Gay ‘Heroes’ artist gives Atlanta a parting glance

Whether he’s revealing “Secrets,” exposing “Truths” and “Lies” or unmasking “Heroes, ” gay Atlanta photographer Philip Bonneau does it with backing from a rabidly loyal local fan base. Now it's so long.    READ MORE »

Meet the 7 sexy guys on ‘America’s Next Top Model’

Tyra Banks knows how to get the gays. She's stacked the upcoming season of "America's Next Top Model" with seven guys thick with abs and sex appeal, and at least two of them are gay. Meet, gawk and get ready for these men.    READ MORE »

Guys in drag, Vanilla Ice help mock candidate

Gay sodomy expert Jody Hice gets the ridicule he deserves in a YouTube parody that sets his anti-gay rants to music with the help of guys in drag, Vanilla Ice and his 1989 hit "Ice Ice Baby."    READ MORE »

Jody Hice too toxic even for these Atlanta voters

Pastor and radio ranter Jody Hice's anti-gay ramblings are so toxic that even people in the Atlanta Congressional district he wants to represent want voters to pick the other guy. He's anti-gay, too.    READ MORE »

Gay jocks cheer big reveal of AV200 donations

The cyclists who pedal for 200 miles against AIDS each year hoisted cocktails and giant checks on Sunday to toast their 2014 efforts and proceeds from this year’s AIDS Vaccine 200 ride.    READ MORE »

Meet the Atlanta fashionista who wants to tie you up

Chris Powell wants to tie you up. But before you go there, let's be clear: This gay Atlanta educator-turned-wedding stylist and now entrepreneur is hawking bow ties. What you do with them is up to you.    READ MORE »

Joining Hearts heroes toast pool party blowout

Before enough hot guys in swimsuits gather to fill your head for the entire next year, the organizers of gay Atlanta’s biggest charity pool party thanked their patrons and sponsors with a lawn party.    READ MORE »

DJ Bruno Pacheco gives it all to Jungle boys

Working a crowd into a froth is what Bruno Pacheco does best. So it’s no surprise that when the sexy Brazilian spinmeister hit Atlanta on Saturday, he brought it and beat it. Hard.    READ MORE »

Rep. John Lewis can’t stop being gay amazing

U.S. Rep. John Lewis never stops amazing gay Atlanta. He did it again on Friday with a two-sentence status update on Facebook that's received virtual cheers from thousands.    READ MORE »

Is this little blue pill the new condom for gay men?

Pop a blue pill once a day and cut your HIV infection risk by up to 92 percent. That’s the amazing promise of pre-exposure prophylaxis, PrEP for short, with the HIV med Truvada.    READ MORE »

Help reveal the gay judge who fired DADT icon

Col. Grethe Cammermeyer’s dismissal from the military for being a lesbian is one of the most infamous injustices of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" era. So why does she call the gay officer who oversaw it a hero?    READ MORE »

These ATL hotties help sex up gay zombie movie

If someone wanted to get gay Atlanta’s attention, they might put two of its hottest actors in a film directed by one of its own who’s shooting at the Eagle. Consider it done.    READ MORE »

Interactive tool maps HIV in Atlanta by zip code

Zip code by zip code across Atlanta, a new interactive map helps visualize the HIV epidemic and shows that Downtown and Midtown have some of the highest numbers of HIV-positive people across the region.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

You’d think that as summer wears on, events would wane. Nope. Gay Atlanta keeps up the pace and shifts into overdrive with ever-more parties, performances, games and gatherings. Get into it.    READ MORE »

Gaymers split over first-ever gays in ‘Dragon Age’

Gaymers are abuzz as a major new video game promises its first-ever gay characters with groundbreaking depth. Meet Dorian and Sera, virtual players setting off a real-world debate.    READ MORE »

25 positions you want to get DJ Bruno Pacheco into at Jungle

There’s no doubt that Brazilian mix master Bruno Pacheco will move you during gay Atlanta’s favorite weekly dance party. Once you see these money shots, you’ll want to turn him every which way but loose right back.    READ MORE »

Two wedding gays will judge your gown in a sack

The gay designer behind Kandi Burruss' feather fabulous wedding gown didn't make her look like a drag queen on Sunday. But two fashion queens took exception to carrying it around in a sack like Santa.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta man robbed at gunpoint in Midtown

A gay Atlanta man was robbed at gunpoint outside a Midtown restaurant in a bizarre incident that included him being forced to buy his assailant a pack of Newport cigarettes.    READ MORE »

Gay people, straight blood needed for ATL event

Archaic. Discriminatory. Unnecessary. Just plain dumb. These are a few valid adjectives for the FDA ban on gay male blood donors. Now you can take a stand during the National Gay Blood Drive.    READ MORE »

Help ‘Burly’ gay baker make sweet love to Atlanta

The best way Bill Armstrong knows to say “I love you” is with dessert. Now with your help, the gay Atlanta baker and his hunky friends are also saying “thanks” with a sexy calendar.    READ MORE »