Ex-LGBT liaison sues police for discrimination

The former LGBT liaison for Atlanta police, forced out after she complained of anti-gay remarks aimed at her, filed a federal lawsuit against the agency seeking damages and reinstatement.    READ MORE »

Packing heat? Not at this gay Atlanta church

The congregation that does drag so well, the gay-loving Saint Mark United Methodist Church, wants to make one thing clear: Pack your Bible, but not your gun, when you visit their Midtown chapel.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

A rose is a rose. No matter your drama during the workweek, weekend events taste no less sweet, look no less plentiful and sound just as rejuvenating. Get your LGBT in the ATL right here.    READ MORE »

Meet the Atlanta artist mocking modern masculinity

Gay Atlanta artist Anthony Griego's work screams sex. Ripped abs, bulging biceps and bare chests. But look deeper and you'll see that he's holding up a mirror to gay men and their struggle with the modern conventions of masculinity.    READ MORE »

Dolly Parton’s greatest hits get gay dance remixes

You don’t have to go far to imagine Dolly Parton’s hits as gay anthems, but while we wait for her promised dance album to come to fruition, we’re happy for a reason to wallow anew in Dolly magic.    READ MORE »

Democrat: I won’t defend Ga. gay marriage ban

The Democrat challenging Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens' re-election bid says he supports gay marriage and would drop the state's defense of its gay marriage ban that Olens filed on Monday.    READ MORE »

This queen’s ‘new hanky code’ calls your ass out

Justin Sayre may be the year's smartest gay culture commentator. With his own niche of shows and followers, he’s definitely the funniest. Let this video prove it. You’ll be glad you did.    READ MORE »

Lesbian judge wins, along with two anti-gay trolls

A lesbian attorney became Fulton's newest Superior Court judge on Tuesday, the only highlight of an election night that included two anti-gay Republicans winning their primaries.    READ MORE »

Meet the hunks of Joining Hearts 27

Shirtless dance parties, pre-partying in your Speedos and the main event made for a mancandy weekend of Joining Hearts. So many abs to gawk at.    READ MORE »

HIV is on the decline. Unless you’re gay.

The latest CDC report on HIV diagnoses over a decade includes a lot to celebrate in the fight against AIDS. New diagnoses are down drastically across every demographic category. Except gay men.    READ MORE »

Cobb candidate ‘hurt’ by his own anti-gay votes

The elected official who helped embarrass Cobb County over gay issues two decades ago now says that was a mistake, a change of heart timed with his campaign to return to office.    READ MORE »

This is how you throw a Joining Hearts pre-party

Before there was Joining Hearts, the guys who cocktail pre-partied to warm up and tease the skimpy outfits to come. With a lifeguard theme and just steps away from the main event, it was a perfect fit.    READ MORE »

Music and men take Joining Hearts into the night

Where’s a dancing queen to go as the sea of gays parts at Atlanta’s big pool bash? The afterparty, of course. And yea did the masses trek across the Midtown desert to the Jungle promised land.    READ MORE »

Gay ATL stages #joininghearts Instagram takeover

If you’re gay on Instagram in Atlanta, you were inundated with images from Joining Hearts on Saturday. Ogling the bash’s crowd, studs and dance moves was the next best thing to being there.    READ MORE »

Ga. argues gay marriage not ‘fundamental right’

Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens offered a full-throated defense of the state's same-sex marriage ban, arguing that gay marriage should not be judicially imposed on a public that once rejected it.    READ MORE »

Joining Hearts goes poolside for its ablicious summer treat

The massive poolside ab fest that is Joining Hearts unfolded again on Saturday, filling Piedmont Park's pool for a sold-out night of music, cocktails, skimpy swimsuits and fireworks.    READ MORE »

Activists to Sam Olens: Drop gay marriage fight

A group of LGBT activists and gay families, armed with more than 3,000 petitions, on Monday called on Georgia Attorney Sam Olens to decline to defend the state's same-sex marriage ban.    READ MORE »

Man-on-man dance party kicks off Joining Hearts

Bringing guys together to kick off the weekend is what Heretic does best. When it’s Joining Hearts weekend, gathering gays becomes the Cheshire Bridge hotspot’s super power.    READ MORE »

Survey says! Short guys get laid more

You won't be surprised to hear that gym bunnies and jocks score more tail than couch potatoes, or that younger guys outsex older ones. But shorter guys win too? Sorry, tall dark and handsome.    READ MORE »

Supporters: Free Atlanta drag queen from prison

Supporters of an imprisoned Atlanta drag performer are rallying virtually for her, accusing Georgia prison officials of human rights violations for refusing to provide her with hormone treatments.    READ MORE »