Tops, bottoms, vaginas and dicks. It’s a sex-fueled world out there and the GA Voice attempts to navigate through all of that mating and dating by breaking down the sex habits of the gays.

The paper offers up 10 things that gay men and lesbians should know about one another as part of its “Mating and Dating” special issue. You know you’ve peddled in these misconceptions with your friends, chatted about them at the bar and chewed over them at gay dinners. Our picks for their three best tips.

1. Sex doesn’t always require a phallus. Of course a lesbian would say that, but apparently it’s true. Except when it’s not.

If you’re used to sex revolving around penises, you still might have difficulty imagining what sex can be like without one. We don’t need a phallic object to do it — fingers are amazing because they give complete control — but when that is what we want, we are lucky to be able to buy them in any size, shape or color we might want.

2. Not all gay men get slutty with strangers. Unless you’re on Cheshire Bridge. Or in a gay bar. Or attending church.

While many guys out there can attest to the excitement of anonymous sex, not every gay man is on the prowl for meaningless hook-ups. And maybe some that are should reconsider. Separating sex and emotions is an important skill for many, but some of us prefer sex with intense physical pleasure AND passionate emotions.

3. Gays enjoy “swapping blowies.” It sounds so cute. They feel so great.

All good gays enjoy the convenience of “swapping blowies” and mutual masturbation when the backdoor is locked.

Anal sex? Meh. Just don’t get the blowjob cancer. With enough to worry about, just send your straight girlfriends this video.

Photo via “I Want Your Love”