Trans students attacked as ‘perverts’ in North Georgia

A transgender student described the beatings he faced from classmates at Fannin County High School. But that didn't stop a crowd of hundreds from cheering on other speakers who called LGBT people 'perverts' and 'pedophiles' that threaten the safety of students.    READ MORE »

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Eddie Long tries, fails to put gay sex scandal behind him

Megadaddy manwhore Bishop Eddie Long played victim and blamed everyone but himself for a scandal in which the anti-gay pastor was sued by men who alleged that Long coerced them into sex.    READ MORE »

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Georgia sues to block trans student bathrooms

Georgia has joined 10 other states in suing the federal government over new guidelines concerning transgender students, less than two weeks after Gov. Nathan Deal topped short of endorsing such a suit.    READ MORE »

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Softball jocks do drag to win Miss HSL crown

Some 13 jocks from the Hotlanta Softball League swapped their uniforms for a hot mess of wigs, drama and flesh at Jungle to try and snatch the Miss HSL crown on Saturday.    READ MORE »

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Two LGBT candidates headed to runoffs in metro Atlanta

A lesbian attorney placed first in her race for the Georgia House, while a gay attorney came in second in a Fulton judicial campaign, meaning both candidates will face a July runoff. Three other LGBT candidates flopped at the polls on Tuesday.    READ MORE »

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Eagle celebrates Britney with big birthday bash

Who loves a pop diva? Leather daddies mixed with bears and dancing queens at the Eagle on Saturday to show their love for Britney Spears.    READ MORE »

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Wedding photographer compares gay couple to murderers

A photographer compared a lesbian couple in Gwinnett to murderers and thieves, and called them sinners before refusing to shoot their wedding – a job he was already paid to do.    READ MORE »

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Georgia school chief: Ignore new trans guidelines

Georgia School Superintendent Richard Woods told school chiefs to ignore new federal guidelines about protecting transgender students and offered to help any school district that wants to fight them.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta won’t get new rainbow crosswalks

Gay Atlanta pushed City Hall and raised thousands to paint rainbow crosswalks in Midtown during Pride. But the high cost to install the project each October prompted organizers to shelve their idea.    READ MORE »

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Pensacola tweaks beach ban ahead of Memorial Day gays

Gay beach-goers about to flood Pensacola for Memorial Day faced a first-ever crackdown on their trashy mess. But now, officials are loosening a ban on overnight party supplies.    READ MORE »

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Protest of trans restrooms fizzles in Gwinnett

A Tea Party protest of providing gender-neutral restrooms for trans students in Gwinnett fizzled on Thursday, despite the conservative group's effort to flood a school board meeting with their complaints.    READ MORE »

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Lateasha Shuntel’s alleged killer had other Atlanta victims

The Florida woman accused of killing popular Atlanta transgender performer Lateasha Shuntel with a botched injection of industrial grade liquid silicone is also charged with injecting silicone into three other victims in Atlanta.    READ MORE »

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Riders pedal 200 miles to raise cash for HIV fight

About 100 riders slipped into Spandex, strapped on helmets and pedaled off during an early start to the AIDS Vaccine 200 on Saturday, launching a 200-mile fundraiser that benefits HIV vaccine research.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Let the recreation begin! You work hard for the money, so spend some of it on rest and relaxation that only LGBT Atlanta events can provide. Check out these options to get your gay on.    READ MORE »

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Woman charged with killing performer Lateasha Shuntel

The woman who allegedly administered a silicone injection to popular Atlanta transgender performer Lateasha Shuntel two days before she died has been charged by federal authorities with killing her.    READ MORE »

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Georgia schools chief ready to brawl over trans restrooms

Georgia School Superintendent Richard Woods said his agency would 'carefully consider' what to do with new federal guidelines about transgender students and restrooms. But his incendiary response indicated that trans students will come out on the losing end.    READ MORE »

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Deal, Olens blast transgender bathroom rules

Gov. Nathan Deal and Attorney General Sam Olens blasted new federal guidelines concerning trans students, but stopped short of challenging it in court as other Georgia Republicans have demanded.    READ MORE »

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Georgia GOP demands lawsuit to block trans restroom rules

Republicans in the Georgia Senate, still smarting over a veto of an anti-gay 'religious freedom' bill, found a new cause to vent their anti-LGBT anger: filing a lawsuit to block new federal guidelines on transgender students.    READ MORE »

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Military Manshaft makes soldiers salute at Heretic

Furry chests and camo fatigues made the grunts happy during ManShaft: Military Gear Edition on Saturday at Heretic with DJs Diablo Rojo and Neon the Glowgobear.    READ MORE »

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Transgender bathroom backlash grows in Georgia

Conservative lawmakers in Georgia exploded in rage over new federal guidelines about transgender access to restrooms and the state's top educator said the guidance creates 'safety concerns.'    READ MORE »

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Pensacola gets tired of trashy Memorial Day gays

It's a gay Atlanta tradition. Muscled guys in tiny swimsuits and lesbians in skimpy two-pieces invade Pensacola for Memorial Day. Some of them leave the beach a trashy mess. Now the county is taking action.    READ MORE »