The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

The dog days aren’t over, but you can master them with Atlanta’s LGBT events. Inside or outside, cranked up or chilled out, the Gay Agenda calendar has a cure for what ails you.    READ MORE »

Deaths of two gay Ga. men ruled murder-suicide

The deaths of two gay middle Georgia men were the result of a meticulously-planned scheme carried out by a jealous former boyfriend bent on exacting revenge, authorities said.    READ MORE »

It pays to use Emory’s new HIV prevention app

With all the talk about prevention messages falling on deaf ears among gay men, a new strategy might hit you right where your truest heart lies – in your ever-present mobile device.    READ MORE »

Two gay men found dead in middle Georgia home

Two gay men in middle Georgia are dead, their bodies discovered in a Houston County home after a suspicious fire Wednesday afternoon.    READ MORE »

ATL’s ‘Hot gay dads’ Kordale & Kaleb break up

Love is never easy, but “loving someone shouldn’t be hard.” That’s the quote from Kaleb Anthony, half of Atlanta’s gay internet sensations who inspired thousands by raising visibility of black LGBT life.    READ MORE »

Will developers put the squeeze on Cowtippers?

The home of LGBT beer busts, sexy car washes and a deck that can hold dozens of drag queens, Cowtippers is a gay Atlanta staple. And like many before, it's facing developers swarming around it.    READ MORE »

Atlanta pastor: I’m ‘proud heterosexual’ not LGBT advocate

The Atlanta pastor heralded for criticizing churches for preaching against LGBT equality while profiting off their gay members wants to make it clear: He's against gay marriage and not an LGBT advocate.    READ MORE »

Robbers ambush patron outside gay Atlanta gym

Two armed robbers ambushed a patron outside a gay-owned gym in Midtown early Tuesday, stealing a backpack and electronics worth thousands of dollars.    READ MORE »

Why can’t gay men stick to PrEP regimen better?

An encouraging decline in HIV rates was skewered by an exception for gay men. Now PrEP possibilities get dampened with news that gay men aren’t adhering to the regimen as consistently as everyone else.    READ MORE »

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LGBT Atlanta’s own rainbow crosswalk is coming

The intersection of 10th Street and Piedmont Avenue is already nicknamed by some as the Corner of Gay and Lesbian, Where Gay meets Gayer, or Gay Ground Zero. Now an art installation could make Midtown Atlanta’s LGBT epicenter official.    READ MORE »

Max Emerson is still our hot gay dream boy

It’s been a while since we lusted after his lean, sculpted body and yearned after his gorgeous grin and puckish sense of humor. Now Max Emerson is back and giving it to us every day.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta collects backpacks for Georgia kids

As the long, hot summer turns the corner toward August, it’s back-to-school time in Georgia, even for the oldest gays. At least, that’s when they tip cocktails for Georgia’s students in need.    READ MORE »

Georgia Voice toasts LGBT Atlanta’s ‘Best’

Well-earned kudos went out on Friday as Georgia Voice newspaper threw a party and handed out its annual awards for all that’s gay and good in Atlanta as voted by its readers.    READ MORE »

Atlanta pastor slams church hypocrisy on gays

The pastor of a black mega-church in Decatur blasted the hypocrisy of other religious leaders who profit off gay members of their congregations while condemning them as nasty and demonizing.    READ MORE »

Queers come out to live Wussy Prom dreams

Turns out there actually are some do-overs in life. When it comes to prom the way you would have wanted it, Wussy knows how to throw a makeup event of very queer proportions.    READ MORE »

Guys fess up about long, hot summers on Grindr

Grindr gays are so much more than their profiles, and they’re into so many more things than just the hookups they meet there. Right? To prove it, 2,500 users fessed up about their Grindr habits.    READ MORE »

Check out the six best kisses of Joining Hearts

The swimsuits, the abs, the entertainment, the pool, the gays and the fundraising. These are a few of our favorite Joining Hearts things. But maybe these guys laying one on each other are even better.    READ MORE »

John Lewis shows again why he’s so gay amazing

U.S. Rep. John Lewis seldom misses a chance to express his full-throated support of gay equality. So of course he stood with other elected officials on Thursday to introduce a sweeping LGBT measure.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Plays? Parties? Performances? Check, check and check. LGBT Atlanta events have all that in store and more as you pull out of the workweek and slide into the Gay Agenda calendar.    READ MORE »

Atlanta makes Top 10 ‘Handsomest U.S. Cities’

Another day, another top national ranking for Atlanta and the gays who love it. If we’re not the gayest, kinkiest or biggest bottoms, we’re tops – so to speak – in just all-out handsomeness.    READ MORE »