It didn’t make the list of Atlanta’s cheapest, gayest hoods, but College Park doesn’t spare the gay. Just ask Tom Fulkerson and Robert Dick, a couple who is shacking up together in a tidy home in a historic district in this burb south of town.

Of course they have French doors. And crystal door knobs. And a koi pond. Hello, we said they’re a gay couple. They are kind of size queens, too. They gave the existing deck a shot of carpenter Viagra to make it bigger.

“When we searched areas around the city to buy our new home we never really considered College Park. When we came down here we were blown away by how great it was. Commuting is a breeze. The homes were beautiful, the city services were amazing and the taxes were low,” Fulkerson tells the AJC’s Private Quarters.

And this couple is resourceful. No snooty interior designer to tell them their personal style sucks while charging them big bucks to insult them. They worked estate sales and discovered family heirlooms to decorate their home.

So take that, you snooty Atlanta gays in your expensive condos. But how do College Park officials feel about shooting gay porn in their historic district?

View the full gallery of photos by Christopher Oquendo of the Fulkerson-Dick home.