Survey: Judge on job performance only

Your co-worker might just be a little more tolerant than you think.

Results from the Out & Equal Workplace Survey show that seven in 10 heterosexual adults agree that how an employee performs at their job should be the standard for judging an employee, not whether or not they are transgender. Nearly eight in 10 heterosexual adults strongly or somewhat agree that how an employee does his or her job should be the standard for judging an employee, not their sexual orientation. The survey also revealed that a majority of heterosexual adults are supportive of marriage-like workplace benefits for same sex couples virtually across-the-board.

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Gay Softball World Series wrap up

Five of the 10 teams from the Hotlanta Softball League participating placed in the top three of their divisions during the Gay Softball World Series last weekend in Seattle. We already knew that.

But what we didn't know was this: the champs in the Women's Division. That's finally been released and you can see the list after the jump.

A few other notes from Series 2008: The Atlanta Riptide took the Spirit Award for the Women's A Division. For a gallery of photos, there's one from Melissa Polly Photography (password ASANA) and another from Outsports.

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G-Braves say ‘name that hog’

imageIt's Shadow, Pop-Up or Chopper. Uh, yeah.

The Gwinnett Braves have announced their top three picks for the name of the team's groundhog mascot. They got these three finalists from nearly 4,400 submitted. Really. I still favor whistlepig, but they haven't asked me.

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Meadors delivers tough talk to Dream

imageWith a losing season drawing to a close, Marynell Meadors delivered some straight talk of her own to the Atlanta Dream.

And there was no laughing in the home locker room after Tuesday night’s 83-69 loss to Seattle, who are 19-10 and tied for the best record in the league.

Dream coach Marynell Meadors got back to the locker room about 20 minutes after the game and told reporters she would be back in a minute. Instead, she was gone almost one minute for all 27 of her team’s losses.

“That’s a team thing,” she said when asked the details of her postgame talk.

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Atlanta Dream suffers tough weekend

The weekend wasn't kind to the Atlanta Dream.

Fresh off a weeks-long break during the Olympics, the Dream hit the court at Philips on Friday against the league-leading Connecticut Sun. They lost.

On the road the next day, they dropped a game against the Indiana Fever.

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Falcons drop Joey Harrington

imageIn the NFL's preseason, like fashion, one day you are in and the next day you are out. That pretty much sums up sexy and scruffy Joey Harrington's career with the Atlanta Falcons.

He was there last season to start 10 games after Michael Vick went to prison. Earlier this season, he was pushed aside in favor of Matt Ryan, the rookie with the six-year, $72 million contract. Now, he's been dumped altogether, missing out on the third QB slot for the Falcons.

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Hotlanta goes to Seattle: Day 4

Ten teams from the Hotlanta Softball League are competing in the Gay Softball World Series, which opened play Tuesday in Seattle. Art Davenport, HSL’s Open Division secretary, is blogging here throughout the Series.

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Labor Day means tennis in the ATL


New York City has the U.S. Open this weekend. Atlanta has the Peach International Tennis Championships, which brings more than 200 gay and lesbian tennis players to two courts this weekend for ball-slamming action.

Matches started early this morning and continue through Monday afternoon. The Peach, the annual signature event from the Atlanta Team Tennis Association, provides a great chance to see some quality tennis for free.

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Hotlanta goes to Seattle: Day 3 wrap

Ten teams from the Hotlanta Softball League are competing in the Gay Softball World Series, which opened play Tuesday in Seattle. Art Davenport, HSL’s Open Division secretary, is blogging here throughout the Series.

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Dream returns to action tonight

The Atlanta Dream hits the court tonight after a weeks-long break for the Olympics. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution took a look at how members of the WNBA team spent their vacation.

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Falcons’ big sigh of relief

Imagine that you're tooling along in your car heading to work and wham -- you're stuck in a fender bender. Sticking with the scenario, imagine still that when the people in the other vehicle step out to asses the damage, they are three hunky professional athletes. Ah, yes. The dream of many a gay sports fan.

It's also what happened to one (un)lucky driver on Thursday. After a collision, out stepped a trio of Atlanta Falcons -- Matt Ryan (left), Brian Finneran and D.J. Shockley. It seem they were driving to practice for a walk-through before the team's final preseason match against Baltimore. No one was hurt, though Arthur Blank and other front office staff at Falcons HQ did suffer from elevated heart beats and puckered butts when they first heard Ryan -- the face of the franchise who earlier this year signed a 6-year, $72-million contract -- was in a car crash.

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Robby Ginepri advances in U.S. Open

imageSexy local tennis pro Robby Ginepri made it through to the second round of the U.S. Open today, downing fellow American Amer Delic, 6-1, 6-2, 7-6 (7-5). Next up for Ginepri is 30th-seeded Croatian Marin Cilic.

Ginepri reached the semifinals here in 2005 before losing a heartbreaking five-setter to Andre Agassi. In the second round, he faces 30th-seeded Croatian Marin Cilic, a five-set winner over another Frenchman, Julien Benneteau.

"The semifinals will always be a memorable moment for me," said the 61st-ranked Ginepri, who represented the United States at the Olympics but lost in the first round to Djokovic. "I've had a lot of great success here. I'm always excited to play in front of the fans. It's a lot of energy out there on every match that I play in and I feed off that quite well."


Hotlanta goes to Seattle: Day 2

Ten teams from the Hotlanta Softball League are competing in the Gay Softball World Series, which opened play Tuesday in Seattle. Art Davenport, HSL’s Open Division secretary, is blogging here throughout the Series. Go here for a list of HSL teams taking part.

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Atlanta Dream returns to the court

The Atlanta Dream, fresh from a three-week break like the rest of the WNBA, returns to the court tomorrow. They face the Connecticut Sun, which has twice beaten them this season.

But the return of the Dream fills a void -- the Olympics are over and the Braves have collapsed so there's not much happening with the local pro teams. Sure, the Falcons are warming up for the season, but they don't open until Sept. 7.

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Phelps turns gold into, well, gold

imageMichael Phelps' bank account just got fatter.

The Olympian, fresh off his record-setting haul of eight gold medals in Beijing, inked a deal with the Free Press imprint of Simon & Schuster for a $1.6 million advance on a book to be called "Built to Succeed." And nearly as fast as Phelps himself, the book will hit stores in December. He's already picked up a $1 million bonus from Speedo and is expected to take about $10 million by year's end.

In the book, which is being called an "inspirational memoir," the publisher said that Phelps will reveal the secrets of his success, and give a behind-the-scenes look at his approach to training, competition and winning. The narrative thread is expected to be the eight final swims of the 2008 games.

The media juggernaut that is Phelps also appeared on the Aug. 25 issue of Sports Illustrated with his eight golds draped across his bare chest, a remake of the Mark Spitz cover in 1972. But true to form, Phelps has outdistanced Spitz there, too. He's snagged five SI covers to three for Spitz.

Robby Ginepri has a sexy new partner

imageAh, the U.S. Open. The hotties in full force -- Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick, James Blake and Robby Ginepri (photo).

But now our local hunk -- Ginepri -- has a sexy new partner, Travis Rettenmaier. a 25-year-old former UCLA player from California. No, no. Not partner like that. Partner as in double's partner. The pair hits the court today at 11 a.m. as the U.S. Open continues.

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Junior Brave emerging from slump

imageI'm all for redemption and working past self-inflicted wounds. And that seems to be the case with Jordan "the Juice" Schafer, once a top prospect for the Atlanta Braves who was knocked off track this year with a 50-game HGH-related suspension.

He's playing again and has emerged from a prolonged slump that started when he returned from the suspension. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution featured a lengthy Q&A with Schafer over the weekend. But it sheds little light -- well, none -- on the suspension nor does Schafer provide an explanation about what happened.

He and his father have said it was all a misunderstanding in previous press reports. But Schafer still hasn't come clean. For that, I'll continue to hold a grudge against the sexy outfielder with the boyish good looks.

Q. What was it like when you came back from the suspension? What did you have to deal with?

A. It was a variety of things. I asked my teammates: 'I'm sorry guys, I wasn't here. I still followed you guys. I'd really like it if you guys would support me because I know I'm going to get a lot of stuff especially when we go on the road.' They were really good with that. The fans kill me all the time. That's to be expected. They're going to say what they want. Two nights ago I hit two home runs. In my fourth at-bat, I was on deck and the fans were still killing me.

Matt Ryan the man for Falcons opener

imageThat's right. The six-year, $72 million stud rookie for the Atlanta Falcons -- thought a long-shot for the team's Sept. 7 opener -- will suit up and lead his new team.

Team officials said they expect Matt Ryan to start all 16 games and he will become the first QB in the NFL since 2002 to become a starter.

“Anything you get in this game is earned, whether it be a touchdown, a win, whatever it is you earn it in this game,” Ryan said. “In some sense it is satisfying in that light. But trust me, there’s a lot of work ahead. I know that probably just as much as everybody else around here.

“There’s going to be some ups and downs. You’ve got to try and stay mentally tough and try and grind through it.”

So much for hunky QB Joey Harrington.


Gays, gold and the Olympics

image There's a new in the 'hood. And it's on the juice.
Hotlanta Softball gets ready for the World Series.
Labor Day means it's time for tennis with a few hundred gay players.
Women's Outdoor Network prepares for charity golf tournament.
Matthew Mitcham (photo) fails in medal bid in the 3-meter competition, but becomes first openly gay male Olympian to grab gold.
David Beckham tells Olympic officials, "I want in."
Local tennis hottie Robby Ginepri tunes up before U.S. Open.
Rafael Nadal has a muscular butt. And he likes it to be ogled.
Georgia Tech struts their stuff in new uniforms.
You decide if sexy athletes are evil.


Softball gets ready for the Bigs


In baseball, making it to the pro ranks is often referred to as getting the call to the Bigs. For 10 teams in the Hotlanta Softball League, their phones are ringing.

Those teams head to the Gay Softball World Series in Seattle next week, getting their shot at winning a national title across eight divisions of men's and women's competition. For them, it's the Bigs.

“We fully expect to have our best showing,” said Jolly Bruce, coach of the Packers, who will be playing in his fifth World Series. “Our goal is to win and it always has been. But we also know realistically that we have a battle to do so.”

For more on the HSL teams heading to the Series, read the rest of my recent Southern Voice sports column.

And check back here next week. Beginning Monday, we'll have regular posts from an HSL official in Seattle throughout the competition.    READ MORE »