Pro jocks, top cop, Subaru, Prop. 8 study

image Pro athletes are quietly out, says ESPN columnist LZ Granderson. (photo)
Stripper Devon Hunter (photo) speaks out about alleged mistreatment at Atlanta party.
Left and Right insist Rick Warren's no Billy Graham.
LAPD Chief William Bratton honored by gay website.
New York Times comes through again ... who's listening?
Study finds exit polls exaggerated black support for Prop 8.
Obama picks Tom Kaine as DNC leader.
Subaru supports lesbians, posts profit.
Virginia is for lovers (unless you're gay and drive too fast).
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Social Tuesdays back to Midtown tonight

Social Tuesdays wants a little "Steel" in their diet tonight.

The weekly gay networking event moves to a venue it first auditioned in November -- Steel Restaurant & Lounge inside Plaza Midtown on West Peachtree. The event starts at 7 p.m. and runs until 11 p.m. Celebrate the new year with drinks and dinner. It's a fun time of cocktails, conversation and connections.

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Gay Atlanta City Council candidate apologizes for anti-trans comments


A gay man expected to formally announce his campaign for Atlanta City Council this week is apologizing for remarks he made three years ago when he said transgender people and drag queens were on the fringe of society and hurt the gay equality movement.

Charlie Stadtlander, a former Republican and leader of Log Cabin Republicans groups in Missouri and Atlanta, also said on Monday that his description of a drag show while a student at the University of Missouri-St. Louis as pornographic came at a time when he was lobbying for two gay rights measures from within a conservative GOP and was concerned the show might impact those efforts.

Stadtlander also said comments attributed to him as expressing disgust with consensual sex between two men were not his and part of a satirical piece that he disavows.

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Office banter:  I’m just sayin’

imageSometimes the office provides the best lines.

The new issue of David magazine hit the streets and inside is a funny wrap up of random bits of conversation from folks around their very gay office. Like this one:

“He can’t get somebody like that. Maybe a big girl, but not these lil’ chickens he’s chasing around the farm.”

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Social Tuesdays goes bowling for a cause

imageSocial Tuesdays is back after a week's rest and ready to start the New Year's celebrations a little early.

The gay networking group -- ok, it's a mix of cocktails, conversation and connections -- sets down in Ten Pin Alley. The upscale nightspot sits in the heart of Atlantic Station above Dolce Restaurant. So get your pump on at the gym down the street, grab your friends and join the fun this evening. It'll be a nice warm up to the bigger parties tomorrow.

And the evening has a charitable side, too. There's a raffle to raise money (and awareness) of Joining Hearts, the 21-year old event that benefits AID Atlanta and Jerusalem House. (The 2009 rendition is set for July 26.)

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Girdles for guys? Yes, that’s right

imageIn a development that pushes even limits of even metrosexuality, girdles for guys are catching on.

Australia-based Equmen comes out Jan. 10 with its Core Precision Undershirt, a body-slimming shirt designed to trim a few inches off around the middle through engineered compression technology.

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Atlanta mulls impact of its ‘boring’ nightlife

imageHere's a news story rife with irony.

The city of Atlanta, mired in a budget deficit and hurting to keep its hospitality industry afloat during a recession, now says its lacks a nightlife attractive enough to keep out-of-town guests coming back. To be completely accurate, it's the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau telling folks that downtown needs an after-hours component.

Kind of ironic, since it was the current City Hall administration, Buckhead business leaders and others -- including a few Midtown residents bordering on homophobic and racist -- that shuttered over the last several years much of what used to be a vibrant and fun nightlife in the city. Now, those actions are coming to haunt them as convention-goers, which help feed the hospitality industry key to Atlanta's economy, are turning to places with better 24/7 options.

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A little heavenly help for Atlanta’s pro teams?

imageThose muscular NBA refs couldn’t figure it out on Saturday. But longtime fans of Atlanta’s pro sports team know what it is — the Sports Gods are smiling on us again. It’s about time.

On Saturday, the Hawks dropped Chicago in a wild ride to hit 19-10 and remain in second place in the Southeastern Division. The Falcons notched a win today, boosting their record to 11-5 and taking the fifth seed in the NFC. What a long road it’s been.

It was just last season that the Falcons finished 4-12 and were nearly laughed out of the league, what with the Michael Vick scandal and the embarrassing break up of owner Arthur Blank and coach Bobby Petrino. Now they are in the playoffs for the first time in three years.

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Creating a gay escape in Morningside

imageIt's always fun to peek inside the home of folks who know how to decorate. That's what HGTV is all about, right?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution took a look inside the Morningside home of designer Chip Cheatham and realtor Ken Covers, who created an escape within their 3,500-square-foot through a fusion of Asian design and natural materials.

A sense of restfulness washes through the couple’s Morningside home, starting with the neutral color scheme and clean design and flourishing in thoughtful details like the pitter-patter of a backyard waterfall and the mix of natural materials and soothing background music that suggests it’s time to exhale.

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Stonewall 2.0 claims victims in California

imageMarjorie Christoffersen (photo) knows the burn of a gay man scorned.

She's the manager of a once-popular gay hangout in Los Angeles. After opponents of Proposition 8, which repealed same-sex unions in that state, learned that she chipped in $100 to support the ballot measure. they turned on her and the restaurant.

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Anderson Cooper, Bill Clinton, gay TV

image Craigslist's lonely media gay revealed: NYT perfume critic.
Rick ‘Bearing False Witness’ Warren: What he really said on gays, pedophilia, incest.
Major win for same-sex adoptive parents.
Support for lesbian gang rape victim pours in.
Top 10 victories for LGBT equality in 2008.
Keith Boykin (photo) breaks his silence on Proposition 8.
Queerview television guide for the Holiday Season.
Choosing Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett or Jennifer Aniston over the holiday.
Bill Clinton's had his own Rick Warren.
Some vintage shots of a well-known (and openly closeted) CNN anchor.    READ MORE »

Atlanta gay coalition wants Warren dropped

imageA coalition of black gay and lesbian activists called on officials of Ebenezer Baptist Church to rescind an invitation to a controversial pastor who will lead commemorative services for Martin Luther King, Jr. next month.

The call by the Atlanta Black LGBT Coalition, which formed last month to support social justice issues, was issued Dec. 24, just days after reports surfaced that Rick Warren, the California pastor embroiled in a controversy over his anti-gay views, would keynote the Martin Luther King, Jr. Annual Commemorative Service at Ebenezer on Jan. 19.

The next day, Warren is expected to deliver the invocation at President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration, an invitation that has sparked criticism from gay and lesbians across the country.

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Rick Warren coming to Atlanta for MLK Day

imageRick Warren is coming to Atlanta.

The conservative mega pastor is scheduled to keynote the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday festivities in Atlanta in January. Warren has been embroiled in a national controversy over his anti-gay views since he was selected earlier this month to deliver the invocation at President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration.

News of the Atlanta visit by the pastor of 22,000-member Saddleback Church in California broke on Monday, though King Center officials say they invited Warren to speak last May, well before the recent controversy erupted.

Warren’s Atlanta speech is already drawing interest from some gay activists who are considering whether to organize protests on Jan. 19, when the pastor is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at 10 a.m. during the Martin Luther King, Jr. Annual Commemorative Service at Ebenezer Baptist Church. His stop in Atlanta comes a day before he’s expected to deliver the invocation at Obama’s swearing-in on Jan. 20.

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Lesbianish photos, Rick Warren, ‘Star Trek’

image Vanity Fair's year in lesbianish photos. (photo)
Elaine Donnelly unglued over possible gay pick for Secretary of the Navy.
Gay blogger Mike Rogers makes mincemeat out of Warren defender's argument on MSNBC's "Hardball."
Rick Warren and LGBT families: opposing views.
Rick Warren does damage control.
AC Milan striker Marco Borriello wonders what David Beckham's packing.
Meet the gays of "The United States of Tara" and "Nurse Jackie."
"Jennifer's Body" to hit boxes offices in September with lesbian make-out scenes apparently intact.
Capt. Kirk's nephew is gay in steamy new addition to "Star Trek" cannon.
Panama: Gays blamed for collapse of emergency phone line.    READ MORE »

Life U’s rugby team pitches new calendar

imageWho loves a winner?

The rugby team from Life University, which in June picked up the USA Rugby Men’s Division I National Championship, is now strutting its stuff on the pages of a new calendar for 2009.

Six teammates -- Nolte (January), Aaron (February), Ben (March), Nathan (July), Mark (November) and Kendrick (December) -- popped into Outwrite Bookstore & Coffeehouse on Saturday and were good sports about pitching the "Div I National Rugby Champions" calendar. A portion of the proceeds from the calendar benefit Susan G. Komen For the Cure, which is a leader in the fight against breast cancer.

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Esera Tuaolo, Melissa Etheridge, ‘Hung’

Melissa Etheridge meets Rick Warren.
Turn your back on Rick Warren's invocation.
image Rick Warren attempts to scrub church's web site free of anti-gay rhetoric.
Sour Milk: Why the film could have been better.
New Bush regs could limit health and reproductive services for lesbians and other LGBT people.
To eat -- or not to eat -- a fruitcake.
HBO's 'Hung' a go.
Esera Tuaolo (photo) jinxs Vikings again.
French black gay activist behind United Nations declaration.
Light Up the Night: Miami.    READ MORE »

Pride, Bucks, Obama, volleyball, Dream

Looking back at the week on Project Q Atlanta.

Atlanta Pride offers three picks for '09 theme.
Gay business groups celebrate holidays.
Q100 jock at Bert Weiss strips down for bet.
Obama-Warren flap includes Georgia twist.
Social Tuesdays (photo) goes casual at Lindbergh.
Bucks swap scrums for drag in annual benefit.
Hotlanta Volleyball readies for busy January.
Ryan Seacrest: Wrong time for love?
'Gods of Football': Aussie rugby at its best.
Atlanta Dream enjoys strong December.
Pampering the pup with a set of stairs.
Atlanta 'Housewives' gets second season.
Burger King has a new 'Flame' for you.    READ MORE »

Rachel Maddow, Rick Warren, holidays

image Rachel Maddow (photo): Picking Rick Warren is a "lose-lose" move for Obama.
How new is Obama's New Politics?
Not another word on gay marriage until they execute an adulterer.
HRC: Prom queen, not valedictorian.
The voice that will erase the sad bigotry of Rick Warren.
ESPN analysts debate best-looking QB.
10 tips for managing the holidays.
Rick Warren laughs at suggestions he is anti-gay: "We served water and donuts to protesters."
The 12 Queer Days of Christmas.
Being an atheist in the queer community.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Dream enjoys strong December

imageIt's been a good month for the Atlanta Dream.

The team capped it off by announcing that their second season opens June 6, one of 10 weekend home games and 17 overall home games slated for 2009. They open against Indiana. (And yes, Tennessee fans, Candace Parker returns to Philips Arena on Aug. 23.)

But let's back up a bit.

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Ryan Seacrest: Wrong time for love?

imageYou just have to love Ryan Seacrest's mom.

She just thinks it "takes a little longer" for some, like her son, to find the right woman. Uh, right. Maybe it's time that they have that little chat when Seacrest returns to Atlanta next week for the family's holiday tradition.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution caught up with Connie Seacrest this week as her son's new show -- NBC's "Momma's Boys" -- debuted on Tuesday.

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