More young, poz and Grindr guys go bareback

Your gay sex habits have been under the microscope at Emory University. Now data is starting to surface from major oversharing that sheds light on sexytime fun of the same-sex variety.    READ MORE »

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Gay Atlanta activist launches bid for state House

A community activist, Delta Air Lines manager and gay Atlanta man concerned about economic development and growth issues is running for the state House.    READ MORE »

Cazwell promises ‘sick, ratchet hip-hop’ for #WOBO

You met him at the ice cream truck. He told you about Beyoncé at Burger King. He’s been all over your face. Now Cazwell hits Atlanta to make you get down. To some sick beats, that is.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

As the weather heats up, so do LGBT Atlanta’s events. Roll up your sleeves and dive directly into this jam-packed schedule, because parties, plays, performances and your people await.    READ MORE »

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Ga. rep: I’m not discriminating against gay brother

A powerful Republican in the Georgia House said although he doesn't want to see his gay brother face discrimination, he supports anti-gay 'religious freedom' legislation and the state's gay marriage ban.    READ MORE »

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Meet the gay pastor running for Georgia House

A pastor, neighborhood activist and gay Atlanta man launched his bid for the Georgia House, hoping his work on social justice, public safety and planning issues will convince voters to send him to the Capitol.    READ MORE »

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Rugby jocks sport 36 Purple Dress Run dos and don’ts

Nothing says, 'We're here. We're queer. Get used to it.' like a gaggle of gay guys running through Midtown half drunk wearing purple drag. But fear not: Atlanta's gay rugby team is carrying that torch for you. Thank them later.    READ MORE »

City folds, settles Baton Bob lawsuit for $20,000

Set aside Baton Bob's bad behavior – misogynistic, racist warts and all – and consider that he was wronged by Atlanta police. Now, the ranty drag diva is getting $20,000 for his troubles.    READ MORE »

Gay-friendly Republican is newest DeKalb judge

State Rep. Mike Jacobs (R- Brookhaven) stands poised to take a State Court judgeship in DeKalb County, bringing a decade of experience as a consistently reliable LGBT ally in the state House.    READ MORE »

Ex Ten employee arrested for assaulting owner

A disgruntled former employee of Ten was arrested outside the gay popular bar and restaurant on Monday, a day after he allegedly assaulted the bar's owner.    READ MORE »

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28 gay jocks show how to rock Miss HSL

Of all the things to say about Hotlanta Softball League – they’ve heard it all, earned most of it and are proud of it – don’t say they make pretty drag queens. They don’t, and you're going to love it.    READ MORE »

Gainesville man busted for playing doc with teen

Police say a 48-year-old male nurse turned a furniture moving session with a 19-year-old man into a fake (and kinky) medical exam inside his Gainesville home that led to his arrest a few weeks later.    READ MORE »

He may be the hottest gay daddy on Instagram

At least for today, a taste for New York City beef preoccupies the Morning Fix. This guy sates the craving in a big, muscular way that packs a pair of shorts and leaves the #instagay nation wanting more.    READ MORE »

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Ga.‘s new bullying bill should help LGBT students

Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law a bill seeking to protect students from cyberbullying, a measure that one of its LGBT sponsors says will also help gay students.    READ MORE »

Watch Atlanta queers show off ‘Moxie’ on film

You’ve heard the buzz. You’ve seen the excerpts. The final stretch to Atlanta unveiling the nitty-gritty of its ‘Queer Moxie’ in a film of the same name is nigh, and you can help push it past the finish line.    READ MORE »

Men of David crowns its hunk, raises big bucks

A collection of 10 hunks helped gay glossy David Atlanta cap its second Men of David contest and fundraiser on Saturday, bringing in big bucks for an HIV non-profit at Jungle.    READ MORE »

Gay students bullied more, even as little kids

A years-long study of kids as young as 10 finds that children who grow up to be gay are picked on much more than other kids, even before they identify their own sexual orientation.    READ MORE »

Your gay beard is full of poop. Please shave.

Summer is here and what better time than now – like right this very minute – to shave that beard and let your face cool off. Also, that mass of facial hair is full of dirt, bacteria and bits of shit.    READ MORE »

Atlanta pastor rejects anti-gay rhetoric of his dad

His father once hired armed security guards on horseback to keep gay Atlanta pride marchers from his church. But his son, the founder of one of the largest churches in America, espouses compassion.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Your same-ol’ week just became one of those awesome weekends. Let it all go and recharge with LGBT events like shows, parties or a whole weekend of geeky goodness. It’s all here for the taking.    READ MORE »