A boozy night turns bloody in gay Atlanta

A night of boozy adventures in gay Atlanta turned into a bloody mess, a budding romance turned sour and somehow, there was still time to lie to the cops.    READ MORE »

Sparkle Hooves loves a hot wing (and ding-a-ling)

Just as the dog days of summer had us pining for any conceivable break from the doldrums, the gayest cartoon horse in existence busts out with more tips to put extra gay in your Atlanta day.    READ MORE »

UGA football jocks strip down for pool play

When jocks strip down and get soaking wet, it causes quite the stir. That's exactly what happened when the Georgia Bulldogs skipped practice for a bare-chested, muscular romp through the campus pool.    READ MORE »

Sam Champion gives Oprah his coming out dish

Gay weather daddy Sam Champion publicly revealed he’s gay just two years ago, but only the Queen of All Media can give him an Oprah moment to unpack the emotions of coming out to fans and family.    READ MORE »

Dominic Pacifico puts porn aside for his Atlanta DJ debut

Dominic Pacifico has a body built for gay porn. He's got an ear well tuned for the DJ booth. Mix them together and you've got DJ Pornstar, who will sex up Atlanta on Friday.    READ MORE »

Gay jocks come together to kick off fall softball

Just when you thought gay softball was over, the teams of Atlanta’s two gay leagues warmed up over the weekend for an autumn full of games and beer busts with – what else? – a beer bust.    READ MORE »

ATL’s gay kink fest grinds and binds all weekend

Atlanta Eagle was a bustling hub of activity this weekend during Atlanta’s annual Southeast Black & Blue Weekend. But the moans and groans really came out during the Grind Pigg Dance.    READ MORE »

This is what a porn star does on his Atlanta return

With his recent awards in hand, sexy gay porn star Duncan Black returned to Atlanta to see his mama, dive into some fast food, cocktail and catch up with friends.    READ MORE »

Dancing queens diva-bomb Jungle Whitney night

It was right, and it was more than OK. Legendary remix producer and circuit DJ Chris Cox returned to Atlanta behind one of his star-making divas Saturday on what would have been her 51st birthday.    READ MORE »

Double the beats, double the Sunday fun at Ten

What turns an average Sunday into Sunday Funday? Good friends, plenty of cocktails and double the music. Ten Atlanta delivered just that over the weekend.    READ MORE »

Bizarre attack in Midtown caught on video

A man lashed out at people who confronted his female companion over blocking traffic in Midtown, swiping a man's cane, assaulting a woman and threatening a gay man who recorded what happened.    READ MORE »

Did this gay Atlanta man lie about his intimacy with HIV?

A gay Atlanta man who volunteers with LGBT groups has come under fire for allegedly lying to a national newspaper for its extensive report on HIV among gay black men.    READ MORE »

Welcome to Decatur, rich white gay people

A diversity study in Decatur reveals sweeping changes across race and income lines and verification of the old nickname “Dyke-cater.” Can the city stem the gentrification tide, and does it want to?    READ MORE »

Grindr wants to get you off (and maybe on PrEP)

Grindr is pretty good at getting you laid. It can also get you an STD. So while you scroll through those sexy Grindr chests, makers of the app want you to know they are big fans of PrEP.    READ MORE »

Meet the new LGBT liaison for Atlanta police

Atlanta police announced a shuffling of its LGBT liaisons on Thursday, naming a new officer as the agency's second go-between for officers and the city's LGBT residents.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Your same-ol’ week just became one of those awesome weekends. Let it all go and recharge with LGBT events like shows, parties or a whole weekend of bondage. It’s all here for the taking.    READ MORE »

Rand Paul: Ga. can’t help but hate gay marriage

Sen. Rand Paul, the Kentucky Republican likely to run for president, gave a pass to gay marriage bigots in Georgia, excusing their opposition as something to be expected. Because Georgia.    READ MORE »

Is ‘funky’ the new ‘gay’ in Midtown Atlanta?

In case you need another sign that the return of construction threatens the gay in gayborhood, there's this: Now Midtown isn't so much "gay" as it is "funky." Ugh.    READ MORE »

Jason Carter quietly comes out for gay marriage

State Sen. Jason Carter, the Democrat for Georgia governor, quietly came out in support of gay marriage. It only took a round of media coverage and growing concern from LGBT activists to get him there.    READ MORE »

Target declares it’s gay for marriage equality

Everybody’s favorite superstore chain takes its most symbolic step yet toward LGBT support and away from an anti-gay past. The retailer hops off the fence to express full-throated backing of gay marriage.    READ MORE »