Gay Idol, Outrage, ousted student,  jock

image Adam Lambert isn't the only gay Idol. There's an (out) gay one named Theo Tams.
NPR spikes "Outrage" review that named names.
John Gechter, aka Vincent DeSalvo, speaks out about gay porn controversy.
Tennessee invalidates transwoman's marriage.
Gay college runner to be featured in documentary.
An "Anti Gay" epidemic we actually hope catches on.
Will gay mogul David Geffen gay up the New York Times?
It's easy being green: An introduction.
The integrity of Michael Petrelis and the tragedy of gay Iraqis.
How song writing helped Nora Ricci change her life.    READ MORE »

05-14: Play, panel to benefit Positive Impact

imageA powerful lineup of civil rights pioneers will join a longtime activist for LGBT causes and a well-known playwright on Thursday in a benefit for Positive Impact.

A special performance of "Driving Miss Daisy" at Balzer Theater will be followed by a panel discussion on race relations that includes civil rights activist Lonnie C. King and Janice Rothschild Blumberg, the widow of activist Rabbi Jacob Rothschild. Robert Farley, the director of "Driving Miss Daisy," will also take part in the discussion, which will be moderated by Craig Washington, a longtime gay and HIV activist.

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Tuesday: Jake Gyllenhaal as Prince of Persia

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What’s inside Atlanta’s gay glossies

imageThe first week of the month is a fun time for readers of Atlanta's gay glossies. That's when all three -- David Atlanta, Pocket Rocket and Gaydar -- offer fresh issues.

David, of course, brings us fresh material every week, with the others weighing in less frequently.

Here's a rundown on the latest offerings:

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Jodie Foster, Paul Broun, Chris Pine, Obama

image Obama makes gay marriage joke; blogosphere gets in an uproar.
I forgot that love is what makes a family.
HIV disclosure laws strike again.
LeBron James is the object of my man crush.
Paul Broun reintroduced federal marriage amendment.
Paper or plastic, marriage or civil union?
What the heck does "NEG UB2" mean?
Chris Pine stripped to his briefs for "Star Trek."
Jodie Foster (photo) gives voice to Maggie Simpson.
"Rope" as a measure of gays' cinematic progress.    READ MORE »

Will more school help land my next job?

Contributing blogger John Long is a career coach in Atlanta who founded Two Roads Resources. He answers: "Should I consider going back to school to better compete in the job market?"    READ MORE »

Don’t Ask, Steve Gideon, ABC, Quebec

image "Preliminary" talks held on U.S. military gay policy, though McCain says the policy is working.
Blogger and activist Mike Rogers yanked from TV show after anchor threatens him.
ACLU chief: Same-sex marriage "a sure thing."
Steve Gideon, 52 (photo); singer-actor starred in first gay version of "Marry Me a Little."
Gay marriage effort stalls in heavily Catholic Rhode Island.
Gay couple one of three families in "Modern Family" sitcom picked up by ABC.
Obstacles to health insurance remain for gay couples.
As gay issues arise, Obama is pressed to engage.
Quebec funds gay seniors program.
Gay Tory Member of Parliament Alan Duncan apologizes over expense claims.    READ MORE »

Jaheem Herrera’s family to sue over bullycide

The family of an 11-year-old bullycide victim in DeKalb County says they are planning to sue the county school system over the April 16 death of Jaheem Herrera.

The announcement came Saturday at a vigil for the boy, who committed suicide after continued anti-gay taunts and bullying from classmates. His death prompted an outcry that included gay clergy members holding a vigil and an ongoing investigation by the DeKalb District Attorney.

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Dispute leads to murder-suicide for lesbians

imageThe deaths of two lesbians last week in Statesboro has been ruled a murder-suicide.

Investigators say Kiona Thais Lively, 27, shot Naumbyia T. German, 26, several times before setting German's body and the house on fire May 6.

Then, Lively "took her own life with a small caliber firearm," he said. "This crime apparently occurred during a domestic dispute between the two females who were romantically involved."

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Saturday: Seven gay things to do today

image Flag football with the boys of the National Flag Football League of Atlanta. 9 a.m.
Designer Andrew Christian (photo) -- Panty Christ from Bravo's new "The Fashion Show" -- brings his meet and greet tour to Boy Next Door. 4 p.m.
Trikone holds its monthly social for South Asian LGBT folks. 7 p.m.
QuickSilver Country dancers holds its monthly Contra Dance. 7:30 p.m.
The fashion and design students at Grady High School put their work on the runway at UrbanCouture 6. 8 p.m.
Relive those infamous days (and late nights) from Backstreet with a dance party at Jungle. 9 p.m.
Enjoy Saturday Night Fever with Nicole Paige Brooks at LeBuzz. 11 p.m.    READ MORE »

Gay millions, Ms. McGreevey, bar fly, hipster

image Meet Kevin Grainger (photo), Bravo's gay millionaire.
Teachers didn't see Jaheem Herrera bullied?
Corey Johnson 10 years after coming out to his high school football team.
It takes courage to say this: I, Zack Rosen, am a hipster.
Sen. Jeff Sessions now says an out gay Supreme Court justice nominee "would be a big concern."
Dear Ms. McGreevey (Jimmy, that is).
How motherhood earned me a free sex toy.
Will the political cost delay repeal of "Don't Ask"?
At what point are you a bar fly?
Marion Barry's nightmare comes true: Jefferson and Lincoln do the Humpty Dance.    READ MORE »

HRC fetes equality advocates in gala dinner

imageHundreds of people filled a ballroom at the Hyatt Regency Downtown last Saturday for a black tie affair that drew a diverse gay audience and a host of elected officials.

The 22nd Annual Atlanta Human Rights Campaign Gala Dinner & Silent Auction unfolded over several hours of speeches, dinners and awards May 2, an annual tradition that draws a Who's Who of LGBT Atlanta. Actress Cybill Shepherd (photo) attended as the dinner's guest speaker and to receive the Ally for Equality Award. HRC President Joe Solmonese was also on hand.

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Friday: Star Trek’s Chris Pine goes topless

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New tunes: Ciara, Jewel, Kreis, Yamin

imageProfessional fraternity man by day and roving entertainment reporter by night, Buck Cooke moved to Atlanta in 2000. Armed with a passion for pop culture and rabid appetite for music, Buck scours the entertainment landscape for treasures in music, TV and cinema.

Ciara envisions herself as a super heroine while Levi Kreis lends himself to commercial success. Jewel goes family-friendly. It's all in new tunes now ready for your consumption.

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Social Tuesdays enjoys Cinco de Mayo fiesta

When you're looking to stage a successful evening out on the town, nothing helps quite like wrapping it around a holiday designed for drinking. Social Tuesdays knows that, and they proved it again this week at Las Margaritas.    READ MORE »

Oprah tackles DeKalb boy’s bullycide

imageTalk show queen Oprah Winfrey took on bullying in schools during her show Wednesday, coverage that included the mother of a DeKalb County boy who committed suicide last month.

The show included Masika Bermudez, the mother of 11-year-old Jaheem Herrera. The student killed himself April 16 after facing anti-gay taunts and bullying by classmates. His death prompted an outcry that included gay clergy members holding a vigil and an ongoing investigation by the DeKalb District Attorney.

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Timberlake, butt pads, Homo Climbtastic

image Washington Post dances around outing.
Joe the Plumber slurs the gays: I would never let "queers" near my children.
Those northeastern liberals are at it again.
Marie Osmond comes out in support of her daughter and gay marriage.
Justin Timberlake’s sports “man crush."
Anti-gay black pastors threaten to unseat D.C. council member.
Homo Climbtastic: Climb mountains with other sexy people.
"But for You" (photo) butt pad briefs.
Challenging one f-word with another? Some do.
Worship Me: I’m told that one day my body will mature, and I will become what I fear.    READ MORE »

OutlantaCon weekend a hit for gay gamers

imageGay sci-fi and gaming fans enjoyed three days of reveling in their world last weekend during a convention in Atlanta.

Organizers say about 150 people attended OutlantaCon, which offered panels, gaming, vendors and well-known guests. Author Andy Mangels (photo), best known for his work in the "Star Trek" universe, actress Tucky Williams -- think zombie killer Vix in "Dead Moon Rising" -- and Eric Watts, who directs "Star Trek" programming for DragonCon, were just a few of the well-known personalities on hand.

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Levi Kreis: The Project Q Atlanta interview

imageProfessional fraternity man by day and roving entertainment reporter by night, Buck Cooke moved to Atlanta in 2000. Armed with a passion for pop culture and rabid appetite for music, Buck scours the entertainment landscape for treasures in music, TV and cinema.

Levi Kreis revels in the contradictory nature of his life.

He grew up in an extremely conservative religious environment and even spent time years ago trying to become one of the ex-gays you always read about. That didn’t take and Kreis (pronounced “Krice”) now makes a living as an up-and-coming star on the music scene.

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Choke a duck, smack a gay—it’s all OK

imageBlogger Matt Hennie is the founder and managing editor of Project Q Atlanta. He’s a longtime Atlanta resident who’s worked in journalism since his days as a Purple Paladin at Furman University in the early ‘90s.

If ever you need a reminder that gay folks who live within the city of Atlanta exist on an island of political blue in a sea of red, consider this.

Homosexuality is a dangerous lifestyle and therefore gays shouldn't be graced with legal protections.

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