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The Halloween holigay is a time for the gays to take most any costume, sex it up and put it on display while cocktailing the night away. Pair it with a chance to raise funds for charity and it’s an ab-licious double play for a Kirkwood couple.

Chad Buckles (second photo right) and his partner returned their popular Halloween party to the social scene on Oct. 29 after taking a year off from the costumed capers.

imageThere was hardly a place to move without bumping into shirtless firefighters, drag nuns, tribal cuties, bloody zombies and some good-natured straight guy dressed as a giant piece of bacon.

The event raised funds for Open Hand, which provides meals to chronically-ill Atlantans. Once the house was cleared and the cash counted, the Goblins & Gays 4.0 Halloween Party raised nearly $4,000 for the charity.