Friday: There’s MondoHomo to do today

imageThanks to the organizers of MondoHomo for letting us know that, well, we screwd up.

We included the alterna-queer cultural festival in our community calendar, but through a programming glitch that was our fault, the event didn't appear in the calendar today. So, when our event gurus pulled together The Gay Agenda for today, MondoHomo was left out of the mix. When we said there were Nine Gay Thngs to Do Today, we really meant there were 10.

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Are buyers sniffing around SoVo, David?

imageIs David Unger, the force behind the majority owner of Southern Voice and David Atlanta, looking to ditch his media properties before a federal receivership does it for him?

That's the spin on a post from Queerty, which has been tracking the executive level troubles at the companies for some time. The website is now reporting that Unger has sent letters to 30 companies and individuals to gauge their interest in all or part of the companies, which include the two Atlanta pubs along with the Washington Blade, 411, Express Gay News and New York Blade.

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DeKalb report: ‘Gay’ means happy

imageA new report from the DeKalb County School System says that Jaheem Herrera, the 11-year-old bullycide victim, was not taunted and bullied at his elementary school, despite reports from his mother and the parents of classmates.

In fact, the report from retired judge Thelma Wyatt Cummings Moore, hired by the school system to produce the report, also says that despite repeated use of the word "gay" at the school, students didn't use the word as a slur.

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Thursday: 19 gay things to do today

image YouthPride offers a full schedule, including free HIV testing at 5 p.m., T-Time at 5:30 p.m. and the Spice World Party at 7 p.m.
Meet the candidates at the LGBT Community Mayoral Candidate Forum. 6 p.m.
Meet the boys in swimsuits at Swim 2009 with Atlanta Executive Network and David Atlanta. 6:30 p.m.
MondoHomo opens its five-day alterna-queer fest with an evening of activities beginning at 7 p.m.
Texas Hold'em at Blake's. 7 p.m.
Cancer Support Group meets at the Atlanta Lesbian Health Initiative. 7 p.m.
Discuss how film has influenced our view of HIV/AIDS with AID Atlanta. 7 p.m.
MEGA Family Project's coming out support group meets. 7 p.m.
Cliterati Open No-Mic at Charis. 7:30 p.m.
The gay-funny musical "Zanna, Don't!" (photo) continues its run at Actor's Express. 8 p.m.
Laugh the evening away at Atlanta Pride Night at Laughing Skull. 8 p.m.
Pearl Day continues its Launch Week at 14th Street Playhouse, 8 p.m., and its Tickled Pink VIP Reception at Hydrate Thursdays at 10 p.m.
Cocktail the evening away at Hydrate Thursdays and Thursday Night Cocktail. 9 p.m.
Bazzaar goes retro with its Members Only: A True International Retro Event. 9 p.m.
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Big Gay Supper Club back on the scene

imageThe Big Gay Supper Club got up a little early on Saturday and tried its hand at brunch.

The result was some tasty eats at Baraonda on Peachtree Street. They might just be onto something here.

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Is Morehouse softening its homophobia?

imageContributing blogger Darian Aaron is an Alabama native who now calls Atlanta home. He’s the creator of Living Out Loud with Darian, a blog that offers his take on social, political and religious issues that impact the LGBT community.

Morehouse College hasn't exactly been a welcoming and affirming place for it's gay students.

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Tuesday: Marco Andretti shaves it down

Gillette Fusion - Marco Andretti

Should my employer offer affinity groups?

Contributing blogger John Long is a career coach in Atlanta who founded Two Roads Resources. He answers: "I've heard the term 'affinity group' at work, but what does it mean?"    READ MORE »

Alabama Prom Night bingo a big hit for PALS

With a theme like Alabama Prom Night, how could Pets Are Loving Support go wrong with its monthly bingo benefit hosted by Bubba D. Licious?    READ MORE »

Build your way to bigger shoulders

image Contributing blogger Troy Meyers is a certified personal trainer and sports conditioner with more than 10 years of experience. He owns Atlanta-based and contributes to the site’s Lockerroom Blog.

Building bigger shoulders is a balance between positioning, stress and overstressing the shoulder joint.

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Your weekly peek inside David Atlanta

imageDavid Atlanta delves into some fun stuff this week's issue.

They go with Margaret Cho's invasion of Atlanta for the cover. The fag hag comedian is spending some time here taping the new Lifetime show "Drop Dead Diva," where she plays an assistant to the lead character.

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Saturday: 16 gay things to do today

image Cheer on the riders of the AIDS Vaccine 200 as they start their two-day journey. 7 a.m.
Trek through the streets of Atlanta with Front Runners Atlanta. 8 .m.
Weigh in with the Atlanta Lesbian Health Initiative. 8 a.m.
Watch the jocks of the National Flag Football League of Atlanta 9 a.m.
Learn about creating an LGBT family with MEGA Family Project. 9:30 a.m.
Akoma Book Club meets at Charis. 10:30 a.m.
The Big Gay Supper Club goes for brunch. 11:30 a.m.
The boys and blossoming drag queens of the Hotlanta Softball League work the runway for the HSL Pageant. 5 p.m.
Atlanta Rollergirls host their fourth bout of the season. 5 p.m.
Atlanta Xplosion (photo) tackles its way through the final home game of the season. 6 p.m.
Bar night with the Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club at the Eagle. 10 p.m.
DJ Alexander spins at Jungle. 10 p.m.
La Familia Reunion brings the House music to Bazzaar. 10 p.m.
Mary-oke at Mary's 10 p.m.
LeBuzz offers its Saturday Night Fever. 11 p.m.
Mary Edith Pitts brings her unique drag show to Burkhart's. 11:30 p.m.    READ MORE »

Music: Utada, Green Day, Grant, Madonna

imageProfessional fraternity man by day and roving entertainment reporter by night, Buck Cooke moved to Atlanta in 2000. Armed with a passion for pop culture and rabid appetite for music, Buck scours the entertainment landscape for treasures in music, TV and cinema.

Rockers Green Day and Japanese pop star Utada deliver new music while Kylie Minogue prepares for her first North American tour, Amy Grant released an EP for Mother’s Day, and the web is buzzing about new Madonna tracks.

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Johnny Weir, Obama, Polis, boxy battle

image Johnny Weir (photo) is a pop star on ice.
Lawrence King's memory shat upon by California judge.
Wash, rinse repeat: Focus on the Family caught lying, this time about a poll.
Barack's door: They knock Knox, we knock noxious attacks.
Exploring the gay history of the bath house.
I don't have wedding fever. I've got diamond ring fever.
Obama lacks the Gipper's political courage on gays.
Polis, partner settle into D.C. as “resident tourists."
Battle of the Boxes: Taking a look under the hood of three box-like vehicles.
Lesbian Scientistics: Maxim's Hot 100 vs.'s Hot 100.    READ MORE »

How to have a gay May in Athens

imageJoshua Trey Barnett is the co-creator and editor of and the contributing blogger behind Dawg Days, a weekly update from Athens for Project Q Atlanta.

Now that school's out for summer break, a large chunk of Athens' gay community has returned to their other homes for the summer. But the residents and the die hards have hung around for what promises to be some hot summer days.

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Social Tuesdays, outdoors make for fun mix

On warmer-weather evenings, the gay boys -- and their friends of the female variety -- are flocking to outdoor spaces for their cocktails and conversation. That was the case at Social Tuesdays this week at Cowtippers.    READ MORE »

Gay men of mystery stop at Outwrite

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Busted for that wide-legged stance

imageSome guys just haven't figured out that when the urge strikes, sometimes you might want to take a deep breath, keep your pants zipped and not indulge.

Ed Wall didn't figure that out. Neither did Larry Craig. Or two guys in a stall at Philips Arena.

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05-14: NBJC holds first fundraiser in Atlanta

imageA national black gay civil rights organization is set to hold its first major event in metro Atlanta on Thursday, an evening designed to raise funds and honor several groups and people.

The National Black Justice Coalition, a Washington, D.C.-based nationwide black LGBT civil rights organization, will settle into the upscale confines of the Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams retail space in Buckhead for an evening of presentations, music, conversation, food and drinks. The group plans to honor gay groups from Morehouse and Spelman colleges, along with Dani Lee Harris, the Atlanta Police Department’s GLBT Liaison officer.

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Gay Idol, Outrage, ousted student,  jock

image Adam Lambert isn't the only gay Idol. There's an (out) gay one named Theo Tams.
NPR spikes "Outrage" review that named names.
John Gechter, aka Vincent DeSalvo, speaks out about gay porn controversy.
Tennessee invalidates transwoman's marriage.
Gay college runner to be featured in documentary.
An "Anti Gay" epidemic we actually hope catches on.
Will gay mogul David Geffen gay up the New York Times?
It's easy being green: An introduction.
The integrity of Michael Petrelis and the tragedy of gay Iraqis.
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