This survey wants your boozy bottom habits

When Emory University decides that “Sex is the Question” they have for gay men, it doesn't hold back. Far beyond oral and anal, the ongoing national gay sex study gets personal. Really personal.    READ MORE »

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GOP senator tries to defang anti-gay religious bill

A Republican lawmaker attempted to address concerns of LGBT activists and other critics of an anti-gay religious bill, but he was smacked down by GOP colleagues during a hearing at the Georgia Capitol.    READ MORE »

Probate judges prep for gay marriage in Georgia

Gay marriage is coming to Georgia. Even Southern Baptists are dealing with the reality. So are probate judges who don't want the state to follow Alabama as a national embarrassment when marriage equality arrives.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

You’re cold to the bone with winter doldrums, so come on over and wrap yourself the LGBT-ATL’s warm embrace. Gay events include parties, plays and powerhouse special guests to heat things up.    READ MORE »

Anti-gay fire chief sues Atlanta over his firing

Atlanta's former fire chief, fired over his actions concerning an anti-gay book he wrote, sued the city on Thursday in federal court with the help of an anti-gay legal group.    READ MORE »

Keeping it ‘real’ online gets you laid more

If you go out of your way to look like Mr. Gay Perfect in dating profiles, new evidence shows that Photoshopped abs and flawless factoids actually get less attention than online profiles that feel authentic.    READ MORE »

‘War’ over anti-gay religious bill starts Thursday

Anti-gay supporters of 'religious freedom' legislation at the Georgia Capitol wanted war. On Thursday, they'll fire the first shots as the latest proposal gets fast-tracked for a hearing in the state Senate.    READ MORE »

Bros bare their flesh, bare chests in Buckhead

Sexy straight guys found their answer to gay guys in Speedos on Saturday. Speedo Santas meet Cupids in their undies. Oh the packages that filled Buckhead.    READ MORE »

AID Atlanta CEO: Cancer prompted my resignation

The sudden departure of AID Atlanta's CEO – at a time when the Southeast's largest AIDS service organization is undergoing a massive shift in its focus and work – came as its leader faced a more personal battle. Jose Diaz has cancer.    READ MORE »

Hot chest, red flag: Sexy guys are bigger jerks

Researchers are busy proving what gay men have known at least anecdotally for years: The more universally attractive he is, the more trouble getting him to care about much more than himself.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta takes Paulo’s deep Valentine love

The crew at Jungle had an inkling that a red party for Valentine’s Day would be cute. They figured a Tribal Bitch of Hearts theme might help, and they knew that DJ Paulo would put it over the top.    READ MORE »

AID Atlanta leader quits after a year as CEO

A year after Jose Diaz was picked during a national search to lead a transformation of AID Atlanta, the gay doctor abruptly resigned over health reasons.    READ MORE »

David Atlanta wants to know if you do three-ways

A sure-fire way to heat up a gay Atlanta winter is to talk sex. Not in the bedroom, though that’s good too, but out in the open where everyone can hear. ‘Tis the season to tell a local gay glossy exactly how you like it.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta man: LA Fitness trainer assaulted me

A gay Atlanta man says he was assaulted and thrown out of LA Fitness at Ansley Mall by a trainer after a verbal confrontation turned violent.    READ MORE »

Meet the queers gaying up this year’s Lust List

New year, new queer. That’s how it is over at Creative Loafing. The paper’s 2015 list of sexy local lust objects is out, and for the gazillionth year, LGBT hotties make the cut. Meet Frankie and Jason.    READ MORE »

Bill would protect Georgia’s gay state employees

LGBT lawmakers and their allies struck back at anti-gay activists pushing "religious freedom" bills with a proposal of their own: A bill to ban discrimination against gay and transgender state employees.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Whether you can’t stand or can’t get enough Valentine’s Day, get the gay love you need this Friday through Sunday with LGBT Atlanta events that honor and/or shame the Hallmark holi-gay.    READ MORE »

Bearracuda, Heretic take the bears on a cruise

Hundreds of bears and the men who love them from across North America splashed and cocktailed through the inaugural Bearracuda Heretic Cruise that took them from Miami through the Caribbean and back.    READ MORE »

Gay-owned ‘Church’ named Best Bar in Georgia

Another month, another set of low-hanging fruit. No, not the tea-bagging variety, but the kind that gay Atlanta's own Grant Henry picks on the regular for Sister Louisa’s Church bar.    READ MORE »

Andy Cohen scolds ‘Housewives’ over ‘my gays’

When it comes to the plentiful gays on Bravo, no gay is any gay without a nod from executive Andy Cohen. That’s why his rebuke on gay issues makes even “Real Housewives” take notice. Sort of.    READ MORE »