Gay rabble rouser marries partner in Washington, Macy’s gay helps customers escape during Oregon shooting, Tammy Baldwin’s plum Senate committee seats could help LGBT issues, school-to-prison pipeline worse for gay students, and more LGBT headlines.

Retail queen led customers to safety during Oregon mall shooting. Allan Fonseca (top photo), who works the Lancome counter at Macy’s, is being lauded as a hero for helping Jocelyn Lay (right) and going back for others on Tuesday when a gunman opened fire, killing two people before turning the gun on himself.

Dan Savage gets married. The outspoken columnist, gay-rights advocate and founder of the It Gets Better Project (second photo, left) legally married his partner of 18 years, Terry Miller (right), at Seattle City Hall on Sunday. That was the first day they were able to do so in their homestate. The couple was previously married in Vancouver.

Illinois advocates push for gay marriage approval by January. They’re hopeful and even say they’re close to getting full legislative backing with the current set of lawmakers before the next batch are sworn in on Jan. 9. Also in the Midwest, Indiana voters overwhelmingly against constitutional ban on gay unions.

Gay couple profiled in New York Times boomer series. In the “Making It Last” category of Baby Boomer stories, Alan Acosta and Tom Gratz (third photo) are featured as one of the generation’s couples who’ve been together 25 years or more.

Antonin Scalia still a douche. Everybody knows how this U.S. Supreme Court justice will vote – anti-gay, in case you’re new – when it comes to gay marriage. So in the meantime, he’s pimping his book on tour and making headlines. This time: “No gay people, just gay sex.” Lest we forget, pundits with no sway are still handicapping the pending marriage cases.

LGBT students more likely to be incarcerated. A landmark U.S. Senate hearing Wednesday affirmed that zero tolerance policies in schools disproportionately perpetuate school-to-prison pipeline for gay and transgender youth because they face harsher punishments in general.

Tammy Baldwin assigned to key committees affecting LGBT issues. The first openly gay U.S. Senator was a pretty good deal on Election Day. Landing in seats on panels that address employment discrimination and school bullying is even better. Baldwin’s four spots are Health, Education, Labor & Pensions; Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs; Special Committee on Aging; and Budget.

Uganda’s anti-gay bill could die Friday. What was once known as the Kill the Gays Bill but was “softened” to not include the death penalty is now looking shaky in the staunchly anti-gay country. If it fails, proponents promise to try, try again.

Fonseca photo from ABC; Savage photo by AP; Baldwin photo via Madison Capitol Times; Acosta-Gratz photo by New York Times