VIEW PHOTOS | Check out pics of the Gay Pimp’s visit to Atlanta

Gay pop personality Jonny McGovern hits Atlanta for the first time on Wednesday. His Gay Pimp agenda? Delivering his dirty gay comedy and music to the Big Gay Game Show and then throwing a “boner party” with some strippers.

As The Gay Pimp, McGovern was made gay famous with his “Soccer Practice” (video above) in 2006. Since then, he’s been pumping out comedic songs in three albums. He’ll be pimping and performing songs from his latest work, “The Gayest of All Time,” when he appears at the Big Gay Game Show on Wednesday at Jungle. Then, he hopes, it’s on to some more adult-oriented fun.

We caught up with McGovern to quiz him on his appearance, his latest release and what else he’s got in the works.

Have you been to Atlanta?
No, it’s my first time and I am super excited! I’ve been wanting to come for years!

Any places you want to see, things you want to do, strippers you want to tip while here?
I’ve heard legend of Swinging Richards forever and finally I’ll get to go. Boner party!

How’d you get hooked up with the Big Gay Game Show? What will you play on Wednesday?
I’m always down for helping a good cause and I’m pretty good at Match Game.

What can we expect from your appearance?
Lots of dirty gay comedy and music. I’ll be sangin’ songs from my new CD, “The Gayest Of All Time.”

“Soccer Practice” is a classic. What have you been up to lately?
I just released my new CD and five videos that go along with it. I’m doing my hit podcast “Gay Pimpin with Jonny McGovern” and filmed a TV special.

What’s in the works for you?
Lots of fun stuff! A tour with Julie Goldman from “The Big Gay Sketch Show,” a new EP, more music videos and I have a very exciting TV project in the works.