Georgia gets ready for gay marriage by redesigning licenses

Something happened on the way to marriage equality in Georgia. The defender of the state's gay marriage ban is ready for defeat, the anti-gay governor is acquiescing and judges are redesigning marriage licenses.    READ MORE »

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21 guys vying to be hottest gay man in the world

Oh pomp and circumstance, how we adore thee. Oh nationalism and competition, you’re awesome. But pageants of gay men showing off to see who wins, you’re the best ever. Hello, Mr. Gay World.    READ MORE »

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Who do you want to lead Atlanta Pride’s parade?

Before Atlanta Pride can put party, politics and purpose in Piedmont, all that is gay and good needs grand marshals for a fabulous parade. Here’s your chance to influence the 2015 grand marshals.    READ MORE »

‘Big Funny Peter’ to tickle Atlanta Bear Pride

There isn’t a particular path a comedian takes to find an audience. Gay comic Peter Bisuito, aka “My Big Funny Peter,” brings his growing popularity to Atlanta Bear Pride this weekend.    READ MORE »

Best gay things to do in Houston this weekend

Getting with your gays after a long hard week always sounds good, but this weekend is particularly busy with LGBT event options that invite you to come out for one night or all-weekend shenanigans.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Getting with your gays after a long hard week always sounds good, but this weekend is particularly busy with LGBT event options to come out, whether it’s one-night parties or all-weekend affairs.    READ MORE »

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Police: ‘Mob beating’ of gay teens didn’t happen

Two gay teens who said they were attacked at an Atlanta high school over their sexual orientation now face criminal charges as police say the incident was nothing more than a 'good old fashioned fight.'    READ MORE »

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Katya brings South Beach Madonnarama to life

The only thing that could make a night of DJ Ed Bailey’s traveling Madonna party better would be a ‘RuPaul’s’ alum to bring the experience in the flesh. Enter Season 7 bombshell Katya.    READ MORE »

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Gay marriage bigot Sam Olens says he’s really not

Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens says he'll cringe if the U.S. Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage across the country this summer, then advise state agencies to get in line and follow the law. How nice.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta rocks this big gay coming out party

Some people just have a knack for bringing folks together and making a day all about them into everybody’s holiday. That was all the fuss on Sunday, when a crowd packed Joe’s for one gay anniversary.    READ MORE »

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2 gay students attacked, beaten at Atlanta school

Two gay students at the New Schools at Carver say they were jumped by a group of students who yelled anti-gay slurs and beat them on Monday at the high school campus.    READ MORE »

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Violet Chachki ‘RuPaul’s’ baddest Atlanta bitch ever

Atlanta's own Violet Chachki landed on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' with the claws out, an attitude-filled approach that didn't sit well with the other ladies. Everyone hated her. Until now.    READ MORE »

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Houston lands two among elite 2015 power gays

You know you’ve made LGBT history when you land on Out magazine’s annual Out Power 50. Cheers to two Houstonians who can count themselves among the most influential gays in the land.    READ MORE »

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Komen grants big bucks to LGBT Atlanta boobs

With a hearty “Carpe boobem!” the Health Initiative rides away from this year’s Susan G. Komen grants with $26,000 in breast health funds and a mission specifically targeted to LGBTs in Georgia.    READ MORE »

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Anti-gay pastor declines honor amid controversy

Mired in a sea of controversy of his own making, an anti-gay Atlanta pastor set to be honored on Thursday has stepped aside and declined to be honored by the Jewish National Fund.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta teacher gay gropes way to unemployment

An Atlanta man whose job was to mentor and support classroom teachers likely didn't teach his peers how to do this: Reach inside the pants of a male student and caress his junk.    READ MORE »

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DJ Roland Belmares beats down Heretic

The formula for success in gay Atlanta dance parties is one part big-name DJ, one part tried-and-true venue and one rowdy crowd of shirtless dancing queens. Pour liberally and stir.    READ MORE »

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Gay Houston does Studio 54 for LGBT youth

When Houston’s Out for Education does disco, it really throws back and goes all out. And when the afros, neck chains, sequins and bellbottoms come out, so does the annual fun and fundraising.    READ MORE »

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Gay Jewish group blasts honor for anti-gay pastor

A gay Jewish group is blasting the decision of the Jewish National Fund to honor the anti-gay pastor of an Atlanta megachurch who has called AIDS God's punishment for homosexuality.    READ MORE »

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Gay softball jocks crown their Mr. HSL king

In a contest with a history of sexy fun, shirtless gay hunks and photo finishes, you can expect anything. Hotlanta Softball league’s annual Mr. HSL pageant on Saturday saw all of that and more.    READ MORE »

Wussy magazine has what ‘Southern queers’ need

Heads up, all you LGBT Atlanta alternaqueers yearning for something unique. Wussy magazine swoops onto the local landscape like a hero to save you from gay sameness with an edgy take on drag, art and a whole new sexy.    READ MORE »