For the Eagle 8, basking in the afterglow of the cheers of supporters during the Pride parade Sunday (photo) was doused with cold water this morning. They are headed to trial Feb. 4.

If the case isn’t settled before then, it will be nearly six months since they were arrested after being detained with more than 60 patrons as the Atlanta Police Department stormed the Eagle. The case will come to trial with a new mayor and City Council in office and, most likely, a new police running the agency charged with mistreating some patrons during the raid.

imageThe men were arraigned Tuesday morning in Atlanta Municipal Court. Hopes that the cases against them would be dropped thanks to three protests, a host of calls from political candidates and groups calling for an investigation and a public forum over police tactics went nowhere.

The court appearance on Tuesday came just two days after Eagle co-owners Richard Ramey and Robert Kelley rode in the Pride parade as two of eight honorary grand marshals (bottom photo).

Eagle co-owner Robert Kelley, bartender Chris Lopez, manager David Shepherd and doorman Ernest Buehl face business license charges related to the Sept. 10 raid.

Four dancers — Leandro Apud, Antonio Benitez, Thdareius Johnson and Robert Kline — were charged with providing adult entertainment without a license.

All of the employees have pleaded not guilty. No plea agreement was reached by this morning’s court date, leading to the trial being scheduled.

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