The new gay poppers are deliriously risky

Gay men using poppers to heighten euphoria and loosen, um, inhibitions is nothing new. But side effects of products now marketed as poppers go beyond black boogers and a few dead brain cells.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta comic stages comedy comeback

Just as standup comedy had helped him come out and as he was getting laughs for his take on “binging in moderation,” Trey Toler experienced tragedy and left town. Well, gird your loins. He’s back.    READ MORE »

Fight against ‘religious freedom’ bills heats up

The brewing fight over anti-gay "religious freedom" bills at the State Capitol turned into a brawl as opponents argued the sponsors of the proposals are siding with people who abuse women and children.    READ MORE »

Atlanta to anti-gay ex fire chief: You’re a liar

The City of Atlanta fired back at its former fire chief, calling him a liar for alleging in a federal complaint that he was fired for religious beliefs and not for breaking city policies.    READ MORE »

Ten throws Sunday Funday anniversary blowout

It took about an instant for the bar-restaurant concept of Ten Atlanta to become an integral part of gay Atlanta nightlife. But the packed party that went down on Sunday was two years in the making.    READ MORE »

Georgia’s anti-gay Hater in Chief is back

That Cobb County Sunday school teacher filled to the brim with homophobia is back, this time to lobby lawmakers to pass a bill so her anti-gay religious shenanigans are protected by law.    READ MORE »

Those sexy selfies may mean he’s a little psycho

Every gay who’s any gay has them – friends, frenemies and potential dates who post way too many selfies. Or maybe it’s you. Now there’s proof that men who do it are a touch psychopathic. Because science.    READ MORE »

Ex-fire chief files federal complaint over firing

Atlanta's ousted fire chief, fired over breaching city policies through his anti-gay book, filed a federal complaint against the city, alleging he was discriminated against because of his religion.    READ MORE »

Ten supersizes Sunday Funday for anniversary

Ten Atlanta made a big splash when it landed on gay Atlanta's nightlife scene two years ago, so expect an even bigger party when it celebrates its anniversary on Sunday.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta porn star says arrest a bunch of ‘lies’

The gay Atlanta porn star arrested last month for domestic violence fired back at media reports about the incident with tweets and a smiling selfie with the girlfriend that accused him of choking her.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

As a sage diva once sang, “Get up, get out and do something. Don’t let the gays of your life pass you by.” Or something. These LGBT Atlanta events won’t let you waste a weekend or miss a minute.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Pride named among Top 5 Prides in U.S.

You knew it was big, and you knew it was good. Now an international travel site names Atlanta Pride one of the nation’s best. The listing just confirms why there’s such strong pride in our Pride.    READ MORE »

Meet the Top 3 gays ready to Sing For Your Life

Atlanta’s gay-run Sing For Your Life contest is in full swing again at Jungle each week. As the competition heads into Top 10 Night, we meet its three gays vying for your LGBT cheers.    READ MORE »

Beware of the Midtown sucker punch stalker

Gay Atlantans, no strangers to punching, stabbing and fighting with one another in Midtown, now have another cause for concern when walking home from the cocktail circuit.    READ MORE »

Attorney General: Put Ga. marriage case on hold

Attorney General Sam Olens, no fan of gay marriage or the Supreme Court's actions on it, wants to punt the legal challenge to Georgia's gay marriage ban until after the high court rules on other marriage cases.    READ MORE »

Gay activists fight ‘religious freedom’ bills

LGBT activists in Atlanta continue to go on offense against "religious freedom" proposals, launching a coalition to fight them and a petition to lobby lawmakers.    READ MORE »

Does HIV status really not matter in 2015?

Of all the gay debate in matters of HIV, the most tongue waggable of the year so far may be that, if you know what you’re doing, your sex partner’s HIV status weighs little to none on your future with the disease.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta porn star arrested for battery

A popular gay Atlanta porn star and former high school jock was arrested for domestic violence after a drunken trip to the bowling alley and a three way tryst with an underage teen went bust.    READ MORE »

LGBT MLK Day breakfast shines light on justice

As Atlanta embraced its cornerstone status in the civil rights movement on Monday for the 47th year, an ever-growing LGBT contingent honored their place in the struggle with the Rustin-Lorde Breakfast.    READ MORE »

Ex-Atlanta fire chief: God inflicted my suffering

Like a scolded child, former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran keeps placing the blame for his firing on everyone but him and is ratcheting up his rhetoric to this: God made me do it.    READ MORE »