Lesbian moms, nightlife stud, Soft Complex

image No on "Gay is Black."
Visanthe Shiancoe gets a porno offer.
Gay nightlife magazine in Washington, D.C. names Austin Allan (photo) "Nightlife Coverboy of the Year."
Misinterpreted: Urban Outfitters.
Arrests in case of anti-gay soccer taunts.
Steps to enjoy the holiday eats.
Soft Complex's Shane German: The New Gay interview.
"Battlestar Galactica" to out two characters.
Lesbian moms, stat!
Half naked dancing gay boys.

PALS Bingo tackles Christmahanakiuzaka

imageSome holiday spirit showed through on Wednesday during Christmahanakiuzaka Bingo.

There were drag queens in holiday garb and a selection of Santa hats worn by bingo attendees in an evening titled to encompass Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. The event, hosted by Bubba D. Licious (photo), helps PALS provide pet care, including free food and basic veterinary care, and support to the companion pets of critically ill and disabled Atlantans.

View the Project Q Atlanta photo album from the event.

You can also check out photos from past events, including Family Night Bingo on Nov. 12, Rodeo Bingo on Oct. 7 and Pretty in Pink Bingo on Sept. 10.

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‘Real World,’ Agnes Scott, Showtime, hockey

image "Real World Brooklyn" transgendered cast member Katelynn (photo) should set her Livejournal to private.
Agnes Scott College: Lesbians until graduation?
My letter to President-Elect Obama.
Gay marriage: Out of the bedroom and into the living room.
"Way Out": Showtime developing reality show about coming out.
Fashion faux pas: A Graham Harrell Christmas.
Who will save America's gay hockey team?
Homoerotic hazings alleged at Arizona Cheesecake Factory.
Day Three of the Right’s War on Newsweek.
Wanda Sykes talks Prop. 8 on "The Tonight Show."

Ricky Martin, Fox, Jon Stewart, teachers

image Ricky Martin (photo) shows off his twins.
Are you calling in gay to work today?
New project brings PFLAG parents into schools.
There's nothing quite like a gay Aussie surf camp.
Jon Stewart slays the homophobic Huckabeast without breaking a sweat.
Mormons advertise on lesbian site.
Fox apologizes after on-air Vikings locker room full frontal.
What makes a great teacher?
U.S. missing in action on United Nations declaration on gay human rights.
Gay marriage is an issue of financial stability.

Hey boss! It’s ‘Day Without a Gay’ today

imageIf you haven't noticed, it's "Day Without a Gay" today. It's becoming the not-so-successful follow-up to the widely popular series of rallies held across the country on Nov. 15.

Those protests, which included five across Georgia, were organized by Join the Impact, an online effort that galvanized after Prop. 8 was approved by California voters in November. The measure overturned the legalization of same-sex unions in the state.

Today, organizers are asking gay and lesbian employees to call in "gay" and take the day off work to demonstrate our numbers and economic impact. The boycott has gained national attention in the media, though it's tough to quantify the success of this boycott.

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Atlanta activist tapped to co-chair HRC board

Ken Britt, a longtime player in Atlanta's elite gay circles, has been tapped to co-chair the board of directors of the Human Rights Campaign.

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Marcus Lloyd, Day Without Gay, Prop 8

image Responses vary to Wednesday's planned "Day Without a Gay."
Are too many gays spoiling 'A Day Without a Gay'?
Jeff Garcia 'loves to date hot quarterbacks.'
Newt: my 'gay fascism' comments were 'narrowly focused.'
Marcus Lloyd strips down to underwear for new polaroids. (photo)
Essay contest gives high schoolers chance to explore intersection of federal courts and education.
Prop 8 approval leads to closure of gay publication in Los Angeles.
A collection of news and fun stuff in the LGBT parenting roundup.
Marriage Poll! (because it worked out so well last time).
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Potty woes: Craig, Allen sting appeals denied

imageUPDATED | 3:13 p.m.

Sen. Larry Craig's (photo) potty troubles continue as a three-judge panel of the Minnesota Court of Appeals on Tuesday rejected his bid to throw out his conviction.

Craig was arrested in June 2007 in a Minneapolis airport bathroom stall by an undercover officer who said the senator solicited sex.

He pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor and paid a fine, but changed his mind after word of his arrest became public. Craig insisted he was innocent, but the case effectively ended his political career.

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More props for Toy Party & Silent Auction

That the Toy Party was a resounding success on Sunday is not a surprise. In its sixth year, the annual toy drive delivers thousands of presents to its beneficiaries each time thousands of gay men and lesbians (and others) attend.

(View the Project Q Atlanta photo album and read Monday's post about the event.)

But the event also received a mention in Peach Buzz, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's entertainment, buzz and gossip column.

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Panelists to link gay, human rights struggles

A panel of gay and human rights activists will discuss how the struggle for gay equality connects to the larger battle for human rights across the globe during an event on Tuesday.

"From Prop. 8 to Yogyakarta: LGBT Rights are Human Rights" kicks off at 7 p.m. on Dec. 9 and includes representatives from Amnesty International, Georgia Equality, the International Lesbian & Gay Association, Lambda Legal and the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials.

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Toy Party draws thousands for charity

imageThe gay elves are still counting toys and collecting cash, but the buzz from the Toy Party & Silent Auction on Sunday shows that organizers continued their Midas touch.

A few thousand people filled an expansive atrium at the AmericasMart in downtown Atlanta for the gay charity event of the season, bringing with them scores of toys to gain admission to the sixth annual rendition of what started as the little house party that could and grew into the massive benefit that it is today (or was on Sunday night).

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Rent boy, sorority boys, pregnant, Franco

imageTen provocative posts from the gay blogosphere that will make you go, "Hmmm."

The meme that will not die: Blacks enabled Prop 8 to pass.
New York Gov. David Patterson (photo) goes from hands on to hands off on gay marriage.
Professional soccer’s got a new rent boy.
Sorority Boys: Trans guide for fraternities and sororities.
Newsweek: The Bible calls for marriage equality.
“She Got Me Pregnant”: Episode 51.
Penn wanted it, Franco balked.
When they came for the southpaws, I said nothing.
Prop 8 poll divides headline writers.
A tidbit of LA gay legal history.

Bill Konigsberg explores jock’s coming out

imageLike Bobby Framingham, Bill Konigsberg had a secret in high school. Both athletes didn’t know if they could be openly gay and a jock on campus.

For Konigsberg, a longtime sports journalist turned novelist, his choice as a high school senior in the late 1980s was to quit the baseball team, join the drama club and come out. For Framingham, the protagonist in Konigsberg’s debut novel, the choice is just as grueling.

“I had no sense of how you were supposed to be athletic and openly gay,” says Konigsberg, 38. “It just seemed completely incongruous. I thought I could get by in high school, but being in the locker-room just wasn’t going to work.”

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There’s little yeehaw left in gay rodeo group

imageThe Georgia Gay Rodeo Association is in trouble -- again.

The gay rodeo group, which enjoyed a resurgence this year after nearly closing down, is again on the brink of closing its doors. GGRA's president, Brad Bruner, emailed supporters earlier this month with a plea for alternatives, but cited a lack of new members, few candidates for the board and a leadership group of only a handful of people in raising the possibility that the group might disband.

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‘Tis the season for a gay holiday tree lighting

imageIf there's a drag queen Santa and a drag queen holiday caroler, then 'tis the season in Midtown.

That was the scene at Outwrite Bookstore & Coffeehouse on Wednesday for the Third Annual GLBT Holiday Tree Lighting. The event, a benefit for the Atlanta Pride Committee, also included hors d'oeuvres, a raffle and holiday carols from OurSong and Panache from the Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus.

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Social Tuesdays finds perfezione at Dolce

imageIf it's Tuesday night, it must be Social Tuesdays. And the gay and lesbian social group rang in December this week with an evening at Dolce in Atlantic Station.

The Italian restaurant and lounge delivers the flavor of old world Italy with a sophisticated atmosphere and attendees took full advantage of half price menu items just for the occasion. Perfezione.

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Swimmers strip down to deliver pizza

imageThe next time the Atlanta Rainbow Trout is considering a fundraiser, the gay swim group might do well to go the route of the Penn State swim team.

A few swim jocks from the school joined others from the ice hockey team in a recent charity auction. To heat up the bidding, they stripped off their shirts. And to top it off, the five college athletes (photo) offered to deliver pizza sans shirts.

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Martin loses U.S. Senate bid Georgia

imageIt's finally over.

After a four-week runoff tacked on to a long election season, the U.S. Senate race in Georgia is over. It didn't quite end the way gay Democrats in the state -- or national Dems, for that matter -- had hoped, with gay-friendly challenger Jim Martin getting thumped by incumbent Saxby Chambliss in a nearly 15-point win. But it's done.

Also Tuesday, two candidates endorsed by statewide gay rights group Georgia Equality did win their runoff campaigns. Sara Doyle beat Mike Sheffield 51.8 percent to 48.2 percent in a Georgia Court of Appeals race. Tangela Barrie also defeated Johnny Mason for a Superior Court Judge slot in DeKalb County, 56 percent to 44 percent.

Jim Martin’s U.S. Senate bid down to today

imageJim Martin's got his gay creds in order.

He supports gay issues other than same-sex marriage, has the backing of the Human Rights Campaign and the National Stonewall Democrats, amassed an army of gay campaign volunteers, appears proudly at gay events and supported gay issues as a state lawmaker. (His opponent, Saxby Chambliss, received a failing score recently from HRC.)

But if you need more reasons to cast a vote today in favor of Martin, who is trying to prevent Chambliss from winning a second term as a U.S. Senator from Georgia, consider this: Patricia Mock.

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Clothes horse mayor in Birmingham busted

imageThe Birmingham mayor who is entangled in a lawsuit over his refusal to hang Pride banners now has bigger problems: He's charged in a 101-count indictment on federal charges that he took bribes to steer contracts to a friend.

Federal agents arrested Mayor Larry Langford on Monday, alleging that he used money from the bribes to pay a crushing debt for flashy clothes from exclusive men's stores, jewelry and Rolex watches.

"Mayor LaLa," as critics have dubbed him, was sued earlier this year by Central Alabama Pride for refusing to allow city workers to hang Gay Pride Week banners on city property during the festival in June. Earlier this month, the mayor asked the federal judge to dismiss the lawsuit.

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