The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

You go hard all week. You owe it to yourself to commit just as diligently to your downtime. LGBT Atlanta events have you covered with gay plays, parties and people to revive your drive.    READ MORE »

Wussy magazine has what ‘Southern queers’ need

Heads up, all you LGBT Atlanta alternaqueers yearning for something unique. Wussy magazine swoops onto the local landscape like a hero to save you from gay sameness with an edgy take on drag, art and a whole new sexy.    READ MORE »

Georgia’s long climb to gay marriage support

Piddling as it is, one positive about Georgia’s LGBT rights bigotry is that it isn’t as bad as it was. Change is slow, but a new study finds statewide support for marriage equality up for the 10th year.    READ MORE »

LGBT activist murdered inside her Atlanta home

An LGBT activist hailed as 'a vibrant champion for social justice' was murdered in her East Atlanta home on Monday during a two-county crime spree that ended with a SWAT standoff.    READ MORE »

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Gwinnett jailer busted for gay groping inmates

Gay grab-assing in the county lockup only works out in sex videos. But when you're a Gwinnett County jail employee fondling inmates, not so much.    READ MORE »

Peek into queer college life in today’s South

You may have thought your youthful sacrifices paid off in less LGBT bullying and more gay tolerance for the next generation. You’re only partly right. Fast forward to these students speaking out and sounding off.    READ MORE »

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Josh McKoon: Bigotry too ‘elastic’ for me to care

Josh McKoon reminded the gays that it's legal to discriminate against them in Georgia. And since his 'religious freedom' bill wouldn't change that, what's all the fuss about?    READ MORE »

37 gay softball jocks reveal what it takes to win Mr. HSL

When the players of Hotlanta Softball League put down their bats and balls, they tend to raise the roofs across gay Atlanta with socials and fundraisers. One of the biggest, and sexiest, is the Mr. HSL pageant on Saturday.    READ MORE »

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Meet widower who could legalize gay marriage

The man at the center of a case that could legalize gay marriage shared the heartbreaking details of his fight for equality, his partner's terminal illness and their marriage on an airport tarmac.    READ MORE »

Gay jock Alan Gendreau serves up saucy sexy

Whether he’s sexing up Pensacola, crooning to be the next gay Country cutie, or showing off his sixpack, out former college jock and Southerner Alan Gendreu has what it takes to keep our attention.    READ MORE »

Festival gays pack Midtown all weekend long

You couldn’t swing a stick in Midtown – and you so did swing that stick –without smacking a festival gay over the weekend from Piedmont to Ponce. We caught these all tank-topped and ready for action.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Leather Pride crowns its daddy, mama

Another spring weekend, another local gay tradition. Atlanta Leather Pride’s collision with the Atlanta Eagle anniversary made for another annual ritual with a new crop of proud BDSM titleholders.    READ MORE »

DJ Nina Flowers drags up some Jungle beats

It’s been a while since Nina Flowers was a finalist on the original season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” These days, her popularity soars based on her skills in the DJ booth, and gay Atlanta got its taste during Flowers' local debut on Saturday.    READ MORE »

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Everyone thinks Josh McKoon is a sleazy loser

Josh McKoon – the Republican state senator who wants to save Christians in Georgia from baking gay wedding cakes – is a loser. LGBT activists have long known it. But now it’s official. Even the AJC says so.    READ MORE »

Stars come out for Jerusalem House cocktails

Of all the charities gay Atlanta holds dear, Jerusalem House stands among the most beloved. That’s even more apparent at the annual Stars Party, where cocktails meet cash for a cause.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Just in time to rescue you from the workweek, the rain clears, temperatures drop back to spring bliss, and local LGBT events go into overdrive. Get in on shows, soirees, sports and all-weekend celebrations.    READ MORE »

Sneak a peek at 15 of gay Atlanta’s hottest men

When it’s not serving you must-have gay nightlife info or looking in on your sex life, David Atlanta likes its hot guys as much as any red-blooded gay Atlanta man. Now you can vote on them.    READ MORE »

Delta makes a move to regain its gay mojo

Delta Air Lines – its progressive voice recently quieted by Republicans and criticized by LGBT activists for going soft – moved to regain its gay mojo by offering to pay the tax tab for its gay couples.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Leather Pride grinds and binds all weekend

You already know that gay Atlanta likes to explore its kinky side and that the Eagle is its epicente. Put them togrether, crank up the volume, and what do you get? Atlanta Leather Pride 2015 over the Eagle's 28th anniversary weekend.    READ MORE »

10 Grindr college guys scorch up Spring Break

Spring has sprung with its welcoming the takeover of shorts and tank tops – or less. We’re already thinking even warmer climes in even less clothing. Now Grindr makes our Spring Break fantasies come true.    READ MORE »