The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Strap on your big gay weekend bib, kids! You’re about to get busy with an event roster of LGBT parties, plays and performances that inject a heaping helping of gay into your Friday through Sunday.    READ MORE »

LGBT Atlanta marks Trans Day of Remembrance

Transgender activists celebrated with their LGBT allies and commemorated lives lost to anti-trans violence during a moving Transgender Day of Remembrance on Thursday at Atlanta's LGBT center.    READ MORE »

Even the gays are grossed out by gay kissing in public

Majority approval in the U.S. tipped in favor of marriage equality a few years ago, and perhaps it's no surprise that straight people still disapprove of same-sex public affection. But a new study shows that gay people agree with them.    READ MORE »

Gay ‘Atlanta Housewife’ twirls your new anthem

Brandon DeShazer is stepping up his gay game. The reality TV bestie de-shirted a felon last season. Now, he's dishing sassy quips and twirls – even an anthem – to let it be known he's the gayest of them all.    READ MORE »

Ellen’s new gardener is this hottie from Chattanooga

Between sexy gym selfies and showing off that delicious booty in underwear modeling shots, Chattanooga guy Derek Yates likes to quip, "Flex 'til you're famous." It worked. He's now Ellen's new gardener.    READ MORE »

This hunky driver makes Atlanta traffic better

Getting stuck in Atlanta's nightmarish traffic is the worst. Especially when a traffic accident mucks it up. But if more drivers looked like this scruffy sexy guy, rush hour would be dreamy.    READ MORE »

11 Atlanta companies so gay, they’re perfect

Nearly a dozen companies based in Atlanta love the gays so much that they notched a perfect 100 on a new ranking of how they approach LGBT issues, employees and customers.    READ MORE »

Fuzz Face wants to serenade gay Atlanta’s ‘furry bellies’

If you have a furry belly, the boys of Fuzz Face already love you. But, if you’ll show them your furry belly, they’ll love you just a little bit harder. All you have to do is come to the band’s show on Saturday.    READ MORE »

25 signs you may be a ManShaft lumbersexual

When the latest iteration of the manly ManShaft dance party hits Heretic on Saturday, gone are the days of the metrosexual. This is the rough-and-ready era of the lumbersexual.    READ MORE »

Atlanta police reform approach to trans people

Transgender Atlantans are safe from Peggy Denby. Now, their sometimes troubled interactions with Atlanta police are being addressed too through a series of new policies guiding officers.    READ MORE »

NeNe Leakes is officially a drag queen, honey

NeNe Leakes loves her gays, even when she baits them with homophobic slang, but "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" diva is trying to play nice this season. Also, she's morphed into a drag queen.    READ MORE »

Gay neofacist’s band Death in June plays Atlanta

We’d love to tell you that Death In June’s Atlanta concert is a chance to see a pioneering neofolk group with an out-and-proud frontman. But truth is, Douglas Pearce has a fondness for Nazi nostalgia.    READ MORE »

12 hottest hunks strip to be Ellen’s new gardener

For a lesbian, Ellen Degeneres has excellent taste in men. The departure of her half-naked “Nick the gardener” leaves her fans wanting and her talk show scouring hot-guy videos for someone to tend their bushes.    READ MORE »

Lights out, pants off for WackedOut BlackOut

There comes a time in every gay party when you either put up or shut up. It’s time to bring the heat, or time to go home. At that point during Jungle’s Wacked Out Blackout, the crowd was game.    READ MORE »

Georgia schools not safe for LGBT students

LGBT students across Georgia say they regularly hear homophobic remarks in school, face verbal and physical harassment and attend classes in districts that don't offer LGBT resources or protections.    READ MORE »

Bette Midler and Duct Tape warm up Blake’s

As you may have noticed by your newsfeed and perky nipples, gay Atlanta is serving Arctic Blast realness to the people. But a resourceful crowd knew that Blake’s would be stoking their fires.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta party promoter jailed for drug smuggling

A longtime gay Atlanta nightlife promoter was sentenced to 41 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to running a drug smuggling operation that shipped meth, GHB and ketamine disguised as candy to buyers as far away as Israel.    READ MORE »

Andy Cohen ready for gay Atlanta to get nekkid

Talk show host and head queen of 'The Real Housewives' franchise Andy Cohen loves to dish in Atlanta. But what's he really thirsty for when he visits? Naked men.    READ MORE »

How to do gay good on Georgia Gives Day

We know. You’re a giver. You give and give. But there’s always room for a little more for worthy causes. This time, it’s from the comfort of your computer or mobile device, and without cocktails.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

You work hard for the money, so gay Atlanta better treat you right. They do, this week with shows, parties, celebrity guests and LGBT special events that make the workweek so worth it.    READ MORE »