The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

You work hard for the money. Now that the workweek light is shining at the end of the tunnel, the LGBT-ATL opens its lovin’ arms to embrace you with these events and make it all better.    READ MORE »

Meet the Atlanta guy making your leather even sexier

Jeffrey Mayhue has already proven he has the goods to tame the "Wild, Wild West," and with JScott Leather, his own handcrafted leather accessories side business, the reigning Mr. Hotlanta Softball is sort of a Superman.    READ MORE »

Marietta gay couples catch a break – only in death

Even facing a federal mandate to be nice to its dead gay married employees, the Marietta City Council balked. Then it quickly dispensed with the matter lest anyone think it was on board with gay marriage.    READ MORE »

Dance diva Amber ensures Pride is ‘Your Night’

If your gay glory days include dancing free until the morning light in the ‘90s, Atlanta Pride has your number. This year's fest features dance-track singer Amber and her hits.    READ MORE »

Georgia’s first gay free clinic open for business

Cheers to your gay health, Augusta. After a year of planning and analysis, Georgia Regents University beats even gay oasis Atlanta to offer the first LGBT free clinic in the entire state.    READ MORE »

Cheshire Bridge’s sexy parts getting squeezed

The Botox with a bulldozer that is slowly transforming Cheshire Bridge Road may get another big boost, adding to the pressure to neuter the strip's sexy parts.    READ MORE »

Who’s a kinky bitch? You are, gay Atlanta.

Gay Atlanta knows its kink. Just ask the fetish queens flocking to multiple BDSM fests each year. So when it’s time for a gay list of five fetish havens, you simply can’t ignore our kink.    READ MORE »

‘Biggest Loser’ gets less gay but way hotter with Jessie Pavelka

We’ll have one less openly LGBT trainer on the increasingly gay “Biggest Loser” when it premieres on Thursday. But there’ll be no less eye candy. Welcome hotties with bodies like Jessie Pavelka to a season of “Glory Days” jocks.    READ MORE »

Gay softball jocks hit the field for fall season

Those gay softball jocks can't sit still for long. So the Southern Softpaw League celebrated Opening Day on Saturday to kick off a season that stretches into November.    READ MORE »

Lambda to judge: Keep Georgia gay marriage suit

Attorneys hoping to overturn Georgia's gay marriage ban fired back on Friday, challenging the state's argument that a federal judge should throw out their lawsuit.    READ MORE »

Police: Roswell man blackmailed teen for sex

Police say a Roswell man who had a months-long sexual affair with a 17-year-old later forced him to continue having sex by threatening to out him, peppering him with texts and confronting him at work.    READ MORE »

Joining Hearts makes Sunday Funday bottomless

There were no bottoms at a gay party in Atlanta. Wait. When you hear that it’s for Joining Hearts and that the only things bottomless were margaritas, it makes sense.    READ MORE »

Gay teen disowned by family thanks supporters

The gay Georgia teen whose story of being kicked out by his parents became a viral sensation thanked supporters on Friday as the group that helped him celebrated their ongoing efforts during an open house.    READ MORE »

Sexy DJ turns Jungle every which way but loose

Atlanta dancing queens in a New York state of mind made Saturday sizzle at Jungle. That’s when NYC's DJ Eddie Martinez brought his sexy back to grow his gay Southern fanbase.    READ MORE »

BJ’s hosts ‘Greet the Meat’ with porn treats

A host of porn stars mixed with go-go boys and gay male nuns to raise some money (and even more libidos) for a good cause at BJ Roosters on Wednesday.    READ MORE »

Black Gay Pride partiers robbed at gunpoint

Several men attending a Black Gay Pride event were robbed at gunpoint early Saturday as they arrived or were leaving a massive party at Club Rain in southwest Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Hot commodities top gAy-list Out on Film guests

Just as we're wrapping our heads around Atlanta's packed LGBT film festival schedule, Out on Film organizers are back with confirmed filmmakers and actors accompanying their movies to the event.    READ MORE »

Meghan Trainor makes Pride ‘All About That Bass’

Atlanta Pride wants you thinking October, and to make sure you do, it’s putting bumba-dum-dum in your booty. That’s right. Fireball singer Meghan Trainor will make you “All About That Bass” during Pride.    READ MORE »

Sexy Spencer Day wants to get you all jazzed up

We almost jazzed ourselves earlier this year with the smooth, sexy and sudsy ways that Spencer Day captured us both visually and aurally. So naturally, we’re standing back at full attention for the gay crooner’s Atlanta return this weekend.    READ MORE »

Gay marriage pushes GOP strategist to come out

Even gay marriage is enough to push a closeted, high-level Republican operative in Atlanta to come out as gay. Just don't tell his gay-hating friends like Erick Erickson.    READ MORE »