Super Bowl epicenter of gay culture war with Chris Culliver and Brendan Ayanbadejo at scrimmage line, Tennessee anti-gay schools bill back with beefed up bigotry, Cleve Jones plans Supreme Court marriage demonstrations, the gay beard, and more LGBT headlines.

Why the return of beards is more than just a trend this time. One bearded gay man’s theory that more beards these days are not just your imagination, how the scruff revolution spearheaded by gay men (top photo) is a reaction to a much-needed “feminization of society,” and why beards are supposedly here to stay.

San Francisco 49er steps into culture war of gayest Super Bowl ever. In just 24 hours, cornerback Chris Culliver said the NFL is no place for gay players, the 49ers “rejected” the comments, Culliver felt the big gay wrath including a faked Grindr meme (second photo) and finally half-heartedly apologized. All this while Ravens hottie Brendan Ayanbendejo makes gay rights his Super Bowl platform and says Culliver is not alone in his NFL bigotry. And here you thought Beyonce’s halftime show was the gayest part of the game.

“Gay dog” rescued from certain death. A stupid ass dog owner in Tennessee made world news when he gave up his pup because it showed “signs of being gay.” The animal was scheduled to be put down until news got out and someone adopted him. No one followed multiple suggestions to put the former owner out of our misery.

“Don’t Say Gay” bill is back and worse than ever. Speaking of dumbasses who live in Tennessee, the state measure that died last year which would have made the mention of homosexuality illegal in schools up to eighth grade was reintroduced. If it passes this time, it would require educators to out gay and suspected gay students to parents.

Cabinet hopeful reaffirms support for gay rights. In confirmation hearings to become the next Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, the former senator who has apologized profusely for speaking against a gay ambassador 15 years ago, said he would move “expeditiously” to further gay equality in the military.

Calling all demonstrators to Supreme Court. When the nation’s high court takes up gay marriage on both the Prop 8 and DOMA fronts at then end of March, activists Cleve Jones (bottom photo) and David Mixner want us all there with our rainbow flags, megaphones and cleverly worded signs for a visibility vigil. Maybe a march.

Colorado state Senate to vote on civil unions. The bill that would legalize same-sex partnerships passed its second committee hearing on Thursday with a 4-3 vote that advances it to a vote by the full Senate. There’s still a week or two worth of hearings and tallies in both chambers of the legislature before a final answer is reached.

Grading “Law & Order SVU’s” gay-on-gay crime episode. A blow-by-blow recap of this week’s storyline involving a male criminal who sexually assaults and robs closeted rich men. The reviewer gives it a B+ and lays out what they got right – and wrong. Here’s a preview if you recorded it or want to find it On Demand:

Beard photo via Huffington Post; fake Culliver profile from Facebook; Jones photo by AP