Corkey in Smyrna has ‘moral issue’ with the gays

A Smyrna City Council session over a proposal to offer domestic partner benefits to city workers shows it faces hurdles, including the dated (and tired) musings of a guy named "Corkey."    READ MORE »

Hungry gays get more options at Piedmont Park

The caretakers of hot jogger magnet Piedmont Park know that all those shirtless guys need to eat after burning off the calories. Maybe even a cocktail. So they're doing something about it.    READ MORE »

Gay doc battles city to open on Cheshire Bridge

Think of Cheshire Bridge Road and the city's red-light district conjures up images of bars and strip clubs. A gay doctor wants to help change that but his plans for a new office are snagged in red tape.    READ MORE »

Burly Bakers bares its beefcake for your help

With just a week to go in a campaign to make sweet love to Atlanta, it’s time to turn up the heat in the big gay kitchen of Burly Bakers. But it’s already hot in there … so take off all their clothes? Well, kind of.    READ MORE »

Gay ATL provocateur blogs way to national honor

We kind of have a thing for blogger Mark King. Not that way; more like a sister. One who fascinates us with unapologetic boldness. Now the most prominent of gay newsies think so too.    READ MORE »

Drunk-blocked: Man stops gay DUI suspect

It took a driver, his pickup truck and some quick thinking to stop a gay Atlanta man, a habitual drunk driver allegedly so tanked that he was dozing off as he drove through Roswell.    READ MORE »

Gay artist wants you to stay in his cozy condo

When New York magazine tours Atlanta, it’s with style. And when tourists turn to the magazine for all things ATL, it’s with gays, including activities, a popular bar and a loft to live like locals.    READ MORE »

Michelle Nunn wants $300,000 in gay dollars

Democratic Senate hopeful Michelle Nunn wants to raise $300,000 from LGBT supporters and target gay politicos to boost her campaign, despite not backing same-sex marriage as a candidate.    READ MORE »

Chick-fil-A doesn’t know ‘skinny equals gay’

Chick-fil-A and its recently regretful CEO wants to soothe the gays and make the rest of America skinnier with its new, healthier offerings. But don't they know that skinny equals gay?    READ MORE »

Mo’Nique, ‘Noah’s Arc’ creator open Out On Film

Writer, producer and filmmaker Patrik-Ian Polk has been busy since his landmark black gay series “Noah’s Arc” bowed on Logo and in theaters. His latest work kicks off Out on Film with major star-power.    READ MORE »

Man robbed after Blake’s stop helps catch perp

When will the felons learn? Trying to pick off the gays after they leave Blake's tends not to go so well. For the criminals. Just ask Cornelius Wallace.    READ MORE »

Gay garden party trades backpacks for brunch

With a second-year take on its 9-year-old event, Backpack in the Park is more brunch than carnival these days. But the gay leadership and support, as well as the namesake backpacks, remain the draw.    READ MORE »

Hot, hunky, hairy beats hit Heretic. Hard.

Bear Invasion only happens every once in a while. Maybe that’s why, when it does, furry men and their admirers come out of the woodwork. Put it to a beat, and it’s a pursuit of the hirsute like no other.    READ MORE »

Size queens rejoice: Joe’s getting bigger

The home to the patio that is gay Atlanta's go-to spot for beer bust fundraisers is about to get bigger. Way bigger. As in double the size within a matter of months.    READ MORE »

Tom Daley strips down, shows off in 2015 calendar shoot

Olympic diver Tom Daley and his standard-setting twink body were on the gaydar to stay after the 2012 Olympics. Now the UK cutie puts out his first sexy, nearly naked calendar since coming out as gay. You know, as opposed to those camera romps for gay fans before coming out.    READ MORE »

Bare boobs cause blowback at Atlanta gay bar

Listen up, straight ladies. It's OK to get your fag hag on with your gay boys at the gay bar. Ask first and you can probably touch the hardbodies all around you. (We do.) But please, don't bare your boobs.    READ MORE »

WSB gets inspired by two gay Atlanta volunteers

With an LGBT civic leader and a young gay man struggling with drugs while he turns his life around, WSB took a deep dive into how Atlanta's new civil rights museum can inspire a new generation of activists.    READ MORE »

Ex-LGBT liaison sues police for discrimination

The former LGBT liaison for Atlanta police, forced out after she complained of anti-gay remarks aimed at her, filed a federal lawsuit against the agency seeking damages and reinstatement.    READ MORE »

Packing heat? Not at this gay Atlanta church

The congregation that does drag so well, the gay-loving Saint Mark United Methodist Church, wants to make one thing clear: Pack your Bible, but not your gun, when you visit their Midtown chapel.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

A rose is a rose. No matter your drama during the workweek, weekend events taste no less sweet, look no less plentiful and sound just as rejuvenating. Get your LGBT in the ATL right here.    READ MORE »