Atlanta loves its camp drag. So do thieves, who are pulling on wigs, scarves and flats to pillage apartment mailboxes across the region to steal your personal information and feed it to identity thieves.

At least five burglars dressed in drag have targeted nearly a dozen apartment complexes in Brookhaven and stolen thousands of pieces of mail. But police said that's just the tip of a much larger ring that is working across metro Atlanta. 

"It's a big deal. They're hitting everywhere. They are not strict about boundaries," Det. Dustin Matthews of the Brookhaven Police Department told WSB.

Security cameras caught a trio of the burglars as they pried open mailboxes at a Brookhaven apartment complex in late December. Police recently arrested two of the burglars, but Brookhaven police could not be reached on Wednesday to identify the suspects or provide additional details. 

Investigators caught a break in the cases when Atlanta police recovered a car stolen as a thief fled a Brookhaven apartment complex after attempting to break into mailboxes. The vehicle was filled with mail and credit cards from complexes in the City of Atlanta, according to the AJC. Details on the stolen car were not yet available from Atlanta police on Wednesday.

Investigators recently arrested the driver of a stolen car filled with stolen mail and credit cards. The car belonged to John Speir, who was happy to have helped find theft suspects.

“I’m really glad that my stolen car, you know, has at least been the catalyst for at least gaining access into this mail fraud ring that tends to be working the north side and even the Midtown area,” Speir told Channel 2. 

Brookhaven Det. Corey Van Allen said the thieves call the mailbox break-ins "collecting coin," according to WSB.

Crazy? Yes. But drag-clad robbers are a thing. 

A trio of people – including one dressed in drag – threatened a man with a knife and robbed him after he finished his shift at a Cheshire Bridge Road gay sex club. A robber dressed in drag robbed a man of his electronics near the Lindbergh MARTA station. 

And banks. Gender-bending robbers love their financial institutions. Sometimes they get the cash. Sometimes they get shot.