Local queen missing, RuPaul may have her

This time last year, no one could have known that a missing Atlanta queen could work out so well – for her, for gay Atlanta, and for “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Now another local lovely has tongues wagging.    READ MORE »

Now meet Katy Perry’s sexiest backup dancer

We are feeling Locky Brownlie. Well, not literally but we so would. We are feeling his look, smile and abs as much as his connections and plethora of posts that make him our newest favorite Instahottie.    READ MORE »

Vandals tell gay church in Georgia to ‘burn’

Armed with a can of spray paint and a heart full of anti-gay hate, vandals struck an LGBT church in Augusta overnight with a Bible verse and suggestion that gay people burn.    READ MORE »

Joining Hearts parties hard for summer spectacle

The ablicious charity pool party that is Joining Hearts unfolded on Saturday inside Piedmont Park, delivering a sold-out crowd for a night of music, cocktails revealing swimsuits and fireworks.    READ MORE »

Another gay Atlanta man robbed in Midtown

The home of a gay Atlanta writer and philanthropist was burglarized last week while the homeowner slept upstairs, the most recent in a string of disturbing incidents involving LGBT victims in Midtown.    READ MORE »

Meet the gay activist running for City Council

A neighborhood activist, longtime Delta employee and gay softball player wants to help marshal the resources of an Atlanta suburb to boost its economy and hopes voters pick him to do just that.    READ MORE »

Atlanta stages #JoiningHearts Instagram takeover

For hundreds of gay men in Atlanta, one Saturday in July stands out as the time to make summer memories. And it wouldn’t be gay, or Atlanta, or the Joining Hearts pool party without #instagay selfies.    READ MORE »

Joining Hearts leads boys to ‘Twisted’ Jungle

What’s a shirtless dancing queen to do after gay Atlanta’s biggest charity pool party? Dance and party some more, of course. Do not pass Go, head directly to the Joining Hearts Afterparty.    READ MORE »

News  |  Nightlife

Cockpit reopens, returns to gay Atlanta nightlife

The scruffy home of attitude-free fun and ManShaft madness is back. Cockpit is open and pouring again with a new owner breathing fresh life into the gay Atlanta bar nestled in Grant Park.    READ MORE »

‘RuPaul’s’ Phi Phi O’Hara takes over Atlanta

Any given Thursday at Burkhart’s is going to give you divas. But when the weekly Dancefloor Divas show gets an injection from a “RuPaul’s Drag Race” finalist, the bar is raised exponentially.    READ MORE »

Why a bisexual’s health is way worse than yours

Dealing with our personal baggage on top of societal pressures is hard enough for any L, G, B or T, and it’s proven to affect our health. Now a study says that its even worse for bisexuals than straights or gays.    READ MORE »

Friends mourn death of trans Atlanta activist

A trans Atlanta activist who died on Tuesday is being mourned as friends celebrate his life and attempt to raise thousands to assist his family with medical bills and funeral expenses.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Whether you’re down for a concert, party, movie, play or an bigger gathering of gays, our Gay Agenda calendar always knows how to show you a good time with Atlanta LGBT events.    READ MORE »

Metro Atlanta pastor says gay marriage is ‘evil’

Marietta Rev. Bryant Wright has dumped on gay Boy Scouts and denounced gays while admonishing Georgia lawmakers. So when the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, this preacher was ready.    READ MORE »

Steve Grand, Atlanta bro sex up summer weekend

Singing hunk Steve Grand wouldn't pull off his shirt despite pleas from Atlanta fans a few years back. But now he's stripping down and showing off so much more with his ablicious friends.    READ MORE »

Joining Hearts eye candy teases jam-packed weekend

That sound growing louder by the hour is the buzz over Joining Hearts, gay Atlanta’s biggest charity pool party and its all-weekend accompanying parties. Here's some show and tell on what keeps hundreds coming back every year.    READ MORE »

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Pastors against gay marriage may get protections

Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, who helped stall the rush to an anti-gay 'religious freedom' bill earlier this year, wants to craft protections for pastors who refuse to perform gay marriages.    READ MORE »

We’re obsessed with these sexy #gayswithglasses

File this under things we didn’t know we needed but now we can’t get enough. A fortuitous collision of hashtag surfing and our love of hot men just delivered our latest obsession.    READ MORE »

Guys take Jungle’s dance party to the beach

Gay Atlanta party promoter Toby came from behind his ever-present camera on Saturday with the Glam Beach Party complete with surf bunnies and bouncing balls.    READ MORE »

White night rides in for CHRIS Kids fun-raiser

Nothing draws gay Atlanta like a good cause, a great venue and a theme. Cue the annual dive into white attire and cocktails and swanky surrounds to benefit Georgia’s underprivileged kids.    READ MORE »