Michael Alago brings ‘Rough Gods’ to Atlanta

Do you enjoy images of hot men? Does the thought of one hanging in a gallery get you excited about art? If you answered “yes,” meet photographer Michael Alago and his “Rough Gods” Friday.    READ MORE »

Ellen speaks, gay Washington marriage, Ari Gold

DeGeneres addresses Penneys flap, Washington House vote to include religious exception, gay singer decries religious intolerance, Roland Martin apology, Prop 8 fallout, Santorum glitterbomb, more.    READ MORE »

ATL to give Madonna all our luvin’ on tour stop

Fresh off a Super Bowl performance that helped make the broadcast the most-watched TV show in history, gay Atlanta’s Madonna fans are already planning the in-person experience on Nov. 17.    READ MORE »

LGBT activists question anti-gay attack response

A group of more than 50 people on Tuesday debated how the LGBT community should respond to the anti-gay beating of an Atlanta man caught on video.    READ MORE »

Lesbian Keisha Waites wins Georgia House race

Try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try and try again and, if you’re lesbian and neighborhood activist Keisha Waites, you might just win. Her years-long effort to win public office paid off on Tuesday.    READ MORE »

Mitt Romney arrives in Atlanta’s gayborhood

Move over, Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain. Mitt Romney wants to bring his anti-gay presidential campaign to the gay-friendly confines of Midtown on Wednesday.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 27 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Tuesday's rallies, meetings, lobbying and conversations geared us up. Today brings a batch of less political, but still uber-gay, LGBT events to peruse and choose. Get into it.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Saleem Andrews’ scruffed up sexy

Saleem Andrews with some scruff amps up the sexiness of this model. Suggestively wrapping him in a towel and showing off his abs doesn’t hurt, either.    READ MORE »

Police: Progress made in anti-gay beating case

Atlanta police say they are making progress in the investigation of an anti-gay beating in Southwest Atlanta as activists prepare to introduce the 20-year-old victim during a press conference on Wednesday.    READ MORE »

CDC’s HIV chief on awareness: Don’t be a whore

It’s National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and the federal HIV chief, himself a gay Atlantan, boils his advice down to this: Limit your partners, don't bareback and use clean needles.    READ MORE »

Prop 8, gay ‘Undercover Prince,’ GOP Minnesota

Court declares Prop 8 unconstitutional, “Undercover Princes” features gay royal, tough crowds for Gingrich and Paul, Roland Martin’s anti-gay past, Washington and New Jersey gay marriage progress, more.    READ MORE »

Atlanta celebrates Prop 8 ruling on gay marriage

The 9th Circuit Court on Tuesday upheld Judge Vaughn Walker’s Prop 8 decision in Perry v. Brown, backing both Vaughn and his ruling that strikes down California’s gay marriage ban as unconstitutional.    READ MORE »

Beating victim afraid to go public; rallies planned

Atlanta police have identified the victim of a brutal anti-gay attack recorded on video as activists make plans for a rally and public meeting to discuss the incident.    READ MORE »

Georgia’s anti-gay Karen Handel now jobless

If there’s an occasion to cheer a rise in the unemployment rate, it’s this: Karen Handel and her anti-gay views are quitting Susan G. Komen for the Cure after a flap over funding.    READ MORE »

Feds step in, new video airs of anti-gay beating

New video has surfaced of a brutal anti-gay assault in Southwest Atlanta as federal prosecutors say they are looking at the case to see if it may fall under a federal hate crime law.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 22 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Well, at least it’s not Monday, so Tuesday starts on a high note. Minimize the day’s low notes with a few of the choice LGBT events laid out for you on today's Gay Agenda calendar.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: Tyler Martin as silver fox fix-it man

Atlanta-based model Tyler Martin proves that you’re never too young to be a silver fox. His hair may be prematurely salt and pepper, but that face and 6’2” frame still pump nothing but vim and vigor.    READ MORE »

Flag football league bashes Super Bowl [photos]

The National Flag Football League of Atlanta spent its Sunday doing what most any gay jock would do–celebrating Madonna between halves of the Super Bowl.    READ MORE »

Atlanta gang makes video of ‘faggot’ beating

A 30-second video posted Sunday to a hip hop website shows a brutal anti-gay assault that apparently took place in Atlanta’s Pittsburgh neighborhood.    READ MORE »

Super Bowl, gay fed protection, Daniel Radcliffe

Critics to CNN: fire Roland Martin for Super Bowl tweets, Madonna wows most with halftime show, Obama weighs non-discrimination order, Radcliffe crushes on Gosling, bullied teen commits suicide, more.    READ MORE »