29 gay ways to work your Halloween look

It’s crunch time, Halloween homos. If you haven’t decided how you’ll gay up a guise, you’re late but not lost. Let the gays of Halloween show the way to fast, fun and fabulous costume ideas.    READ MORE »

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Houston  |  news

LGBT activists counter HERO haters with 3 events

Gay Houston plans to counter a mega rally of anti-gay haters on Sunday with a trio of events this weekend to support the city's beleaguered Equal Rights Ordinance.    READ MORE »

This Georgia guy sexes up ‘Magic Mike XXL’

Nevermind that Matthew McConaughey won't do "Magic Mike XXL," the sequel to the sexy flick. There's plenty of beef left and hunky extras, including this trainer who notched a role when filming hit Savannah.    READ MORE »

Atlanta  |  sports

Gay rugby jocks strip down for sexy calendar

Our nearly naked fantasies of Nashville’s gay rugby team keep coming true. The Grizzlies one-up last year's calendar romp by taking off their uniforms to hang in our bedroom all year.    READ MORE »

Atlanta  |  news

Uncle Poodle: Fox can ‘kiss my big gay ass’

His reality TV gravy train dried up, gay Georgia redneck Uncle Poodle tried to cash in by selling photos and details of the "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" family matriarch dating a sex offender.    READ MORE »

The best gay Halloween things to do in Houston

The weekend hits on Halloween to make both better and gayer. All dressed up but no place to go? We got your LGBT Houston events right here for the big night, Dia de los Muertos, and beyond.    READ MORE »

The best gay Halloween things to do in Atlanta

The weekend and Halloween combine to make both bigger and gayer. All dressed up with no place to go? From costume contests to parties, we've got your LGBT Halloween events right here.    READ MORE »

Houston  |  news

Support growing for gay marriage in Texas

A new poll shows that Texas voters are narrowly split over same-sex marriage, but that support for gay marriage has grown to its largest numbers yet.    READ MORE »

GLAAD Atlanta cheers LGBT equality champions

With scores of celebrities, trailblazers and countless gAy-listers, GLAAD Atlanta raised funds and celebrated equality on Wednesday. Even gay NFL jock Michael Sam made a surprise appearance.    READ MORE »

Atlanta  |  politics

HRC chief to campaign for Michelle Nunn

The head of the Human Rights Campaign lands in Atlanta on Thursday to phone bank for Michelle Nunn, the Democrat locked in a tight race for Georgia's open U.S. Senate.    READ MORE »

Houston  |  news

Parker pulls controversial pastor subpoenas

Mayor Annise Parker, after two weeks of intense criticism over subpoenas issued to pastors suing the city over HERO, announced Wednesday that they will be withdrawn.    READ MORE »

Try to live up to this couple’s costume genius

If you’ve been to just about any big gay Atlanta event, you’re already tracking a pattern in the most show-stopping costumes. Chances are that one couple keeps getting caught in your favorite looks.    READ MORE »

Atlanta  |  grindr

Grindr 3 way turns bad for UGA student, jockstrap

A gay Athens couple thirsty for a three way found their 20-year-old trick on Grindr – and a rash of problems that included the police, a jockstrap, a pool of blood and a late-night trip to the hospital.    READ MORE »

Atlanta  |  news

This straight guy backs gay benefits in Smyrna

Smyrna, a real city in metro Atlanta, wants to get serious about domestic partner benefits for its gay employees. On one side is a straight ex-Army Ranger who favors them; on the other, a guy named Corkey.    READ MORE »

Atlanta  |  news

Uncle Poodle adds gay drama to family mess

Gay Georgia redneck Uncle Poodle inserted himself into the "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" mess, trading barbs with the family mama over her affair with a child molester and the show's cancellation.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta camps it up for Halloween kickoff

From superheroes to cavemen, Hillary Clinton, jocks, warriors and favorites from the '80s, gay Atlanta did what it does best on Saturday: camped it up for a Halloween fundraiser.    READ MORE »

17 hot Brits strip to their undies for a cause

Posting selfies in your pants might sound more like something you do in a retail dressing room, but a new UK campaign offers plenty of sexy underwear shots to make sure #pants2hiv isn’t lost in translation.    READ MORE »

TV dad Todd Chrisley might be a drag queen

"Chrisley Knows Best" patriarch Todd Chrisley doesn't have time to be gay, but that doesn't mean this Atlanta TV dad can't channel his inner drag queen with a knack for pageants.    READ MORE »

Atlanta  |  news

Atlanta fights gay ex-cop over on-duty injuries

A lesbian former Atlanta police officer gravely wounded in a shooting says the city refuses to pay for a surgery needed to relieve chronic pain in her injured arm.    READ MORE »

Houston  |  news

Parker: DPS says one mom only for driver’s test

Mayor Annise Parker took to Twitter to complain about the Texas Department of Public Safety's refusal to accept her daughter's birth certificate apparently because it includes the names of both her moms.    READ MORE »

Chandler Parsons strips to prove he’s an NBA hunk

It stung for a hot minute when 6’9” basketball cutie Chandler Parsons left the Rockets and went north to Dallas. But gay Houston fans still made time to gawk when the Mavericks hunk took off his shirt to prove a point.    READ MORE »