imageHow is it that the flamboyant queen that everyone knows is gay but struggles to come out lands a sexy foreign boyfriend as soon as he does? Ask Olympic skater Johnny Weir when he’s in Atlanta on Wednesday.

The two-time Olympian figure skater and budding reality-TV star is ostensibly in town to take part in CNN Dialogues at Grady High School. The series of community forums is tackling LGBT issues during its 90-miute panel this week.

But Weir is really coming to Atlanta for a booty call: He’s engaged to an Atlanta guy, a lawyer of Russian descent, and sandwiched a layover here between stops in Moscow – he admits to being a Russophile—and Greenville, S.C. Then it’s back to Atlanta for time with the in-laws. Or so he hints on Twitter.

Don’t go looking for Weir and his unnamed Russian manfriend at Blake’s. He doesn’t do Atlanta’s gay nightlife, he tells the GA Voice. Just Lenox and Phipps.

“I can’t remember the last time I saw the inside of a night club for fun. We don’t go out at all.”

Weir describes his relationship with the Russian as something akin to a TV sitcom. So no sex and really bad dialogue. Welcome to coupledom.

Somehow Weir snagged this guy, despite the Russian recently coming out and Weir living in New Jersey. Weir dodged public discussion of his sexual orientation until – surprise! – he wrote about it in an autobiography that came out earlier this year. So it’s a long-distance relationship between two newly out gay guys. Sadly, we know how this ends.

The pair is engaged and the Russian should use his lawyerly skills to craft a prenup. Consider this quip from Weir in coming out earlier this year: “In a sexual way, I’m gay, but I would marry a woman tomorrow if it struck me. I don’t think sex and relationships necessarily have to go together.”