Atlanta’s gay legal eagles toast to equality

When they’re not spearheading marriage equality battles in Georgia and across the country, the LGBT lawyers of Lambda Legal are talking about it. On Sunday in Atlanta, they drank about it too.    READ MORE »

Meet the 10 hunkiest Out on Film hunks

It seems like Atlanta’s LGBT film festival gets a little bigger and better every year. That goes for its big gay roster of eye candy just as much as its A-List guests and diverse movie lineup. Join us for a closer look.    READ MORE »

MJQ queers get ‘Trashed’ with cub club king

Gay Atlanta’s artists and madmen night-crawled out of the woodwork on Saturday to dance on the grave of summer with DJ Scooter McCreight during a special-edition Trashed party.    READ MORE »

Gay partiers hit the streets for East Atlanta Strut

You know it’s autumn when the weekend ‘hood fests crank up again, and none are more rowdy and gay than the annual East Atlanta Strut, where eclectic neighbors come together to, well, strut.    READ MORE »

NOH8 serves fierce equality face in Atlanta

With plenty of duct tape, white t-shirts and the everlasting energy of creator Adam Bouska, the popular NOH8 Campaign returned to Atlanta on Saturday for a crowd of hundreds.    READ MORE »

Fuzzy wuzzy was a Bearracuda anniversary bash

When it comes to a pursuit of the hirsute in gay Atlanta, the only party bigger than Bearracuda is its own anniversary. All systems were go on Saturday for hot, hairy hunks at Heretic.    READ MORE »

Half of gay poz men aren’t being treated

On the Eve of National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control & Prevention releases news that many of us are still oblivious to the problem.    READ MORE »

Grumpy pastor takes cheap shot at Church

The wildly popular Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium gets the gays and loads of deserved praise. But in a deep dive profile of the bar's gay owner, the AJC found a dissenter.    READ MORE »

This hunk is how you get the gays to ride MARTA

MARTA has a bit of a perception problem among the LGBTs. But if they recruited more riders like this blond hunk, the transit service might find itself awash in gay Atlanta passengers.    READ MORE »

Meghan Trainor should bring this to Atlanta Pride

When singer Meghan Trainor says she’s bringing booty back, gay favorite Bryan Hawn says it’s already been brought. Catch the parody of the Pride entertainer by the model known for his ample backside.    READ MORE »

Homeless teen fatally stabbed in Atlanta park

A 17-year-old Coweta County man that just months ago was reported as missing was stabbed to death late Sunday in Atlanta after an argument with an older man turned violent.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Whether you’re tipping strippers for equality, serving face for NOH8, closing out an era or ringing in a new one, it’s an extra-gay weekend in Atlanta. Get in on these LGBT events.    READ MORE »

37 things to catch Ryan Gosling doing in Atlanta

Over the roar of Hollywood rumbling through Atlanta, you heard right. One of its sexiest hunks is going to pour an extended stay all over us, and local gay fans couldn’t be more thirsty for it.    READ MORE »

Jimmy Carter: Gays ‘just as good as we are’

Georgia grandfather and former President Jimmy Carter told college students on Monday that Jesus never 'discriminated against anyone' and that depriving gays equal rights violates the Constitution.    READ MORE »

Atlanta queen rips Facebook ‘real names’ in song

As drag queens and queer performers fight Facebook's real name policy, glitzy Atlanta performer Brigitte Bidet offers up a call to arms with a sassy riff on 'That's Not My Name.'    READ MORE »

DJ Scooter McCreight wants gay Atlanta to get ‘Trashed’

Toronto party promoter and DJ Scooter McCreight wants to go deep and dirty with you on Saturday as he delivers his furry Cub Camp magic to Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Blake’s gets packed for Music Midtown afterparty

When the Zac Brown Band, Lana Del Ray and Eminem closed out Music Midtown on Saturday, the gays weren't quite ready to wrap up their evening. So they flocked to Blake's to continue the fun.    READ MORE »

Anti-gay pastor says he’s victim of discrimination

The anti-gay pastor who claimed that homosexuality is 'from the pits of hell' – and was fired nearly as quickly as he was hired by a Georgia health agency – has filed a federal complaint.    READ MORE »

19 ways to serve NOH8 at Atlanta photo shoot

It’s been a while since the iconic NOH8 photo train rolled through town with duct tape, face stickers and Photoshop in tow. The pro-gay campaign returns Saturday, so get ready for your closeup, gay Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Joining Hearts celebrates by donating $195,000

The guys of Joining Hearts set aside their swimsuits and pulled out their checkbooks on Sunday, dishing out $195,000 collected during a season of hunky fundraising to three HIV non-profits.    READ MORE »