delivers a double shot of sexy goodness for the Morning Fix: Ryan Daharsh and Rob Decato. The guys strip down and let it all hang out together.    READ MORE »

Judge won’t reinstate ousted student leader

The metro Atlanta high student ousted from his student council post over a proposal to make the prom more gay friendly was slapped down Friday by a federal judge.    READ MORE »

What is Sunday Funday and why should I care?

Spring is here. Patios are open. And gay boys are pulling out Sunday Funday t-shirts. No idea what this is all about? Here is a detailed Sunday Funday explainer, just in time for your gay weekend.    READ MORE »

ATL gay family rolls Easter eggs at White House

The White House lawn just got a little gayer. Among the kids scrambling at the Easter Egg Roll with the Obamas this year are the sons of Health Initiative director Linda Ellis and her partner.    READ MORE »

Atlanta gets its uncensored, unrated ‘Bully’

If you’ve been following the ratings drama behind the heralded bullying documentary “Bully,” you’ll be glad that Atlanta is one of the cities getting the director’s cut without the MPAA’s blessing.    READ MORE »

Outwrite to be bigger, maybe gayer Gilbert’s

It won’t be another gay bar, but the space formerly known as Outwrite Bookstore will be an expanded Gilbert’s, the popular café that’s always crawling with gays anyway.    READ MORE »

Matt Bomer, gay MLB coercion, Trayvon Martin

Video teases “Glee” guest spot, Twins pitcher’s gay affair extortion, black gay filmmakers on Trayvon Martin shooting, "SNL" casts first out lesbian, GOP backs off gay marriage, more.    READ MORE »