The new gay poppers are deliriously risky

Gay men using poppers to heighten euphoria and loosen, um, inhibitions is nothing new. But side effects of products now marketed as poppers go beyond black boogers and a few dead brain cells.    READ MORE »

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Hawks pivot toward diversity to court gay fans

After months of embarrassing fallout from evidence of racism in management, the Atlanta Hawks is trying to win back public favor with a diversity game plan that includes LGBT fans.    READ MORE »

Dolvett Quince wants to stimulate your tired body

"Biggest Loser" trainer and sexy muscled Atlanta guy Dolvett Quince knows exactly how he wants to soothe your sore, tired muscles. Swoon.    READ MORE »

Sexy Steve Grand drops ‘All American’ album date

You know that smile and those muscles. You may even remember a live performance or a contribution to the third-largest music Kickstarter in history. Now let Steve Grand give you what your heart desires.    READ MORE »

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Softball jocks train their new recruits for Opening Day

Gay Houston softball jocks turned out in large numbers for a skills session on Sunday during Recruitment Day as the Montrose Softball League readies for the start of a new season.    READ MORE »

Best gay things to do in Houston this weekend

You may be chilly, soggy and tired from the workweek, but this doesn’t have to be just another wintertime weekend. LGBT Houston shows and soirees deliver just what it takes to heat things up.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

You may be cold to the bone and tired from the workweek, but this doesn’t have to be just another winter weekend. LGBT Atlanta shows and soirees deliver just what it takes to heat things up.    READ MORE »

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HERO opponents try to bar gay jurors in trial

Opponents of Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance sought to keep LGBT people off the jury that's hearing their lawsuit aimed at repealing the measure as the trial over the measure opened this week.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta Bucks train their new rugby jocks

It's not all purple frocks and charity drag for the Atlanta Bucks. The gay rugby squad gets serious when it's game time, so the jocks spent Saturday training new recruits.    READ MORE »

Atlanta  |  Crime

Police: Woman shoots, kills girlfriend during fight

Two days of verbal arguments and physical altercations ended on Monday afternoon with the 22-year-old girlfriend of a gay Atlanta woman shooting and killing her partner in an apartment on Boulevard, police said.    READ MORE »

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Saks backs down from anti-trans legal rhetoric

Saks Fifth Avenue backed away from its argument that a trans woman it fired isn't protected against discrimination under federal law, a claim that embroiled the company in controversy.    READ MORE »

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Food truck for equality coming to town near you

Whether it’s a staple of your gay bear diet, or it’s your go-to cheat after the gym, we love a BLT. As it happens, we love our LGBT too of course. Put the two together and be ready for the BLgT Truck this summer.    READ MORE »

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Bearracuda brings the sexy and scruffy to Heretic

Bearracuda brought the hairy boys and more out on Saturday as the popular party series returned to the Heretic where it's enjoyed a years-long run of scruffy, sexy beats.    READ MORE »

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Texas senator wants to unravel LGBT protections

A anti-gay Republican state senator from Dallas has filed a bill that would prohibit cities from passing or enforcing LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances.    READ MORE »

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New effort to help homeless gay Houston youth

A coalition of groups across Harris County – led by the gay Montrose Center – launched an effort to end homelessness among LGBT youth in the next five years.    READ MORE »

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Gay Atlanta comic stages comedy comeback

Just as standup comedy had helped him come out and as he was getting laughs for his take on “binging in moderation,” Trey Toler experienced tragedy and left town. Well, gird your loins. He’s back.    READ MORE »

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Fight against ‘religious freedom’ bills heats up

The brewing fight over anti-gay "religious freedom" bills at the State Capitol turned into a brawl as opponents argued the sponsors of the proposals are siding with people who abuse women and children.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta to anti-gay ex fire chief: You’re a liar

The City of Atlanta fired back at its former fire chief, calling him a liar for alleging in a federal complaint that he was fired for religious beliefs and not for breaking city policies.    READ MORE »

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Ten throws Sunday Funday anniversary blowout

It took about an instant for the bar-restaurant concept of Ten Atlanta to become an integral part of gay Atlanta nightlife. But the packed party that went down on Sunday was two years in the making.    READ MORE »

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Georgia’s anti-gay Hater in Chief is back

That Cobb County Sunday school teacher filled to the brim with homophobia is back, this time to lobby lawmakers to pass a bill so her anti-gay religious shenanigans are protected by law.    READ MORE »

Those sexy selfies may mean he’s a little psycho

Every gay who’s any gay has them – friends, frenemies and potential dates who post way too many selfies. Or maybe it’s you. Now there’s proof that men who do it are a touch psychopathic. Because science.    READ MORE »