An inside look at traveling out in Atlanta

imageAdd a little swag, a new book and some alcohol and you've got a launch party.

That's exactly what Matt Burkhalter and Jordan McAuley had in mind on Wednesday for the debut of "Out Traveler: Atlanta," their new guide to gay Atlanta. It's the second rendition of the guide from the local authors, who first published "ATLANTAboy: An Insider's Guide to Gay Atlanta" in 2005.

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Spanish cuisine a draw for Social Tuesdays

The second time was the charm for Social Tuesdays. The weekly social gathering hit Cuerno on Tuesday to taste its flavorful Spanish cuisine and wine again. We got the photos.    READ MORE »

Fashion rookies, gay GOP, swimmers

image Petey (photo) and the Boys: The wandering days and bunk-bed nights of Fashion Week’s handsome rookies.
Black History Month: Bayard Rustin.
As skilled gays are discharged, military looks to immigrant population as recruiting pool.
Stanford swimming: Still the hottest.
Surprise, surprise. Kids of lesbian and gay parents are normal.
"The Sons of Tennessee Williams" tells story of a gay man who started drag balls in New Orleans.
In the ladies' room: A Valentine's Day lesson in giving and receiving.
Dating Boot Camp: A man won't cure the loneliness.
What to watch: Thursday.
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Queers, condoms and the hand of God

imageAmong the tips one can offer in using a condom, this one seems pretty bland: Carefully open condom wrappers with your fingers -- don't use a sharp object.

But it's enough to get the Catholic League in New York riled up at the University of Georgia in Athens. It's continuing a mix of sex, public universities and a state budget crisis that is proving volatile this year under the Gold Dome in Atlanta.

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Facebook, Pat Sajak, gay cheers, Suze Orman

image How Facebook got Nick Shalosky (photo) elected.
Pat Sajak offers tearful condolences to gay partner of his stylist.
Aaron Neich is the first openly gay cheerleader in Aussie rugby.
PETA exploits lesbian sex for vegetable love.
The Peter continues his Log Cabin/RNC obsession.
Suze Orman speaks out about gay marriage.
TV Alert: Gay dads on Discovery Health on Wednesday.
Setting a budget for your Big Gay Wedding.
Musings on the future of gay media.
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Morehouse’s ugly marriage to homophobia

imageContributing blogger Darian Aaron is an Alabama native who now calls Atlanta home. He’s the creator of Living Out Loud with Darian, a blog that offers his take on social, political and religious issues that impact the LGBT community.

A new op-ed appearing in Morehouse College's the Maroon Tiger newspaper by student writer Gerren Gaynor is sure to fan the flames of homophobia once again on a campus that has had it's share of anti-gay attacks and bullying.

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Texting your way into trouble

We can never get enough of the bizarre crimes Creative Loafing provides through "The Blotter," which so often ventures into same-sex territory and proves we're just as devious as everyone else.

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Being gay in a conservative office blues

Contributing blogger John Long is a professional career coach in Atlanta who founded Two Roads Resources. He answers: "How do I overcome feeling isolated in a 'Good Ol' Boy' industry?"    READ MORE »

Tim Gunn, Texas girl, Madonna, Morehouse

image Tim Gunn (photo) just as confused about "Project Runway" as we are.
Morehouse College and homophobia: The ugly marriage continues.
Suze Orman's Valentine's Day message on marriage equality, hate amendments and the bottom line.
That Texas cowgirl spirit.
"Survivor’s" Spencer doesn’t want to be Thpenther.
Dominique Hollington for Benetton.
Repealing DADT is only the first step.
Abused by an abuser.
What if Madonna's Brazilian boy toy romance is a big sham?
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Bring a little gay to Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’

imageBravo, the other gay network, comes to Atlanta on Sunday in search of chefs for the next round of its popular "Top Chef."

The current crop of gays -- Patrick (photo), Richard and Jamie -- are gone as the current season moves to a conclusion this week and next.

But top chef Tom Collicchio, who recently opened Craft in Atlanta, is bringing the scouting crews here on Sunday. They'll be in his Peachtree Road restaurant from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Rachel Maddow, bi jock, gay travel, ‘Survivor’

image More fights in Florida over gay-straight alliances.
Religious Right objects to being called the Religious Right.
Gay travel with a spiritual twist.
Bi college athlete talks sexuality in sports.
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Rachel Maddow (photo).
"Noah's Arc", "Greek" and more rock the NAACP Image Awards red carpet.
Gays, sex and the Lutheran Church.
Stiffed on the Bill: Activist's Clinton cries go unheeded.
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So many ways to say Valentine’s Day

imageYes, it's the weekend for lovers. So check out our roundup of Valentine's Day coverage.

Creative Loafing: A Valentine's Day ode to Atlanta's unsung heartthrobs, which includes Mauricio (photo).
The New Gay: The Indie Rock Fag's Top 17 homo love songs.'s Gay Life: How to buy him the perfect Valentine's Day gift.
Southern Voice: Gay church hosts two days of weddings of Valentine's.
After Ellen: Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Rachel Maddow.
James Withers: Do a good deed for Valentine’s Day.

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New stuff (and people) on Project Q Atlanta

imageThere's a lot happening on Project Q Atlanta this week.

We're proud to announce that the site added four contributors to broaden the voices on PQA Today, our blog that's updated throughout the day.

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Friday: ‘Nip/Tuck’s’ ‘Tyrannosaurus Prick’

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Social Tuesdays tastes a little tequila

imageSocial Tuesdays went to Cabbagetown this week for Southwestern eats at Agave.

The popular restaurant, which sits in the historic Cotton Mill general store on Boulevard, has been a mainstay of the area since 2000. The venue set aside a dining room for the evening of cocktails and conversation from organizers Kurt Edwins and Chris Coleman.

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Insider’s guide to gay Atlanta gets makeover

imagePerhaps no one was more surprised by the far-reaching success of the 2005 book “ATLANTAboy: An Insider’s Guide to Gay Atlanta” than the authors themselves.

Jordan McAuley and Matt Burkhalter, best friends since middle school in Buckhead, compiled the book after noticing travel books on other cities, but none on Atlanta.

“I thought it was a good idea, but I was blown away by the response,” Burkhalter says. “Straight people were telling us, ‘anyone would be interested in this stuff,’ and even people from Atlanta were learning things about local gay history that they didn’t know.”

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Perfect positioning for sex on Valentine’s Day

imageContributing blogger Mike Alvear is an Atanta-based columnist, author and TV personality who lives at the corner of urge and merge. Find more from him at his blog.

Is it, as comedian Lord Carret said, “her knees over my shoulders, with my wallet hidden where she’ll never think of looking for it?”

Or is it a little more romantic than that?

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SoVo, David Atlanta face uncertain future

imageThe woes of Southern Voice and David Atlanta continue to get ink.

The latest is a piece in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that equates the federal receivership of the publication's owner to bankruptcy and a blog post by a former editor of the gay media outlets. Creative Loafing, like the AJC, SoVo and David faces its own financial troubles, chimed in yesterday.

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Wednesday: Chesney’s not gay. Seriously.


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The ill-informed at Georgia’s Gold Dome

imageWhen it comes to oral sex and male prostitutes, some prudish Georgia lawmakers want to use their influence to stifle research. They are using the state's budget crisis as an excuse.

But more reasoned people are trying to prevail. Today, it's the editorial board at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which calls the campaign by Rep. Calvin Hill (R-Canton) and Rep. Charlice Byrd (R-Woodstock) (photo) "ill-informed and embarrassing."

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