Atlanta firm pays $125,000 after firing HIV+ man

A metro Atlanta juice manufacturer will pay $125,000 to settle a discrimination lawsuit after it fired an employee when it discovered he is HIV-positive.    READ MORE »

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Anti-gay bill gets hearing as Speaker equivocates

Prepare yourself for some March Madness, 'religious freedom' style. The controversial bill gets a hearing in the Georgia House on Tuesday despite lingering doubts about it from Republican House Speaker David Ralston.    READ MORE »

Poll: Gay Atlanta not tops, but ‘above average’

When it comes to national LGBT rankings, Atlanta has made a cottage industry of landing at the top. This time, polling juggernaut Gallup puts us in our place while counting gay people in every U.S. city.    READ MORE »

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CBS 46 finds a smart gay to talk gay marriage

When it needed a smart gay person to talk about gay stuff, CBS 46 looked no further than longtime Atlanta non-profit leader and LGBT Georgia health advocate Linda Ellis.    READ MORE »

Help this gay artist find healing in old wounds

When part of your life story is that surgeons regularly leave their marks on you since childhood, your perspective is special. A mission to capture it on film is personal for gay Atlanta photographer Barry Brandon.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Your same-ol’ week just became one of Atlanta’s awesome gay weekends. Let it all go and recharge with LGBT shows, sports, soirees, celebrity sightings and more all here for the taking.    READ MORE »

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Hotlanta Softball jocks slide into new season

The pre-season beer busts over and the team jersey party behind them, the jocks of Hotlanta Softball returned to the fields on Sunday to hit, pitch and throw their way into a new season.    READ MORE »

Armory reunion bash parties like it’s 1999

There are no days like glory days. Just ask Atlanta's drag queens, DJs and patrons who came together to reminisce and raise the roof during the annual Armory Reunion party at Amsterdam.    READ MORE »

Suit: Police ‘flagrantly’ ignore Eagle raid reforms

The attorneys who sued to force changes in the Atlanta Police Department in the wake of a botched gay bar raid now charge that the city isn't complying with court orders mandating those changes.    READ MORE »

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Gay Atlanta rallies against ‘religious freedom’ bill

A crowd of about 200 LGBT activists, progressives and faith leaders rallied against Georgia's so-called 'religious freedom' bill on Tuesday, criticizing the measure as opening the door to anti-gay discrimination.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta cheers St. Patrick’s Day at Ten

It was a little early, but a gargantuan gay gathering wasn’t going to let a little calendar date get in the way of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Ten Atlanta had just what the Sunday Funday doctor ordered.    READ MORE »

ManShaft packs Heretic with a lumberjack logjam

Oh ManShaft, how we missed you. It seemed like we had to wait ages for the popular man-on-man dance party to return. (It's only been since November.) But when it did on Saturday, it packed quite a plaid punch.    READ MORE »

Sexy guys make morning coffee even hotter

Some people just can’t get started without a strong cup of Joe in the morning. Others of course need a Morning Fix. Now the best part of waking up is Men and Coffee in your Instagram feed.    READ MORE »

Blake’s beats Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ release

An undulating gay sea of Atlanta homos poured into Midtown on Sunday, so Blake’s on the Park upped its tried-and-true Sunday game with the one thing that could make it better: Madonna.    READ MORE »

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Gay softball jocks put Sunday Funday on blast

The first signs of spring came together with Hotlanta Softball League Opening Day to create a gay patio blowout to be heard all over Midtown Atlanta. Cue another memorable HSL beer bust.    READ MORE »

31 gay Atlanta softball jocks show how to rock a uniform

Winter weather waning and spring fever rising, this weekend marks the time when pitching and catching takes on new meaning almost every week until the holidays. It’s Hotlanta Softball time, gay Atlanta.    READ MORE »

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Get ready for a Gold Dome rally, gay Atlanta

Gay Atlanta will rally for marriage equality. That much is known. And now, the LGBT activists behind the push against the anti-gay "religious freedom" bill want you to rally against that measure.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

A rose is a rose. No matter your drama during the workweek, weekend events taste no less sweet, look no less plentiful and sound just as rejuvenating. Put the LGBT in your ATL right here.    READ MORE »

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LGBT activist tells friends she’s running for Atlanta mayor

Longtime LGBT activist and political trailblazer Cathy Woolard, who has toyed with the idea of a return to Atlanta City Hall, says she's no longer hinting at a run. She's in for the 2017 campaign.    READ MORE »

Fox News shacks up with anti-gay Atlanta troll

Not content with one Atlanta-based hater of all things gay, Fox News put a second under contract. Now, MLK family bully Alveda King can spout her "gay marriage equals genocide" venom on TV. Sigh.    READ MORE »