Local artist Robert Sherer speaks to AEN

imageGay artist Robert Sherer spoke to the Atlanta Executive Network last month, bringing with him a mix of his rural Alabama roots and contemporary work.

Sherer, an art professor at Kennesaw State University, is well known for his past use of HIV-positive blood in his drawings. More recently, he announced the creation of an endowed scholarship for gay art students at the school.

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Anderson Cooper, ESPN, marketing hottie

image Craigslist love: Hipster seeking Anderson Cooper (photo).
GOP's new leader Michael Steele is George Bush reincarnated.
When your ex sends the vacation video after the breakup.
Is ESPN's new ad with Shaq just a fist kiss or phobia?
HIV and hooking up: Do you ask?
Should we "Stand by Our Sam?"
What a drag it is being a queen.
A letter to marketing hot guy.
Joe Torre's simple statement of hope on gays in Major League Baseball.
North Carolina city moves to protect LGBT renters; bigot eruption expected.

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Monday: Diamond in the rough


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Friday: David Beckham’s lucky bum


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Social Tuesdays gets raw on Peachtree

imageSocial Tuesdays ventured up Peachtree Road for its weekly dose of conversation, cocktail and connections on Jan. 27.

The restaurant, which opened last year, offers a fusion of Japanese, French and American cuisine and offers a suave tranquility that's upscale yet affordable. There's also five-star sashimi and sushi.

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State senator wants strip club surcharge

You'll be ponying up an extra $5 to step into Swinging Richards if Jack Murphy has his way.

The state senator, a Republican from Cummings, wants to charge strip club patrons $5 to go inside a club. He wants the money to help pay for services for sexually exploited children.

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John Rocker’s anti-gay rage boils over again

imageSaying that John Rocker has rage issues is, well, stating the obvious.

The former Bad Boy of Major League Baseball and the Atlanta Braves is at it again. You think the guy would learn from his past mistakes. He hasn’t.

Last Thursday, Rocker crashed the grand opening of the W Buckhead and didn’t miss the chance for some verbal sparring with Steak Shapiro, a local sports radio jock that has assailed Rocker in the past for his rocky tenure with the Braves.

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Thursday: Jon Stewart’s Shirt Off Off

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Pride issues open letter to discuss changes

The Atlanta Pride Committee released an open letter on Wednesday, further explaining how the festival was able to return to Piedmont Park this year and why the event moved to late October. The letter follows the announcement by city officials and Pride organizers on Monday of the change in date and venue. Last October, the festival said it would be held in the Atlanta Civic Center and nearby Central Park after city officials declined to open Piedmont to more than one festival per event season.

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More on Pride’s return to Piedmont Park

imagePiedmont Park or bust.

That was the message officials with Atlanta Pride took to city officials in their plea to return to the 190-acre park in Midtown, a venue that hosted the festival until last year when park officials booted all large-scale events.

The plea from Pride worked. The Atlanta Pride Committee announced on Monday that the festival will return to Piedmont in October. The festival will run Oct. 31 to Nov. 1, an apparent scaling back from the event’s traditional three-day schedule.

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Wednesday: John Rocker and a ‘Jew faggot’

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Sanjaya, Ian Thorpe, Sam and Beau, Oprah

image Aussie media and Ian Thorpe's close 'mate' (photo).
University of Virginia wants to study gay dads.
Is love possible if he's never been with another man?
Manjoyment Monday: Shirtless Tom Brady alert.
OMG! Sam and Beau kissed!
Gay contestant introduces fiance on "Wheel of Fortune."
New United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice supports gay rights resolution.
Do the right thing, Oprah.
"The Amazing Race" ... Soulforce style.
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Tuesday: Four gay things to do today

HAPPY HOUR: Fourth Tuesdays takes its monthly happy hour to the 3 Legged Cowboy. The event begins at 6 p.m. A free two-step lesson for beginners is set for 8 p.m.

GET SOCIAL: Have some cocktails, conversation and connections with Social Tuesdays, which moves its weekly gathering to Bluefin. The upscale casual restaurant on Peachtree offers Japanese Fusion. The event starts at 7 p.m.

BASKETBALL JONES: Gay Atlanta author E. Lynn Harris is back with a new book, "Basketball Jones." He'll talk about and sign the novel at Outwrite Bookstore & Coffeehouse beginning at 7:30 p.m.

LESBIAN FUNNIES: Comic Alyssa Barnett hosts comedy night at Eddie's Attic. The evening begins at 7:30 p.m. Read more about Barnett in a story from Southern Voice.

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Tuesday: Lots of lesbian drama


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Pride returns to Piedmont, moves to October

The Atlanta Pride Festival will return to Piedmont Park this year, but the event will shift to October.

The changes to the festival, which suffered financial losses and smaller crowds after a move last year, were announced today by the Atlanta Pride Committee and the City of Atlanta.

The announcement also means a shift by city officials, who closed the crown jewel of the city's park system to large-scale festivals a year ago. At the time, they cited concerns over the state's long-running drought and outdoor watering ban and whether the events would damage the park's greenscape.

The three-day Pride festival moved from Piedmont to the Atlanta Civic Center in 2008, a move that also shifted the festival to early July. Last October, Pride officials said the festival would return to its traditional late June date and be staged at the civic center and nearby Central Park.

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Matt Ryan’s bromance with Carson Daly

imageWhen it's "last call," apparently Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan gets a little gay.

That was the case Jan. 21 when the stud QB landed on the set of "Last Call with Carson Daly" to pitch Axe Hair. He was was there, too, as the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year and the guy who led the franchise to a winning record and playoff appearance this season.

But the tone was set when the 23-year-old Ryan, the face of the franchise, came out with Daly calling him "the stud." That's an accurate description for the emerging metrosexual, but it did begin the drooling by Daly.

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Lee Daniels, Obameter, talk dirty, breakups

image Under the "iron stiletto heel" of "homosexual activists."
Three major Sundance awards give gay director Lee Daniels (photo) a "Push."
Hulu Sunday: Reba goes lesbian.
The "Obameter": Keeping a list and checking it twice.
How to talk dirty in bed without feeling stupid.
“Prayers for Bobby” and more on lesbian and gay youth.
Steps to avoiding a hate crime.
Puerto Rico's Gran Melia Resort welcome gay wedding and commitment ceremonies.
Nine worst lesbian relationship breakups.
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Do you have the best gay sports group?

Outsports, the web site that takes a gay slant on sports, is offering local teams the chance at fame and fortune. Mostly the former, but you never know.

The site is dusting off its Best Gay-Sports Group in the World award and revving up to offer it again for the first time in a few years. With the strong gay sports scene in Atlanta -- from softball to swimming, running and more -- the city should make a strong showing.

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Javy Lopez and his multi-million dollar home

imageMy man-crush on Javy Lopez didn't end when his run with the Atlanta Braves did last year. Fortunately, I was on hand to see his last performances as a Brave during his attempted return in Spring Training last year.

Nevertheless, Lopez didn't lose the love for Atlanta and remains in the suburbs in a 8,500-square-foot home. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution caught up with Lopez recently for a photo spread in the paper's Private Quarters feature.

Two things are clear from the photos: Lopez, at 38, remains as hunky as ever and his house shows that he managed to bank some of his millions, unlike many pro players who are dropped from their sport and soon find themselves without a penny to their name.

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Beau Breedlove, Kanye West, Matt Ryan

image Meet Beau Breedlove (photo), the hook-up that's causing a scandal for Portland's gay mayor.
Gay group in Maryland makes state's "terrorist" list.
Gay for pay porn star explain themselves on "Tyra."
A gay's-eye view of Inauguration 2009.
Atlanta Falcon QB Matt Ryan has gay moment with Carson Daly.
Indianapolis TV reporter "worst in the nation" for coverage of transgender murder.
Kanye West, gays and fashion.
New group wants Secretary of LGBT Affairs in Obama Administration. Really.
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