Friday: Bears and their skin


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You want abs? Genetics plays a role

image Contributing blogger Troy Meyers is a certified personal trainer and sports conditioner with more than 10 years of experience training clients and designing fitness programs. He owns Atlanta-based and contributes to the site’s Lockerroom Blog.

If you care about your looks, you probably focus a lot of attention on the abdominal muscles during your workouts. Like most folks, you work on the assumption (or hope) that everyone can develop a ripped and ridged midsection.

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The perils of online dating: Not the Escort!

You know "The Blotter" from Creative Loafing is our virtual candy. We want to put it down, break the habit and improve our lives. But we just can't resist the temptation. After all, in tough times like these, it's comforting to know that stupid people have it that much worse.

Take this one about the perils of internet hookups:

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Thursday: Three gay things to do today

FAMILY PROTECTIONS: Join the MEGA Family Project and the Interweave Group at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta for "Legal Protections and Marriage Equality," a discussion about how gay families can legally protest themselves. The session begins at at 7 p.m.

COCKTAIL SIP: The Thursday Night Cocktail Sip in Gay Atlanta continues its early start to the weekend at Trois in Midtown. The event begins at 9 p.m.

BLACK OUT: European DJ Konrad Black will spend one of just a handful of U.S. dates in Atlanta tonight at gay-friendly Bazzaar Urban Bar. The music starts at 9 p.m. For more on Black, read a recent Southern Voice piece on his Atlanta stop.

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Defense: Abuse led to girlfriend’s death

A murder trial stemming from a deadly argument in 2006 opened in a Cobb County court on Wednesday as attorneys and prosecutors squared off in their opening arguments.

At issues is whether Natasha Demery shot and killed her girlfriend, Alisha Florine Lea, in anger in an early-morning argument or if she reacted to months of physical and emotional abuse.

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Pedro Zamora: From MTV to the Big Screen

imageContributing blogger Darian Aaron is an Alabama native who now calls Atlanta home. He’s the creator of Living Out Loud with Darian, a blog that offers his take on social, political and religious issues that impact the LGBT community.

The year was 1994 and MTV's "The Real World" was about to introduce us to a man that would become the face of one of the most devastating diseases mankind has ever had to endure, his name was Pedro Zamora. One of seven roommates chosen to have their lives videotaped over a six month period in San Francisco, this Cuban-American and openly gay HIV-positive man used the power of television to educate and inspire.

On a weekly basis Zamora allowed the American public to see first-hand what life was like as an openly gay man and a man living with AIDS. He shattered widely held stereotypes about the lives of gay men and those infected with the virus.

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Former Hoedown’s owner gets prison term

imageBen Elliott's life got a little more simple today.

The former owner of Hoedown's, who pleaded guilty to charges that he tried to swindle auto dealerships out of $30 million, was sentenced today to nine years in federal prison, five years probation and ordered to pay more than $4 million in restitution to several banks.

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Social Tuesdays finds a favorite with tavern

Social Tuesdays returned to Marlow's Tavern on Feb. 24 with a sizable crowd. It marked the second stop there for the weekly round up of cocktails and cuties. Let our photo album whet your appetite.    READ MORE »

David fires latest salvo in nightlife turf war

imageA big, fat new David Atlanta magazine hits the streets on Thursday, offering a redesign of the 10-year-old gay nightlife glossy.

The new look is encouraging though it arrives at a tough time for the magazine. The page count, like most other publications, has dropped considerably in the last few months, its parent company is in federal receivership (tantamount to bankruptcy) and it's facing new competition.

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Atlanta Rollergirls ready for new season

imageIt could be the fishnet stockings or the hot pink wigs. Maybe it's the the Goth makeup or the cleavage.

But there's little question that the Atlanta Rollergirls can pack in the fans when they take to the rink and among those cheering them along will be a few lesbians. OK, lots of lesbians mixed in with the crowd that includes urban hipsters and suburban families.

The league opens its fifth season on Saturday with two matches in Midtown.

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And the Oscar for best kiss goes to ...

imageContributing blogger Mike Alvear is an Atlanta-based columnist, author and TV personality who rants on sex, dating and pop culture while living at the corner of urge and merge. Find more from him at his blog.

Why do celebrities kiss so beautifully in the movies and so badly in real life? In the cinema when the guy kisses the girl, we sigh. In real life, we groan.

It was only after writing an article about romantic chemistry and spending hours on Google trying to find pictures of passionate celebrity smooches that I realized just how bad they are. Google “celebrity kisses” and you’ll see what I mean. You hope for something that’ll make you lean forward but what you get makes you step back. How can so many beautiful people do such a beautiful thing in such an ugly way?

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Sherlock Holmes, crystal meth, RNC, Mets

image TSA asks gay dads: "Where did you get them?"
New flick shows the gay side of Sherlock Holmes, played by Robert Downey, Jr. (photo).
The confusion of a gay Republican.
Crystal meth use increasing among black gay men.
RNC Chair Michael Steele: Gay rights? Depends on when you ask me.
Ex-wife slings gay rumor at former Mets player.
Activist and former Atlantan Cleve Jones on Rachel Maddow's show.
What's your image for delaying gratification?
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Atlanta Pride wants your festival logo

imagePride begins with you -- at least that's the case if you're a creative graphic artist.

The Atlanta Pride Committee wants your designs for a new logo to go along with their new theme ("Pride begins with you") and new date for the annual event (Oct. 31-Nov. 1). Though the contest for the logo design has been going on for several weeks, now you need to hurry. Submissions are due by Friday.

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Ed Wall to get trial in potty sex case

imageEd Wall wants his day in court.

The former board chair of MARTA, busted in March 2007 on charges of having sex in a restroom stall at the Atlanta airport, has requested a jury trial. He was due in a Clayton County court on Monday but is now set to be arraigned March 24.

His partner in the alleged potty hookup, Michael Reid Pettry, pleaded no contest last week. He was sentenced to 12 months of probation, a $500 fine and 64 hours of community service.

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Elton John’s big money Oscar night

imageWhen Elton John uses his considerable heft, it can raise a bunch of money.

On Sunday, the part-time Atlantan raised more than $4 million for the Elton John AIDS Foundation during his 17th annual Oscars party. In October, he raised more than $400,000 during an Atlanta event that included Andy Roddick offering a Full Monty tennis lesson.

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Cleaning up your cyberact before applying

Contributing blogger John Long is a career coach in Atlanta who founded Two Roads Resources. He answers: "How concerned should I be about cleaning up my Facebook profile during a job search?"    READ MORE »

Rosie, Oscar politics, Rupert Everett, choice

image "Milk" put politics on the podium. Got a problem with that?
How do I approach a woman? Four lesbian bloggers give their advice.
Rosie O'Donnell (photo) is back to blogging, so grammar queens beware.
Kudos to Milk's Sean Penn and Dustin Lance Black.
There's nothing depressing about saving young lives.
Gay singer Rahsaan Patterson (again) describes sexuality as "spirit" and "choice."
NFL’s fleshfest is feast for the eyes.
Parental notification bill: Not in children’s best interests.
Rupert Everett’s sexuality "killed his career."
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What’s gay on television today

Highlights from the day in gay television include a patient with both male and female DNA on "House," RuPaul (photo) passing judgment on aspiring drag queens on "RuPaul's Drag Race" and a gay judge on "True Beauty."

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A rebuilding year for Christian conservatives

Karma can be a bitch. Just ask religious conservative groups at the Gold Dome.

Their power and influence on lawmakers at the State Capitol has waned -- and quite a bit -- since their heyday in 2004 when they pushed and won a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage when it was already illegal in Georgia anyway.

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An inside look at traveling out in Atlanta

imageAdd a little swag, a new book and some alcohol and you've got a launch party.

That's exactly what Matt Burkhalter and Jordan McAuley had in mind on Wednesday for the debut of "Out Traveler: Atlanta," their new guide to gay Atlanta. It's the second rendition of the guide from the local authors, who first published "ATLANTAboy: An Insider's Guide to Gay Atlanta" in 2005.

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