Piedmont Park hanging victim was gay Midtown man

The young man that police said took his own life in Piedmont Park – a suicide that gained national attention and fueled social media outrage – was a 22-year-old LGBT college student who lived in Midtown and faced blowback from his family for being gay.    READ MORE »

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Emory needs gay Atlanta’s help for research study

The research geeks at Emory's Hope Clinic have been studying HIV vaccines for years. Now, researchers are asking for help from LGBT Atlanta as they fight a virus that adversely impacts people with HIV.    READ MORE »

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2 LGBT candidates face voters in Fulton runoffs

Two LGBT attorneys – one seeking a Fulton County judgeship and the other running for the state House – are among six Georgia Equality endorsed candidates who face voters in runoffs across metro Atlanta.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta drag legend Diamond Lil in failing health

Friends are rallying around Atlanta drag pioneer Diamond Lil, whose performances date to the pre-Stonewall era. The legendary queen is suffering from cancer and was recently moved to a hospice.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta Pride celebrates families with LGBT picnic

Dozens of LGBT couples with children celebrated their families on Saturday with games, painting, playtime and a picnic in a Decatur park.    READ MORE »

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Alyssa Edwards gets Femme Fatale at Burkhart’s

Alyssa Edwards brought her drag to gay Atlanta on Friday when the 'RuPaul's Drag Race' contestant joined the Femme Fatale cast and an overflowing crowd at Burkhart's.    READ MORE »

‘Looking’ for an ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ gay time

Gays looking for an entertainment fix have options aplenty this weekend. Patsy and Edina come to the big screen in 'Absolutely Fabulous' while HBO closes 'Looking' with the finale you've been waiting for.    READ MORE »

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Meet gay Georgia teen who attended Republican convention

The Republican National Convention, which just wrapped up its week-long nomination of Donald Trump in Cleveland, had a surprising alternate delegate from Georgia – gay teen Avery Anderson.    READ MORE »

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Georgia Voice toasts all that’s ‘Best’ in gay Atlanta

Atlanta is a city of LGBT bests. Best travel spot. Best attorneys. Best bars. Best drag queen. And now, dozens of winners across Georgia Voice's annual Best of Atlanta contest.    READ MORE »

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Activists want GBI to investigate death of gay Atlanta man

Black activists demanded answers in the death of a gay Atlanta man found hanging in Piedmont Park and asked the GBI to investigate a case that Atlanta police and the FBI already deemed a suicide.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Nightlife, sports, annual fetes and shows from film to live performance. It’s all yours for the taking in Atlanta’s weekly lineup of LGBT events. See what kind of trouble you can get yourself into.    READ MORE »

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Tanya Ditty keeps trolling LGBT Georgians

The grandmother who spanked Gov. Nathan Deal for not protecting her anti-gay views is back trolling LGBT Atlanta, this time mad that trans people might want to match their name with their gender identity.    READ MORE »

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Gay teens do risky sex, face bigger risk of HIV

Gay high school students have slightly more sex than their straight male classmates, but inject drugs in far higher numbers and face a much bigger risk of HIV infection, according to a new report.    READ MORE »

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Gay ex Atlanta man nails Trump for plagiarism

The man who first noticed that Melania Trump plagiarized a portion of her speech at the Republican National Convention, setting off a firestorm, is a gay journalist who once lived and worked in Atlanta.    READ MORE »

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Joining Hearts keeps the party going at Jungle

When the fireworks show is over, so ends the Joining Hearts main event at Piedmont Park. But that doesn't mean the party has to stop. So Jungle took it from there.    READ MORE »

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Gay Atlanta does swimsuit sexy for Joining Hearts 29

The highlight of gay Atlanta's swimsuit season unfolded on Saturday, filling the Piedmont Park pool with a sea of sexy and a sold-out crowd for a night of music and fireworks.    READ MORE »

Atlanta #instagays stage Joining Hearts takeover

It wouldn't be summer without Joining Hearts. And it's the #instagay selfies from gay Atlanta that help make the pool party with a purpose so sexy, satisfying and special.    READ MORE »

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Your gay gonorrhea getting resistant to treatment

As if the burden of fueling a resurgence in gonorrhea and syphilis isn't troubling enough, gay men now face this: Gonorrhea is becoming resistant to antibiotics and its worse among men who have sex with men.    READ MORE »

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Athens man tries to gay grope dude’s Poke Balls

Pokemon Go may be the new Grindr for the gays. But that doesn't mean you can grope another guy's Poke Balls without asking first – as this gay Georgia man learned on Tuesday.    READ MORE »

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Man indicted for killing gay Atlanta civic activist

A man accused of gunning down a gay civic activist outside his southwest Atlanta home was indicted by a Fulton County grand jury and now faces life in prison.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Wouldn’t you just love a whole weekend of parties as hot as the weather? Your wish is gay Atlanta’s command as Joining Hearts Weekend tops dozens of summer event options for fun.    READ MORE »