10 ways to smash the patriarchy no matter your gender or sexuality

Fed up with a system of gender-biased oppression that keeps every one of us down, here’s how female, male, non-binary, cis and trans folks can all be feminists and do better in our daily lives.

Love Your Body

Through years of societal pressure, too many queers don’t like what we see in the mirror. Rather than eat right, work out, or pamper our bodies because we hate them, take care of your body because you love it. When it comes to empowering ourselves physically and mentally, semantics can turn the tide.


Unlearn the ‘Rules’

‘Girls don’t do Science,’ Women are emotional and not logical. Men are logical not emotional. Three words: You. Be. You. Living against stereotype is standing up to an unjust system.



In the South, we learned it was rude, but especially females oftentimes learn it too well. When in the face of patriarchal-supporting opinions and systems, decent. Loudly. Be assertive and shut that shit down.


Get Inspired

The world is filled with inspiring women. Read their books, attend their lectures, listen to their music, and frequent their businesses.


Celebrate Others

Supporting your own path to your best self is key to any queer of any gender, but remember to encourage and empower women around you as they reach for their full potential.


Live Accountability

Checking yourself and aligning your own actions with the right values is harder than it might first appear. Then challenge the culture of male entitlement in those around you without apology.


Stop Deifying the Nuclear Family

There are as many ways to define your queer circle as there are kinds of queers. The traditional one with heteronormative gender roles could actually be the worst, not best.


Demand Consent

‘Boys will be boys’ is not a thing. If you see harassment in word or deed, be it passive or direct, fight it at every turn with every fiber of your being.


Shut Down Toxic Masculinity

As impossible and damaging as societal standards for women are, the impossible standards for men and male behavior are just as poisonous. Boys do cry. Vulnerability is valid. Life is not a contest.


Pass It On

Raise sons and daughters who identify as feminists. Encourage mentees to learn and embrace equality in all aspects of their personal and professional lives. Equality starts with you.

A version of this article originally ran in Q magazine. Read the full issue below: